San Juan

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I found some other strip clubs on the west coast of the Island. If you plan to travel to the west coast the west coast has a lot to offer. All it takes is to ask any publico driver around a plaza, they know what’s going on and where to look.Most Strip Clubs offer just about the same; live nudity and private dancing and if you are in luck: sex. You must befriend the owner of the establishment to get good result in your hunting. I know the person in charge of the Papa Joe’s, a strip club in Ceiba. I have known him for years and his name is Jerry, an ex-navy commander of a seal team. So whenever he gets new girls I have my way to roll one in bed with. So in my latest club hunting with a friend I found the following places to be the best on the west coast:

1104 Avenue Ashford
San Juan
787 721-8270
Web Site
2 floors of exotic entertainment
7 nights a week in the heart of the busy tourist area across from the casino hotels along Condado beach. Non contact private dances are $30 dollars per song or $150 dollars for a half hour.

Luisa Street #71
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Disco Strip Club
1257 Ponce de Leon
San Juan, Puerto Rico
787 722-1131

Lucky Seven
304 Avenida Fernando juncos
For those who remember the Black Angus and The hawaian Hut know about the Location of this Ave. Tel.787 724-3065

This is another Strip club found Around the San Juan condado area. The girls dance in the nude and there are girls available for sex. Most of them where ex-Black Angus womens. This is a place to visit.

Papa Joe’s
In the town of Ceiba next to the entrance to Roosevelt road naval Station (3rd gate). This place has topless dancers and they change girls frequently. The owner retired form the Navy. Mostly locals, american or dominican women. Not many from other latin american countries.

Hwy 114 and Hwy 309
(near the town of mayaguez)
in the town of Hormigueros.

Hwy 2, Naranjo sector

in the town of Mayaguez

In the town of Moca there is two clubs:

In the town of Isabelas there are three clubs:

In the town of Ponce two clubs:
(no relation to PLAYMATE in Mayaguez)

and in the town of Yauco:

So if you ever find yourself in any of those towns, please make a stop at any of those you won’t regret it. Most of the girls who work in these clubs are either locals or from other parts of the Caribbean and the USA. The prices are modest when compare to the rates in San Juan.

Clean, several girls,
$40 for massage
$100 dollar tip for fs

Ada’s Massage
4 girls
3 black in the 5-7 range
1 white girl, not attractive

Golden Team
in Hato Rey
1 White girl
1 Redhead
4 Island girls

Ponce de Leon Avenue
Santurce, Pto. Rico
Tel 208 441-9712
Swingers Club in San Juan.
This is an off-premise club for couples only.

The Black Angus, Hawaiian Hut, and Miramar clubs have all been closed. Apparently, the Government decided to crack-down on the prostitution at these clubs, and closed them at least 2-years ago. Fortunately, other clubs have surfaced, all offering the same action.

I visited the Lucky Seven Club in old San Juan. It’s a $7 cab ride from the Wyndham Hotel and casino by the cruise ship piers. A $3 cover charge gets you in, and once inside you’ll find 5 to 6 girls dancing topless on stage, and touching is definitely allowed. Drinks are about $5 and the place is happening after 10:00pm. That’s when you’ll find about a dozen ladies, ranging from 7’s to 9’s looking to entertain you privately. Take your time, and feel free to grab some fine asses in thongs, but if you see what you like be assertive and approach the lady before she’s taken by another horny guy. Price for a 30-minute fuck including sucking is $35 (I bargained the chick down from $45). A $20 fee will also be tacked-on for the hotel room in the same establishment. Not bad for a quick lay.

Another joint is the Blue Marlin Bar, in old San Juan. It’s a $8 cab ride from downtown, and once there you’ll find tables, a pool table and full bar, but no entertainment. Don’t make the mistake that I did and show-up on Sunday afternoon with a hard-on. Only one chick working, but she had a nice tight ass, and I went for a quickie for $35 and $25 for the room. She says that it get crowded with 20 to 25 ladies on Friday and Saturday nights after 11:00. Hope you have better luck than I did. If you visit the Condado Area of San Juan, I was told by the Blue Marlin owner that there’s a bar called Denny’s (sp.), which offers same as the Blue Marlin. All in all, San Juan is a sex paradise. Hot Latin ladies, good sounds, and cheap!

Charlyne at Isle Verde. Take the side street opposite The Hampton inn. Two story house that has a pink entrance. $40 will get u in for a message and $100 tips for full service. Get a copy of the San Juan Star, an English newspaper with some ads for hotel services and massage.

Since the Black Angus and Mirramar got cracked down by the local authorities there some places that offer sex.
The massage parlors.
The going rate at most of them is the following:
$50, serious massage plus,
a) $60-80 Oral sex
b) $100 oral sex (nude
c) $120 for half/half, +200 for anal
all of the above using a condom
time 45 minutes.
Most of the sex scene in the San Juan area is found around this places and in the Strip clubs
There is St. Tropez in Puerta de Tierra: topless and sometimes completly nude. Most of the girls here used to work at the Black Angus. Lucky Seven is Full nudity with girls available for sex.
The Holiday Inn hotel is full of women on the weekends and ready to be pick by the right guy.
Then the is the Isalnd of Palominito were there is a nude beach.

