Puerto Plata

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From my experience…which is, of course, a male perspective…….there is something for everyone in the Dominican Republic. If tourism is the #1 industry in “The D.R.”, prostitution (the exchange of money for sexual services) may well be #2.

Columbus “discovered” The D.R. in 1492. It took me until the fall of 1999. I ran across a number of Internet Sites including TSM, The World Sex Archives and The World Sex Guide, all of which provided an overview, and “reviews” of The Sex Trade in a variety of countries throughout the world. Boca Chica, Sosua and Santa Domingo in The D.R. were rated very highly for their close proximity to North America, weather, cost and beautiful young women.

So…I booked an All Inclusive in Sosua. But it wasn’t long before I made some “local connections” with English speaking ex-pats who spend most of the year living in a nearby larger resort town called Puerto Plata.

It was an amazing week. So amazing that I returned to Puerto Plata in the spring of 2000 for a TWO week vacation.

Sex is the only marketable skill for most of the young women I met, virtually all of whom have had at least one child from a Dominican man as single mothers while still in their teens. Usually they end up living with their families and, as “working girls”, provide most of the income for the home.

Of course, that isn’t the only “scenario” but it seems to be very prevalent.

From my most recent experience in October 2001, Sexual Activity for Money exists on at least four levels in The D.R…Conventional, Somewhat Conventional, Sort of Conventional, Not At All Conventional.


There are High Class, Middle Class and Lower Class Brothels. My favorite High Class Brothel in Puerto Plata is La Boheme. Situated in the centre of town, it resembles a kind of “fortress”. You must walk through two entrances and past two sets of “casual” security before entering the bar area. Once inside, you’ll discover at least 50 women. They appear to be carefully chosen to create a variety of colour, shape, size and aggressiveness.

The variety and selection are superb, although very commercial.


If you allow one of the security people to seat you, a woman will immediately be at your table, sit down and take your….and her….drink order. My suggestion is…. don’t sit
down. Remain in “control” by cruising the room. Take your time….but keep moving. All the women will look at you. Some will reach out and touch you. Others will try to get in your way. It’s much like being a running back on a football team. In fact, I prefer to take the El Boheme “tour” with one or two other men, let them lead the way and act as “blocking guards”.

All the girls live on site. Upon choosing a girl, you’ll be responsible for paying the establishment 300 pesos ($20 US). Then…once in the girl’s room….it’ll cost you another 1000 pesos ($65 US) to even $2000 pesos for some action.

On my most recent trip in October 2001, La Boheme had been shut down because ownership had been suspected of drug violations. That’s all been straightened out apparently and it will reopen soon.

The new “high class” Brothel is Cristal’s in Long Beach. It’s not nearly as much fun to “cruise” as La Boheme was and the selection of women not nearly as good. Rooms are not provided so The Girls must be taken off site….although there seemed to be some “foreplay” activity going on behind a screen at the back of the room.

It’s the same procedure in both the “Middle Class” and “Lower Class” Brothels…..but for less cost and in a much Funkier atmosphere. Some have rooms on site, some don’t. All are frequented by Dominican men. I didn’t see many really attractive women in them to my tastes (Dominican men like their women Heavy), but there are occasionally a few gems. White men rarely go to them, so expect an enthusiastic reception.

Although I’ve been to quite a number of Brothels I’ve never been with any of their girls. This is the kind of “action” you can get near Vegas and Reno. And, by D.R. standards, it’s too expensive and not the best value.

But doing The Brothel Cruise with someone who knows their way around is a unique and exciting experience especially in the funky Dominican Bars. But bring earplugs. Music levels are usually at the edge of distortion.


There are a number of Strip Clubs in Puerto Plata. The Music is loud. The show terrific. Although the girls don’t usually “hustle” you as they do at The Brothels…..they are, for the most part, all available. Again, you must pay the establishment something….usually 100 pesos ($6.50 US). You then take the girl back to your hotel. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, you won’t be able to take her with you. In that case, I’d suggest one of the “Tourist Villas” such as Sensasion or Neuva York.


These are short-term “motel-style” rooms. Simply hire a cab from the club. Tell the driver which “Villa” you’d like him to take you to….negotiate a price (usually 100 –150 pesos return) to be paid after he returns.

He’ll drive to the location (both of which are secluded just outside of town) and drive directly into a garage attached to the room. The garage door will close behind you. Tell the driver what time you’d like him to pick you up (you have up to six hours) or get his name and the phone number of the cab company. Go into the room. You’ll find a “dumb waiter” next to the bed. An attendant, who you do not see and does not see you, will take 300 pesos ($20 US) from you for the room and also will sell you liquid refreshment, and even a meal at reasonable prices. The mirrored rooms have an en suite, a large bed and a TV that plays porno. At the end of your “session” pay the girl 500 pesos ($35 US).

