Strip Clubs

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Strip Clubs
Concord Executive Lounge
5769 Ferry Street
905 356-2343
Dances and Extras

Totally Nude
5951 Main Street
905 357-0471
Cover C$5
Dances C$20
BJ possible outside club action

Seductions Executive Lounge
Totally Nude
8862 Lundy’s Lane
905 374-2799
Cover C$3
Dance C$20
Full Bar Lunch & Dinner Menu
Pay Web Site
HJ,BJ and extras
C$75 to C$100

Totally Nude
8870 Lundy’s Lane
905 358-9124
Cover C$3
Dances C$20
Web Site
Sunday to Wednesday 12pm – 2am
Thursday to Saturday 12pm – 3am

I started going to Niagara Falls strip clubs about 2 years ago, since the Falls is within easy driving distance from my home in western NY.
Seductions is where I have had my best AND worst experiences. The full nude dances and lap dances are great, and most of the girls there aren’t overly aggressive about asking you to take them into the back for a dance. The lab dances are full contact, full nude most of the girls I’ve been with also allow/encourage pretty free touching, licking, sucking etc. of just about any of their body. I’ve also been offered everything from a hj C$60 to fs for an hour in the VIP room for C$200. The most friendly of the girls are the Canadian, American and South American girls, but I’ve had several bad experiences with the eastern European ones, some won’t even let you touch them with your hands. In fact, my worst experience in a Canadian strip club was with one of the most beautiful eastern European girls in the place. Unfortunately, I don’t recall her name, but she is about 5’7″, 120 lbs, blonde/blue, D size breasts, and firm and tanned all over. Cute face, and the rest of her is a knockout. She approached me at the bar and offered me a special deal. After taking me to a small back room at the side of the main stage. She offered me 4 lap dances and a bj for C$120. Since laps dances are C$20 each, I figured a bj for an extra C$40 was a deal, I agreed. She did the 4 lap dances without much real contact, mostly suspended in the air above my lap and moving away after I touched her anywhere after a few seconds. At the end of the 4 dances, she said she had changed her mind about the bj and tried to leave! I protested, demanding at least C$40 back. She threw a 20 at me and ran out of the room. I couldn’t protest to the management since anything other than a lap dance is not officially allowed so I was out C$20!
I learned my lesson. The escort scene is the way to go if you’re looking for more than eye candy and maybe a few feels. Having said all that, I still enjoy myself very much at Seductions. Most of the girls are friendly, funny and great to looking and they all seem to provide a very personal lap dance (other than the eastern European chicks). Try it if you’re in the area.

I visited Concord about 2 weeks ago, and I was not impressed. The place is a liitle old and run down, the girls there were not much to look at, and the private dance areas are dirty and uninviting. I wouldn’t waste mt time there again.

Went to Mint’s about a year ago, and I enjoyed it. It’s not the best place in the Falls, but it’s ok. The girls were attractive and friendly, but there were not many customers there when I was there. Didn’t get any extra service, but I wasn’t looking for any that night. I went there with a friend, and he did get some extra outside the club from a cute oriental girl, which he described as ok but quick, since the girl told him she was on here way to the casino and she took off quickly when they were done.

One thing I should mention about Seductions like all strip clubs, they have fairly high turnover. This means that a particular favorite performer may or may not be there when you return. I have been disappointed to see several of my favorites disappear after only a couple of months. However, the turnover does provide new faces and constant variety. This can be a good thing if you are easily bored.

This club offers good lap dances and has some really hot girls working. More is available but management watches things close here so it you really want the girl ask her to meet you outside the club, nice place. I have only been there once, but I will go again soon.

Patroized Mints about a year ago. Fairly nice atmosphere, but the girls were fairly unattractive. Having never been to a strip club in Canada, I was unaware of the tipping protocol where one rolls up the bill, puts in their mouth, and then climbs up onto the stage and lies down on their back. The stripper will then stand over you practically taunting you with their naughty bits. She then grabs the bill from you mouth, unrolls it and lays it flat against your mouth. She sits down on your face and proceeds to “pick it up” with her genital area. Amazing!!! I must have partaken in this ribald ritual at least 10 times!! Saddle up and ride baby!

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