Strip Clubs

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Barbarella’s Diamond’s Cabaret
340 Queen, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 234-8709
Web Site:

Lowertown Market Sandy Hill
27 York, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 562-1313
Web Site:
For full information please go to Web link above.

Cabaret Taboo
92 Bd Greber, Gatineau
Phone: (819) 561-1150
This club has changed over the years and is not as bad as it once was. The chairs are small and as comfortable as Pigs or Bare Fax. but they do have pool tables and video gambling.
The girls here are a just a notch below some of the other area clubs but they are more into making the client happy here. Some say they are a little looser with the rules here. Several approached me and talked a bit before asking me for a dance.
The V.I.P. Room, doesn’t really have private cubicles, you won’t have to deal with cut songs, because they use the same music as on stage. The girls here remove the g-strings for private dances.However, the club was packed and no wait for VIP so that may tell you something. in a packed club, it didn’t seem that there was a big rush to go into the V.I.P. room.

Canada’s Hot Shots
Phone: (819) 568-4444
101 Bd Greber, Gatineau

Club 77
365 Main, Gatineau
Phone: (819) 663-0614
Web Site:
I visited Club 77 last month, they claim to have over 35 girls I saw about 12.At one time this was the only club in the area to offer contact dances for C$10 and that was a attraction. But now the contact dances are C$20 and as always the g-strings don’t come off.

Fanny’s Cabaret
Lowertown Market Sandy Hill
128-1/2 York St, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 241-0445

Gypsy Rose
Surrounding South
5220 Mitch Owens, Manotick
Phone: (613) 692-2585

Jason’s Gentlemen’s Club
Surrounding East
230 Herzberg Rd
Kanata, ON K2K 2A1
tel: (613) 271-7499

Nu Den
East End
1560 Triole St, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 745-4445
Web Site:
Another fine club in this city, nice mix of girls, this club is in the East end.

Oasis Showbar
6501 Russell Rd, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 822-1065

99 Bd Greber, Gatineau
Phone: (819) 568-0117
I always thought Pigale in Gatineau (about 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa) had the best looking girls. I was there about two years ago on a Monday – duo night. They were licking the hell out of each other, great show. At the end of their show you could lie on the stage with a $5 in your mouth and one would go over you (69 position) while the other one licked her from behind. Then the one on top slid down and took the $5 with her tits.
Pigale does have great looking large breasted women. $20 dollars for a private dance is high compared to Montreal but lower than Boston. High scale high class Gentlemen’s club featuring exotic and beautiful dancers.

Playmate Club
East End
175 Montreal Rd, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 745-0449
Went into Playmate had a couple of dances, from a striper who dances in Montreal. She was very friendly during the dances. Great hands on dance, friendly and close. Veronica, was one of the regular house dancers, had a nice dance with her I believe she is available outside the club for more activities may check out next time I’m in town?

Silver Dollar Exotic Club
Phone: (613)224-9552
1989 Merivale Rd, Nepean

Been to Barefax a few times in the past year or two. Usually busy but no major hassle or pressure from the girls. They do take no for an answer. Entrance and beer is reasonable as well !. Girls all strip so you can see what you’re going to get before you take the plunge. Mostly 8 – 10s with some stunners as the previous post says and full contact dances available in the VIP area. Recommended.

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