Strip Clubs

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Downtown Montreal

Most strip clubs are located along Ste. Catherine St., between Atwater and St. Laurent. Sex shops (lingerie, videos, and publications) are also common along this stretch.

Cover charges are reasonable, usually $5. It is customary to tip the doorman $1-2 per person, or $5 for a group.

The atmosphere is more laid back than in US strip clubs. Patrons sitting at the stage are not required to tip, but the dancers do appreciate any tips. A dancer will usually wait several minutes after her first song to complete her set, usually allowing for a costume change and another dancer to alternate with her.

Dancers do not hustle for drinks or tips, and many will sit and talk for a while. They tend to be younger (18-23). Most are French-Canadian. Many come from the Eastern Bloc countries. Others come from areas as diverse as Asia and the Caribbean.

Waitresses are friendly and helpful, and usually do not push drinks on customers. You must buy at least one round of drinks, but waitresses will not pressure you to buy more. You can also buy alcoholic beverages. (NOTE: The beer is stronger than what you’re used to in the States. Be careful.)

Clubs fall into two categories: Contact and Non-Contact. At Non-Contact clubs, the rules forbid touching between dancers and customers. It is mainly a visual experience (the dancers tend to be more attractive and the clubs tend to be fancier). Notable examples are Chez Paree, near Drummond/Ste. Catherine and Super Sexe on Ste. Catherine. See map.

Contact clubs offer dances in private booths at one song for $10. Rates are also available for 30- and 60-minute sessions. Dancers do not grind on your lap, but may sit on your leg. They keep their g-strings on during the dance and usually allow you to touch everything not covered by the g-string. However, they don’t allow kissing and allow only gentle touching. Extras are not provided, but the rich or charming might be able to entice a dancer to join him at his hotel for some after-hours fun. Notable contact clubs include Gentlemen’s Club, on Ste. Catherine, and Super Contact (next to Super Sexe).

Cabaret Sex Appeal
381 Ste-Catherine W, lower basement level.
Hours: noon to 3:00am, TV’s, video porker, ATM, no food. Smaller club stage 10 X 10, bar seating, stage seating, and tables for four. Offer table dancing for $6.00 and contact dancing for $10.00. Cover was $5.00 dollars and drinks beer, shots, mixed $6.00-$9.00. Younger girls 20-25 years old, 5-8 girls working. Nice looking girls, friendly and no hard sell. Contact dances in semi-private booths, no sex that I saw or got at club but heavy touching. Could have talked girl into going back to my Hotel with a little effort & $$$. I like this club, had several lap dances with 3 girls, not the largest club, but worth your time and effort.

1830 Ste-Cathrine W
Hours: 5pm-3am (no stage show til 7pm)
Table Dances: $6.00
Contact Dances: $10 & $12
A interesting club in the basement on Ste-Cathrine W. One main stage in the middle, has contact dance booths for $10 or VIP dance couches for $12. Younger girls 18 to 24 work this club. They have a lot of theme nights here:
Monday Fetish Night
Tuesday Porn Star Night
Wednesday All Asian Night
Saturday Feature Night
Sunday Ladies Night: For ladies who want to see ladies they say.