Part two of “Somewhat Conventional” is simply finding a bar. There seem to be hundreds of them. On my October 2001 Trip, quite a few new ones had opened in Long Beach.

A good place to start your Long Beach Experience is La Fuente owned by a guy named Frank from Canada. He has a couple of satellite dishes that received all the Sporting Events I cared about. Good food too next door at Ken and Veronica’s. There’s also a “Massage Parlour” down the street. A couple of Germans I met seemed to enjoy that experience.

If you start downtown, Anna’s, Color Tropical and especially Yellowbeards near La Boheme are worth visiting. Anna’s also serves food and has the advantage of ownership that speaks English. From anytime after 12 noon the girls will arrive. The “bartender” is also most likely available.


What you’ve read so far is an update of an article I wrote in 2000. “Sort of Conventional” is a brand new “level” I discovered on my October 2001 Trip. It will likely only happen if you rent a car. And it happened to me almost by accident.

I was dropping a pal off at his hotel when The Most Beautiful Woman I Had Ever Seen came by with a Motor Concho (a motorcycle taxi). I had to follow her. The Motor Concho dropped her off at the edge of a Barrio. After hesitating only a moment I followed. People in Dominican Barrios do not see many white guys driving new cars past their homes. I lost her in the crowd. But suddenly a very cute young thing waved me down. It wasn’t tough. I wasn’t moving very quickly. I invited her into the car. We made a date for 10 o’clock at La Fuente.


Turns out she never frequented the bars and rarely went out at night. She had to be home by 7AM to care for her one year old son. By 3AM she had wiped me out. I wasn’t sure I’d wake up in time. I needn’t to have worried. Her 6:15AM Wake Me Up was an unforgettable experience that we repeated more than a few times on this trip. As I was taking her home, most of The Barrio was off to work. She invited me in to meet her family. They were very gracious. Later I went back to see what she had bought for her son with the money I had left her. I felt like a Social Worker. “Sort of Conventional” is my new Favorite Level.


You could have the experience of all of the above without the assistance of Local Connections and have a pretty good time. Being with them, you would probably have a better time because they have been with most of the girls and therefore know the best performers….and, of course, their personalities.

Before I arrived on the first trip, word got around to some of the girls that they’d shortly be introduced to a single guy from Canada. On my first “tour” I felt like a celebrity. The best looking girls at every place we visited wanted to meet me. Of course, they all knew that my hosts married Dominican Women…..so wasn’t it possible that their friend might want to marry one too? It was quite an experience for a 55-year-old guy (me) to get all this attention from 20 something women! It was like being in a candy store.

On the second trip, for the first four days I was with one, and sometimes two, girls every day. Thank God for Viagara! The fifth day I rested.

Also, on my second trip, the girlfriend of one of my hosts was obviously a “matchmaker”….as she regularly introduced me to a variety of her friends who clearly were not “working girls”, may have been looking for husbands and certainly were looking for sex. On two occasions, I was virtually raped!

Now….if all of this sounds pretty “fantastic”……here’s my “take” on most of the women I was with in The D.R.

“Sex” is a significant part of “The Culture”. Virtually every girl I was with was either a very good actress or…..she really did love sex.


With all modesty…. I’m not a Wham, Bang, Thank You Ma’am kind of guy. I like women. I enjoy “romancing” them. Most of my Dominican lovers seemed surprised that I made sure that they “came” too. Apparently “making love” is not what most Dominican Men are known for. Of course conversing in broken English and Spanish can be challenging….but also fun.

The Dominicans I met (of both sexes) were happy, warm, friendly, fun loving, live for today kind of people. I took most of the girls I was with to lunch, sometimes dinner, always drinks and usually dancing. Dominican Women are the ultimate GFE (Girl Friend Experience). Show them a good time and they will show you a better time. Most of the women I was with stayed overnight. We had some great mornings. I never paid in advance…and always “discreetly” left them 500 pesos ($50 Cdn).

On the first trip, after a few days and more than a few women, I “settled” on a “regular”. Her name is Judy. She lives with her baby, brother, sister and father in a two-bedroom“apartment” in the “barrio” that is about the size of my basement in Canada. No running water, no flush toilet, and if there’s electricity….it’s stolen. Yet it’s neat and clean.

