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I’ve come to the conclusion that the actual cost of sex is not just what you pay the woman. If you’re getting your sex in the town you live in then yes it is. If paid sex for you is a drive, flight or boat ride away you have to add in all those expenses. For example going to Nevada means renting a car or paying about $150 for airfare for me. Gas and hotel all need to be figured in as well as time. For example when I go to TJ I lose at least 6 hours of my time just driving. I could be working and making money instead.

The actual cost of sex such as $20 an entire night in Asia compared to $200 for an hour in Nevada can vary in the total you spend. For instance if I get laid 4 times on a weekend trip in Nevada I might end up paying $800 for sex, $150 air, $150 hotel, $100 rental car, $20 gas for a total of $1220. This breaks down to $305 per session.

I could also fly to Thailand for $600 air and have the same 4 women all night instead of one hour for $80, Hotel $80 and $50 extras for a total of $810. Which figures out to $202 per night of sex.

So the cost of sex can vary and it’s not only what you pay the lady. I think quality, length of the experience, value as well as selection and beauty all have to be considered.

Is it worth the time to fly 15 hours?
Is it worth taking a week off work?
If you like good sex it is.

I agree with SP about costs and benifits. Unless you get localized solutions for sex its much more expensive. I used to make many trips to Nevada and it cost me $400 to $500 for an overnight stay with a friend or so. The trips to TJ costs $250 to $300 per weekend with shared expenses. You can greatly reduce incidental costs if you go with someone. In addition to screwing there are just so many expenses like breakfast,drinks, taxis,food,gas,motel etc etc.
Going overseas requires time off and loss of work or income. Now you have to take care of things before you go and pay additional travel expenses.
Going anywhere for sex and staying overnight will greatly increase the costs per session, unless you get localized solutions.

It’s nice to see the site evolve and grow. This is a result of over 2 years of developement and effort. Im also happy to hear that the 21orover people will keep the discussion board FREE. While it appears that many other boards are now charging a fee for their boards and forcing people to register just to look, yet you can still browse the thousands of posts freely.

I recently took a trip to Nevada as it’s the only legal game in the US. Prices basically start at $100 for a half and half at most of the ranches. The ranches near Vegas like Sheri’s and Chicken ranch the prices were more like $150-$200 for half and half. Reno area ranches have declined and now only 5 remain. Both Mustang I and II are still closed and rumor has it they will bulldoze them. Sagebrush no longer has a I and II but is now only “The Sagebrush Ranch” owner Marvin Gates got the idea that he could change Sagebrush II into a titty bar now called “Squeeze Play” to legally advertize. The titty bar charges a cover fee and now makes it legal for them to place ads to draw people to the area. Thus the brothels may now get more exposure.

Again general prices are $100 for the more remote places. $150 for the Reno and Vegas ranches. Yes the women would like more money but many will settle for these basic rates which do include half and half, multi positions ranging from 20-30 minutes.

Guess I’m a fan of the U$10 blow job and U$20 freelance shortime in Asia. I have never been to whores in the States nor any modern country yet because of the expense and value for money. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have the impression that sex for payment in modern countries seems more commercially COLD and /or over half the women have a white powder drug habit which costs made prostitution her only option.

Since I have always had some kind of business project in Asia I have never added transportation onto the cost of getting laid. But I do add the hotel and local transport costs which usually helps to encourage me to get value for money by having sex with 2 or 3 girls within my normal 24 to 36 hour trip.

One last comment to anyone who thinks that “paying for it” is beneath them or somehow a reflection on the character or looks of us guys who love getting laid in S.E. Asia, whores are ALWAYS CHEAPER THAN GIRLFRIENDS and WIVES. Maybe it’s only me because I think like a businessman or entrepreneur but even when I use to date I would mentally calculate the cost of everything like movies, dinner, recreational entertainment and other expenses before getting laid with “NICE GIRLS” who NEVER in a million years would say such costs were necessary to bed them.

We need to always take into consideration the TOTAL COST of sex. If your talking to people who live in the US about $20 sex in Thailand then in reality it is $620 sex. Don’t forget the cost of the airfare, bus, hotel and other travel expenses to get you to that $20 pussy.