Chateau du Sexe
972 Ste-Catherine W
Hours: 12am -3am
Food: no
Bar: yes
Table dances: $5.00
Contact dances: $10.00
Club is on the second floor walk up stairs only. Cover was set at $5.00 and coat check $1.50. A smaller club as you walk in the stage is in front of you, 12 X 12 with stage seating around it. For best view take these seats. The stage has two poles on the front, and pole bar along the back. Most dances here didn’t know how to use them. To your right is tables for four. And to your left is the bar along back wall and tables in front. About 12 small booths located on the left hand wall for contact dances. Across from the bar is 3 to 4 VIP type booths roped off not used.
Now about the staff, tip the doorman here and the waitress for every order. Beer was $ 6.00 each or also they had a speical, two beers for $8-$9 dollars. The drinks for dances are the same price with no upcharge. No hard sell to purchase drinks for girls, if you do the girl will sit and talk.
About the girls, most younger 19-28 and average 6-7 with a few 8-9’s. Contact dances are $10 per song, girl wears g-string for all contact dances. Full contact except want is covered by g-string. Normal contact lap dance first couple of dances then girls do a little more. Took 4 dances and made deal to meet girl at my hotel. No call first night she called next day, went back to club that night another couple of contact dances. She met me later that night charged $250 canadian for full service, bbbj, sex, anal and did a very nice little strip/lap dance for me. Stayed about 1 1/2 to two hours. Nice little 19 year old hardbody. Total cost two nights at club, drinks, dances, and sex $390 or about $235 U.S.

Chez Paree
1258 Stanley Street
Hours: M-F 12pm-3am
Sat 1pm-3am
Sun 5pm-3am
Contact Dance: No
Table Dance: $8.00
Food: Free Buffet

1230 St-Laurent, in the red light area of the city off Ste-Catherine E. Older girls at this club, 10 years ago I hear this club was great, but not now. Open until 3:00 am, no contact dances, table dances $6.00, stage small. Beer was cheap at $5.00 each and a two for 1 promo on(a strip club with $2.50 beers). I found the street hookers outside to be better looking than the dancers in this club. I would not recommend this club unless you want cheap beer.

Club Wanda’s
1458 de la Montagne, Montreal. 514-842-6927
Table Dances $ 8.00
No Cover Charge, But tip doorman.
Restaurant & VIP Section
Web Site:
This is a nice club lots of girls working, ealy 20’s to mid 30’s, it is really three clubs on three floors. French Kiss & Diamond Club are the other two names. The clubs are set up like lounges, each floor has it’s own stage and bar. Very laid back club no hard sell here, but they do have a dress code, so see web site for information. This club is in the heart of the city one block from Crescent & Ste-Cathrine W on the corner of De Maisonneuve. If your looking for street girls this is not your club. If you want to see and talk to ladies without contact dances try this club.

Gentlemen’s Choice
1200 Ste-Catherine W
Table Dance: no
Contact Dance: $10
Cover: $5
Food: no
Girls are 20 to 26 years old, club has booths for contact dances.

3580 Saint-Dominique, Montreal
Hours:M-F 6pm-3am
S-S 7:30pm-3am
Contact Dance: Yes
This is a class club, don’t bring a bachelor party here, but if your out with couples or your wife this would be the club to come to. This maybe the best club in the city at least in the top five. Has really nice salons and private contact booths but a little pricey $75.00 for 30 minutes, $140 for hour, a lot of touching and fun but no sex.

Nude Strip Club
1755 St-Denis
(514) 845-7906
Web Site:
12noon-3: 00am
Bed Dances/Contact Dances: C$10
Table Dances: C$8
L’axe is in the Latin Quarter of Montreal on the corner of St.Denis and Ontario. It has two small stages and a bar towards the back. They also offer a food menu here but didn’t try. No cover is ever charge here unlike many clubs in the city. Tip the doorman C$2.00 and ask for a booth with comfortable couches instead of a regular table. They feature erotic bed dancing & contact dancing, along with the table dances. Strippers are very young here only about 20 years old. They also do Lesbian Shows at this club.

Le Club Downtown
1196 Ste-Catherine W
Table Dance: no
Contact Dance: $10 Two girl show $30
Cover: $2-$5
Hours: 12p-3am
This is a nice club with young girls oldest maybe 22-23 that I saw. Club has VIP area, with bed dancing and touching. Also has semi-private contact booths. But doorman watches these real close. One bar and one stage 6-8 girls on the day shift and 10-12 on night shift. Also had a hot lesbian show on stage. A upscale type club contact dances are also offered by the 1/2 hour and hour. Sometimes at night this club can be standing room only. The best time to go is about 7-8PM at night when the night shift gets in. This place does get crowded at about 11PM. If you are in Montreal, you must try this one.