Just visited the local scene in San Juan. Went to Frenches(sp.) first. Twenty at the door and one good looking girl, she said $150 for everything no bargaining. We left and took a cab to Lucky 7. $2 to get in $5 per drink. About twenty girls,18 of them NASTY. I chose one went next door $25 for the room. It was NO palace and $40 for the girl. No bargaining for the room, I tried. I offered the girl 2 hours for $200 in my room, she said $400,eventually she came down to $300. I passed. I did hear, Black Angus will reopen the end of June. On a scale, Lucky 7 I would give a 1 the girl maybe a high 6. I probably spent $80 plus cab. I would not go to any of these places by myself and I would definitely take a cab

I am a sailor and first visited San Juan back in December of 1989. It didn’t take long at all to find my way to the BLACK ANGUS…..after all that was the talk and vibe of lots of shipboard conversation. This place was Legendary with a capitol “L” for killer and very affordable sex. I lived in San Juan for a few years and this place was addictive. Happily, San Juan is a lively city full of magnetic, stunning SEXY women, but if all else failed, there was always the BLACK ANGUS in all its neon sexy glory. Guys, this place was the PROMISED LAND for killer sex! I spent a great deal of time here back in the fall of 1992. I was doing two and three gals a night, and LOVIN’ LIFE! I had a reputation as a gringo who could fuck harder than a jack-rabbit on crack! And what a joy it was to live up to that reputation. Interesting note: I got very friendly with one of the girls — Barbara was her name, but she was a full blooded Puerto Rican — and we opened up the small restaurant! I got some of the $$$ back I spent there. It was s short lived gig, but what an interesting memory. I will attest I had many, many magical nights there. I returned late one December night in 1999 to find the entire operation closed! What a downer that was. A lot of my soul had vanished, as well as the magic and pulse San Juan used to have. It’s a crime to have shut the red light zone down. I’m hoping when San Juan gets a REAL mayor and governor the good times will roll once again. San Juan is losing millions of dollars on account of closing these fantastic and fun filled clubs down, but the many happy and sensual memories still remain. And no mayor or governor can ever take that away!

Sad days. Read with disappointment the news of the demise of the Black Angus. Prepping for a trip to PR, and was looking to get some on the cheap. Got there (on business) and was lodged nowhere near SJ. Wound up on the last night taking my chances with one of the El San Juan Star ads. Gruff sounding man answered phone. I asked for a massage only. He assured me that hs girls were of top quality. Told me $150, and he would call me back. In a few minutes he did and said girl would be 45 min to 1 hour. Called again a few minutes later and said he could send 2 girls for $200, so I said OK. I only had $300 on me, and I had originally hoped I could get something for $150 or less. Nearly 2 hours later there was a knock on my door. through the peephole I saw two women and a man. I opened the door unsure whether I’d close it without bleeding. He said, very loudly, “Massage!” I said yes. He said, “Two hundred!” I handed him the $200 and he left. The women looked at me and started speaking. In Spanish. I asked “Ingles?” They said “No. Espanol?” I said no. Through a series of hand gestures, poorly spoken English and Spanish, they told me that the $150 was for the massage only. Anything else, to include their taking their clothes off, was extra. $80 each for hand jobs, $100 each for oral. I decided that I would kiss the $200 bye-bye and just get a halfway decent rubdown. The tall one was older, maybe 30. Pressing against her tight shoulder to floor dress was what appeared to be a nice body. The short one was chunky, but had a cute face. They started on my back and legs, applying some lotion and rubbing nicely. Then they did the very soft touch thing and I felt my poker stirring. Then they told me to turn over, and they put the lotion on my legs and started rubbing. The tall one made a comment to the other, and they both looked at my stiffie. The were clearly discussing it and what they wanted to do. So finally they offered a hand job if I gave them each $40. I agreed, and they both whipped off their clothes, and while the short one lubed up my rod, the tall one dropped her tits on my face. Her nipples were dark and huge, and as she pressed them into my face I could feel something hard deep within them…fake. For about a minute the short one stroked me while the tall one boob-fed me. Then they switched. What i hadn’t noticed when they first disrobed was that the short chunky one had awesome medium-sized tits! As she lowered them to my face I reached up and grabbed one, and it was wonderfully soft. She dipped one and then the other nipple into my sucking mouth, and I suddenly felt the tall girl gripping me with tremendous enthusiasm. Much sooner than I had wanted to, I spent, and the tall one said to the short one, “Rapido.” I could only laugh. Well, I was out double what I wanted to spend, with girls that were 5-7 at best. It can still be had in PR, but unless you’re in San Juan, apparently, it’s gonna cost you as much as anywhere in the states.

Just returning from San Juan. My first trip ever. I visited St. Tropae, I believe it was called. Me and my buddy scouted the place out and find two friendly girls. They were average looking but the girl I picked had a huge rack on her. I had several dances with her and took her to the Champaign room. It was great, she was very friendly and cooperative. I was only suppose to get a dance BBJ, however I ended up fucking her. She seemed to have taking a liking to me and the way treated her, that is the reason I fucked her. It was quite expensive $400 for the evening. My buddy spend more money than me and only got to sniff her pussy (the girl he was with). Overall experience was 7.5, it would have been better if weren’t pricey.

With all of the posts on the changing atmosphere in San Juan, I had to see for myself. Since I never use the clubs, that was not a concern to me. I like MP’s, and my favorite in the San Juan area is still in operation. I don’t have the exact address, but it is on the south side of highway 26 in Isla Verde, just east of the Condado. It is the Golden Touch Massage, and you can still get reasonably priced nookie there ($60-$120 for full-service, depending on the girl and how well you bargain) This place is just a little hole-in-the-wall storefront operation, and can be easily missed. The girls always try to get you to buy off on a hand job, but a little persistence will get you full service. As with women everywhere, some take more interest in sex than others, but I’m not naming names here. I don’t want the girls that do a good job getting arrested.

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