Kinda like why weed is cheap in Mexico and expensive in the US. There are costs in getting it here.

Naturally guys who live in Asia laugh when they hear about guys in the US paying $200 for an escort when they pay $20. That makes sense if you live in Asia but you have to look at it in a different light if you don’t live in Asia.

I am a new poster but wanted to pass on some info about the costs of the babes in Bangkok. My buddy and I, Big Dog just got back from there on the 3rd. We stayed for about three weeks. (We extended our trip the day we were supposed to leave for another 7 days) The girls are going for about 1500 to 2000 Baht for long time, and 1000 to 1500 Baht for short time. Not many are going for the lower end of the price scale, you really have to deal to get them back to Nana for that. Some girls are being devious and asking for more at the end of the night, which we both encountered, even after two of them had been crappy lays.

Cost is only one part of the equation when looking at service.

Quality of service also has to be considered as well as what you like. If you like Asian women you’ll always steer towards Asia. If you like Latin women you’ll steer towards Latin countries. Some guys love variety which is not usually what you find in Latin America and Asia. The majortiy of women in Latin America are latin and the same goes for Asia.

While Thailand was less expensive once you arrived, I have to deduct points for a pricey and long tedious flight. Most women in Thailand that I encountered spoke little to no English. Quality of service was low to below average. No kissing, no oral and women that just did not live up to my expectations. If you’re looking for hot pornstar service then Thailand does not fit the bill for me. I like the fact that food is cheap, hotels are also low priced $20 and up for decent rooms. Plenty of counterfiet items can be bought for cheap. The biggest thorn in Thailand is the diease issue, many Thailand lovers will swear STD’s and HIV are not a problem. From personal experience this is not true, it’s only a matter of time till you come down with Herpes, or something worse. Health cards are a joke, it’s cheaper for the women to buy fake cards, or bribe the doctor to stamp their cards without a medical check. So thinking that you’re safe by inspecting a health card won’t help you.

You have to consider that buying sex in third a world country works like this. You have women that are in desperation for food and family health. Men visit and offer ridicuous amounts of money for sex. To the men it’s just sex, to the women it’s life or death. So every penny counts, so consider this, if it costs 20 Dollars for your monthly medical check and only 10 dollars to bribe the doctor to give you a stamp of approval without a medical check, what do you do? Now bare in mind that to us $10US is just that, but to a Thai it’s weeks and weeks of salary. Now you make decisions on weeks and weeks of work compared to what you make in one hour. This also applies to other countries where our currency is many times stronger. So how cheap is cheap? Is getting sick or catching an incurable illness a good deal?

Quality of service, what does this mean to each customer. I came to the conclusion that if you want to compare services with others you have to first understand what they think is GOOD. I’ve been on numerous trips and asked guys to recommend a gal, only to find she did not live up to the recommendation. This is not anyones fault it just validates my point that guys have different opinions on what is good. There are guys that think it’s great to just be in bed with an attractive woman. They care little about sex skills or even the quality of kissing. So while on guy demands a level of price, another a level of looks, there are always those that demand a particular service skill. Until you have two guys that have had similar experiences and women you can’t really compare anything. Once you can do this, then you can honestly talk about price and service.

To be fair we have to give points and look at all the options for more then service, more then price. Does it matter if the women you pay have an education? No big deal? Well how is she suppose to learn about HIV and Herpes if she has no education? Being able to read does have something to do with it. So consider all of this when you select a place to travel to.

How cheap is cheap and is it really cheap? Or do you fall into that category of man who wants to be above women. You want to feel superior and better then them and traveling to a place where you think you’re smarter and are in control. These types are easy to identify, they talk about women as if they’re lower then them and only good for one thing. These guys hate women inside for one reason or another, perhaps they’re unattractive and have been rejected by western world women. They have issues with their Mommies or women in general. Then perhaps Asia and CHEAP is best for them. Why not travel to a country where poverty is the reason they go to the room with you. Then again these guys are not interested in sex, it’s more a matter of control.

Prostitutes are prostitutes and women are women

So don’t compare the women of a particular country by the prostitutes in those countries. You’ll get totally different results from a prostitute then from the normal public.