Le Scandale
286 Ste-Catherine E
Table Dance: no
Contact Dance: $10
Food: no
Cover: $3-$5
This club is on the second floor and has very attractive young dancers. Located in the red light zone near the Berry Metro. Has a small stage in the middle of the club, also 10 private booths for contact dances. Girls seemed to be very friendly here. And if you don’t get the extras you want at the club just step outside, several street hookers working the block in front. Worth a trip to check this club out.

Sexe Mania
2683 Ontario E.
(514) 526-9166
Table Dances: C$6
Erotic Bed Dancing: C$10
This club is located in the lower East End of Montreal on the corner of Ontario & Frontenac. They have one main stage, private bed dancing areas, poker machines and a bar.
A good selection of girls were working the night I went in about 6 girls, more than enough for the small number of customers in the club. The girls range from very young (18) to mid-30’s.
They offered $6 table dances or $10 bed dances, but no contact dances to bad.

Solid Gold
8820 St-Laurent
This club is first class. It features young girls some real 18 year olds and big name guest dancers, has a great stage with poles, cages, and a shower for shows. Cover was $5.00,open til 3:00 am, serve snacks, table dances $6.00, contact dances $10.00. Club has a membership VIP lounge, for tip $3.00-$4.00 membership is wavied. If you are planning a bachelor party this is the strip club in Montreal for you. I saw a great show for a lucky groom(Best man paid $130.00 to club for bachelor party)

Super Contact
This club is owned by Super Sex and is next to it. Club is run like Super sex but offers contact dances. Same drink prices, hours, cover charges etc. Contact dances are $10.00 and girls are 20 to 30 years old. Tip the doorman at this club. For me club was a mixed bag could go back again or skip to seek out new clubs in the city next trip. Upside, if you don’t like the club you have half dozen more clubs within 2 blocks..

Super Sex
696 Ste-Catherine W.
This is the club that the taxi drivers, doormen, bellhops, etc, will all tell you is the best in the city. Yes it is big has a lot of girls, with great shows and offers a free buffet at lunch. Prices run a little higher here, table dances $10.00, no contact dances, but bed dancing with no touching(what good is that?). I had no problems at this club, friends tell me they are a little heavy handed here. Worth a trip if you want a big club with lots of girls and no contact dances. Tip everyone in the club if you want to get better service.

I really like (and recommend) Le Club Downtown (on St Catherine). The doorman will seet you and expect a couple dollars. I told him I wanted to go upstairs first “which i did then came back downstairs and seated myself right in front of the stage. You’ll have pussy 2 feet from your nose. It’s not the 2 dollars but i hate giving money to someone who basicly does Nothing and it not nice. I NEVER saw so many naked girls so quickly. They do 2 dances (songs) to get naked. And they alternate (one girl does first dance to g-string or whtever then the next comes out and she’s doing her secornd..and so on.)so you don’t have to wait long to see the girls nude. I saw some incredable was obvious that some had real dance training…like Nude ballerienas. One totally nude girl (barefoot and nude head to toe) hung from the rafter and spread her legs and held up high…you could see her moist pussy lips parting. In the back if you sit at a table there you can see the shows other people pay for as there is no door. I saw a great lesbi show. Dances (you can touch anywhere but the pussy are only 10C$ or around $6US. I only bought one drink and the waitrress never pressured me (I did tip after a while and a couple times so she got her money and I didn’t have to buy drinks I didn’t want. Also for those from US club experience you don’t have to tip the girls while they dance…they make their money on the private dances. The other thing that turned me on was quite a few girls got nude head to toe (unlike like in the US when almost ALL girls keep their high heels on…something different). Check out this club it’s the best I’ve ever been to.
I also went to Club Wandas whick I didn’t like at all…it was a waste…dodn’t waste your time or money there.

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