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On a recent trip to the Casino de Montreal, I stopped at a strip club called Erotique, I’d past by the place several times before but never stopped (figuring the town was so small the club had to stink). At first It didn’t look like much, I was there early in the day; most of the dancers hadn’t arrived yet. No dancer was on the stage, and only a couple dancers wandered about the bar. I approached an attractive black dancer, a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being your grandmother and 10 being an un-attainable supermodel). I asked her how much a dance was; expecting to hear the price for a boring table dance. Instead she said a lap dance with her top off is $10, a totally nude lap is $20, a blowjob is $50 and a fuck was $100.

I opted for the blowjob and we headed for one of the eight small rooms along the back wall of the bar. Each room came equipped with a chair and a curtain over the door to keep out prying eyes. The room was only slightly bigger than a closet (making me glad I chose the blowjob, since I couldn’t understand how you could get a decent fuck going in a room that small).

While we were removing our clothes we exchanged names, telling me her name was Casey (I forgot to ask if it was Casey or K.C.). As she was removing her clothes I looked her over one more time. She was about 5ft.10in, medium size breasts with hardly any sag. Her body clearly had been worked-out at the health club; thin, without being anorexic. Her ass was shapely and her muscles toned, without become Conan. Her hair was made up in small braids, and her face was both cute and sexy.

The session was extremely pleasant and unrushed, giving me a chance to fondle and kiss her body before she started. As Casey started to blow me, she used her mouth to put the condom on my penis. The blowjob was very good, and a bargain at twice the price (remember its Canadian money). After she was done, she took out a washcloth and cleaned me up before we exited the room.

As I was leaving this hot looking eight’s company, in walks a heart stopping nine. Although I knew I’d use Casey’s services again in the future, I made a mental note that I had to come back to see this leggy, melon-breasted beauty I missed out on.

Well to make a long story short (to late), I highly recommend Erotique as being one of the best strip clubs I’ve been to, the service was great and the dancers were really hot. If your ever in Iberville, do yourself a favor and check it out.
P.S. Don’t go if you just want to watch the dancers on the stage. The stage dances were few and far between

The review about the Strip Club “Erotique” is very true. I read it and have been there a few times. You can get a dance(you can touch anywhere, some of the girls even let you finger) for $20 , a blowjob for $60 and full service for $120 (some give it for $100). And all these prices are in CAD not USD…so it’s a bargain. And no tips are expected. This club is far better than others like it. And I tried GrandPrix which is close by but the service is not as good. This may be because GrandPrix is more known and in demand so the girls take the customers as granted. So try “Erotique” and chances are that you’ll be SATISFIED. Directions –
Take Hwy 10 E
Take Exit 29.
Take Route 133 South. Go for about 10 minutes. The Club is to the left.

I recently took a trip to Montreal to blow off some steam before heading back to college for another 15 weeks. After crossing over at the Vermont border, I headed for Iberville, stopping at a strip club called Erotique (see previous entree under Strip Club/Iberville). I make Erotique a regular stop on my trips to Montreal. I check out the dancers for a while before making a selection. I pick an attractive blond around 30, and we go back to the private booths. She tells me the rates are $20 for a completely nude lap dance, $60 for a blowjob and $100 for a fuck. I opt for the lap dance since I was just waiting for another dancer to finish with the client she was with. She gives me a very erotic dance, letting me fondle her and kiss her breasts. This being summer, I’m still wearing my baggy shorts. Because of this she slides her hand up the inside of my pants leg and starts giving me a handjob. All in all a very good lap dance. I leave the blond’s company and engage the services of the other dancer I’d been waiting for. A very beautiful black woman in her early 20s, large breasts and a great body. I opt for another lap dance, basically to make sure she gets completely undressed. Sometimes if you ask for a blowjob first, they blow you without taking off any clothes. Although she was a 9 in looks, the lap dance was a 6 at best. She kept her distance, allowing very little contact. Figuring the blowjob wouldn’t be any better, I left after one dance.