Still not convinced, think that the women in a country where poverty is the rule want YOU and not your money? Try leaving the areas of prostitution in a country going out into the normal areas and try getting a date? A good example of this is Bangkok and Pattaya’s prostitutes will gladly take your cash and some may even give you the illusion that they like you. Try hitting on a Thai women outside the prostitution areas and you’ll find you’re out of luck, your money means nothing and you’re that oddball that strikes out in the western world again.

My point is finding a woman that is more equal is a big part of it for me. You also have to think about taking advantage of a women who is in desperation. Finding a woman that is having an equally good time with you so the service is mutually enjoyable scores big with me.

Now that I’ve been indulging in this hobby for over 20 years my opinions have changed somewhat. I recall when $40 dollars in Nevada back in the late 80’s was enough for basic service for 30 minutes. Oddly enough that same service has not changed much but the price has gone well over $150 and most often more then $200. In fact Nevada seems to be divided with two sorts of establishments, the near big city joints and the far and away in the middle of no-where places. Reno and Vegas places still run the “get em for as much as you can” method. Which means you’re judged when you arrive by how you dress and look. Prices can go into the thousands of dollars for what really ends up to be basic service. Places that tend to be out of town and in the smaller cities more then often have set prices. Usually $200 gets you serviced with some lower priced women that go for about $150. The flaw I’ve found in Nevada is that sex is looked upon as dirty and dangerous. Everything is covered and kissing is rare. When I first started this hobby I did not know better since I had nothing else to compare. This is often the reason some people put up with poor service since they don’t know and better.

In my younger days, price meant alot since I went for volume. Then I stumbled upon service. The term “GFE” or Girl Friend Experience really said it all. Years back most people or women did not understand that concept. To really understand that term you need to have had a REAL girlfriend who was crazy about you in bed to understand the concept. It’s not just about doing the deed and the basics. Deep french kissing, passion from both sides, NO BARRIERS (no don’t do this, don’t touch that) except condom for intercourse and bbbj was standard for “GFE”. I have to laugh when I see Nevada women now 20 years later using this term so lightly. They claim it but actually doing it all is a different thing. From my view you are either GFE or you are NOT. I’ve seen Nevada women state on the web “GFE” call for details. Which usually means they pretend to be GFE service but NO kissing, or bbbj. When you don’t have those two items you have nothing. This does not mean Nevada is without GFE as I’ve found it but it’s ultra rare. Maybe one or two in 20 years of Nevada. That’s really said.

As the internet has evolved guys are learning about other countries and comparing services. Word gets around quicker and this has driven some prices down like local escorts. During a normal vacation in Europe I happened upon an FKK club and was blown away by how much better it was then the US. This lead me to spend more time in Europe and also find places like Mexico and Asia. Over the years I’ve had the chance to try Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Neitherlands, Czech Republic and several other places that are not worth mentioning. All in all looking back I can personally comment on places other then the US.

I still think that one needs to consider the total cost of sex when making statements that one place is cheaper then the other. For example I can get GFE service down in TJ for about $200 for 60 minutes (2) pops. Im not talking about Chicago Club, Adelita Bar or the street girls either. I still have to consider the 4-6 hours of driving time and $40 worth of fuel. So the overall cost for 2 pops is a bit above $200. Driving to Nevada the chances of the same GFE are so bad it’s no longer worth the hassle. Even getting there takes longer then Mexico and is more costly. So the odds of getting what you want is also a consideration.

I thought I would be in heaven in Thailand from what all I read and was told. After spending 10 days in Bangkok and Pataya Beach im a bit disappointed. While Thailand does have volume and somewhat lower prices it has more cons then pros for me. I still have friends who prefer Thailand but just as many who have tried and also think it is not the best. Allow me to explain the many cons of Thailand.

