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Don’t bother to stay in San Jose and pay the heavy tourist prices. Take the Scania bus to Puntarenas and utilize the “”candy cane lane”” girls. All girls get the same weekly check up that work the bars and the prices are cheap. For the local gringo report on what, who and where to do it check out Papi’s bar located on the Ave. of the touristas. Ask any gringo where it is

Was there just a month ago and the place is looking a lot cleaner and feels safer than ever before, though tourims is down a lot. The one big change is beach chairs and umbrellas. For those who are puzzled by this, Puntarenas is the only beach area in Costa Rica where you can hire a beach chair and umbrella. Really, no bullshit!

Costa Rica’s dirtiest, most dangerous beach town, Puntarenas is sometimes called “Putarenas” (“puta” is Spanish for whore). While there are cheap hos in the brothels and bars, they also service the deck apes (sailors) on the freighters, and you run a much greater risk of STDs. Extremely dangerous after dark.

Also, don’t count on those “weekly health check-ups” for hookers. Like Ticas are going to show up on time once a year for something, let alone once a week! Most clubs just check id for age, don’t give a hoot about the “health checkup.”)

17 km outside (bound to San José) there is the BAR LA VACA BRAVA, a rather wild place, not very clean, a cucaracha in the room was watching me; but beside that, the girls are mostly from the Dom.Rep.; I had a salsa dance with Ifigenia with music from the Wurlitzer and a geat time; I had a lot of fun with her, she kissed my (male) tits, and rided me up to heaven. price was only 7000 crc and so one of the cheapest places in costa rica.

Vaca Brava is a good place to get some action its between putas all around us and esparza. Nice looking Dominican republic asses. Put the price as of 12 Oct 2010 is 10,000 CRC no matter who you are. They will try to get a gringo to pay 2 times going rate stick to your guns and pay the 10,000 crc. When in the room don’t let them try to ask for tip there is no tip also they will try to say time is up when you’re about to nut asking for an extra 10,000 don’t do it. Tell them you will tell the manager as it is legal in Costa Rica to sell pussy they don’t have your over a barrel. Candy Cain lane is also good in putas all around us but is 3 reds more as of today. Also same scam the gringo thing going on. If you find one that likes to do its best, good looking ass is one thing but good looking ass that likes to do it is another. Also if you want something kinky like doing them anally ask them ahead of time not in the room time is money and you only get 30 minutes. I had one said it was extra to suck on her tits. Like always don’t leave your money where they can get it or they will. Be on top doing you in more than one way.

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