I engage the services of another very beautiful black woman, opting for the lap dance and then a blowjob. She tells me the blowjob will be $80, $20 dollars more than the other dancers. Not a problem except I don’t have enough Canadian yet since I haven’t been to the casino yet. I pay the $80 in U.S. which she quickly pockets, offering no change. The blow started out fairly good, but when the three songs were over she informed me it would be an additional $20 per song. I told her that the $80 dollars U.S. I gave her was worth $120 Canadian and that should buy me two more songs. She continues but isn’t happy about it. After another minute blowing me, she decides to hurry things up and finishes me off with a handjob. I started to regret that I didn’t stick with the blond in the first place, she was more eager to please. I spend the next few days gambling at the Casino and hitting the nightclubs. On the last night, I decide to try one of the escort services I had found on the internet. I called up A Beautiful Adventure Escort Service and asked if Natasha was available, they said she’d be right over. I’ve never met Natasha, but her picture is incredible. 20 minutes later she arrived, her picture was completely accurate. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way she decided she wasn’t in the mood and told me she had a friend in the car I’d like better (oh goodie, a blind date). I wasn’t thrilled by this, but figured that if she wasn’t in the mood, the sex was going to be terrible anyway. I agreed to meet her friend and she left. A few minutes later her friend comes to my room. An attractive woman named Amber. Although she is attractive, she is nowhere near as hot as Natasha. I opt for her service, upon which she immediately quotes me a price that is $50 higher than the highest price quoted by the escort service (great, not only am I getting something I didn’t want, but I’m paying extra for it also). It’s getting late, so I reluctantly agree. The sex was ok, but I was not allowed to kiss her on the mouth or go down on her. I’ll have to think twice before calling that service again.

The next day I do some sightseeing then leave for home at the end of the day, once again stopping at Erotique. This time I’m happy to see Casey is working (see previous entree under Strip Club/Iberville). She has changed her looks slightly, she no longer has the braided hair and has changed her hair color back to black, but is still quite beautiful. I decide not to try any other dancers and immediately engage her services. Casey doesn’t disappoint me, giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I thank her and leave with a smile on my face I couldn’t get rid of for three days.

Right on about the “strip club” in Iberville. The sign says ‘Erotic” on it but it might be called Club Rendevouz. Whatever it’s called, this is what happened:
I walk in, and a semi-cute black girl immediately approaches me and starts caressing me and tells me to find her when I’m ‘ready.’ I just looked a little shocked I guess and she goes ‘First time here? This is a special place. The customer gets whatever he wants. Handjobs, blowjobs, sex, anal, whatever you want.’

I immediately started drinking (5.25 Canadian for a beer, a little over 3.00 USD). All the while, guys were being taken back into the ‘booths’ which were numbered and had curtains over them for full privacy.

After killing four beers I finally figured I’d give it a go and waited to be approached by a girl. Bad idea. You could wait all night, these girls know mostly everyone and just hang out. Don’t be afraid to go up to one and strike up a conversation – don’t just ask for a dance. Be polite.

*Note about dancing – there really isn’t any, which is why I put ‘strip club’ in quotes. There is a stage, but i was there for over three hours and not one person got up on it. Eventually a sexy brunette named Tatyana came up and asked me to buy her a drink – I bought her two and we played video poker for awhile. She spoke almost no English, but she knew enough to say ‘Dance $20, Masturbation $60, Suck $80, that is all because it is ‘my week.’ I think full service is about $120. All prices are in Canadian.

This brunette was about a 7 I would say, but there were most definitely three 9s available, all 20s (at least one definitely blonde and very, very early 20s).

So I go back with Tatyana and she gives me a bangin lap dance and then I agree to ‘masturbation’ for $60.

Here it is guys: exchange your money BEFORE you go to the club. I pull out American dollars and she tells me its $60 US OR Canadian. I told her no way and started to leave. She agreed. She also told me she’d rather ‘suck’ but I said I hate condoms so just do the handjob. Well, she made me wear a condom ANYWAY just for a handjob.

There it is. This place is about 60 miles north of Burlington, VT and not too far south of Montreal. Definitely worth a visit, but not if you are interested in seeing any strippers, because believe me, only prostitutes work there. I have no idea how this place operates under the law. There were blatantly condoms in the booths. Anyway – enjoy French Canada’s finest.

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