At the end of my first trip I told Judy I would be back….but I’m sure she didn’t believe me. So, when I came back and saw her the first day….it was quite an experience. Later, she almost killed me. Over the next two weeks I saw her every other day. She probably suspects I was also with other women, but never asked.

She is not really into giving head…..but I’ve enjoyed teaching her because she clearly wants to please. A highlight was when she made me dinner. She’s a fantastic cook. My glass was never empty. Out of habit I started to do dishes. Judy kicked me out of the kitchen.

On the October 2001 Trip, my New Regular was the girl I met in The Barrio. When she started her period she understood I wouldn’t be seeing her as often. So…on my last night I dropped into a bar thinking maybe I’d get together with one of the owners, a 30 something lady who was highly recommended. She wasn’t around, but one of her girls who always made a point of being friendly was. Frankly, I was tired and the girl wasn’t really my type physically…..but….what the hell it was the Last Night right?

Good decision.

This girl was exactly The Right Experience under the circumstances. Just when I thought I couldn’t “go” anymore she took me to a New Level. She would not be denied.


Later, when we talked she also seemed very bright and was curious about computers. We made a date at noon for me to show her and she caught on quite well. There was still a couple of hours before my plane so we shot some pool and strolled on The Beach along the Mallecon. My energy was returning. She had a “look” in her eye. So….despite the heat of the afternoon it was off to a friend’s apartment. She suggested jumping in the shower. Did we ever.

Within the North American Culture, I suppose I should feel guilty. But I don’t. Neither do The Dominican Girls I’ve been with. Feminists that read this will be pissed. $300 an hour hookers should feel threatened. I’ve been married twice. The second one ended when I discovered my wife in bed with her girlfriend.

I’ve discovered Paradise four hours from The Rat Race. I’m not rich, but in The D.R. I’m a millionaire. Retirement is on the horizon. I plan to die with a smile on my face.

If you want everything in heaven visit the dr. go to a little spot in the town called white mountain or something like that. It has the best action around. i visited the dr last june and went back in august it was much better the second time around. The more you get to the way things are the better off you will be. And yes it does make you feel like you are the richest man on the planet. the women are unbelieveable all over puerto plata. Each one of them are willing to do anything you ask for. my advice for anyone who is willing to visit th dr is to remember what you came all the way there for. If you use that mentality you can get any woman there to stay with you and even accompany you every where you go for the duration of your stay. any ? on a good approach just ask, i tried many. bigjules

I went to Boca Chica I had a great time there. I spent 4 days in Boca Chica. The girls spend all night with you but their asking prices vary. There are several discoteques that are along the strip in which you could take home a girl to your hotel or apartment. I stayed at the Costa Lunga aprtment. Some girls asked for 500 to 1000 pesos. The only girl I paid 1000 pesos to was a very petite girl named Elizabeth. She charged me 800 pesos but I tipped her 200 more because she fucked me all night as long as my dick was hard. She was so gorgeous that I had to problem getting it back up as she fondled me. Then she repeated this over and over for 8 hours. To top it off, she gave me a morning blowjob after brushing her teeth and eating a mint. The mint enhanced the feeling of the blowjob and then she let me cum on her tits.

I had a different girl each night I was there in DR. Each of these girls were similar and they want to make sure you are satisfied. However, most of these women speak poor English so it is good to learn some spanish before coming here. Also, the Dominican guys try to harrass you for money and you’d feel like a walking ATM machine. One scam I learned to avoid while there is not to accept food before paying. There are guys that sell you oysters and clams raw then charge you 800 pesos after you finished eating. The restaurants at the beachfront are overpriced as well. It is best to eat along the strip a little off the beach.
I also went to Mona Lisa at Santo Domingo at the last day I was there. They charge 1700 pesos (100 US) for an hour, unhurried. The girls are all 10s in looks. This place looks very elegant, like a hotel with several rooms. The girls give you a BBBJ, sex (with condom) and a hot oil body massage. I recommend Pamela, the one who speaks perfect English. She gave me a great overall experience. Although her tits are fake, she can still give great hot oil massages with them.
I plan to go to Puerta Plata next time around, again for 4 days because my company Verizon is cheap with their vacation policies. I worked my way up to 3 meager weeks of vacation (I started off with just 2 weeks 5 years ago and this includes personal days but not sick days where they call your home to make sure you’re there). I should take Anon’s advice this time and go with a local who knows this place but thanks Anon for mentioning some places I can go to during these 4 days. Any suggestions on places I can go or places I can meet locals who can show me around without being ripped off?