1. HIV and Herpes for one are out of hand and while guys swear they never have a problem there are those who can attest to it. The scum of the world flys to Thailand to get laid, child molestors and HIV+ infected folk included. Nobody asks questions, women are desperate so almost anything goes.
2. Long flight time, if you have a stop over or multiple legs it can range from 18 to 30 hours one way. The jet lag is the worse I’ve ever encountered. This also means losing 2 days going and 2 days coming back. So be prepared to spend more then 7 days going to Thailand to get your money worth.
3. Selection, sure there are 1000’s of girls but they are ALL Asian, it’s more like 50 varieties of vanilla then different races or colors. Some times it came to the point at Beer bars that they all looked alike.
4. No kissing or it’s rare, no oral and it’s not done well, lights out in the room, towels wrapped around them as to not show you anything. Women often just lay there, unskilled and unpassionate.
5. Language skills from most women I ran into did NOT speak any english with the exception of basic price, long time and short time. Don’t count on these women having condom either. High quality normal sized condoms are hard to come by, bring your own.
6. Poverty is the main reason these women do this. Low prices are in effect due to poverty and the exchange rate. Mainly uneducated and from ultra poor provinces up north where it’s common to get a handful of rice for one week of work. Compare that to offering women $1000 of dollars in the US, this means more motivation. NOT better service. In fact I found the MP’s and the Eden Club in Bangkok to have better service. However at a price, these places are not all that cheap, $75 and up for service is not exactly that cheap. You hear guys talking about “a few dollars” which usually means the Beer Bars, street walkers and independents. You never know what you’re getting with any of these women and this is worse with the independents. Remember when a girl is feeding her family doing this she won’t stop if she’s HIV+ or Herpes infected. Family comes first and rich foreign men come last.

The pros are:
1. Food is cheap
2. Hotel is also fairly reasonable
3. Girls are everywhere
4. Girls will do almost anything with anyone for
the right price. (your dollar is stronger then the baht)
5. Lots of cheap shopping, beware of some of the counterfeit stuff as the quality tends to be very poor, DVD copies often are poor quality playback.
6. Health and dental care is lowe cost

I could go on an on about each country I visited but I basically covered Thailand and Nevada to make a point. While Germany was not covered much it offers something that neither Thailand or Nevad a offer in the same abundance. Quality and selection. Cost had gone up in Germany as to what it was back in the late 90’s where $25US got you a great 30 minutes. However cheap that is hard to find in Thailand today. Impossible in the US. Today in Germany a 30 minute session costs $65 and not to forget the club entry fee with means one session can be as high as $130. The chances of good service and high quality still mean more then going to Asia and having lower odds and lower priced sessions.

One of the biggest flaws in Thailand is part of the postiive volume issue. While some men rave about the thousands of girls I never thought that would be a con. Out of the thousands of girls most of them have zero skills. Thus places like the Eden club and the MP’s usually your chances of skilled girls improves. I found it exhausting to keep looking for a girl who matched my visual needs, then bargain with her, get her back to the hotel (trave and time costs) and then find out she was a dead lay. Remember you also usually have to decide long or short time, why stay long time if she is that bad. So the volume in Thailand was not really a big plus. I would prefer a smaller selection of women with a higher skill rate.

I’ve found that the guys I know that like Thailand are the guys who do all the work in the room or just like to be with a pretty young girl. This explains that lack of needed skills. They just need a cute warm body, where I need a equal participant who appears to like what she does and does it in a well lit room. The visual is also part of it for me. Plus the fact that Thai’s almost all have black hair, dark eyes and look similar. Brest size is also less in Thailand were most girls have girl bodies not that of a woman.

I also found that regular women are not to be confused with prostitutes. Women that provide sex for money are completely different then women that you just meet on the street who interact with you for non-income reasons. Yes I’ve met great women who are sex providers and often getting the sex out of the way helps you see the person better. The big issue here is until the money stops it is still all mainly business, you are the client and she is the provider. Never forget that, women who end up really loving you will be upset if the concept of money for sex continues. I have to laugh when I hear guys who send money to Asia or Mexico to what they think are girl friends who still work in the trade.

You’ll have to decide on where is best to go in the world by what you want. Quality, selection, safety, volume and service. Then add in the travel costs as well as wasted time. After all what good is cheap if you don’t get what you want and end up with a happy ending?

Even the sex trade is hurting world-wide from Asia to Europe. I’ve heard this myself from women in Germany that business is down. What they notice is the same customer who used to make 3 trips to the room a visit now makes one. I read what is posted below on the internet.

