Street Scene

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I had mixed results with picking up girls from the streets before but I picked up one that I think I will pick up again. Her name is Renee as she is 20 years old. I picked her up at the corner of Logan and Main St. We negotiated a price of $100 for full service and she did not disappoint me. When we got back to her apartment we took off our clothes and went down on each other. She sure knew how to give a blow job. After, we went into the missionary position as that is the only position that she would try. At first I was a bit disappointed, but when I was fucking her she just did not lie there as other girls in the past. I would rate her sex a 10, looks 8, attitude 10 couple of main areas that you should check. You can usually find several young girls around the Selkirk Avenue area between Arlington and McGregor. Also part of this same area is Ellice and Isabel streets Ellice runs between Arlington and Isabel and several good spots are here also for girls. The other area of the city is Sutherland Street when you get west of Main Street

Some girls can be found strolling Ellice ave these days. $60 will get you FS or Half & half. Girls tend to hang out at the corner of Logan and King on the north-east side. Police and local “activist” groups also hang out in this area around prime time (after 10:00 p.m.). Normally only about three or four in this area. The activists can get a bit annoying by following vehicles and flashing high-beams.

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