I like the idea of visiting different places with legalized prostitution. I have visited Windsor, Canada, Aruba, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and just got back from Costa Rica. All of these trips have been made in the last two and one half years. I have used this board and others for gathering much information for my trips. There are advantages and disadvantages to all five of these destinations. I have had good vacations in all of these countries thanks to the research and preparation done from this board and other sources before landing in a new country. As others have said RTFB (Read the F—K’en Board)

I have thought of purchasing property in one of these places as I near retirement. But I like to explore different areas. I like to find out if the grass is truly greener on the other side. And investing in Real Estate in the third world where property rights for foreign nationals may change as quickly as governments do in banana republics do, is too risky for my blood.

Windsor, Canada is about a two (2) hour drive from my house in Ohio. So no airfare would be the top advantage here. Windsor was a much better destination when the American dollar traded at 1.50 only 2 or 3 years ago. Today the US dollar trades at 1.10 making Canada not a bargain at all. Prostitution is legal in Windsor, Canada, but solicitation is not. Sounds a little crazy, yes, but they make it work. The city Windsor licenses the girls and agencies. You will spend 150.00 – 200.00 CDN for one (1) hour with an independent escort.

You also have the option of going with an Escort Agency. Exotic Temptations http://www.exotictemptations.net/escorts.html and Executive Choice http://www.ec69.com/main.htm are your best agency options With the Agency you have someone to complain too if your date was not what you expected. You will also have a larger selection and younger girls with agencies in Windsor. The disadvantage here is cost $230.00 – 260.00 CDN for one hour, as you must add a 50-60 dollar agency fee.

I would consider escorts in Windsor to be the safest option of any of my travel. I also usually book a hotel room through hotwire.com and stay at a nice place. But with hotel, meals, drinks, gas, bridge tolls, cost of the escort, and misc. you are talking about $300.00 – $400.00 US for an overnight trip. Plus you only get one hour with the girl. You might see a photo on a web site but it can be very hit and miss. You really don’t select the girl like you can at a club or massage parlor; you make a phone call, and see what shows up at the door of your hotel. Forget about fun in the strip clubs, as they have an city ordinance against any touching in the strip clubs. In a city where prostitution is legal, lab dancing is not. In summary Windsor advantages: English speaking, Safety. Disadvantages: Cost, Limited choice of girls

Aruba also has the advantage of many English speaking people. And despite the Natalie Holloway murder (I was on my Aruba trip when this happened) has a much lower crime rate, than the DR, Thailand, or Costa Rica. It is actually a first world, western (owned by the Netherlands) country. Weather is another great advantage of Aruba. All year around no matter when you go, it is in the low 80’s with a nice breeze. Unlike Thailand that is so hot that the trees start walking around looking for dogs to cool them down. The disadvantage to Aruba is that the red light district is a small area in San Nicolas where they import Columbian girls. The bars all have rooms upstairs were you take the girls for short time (30 Minutes) for $30 to $40 US dollars. I must say that the Columbian girls are very pretty and generally have good attitudes. The girls are by far the best value on the Island of Aruba. As everything else, resort, meals, car rental, is the same as you would expect to pay in the US or even more in some cases.

I like to have more of a girl friend experience; I like to stay with one girl for one to two weeks at a nice resort. I think the sex is better and more of a better fantasy than doing just short times with many different girls. Short times are all that is really available in Aruba and Canada.

Another disadvantage is you really need to rent a car in Aruba. Because the red light district is on one end of the Island and the resorts are at the other end of the Island and the resorts are very family oriented. So a car is needed in both Aruba and Canada which is a disadvantage because it is really not cool to drink and drive anywhere but especially in a foreign country. In summary of Aruba: Advantages of Aruba: Safety, English is widely spoken, Columbian girls are very pretty, Weather is great, and sea water is very clean and blue. Disadvantages: Only short times in upstairs rooms in bars available and cost of airfare and resorts make it an expensive option.

Costa Rica is a pretty country with rain forest, volcanoes, and both Caribbean and Pacific coast beaches. Unfortunately, most of the monger action is in the Capital San Jose, which is the ugliest part of the country. The action mostly centers on the Del Ray Hotel http://www.delreyhotel.com/ and Casino, and its bars the Blue Marlin and Key Largo. I would estimate about 500 girls work there at different times. There are some very pretty girls from many places, Panama, Nicaraguan, Columbia, the Dominican Republic and of course Costa Rica. All the girls are independent. Prostitution is legal, however Pimping is not. The going price is between $70.00 US – $125.00 for a short time. The girls are not really interested in long time and want to charge $200.00 –$300.00, for overnight. I found the girls pretty hard core for the most part. They are interested in doing you and getting back to the bar for another trick. Blue Marlin girls are very business like and not the girl friend experience that I like and can be found in the Dominican Republic or Thailand. Costa Rica has massage parlors that are the best deal, only 30.00 to 40.00 for short time in the massage parlors, which makes this the best option in San Jose, Costa Rica. I actually found the girls in the massage parlors had better attitudes than the Del Ray girls for much less money. I also visited the beach resort town of Jaco, and the Beatle Bar, it is much like the Del Ray in prices and hard core attitudes with less selection.