In Patpong, one of Bangkok’s most notorious red-light districts, go-go girls count their livelihood by the number of sex tourists they entertain. “Three inches, three minutes, 3,000 baht ($87),” laughs Goy, a 25-year-old bargirl. Last summer, she and her fellow pole dancers at the Camelot Castle entertained scores of men every night — first in the bar, where they earn a monthly salary, then at the customer’s hotel, where they negotiate their own rates. But as cash-strapped tourists have turned their backs on Thailand — tourism officials say revenues will plunge 35% this year — the ranks of men cruising Patpong have thinned dramatically. On a recent Wednesday evening, just three tourists watched a visibly disgruntled Goy wiggle around her pole. “My base salary was 8,000 baht ($232) a month, but now they are giving me 6,000 baht ($174),” she says. “I haven’t had a customer in five nights, and I’m lucky if someone buys me a drink.”

As the recession continues to bite, sex workers from Bangkok to Berlin share Goy’s frustration. “People just don’t spend that freely anymore,” says Anke Christiansen, co-founder of Hamburg’s Geizhaus (“Das Original Discount Bordell”), where visitor numbers have dropped up to 20% since the crisis began. “Customers who used to come to us two or three times a week now limit themselves to once a week.” That newfound restraint has already forced some brothels to shut their doors. In the Czech Republic, where 14% of men admit to having slept with a prostitute, up to half of all sex establishments outside of Prague have closed in the past year, says Hana Malinova, director of Bliss Without Risk, a prostitution-outreach group in the capital. Others have simply reduced their workforce. “In villages where there used to be 10 girls, there are now two,” she says. America’s working girls have suffered too. The Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nev., recently laid off 30% of its staff after its highest-spending clients started staying away.

The world’s oldest profession isn’t about to take the recession lying down. Brothels and bathhouses have launched promotions — including free shuttle buses, senior-citizen discounts and day passes — in a bid to arouse interest among wary spenders. “You have to offer better service these days and special packages,” says Karin Ahrens, manager at Yes Sir! in Hanover, Germany, where revenues have fallen 30% since the recession hit the nation. As part of a new deal, customers there pay $111 to have as much sex as they want (or can) for one hour. At Geizhaus, recent promotions allowed guests to have sex for free on Halloween and Easter if they wore a costume or brought in a decorated egg. And Berlin’s Pussy Club charges guests a $98 flat rate for six hours of unlimited sex, access to a sauna and solarium and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Not everyone needs a gimmick to stimulate business. In the Netherlands, Jan Bik says the recession hasn’t affected his nine brothels because they target the “common man”; clients pay as little as $42 for half an hour with a woman. And while many of his former customers have left, “people who would normally go to the expensive clubs are visiting us now, so it’s evened out.” Elsewhere, currency shifts have actually created opportunities for the sex trade. Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, has lost about 40% of its value against the dollar and euro since the start of the crisis, a change that will further boost the country’s growing tourism sector and thereby the number of visitors willing to pay for a thrill. “The country is becoming a paradise for sex tourism before our eyes,” says Yuri Lutsenko, Ukraine’s Interior Minister. Police experts forecast that the industry will more than double its revenues this year, generating $1.5 billion. And, says Anna Hutsol, head of a nongovernmental women’s rights group called FEMEN, deepening unemployment will likely increase the exploitation of vulnerable women: “There are girls without jobs and foreigners with money who want prostitutes.”

Back in Bangkok, the relative strength of foreign currencies isn’t helping local businesses. The cost of traveling to Thailand from far-flung places like Australia and Japan offsets any gains from the exchange rate. Pong, the female manager of Bangkok’s Babylon Sauna, Bed and Breakfast, knows that all too well, as her business depends on foreign revenue to stay afloat. Described as “the most stylish and lavish sauna ever seen” by online gay guide Pink Banana World, Babylon welcomed an average of 800 visitors per day before the recession hit. That number now hovers around 500. “The entrance fee is already low, so dropping it won’t make a difference,” Pong says. So what’s a sauna manager to do? “Pray for us,” is all she can say.

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