I stayed at the Sportsman’s Lodge in San Jose. http://www.sportsmenscr.com/sportsbar.html I would highly recommend this place if you are traveling alone it is easy to hook-up with middle age middle and upper middle class Americans and Canadians looking for the same thing you are. Which makes it more fun in my opinion. The Sportsman also has a small selection of girls that hang around and again are independent. In summary of Costa Rica: Advantages: Beautiful country. Costa Rica is a third world country, however it is wealthier with a more stable and has a less corrupt government than the surrounding countries of Nicaragua and Panama.

What can be said about Thailand that has not already been said? Thailand is truly the “Disney Land for Adults”. I believe that almost every girl in Thailand is available for pay for play. This may not be true but only seems this way, especially in Pattaya. Prices of very pretty girls can be had for all night for $40 – $60.00 all night. If you make your selection from a Go Go bar add $10.00 for a bar fine, many girls available at beer bars as well. Nice hotels can be had in Bangkok for $50.00 – 60.00 a night and in Pattaya $30 – 40.00. Food is good and cheep. I hooked up with a solid 9 and dressed to kill a 10 for about two weeks of my three weeks hear. I treated her nice took her to nice places to eat and drink, bought her a few things, and gave her about $40.00 a day. She was with me 24/7, could speak some English and great personality. I got to know her and she new early on that I was an experienced monger and that I was not going to send her money Western Union, however she had some nut from Los Vegas sending her money and making phone calls to her when she was with me. We laughed about it.

In summary, Advantages: I actually like Pattaya, Thailand the best of any destination for this activity. You can truly be like a kid in a candy store there. The advantages of Thailand are; it’s the lowest cost (and am cheap) for hotels, meals, and girls, of any destination. Bangkok and Pattaya have the most choices of hotels, restaurants, and girls. Thailand is the most accepting of any location to the idea of 50 year old white guys with Thai girls in there 20’s, which is not the case at the nicer resorts in the Dominican Republic or definitely not the case in Aruba. Disadvantages: the cost of airfare ($1,130.00 and I shopped around) and the long flight (30 Plus hours with layovers) make it really impossible to do short one or even two week trips there. Safety, you are a long way from home and in a truly poor third world country. Crime rates are high. If you go with the wrong girl you could be drugged and all of you money, cameras, lap top computers can be gone. To avoid this It is a good idea to have the hotel you are staying at keep the girls ID card. They keep a record of who she is and address, if there is a problem this can help also paying the $10.00 -12.00 bar fine is a bargain in some respects because again you have someone to complain to if you have a problem.

The Dominican Republic’s north coast so far is in my opinion the best place I have visited so far, especially during times of the year when there are direct charter flights from Detroit for around $400.00. (this is why I have visited the DR the most 4 or 5 trips) And already have my airfare booked for the Christmas/New Year holiday .Cost are comparable to Thailand perhaps a little more, but quickly made up for by the difference in airfare cost. The DR also has fewer girls than available in Thailand, and fewer hotels, resorts, restaurants available. Thailand has 500,000 girls. But I only need one at a time. The girls are all shapes and sizes and shades of skin pigmentation. You can find what you want in Sousa, Puerto Plata, and Costambar.

I like Blackbeards resort http://www.blackbeardsadultresort.com/index.html for the same reason I like the Sportsman’s Lodge in Costa Rica. It is a small resort where you can hook-up with other mongers. Blackbeards has 50 to 60 girls working there. At Blackbeards the going rate for short time is $30 – 40 and long time about $70.00. This is actually expensive for the Dominican Republic and going first class. In many bars in Sousa where you can pick a girl for $30- $50.00 all night. Dominican girls want to stay with you for a long time if you buy them food and treat them nicely as in Thailand. The
The Dominican Republic has the most advantages, easy to fly to from the east coast of the US. The only disadvantage is the same as Thailand you are in a very poor third world country. Safety is an issue. I feel very safe in Blackbeards. So it is worth a little extra money for the 24/7 guard who checks ID’s (Making sure the girl is 18)

That is all for this report, I hope I have provided some useful information and comparisons

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