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I got some tips that led me to the Blue Marlin Bar at the Hotel de Rey in downtown San Jose. This bar is packed with beautiful young ticas, and a lot of foriegn tourists. It seems like a cross between the CC club and an American Sports bar. The girls were mostly sitting together near the bar, and the tables were packed with guys smoking cuban cigars, and telling tall tales about the fishing action they’d had that day. I don’t have any first hand information to tell (my traveling companion was keeping me too occupied so I couldn’t stray), but I can report that there was a lot of attractive women there. There are several Clubs and other bars and massage parlors there. Take a look at the web site, and you’ll find a lot of info.

I visited San Jose for a couple of nights and stayed at the Hotel Del Rey. Most of the action takes place in the Blue Marlin bar and starts to heat up at night. When I first arrived, I entered the bar around 4:00pm and found the pickin’s slim. A couple of the ladies worked in the bar during office hours, 9-5, and offered me a “special” of $50.00. Since the pickings were slim, I graciously declined and returned at night. This time the bar was full, definitely more women then men. A lot of Dominican’s, Nicaraguan’s, and Colombians. I don’t think I actually met a Costa Rican. Prices for the ’10’s were a solid $100.00.

I sat in the bar for about 30 minutes and was approached numerous times, until a beautiful Colombian girl approached me. $100.00 was her price for one hour, which I accepted. The process was too professional. She came in the room, wanted her money up front, went to the bathroom for 10 minutes, we fucked for about 30 minutes, she went to the bathroom for another 10 minutes. She said there was not enough time for a second round.

About an hour later, I went back downstairs to the bar and started talking to a Nicaraguan. She was very young and sweet, and about a ‘6’. Her sweetness and price ($50.00) convinced me and this time I had a much better experience. She was a good ••••, treated me like her boyfriend, was very caring & wanted to kiss, and stayed over 2 hours. We ended up watching TV & talking (I speak some Spanish). Very sweet girl, ALMOST made me forget her occupation. The lesson that I learned from this experience was that beauty is important, however, sweetness can be a real turn-on also, plus I had a much more memorable experience with the second one.

The next night while taking a Taxi to the hotel from a restaurant I saw an absolutely beautiful street walker, but was warned that it is too dangerous. I heard some other stories about transvestites and thieves, so it is probably safest to stick to the hotel girls. Also be aware that the hotel charges a $12.00 extra person fee each time you bring a girl to the room. These charges are added to your hotel bill. I also went to Quepos and Jaco and found almost no action there. In off season, there seems to be almost nothing happening. Very boring.

I was in San Jose on a business trip for 4 days and read the reviews on the Blue Marlin Bar (located in the Del Rey Hotel). Let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed! I made two trips to the Blue Marlin and each time I left with a tica(s) who would make sure that my needs were satisfied.

Wednesday night I went to the Blue Marlin and meet this tica that was originally from the D.R. We talked at the bar for a few minutes and then she offered me three hours of sex for $100. Needless to say that I agreed and we left. I was staying in the Radisson (my taxi driver said that they don’t allow women to your rooms, but if you take care of the front night clerk that I should be alright) where we ended up back in my room. She came in the room and proceeded to get undressed. She went into the bathroom for 10 minutes and came out ready to satisfy. I would say that she was a 7 in the face, body was a 8 and the sex was a 9 (I was really horny so this could have been a 8). After I blow my stack we talked for about another 20 minutes before she started to get dressed. I asked her where was she going because my 3 hours were not up yet. She asked me if I wanted more (she called my bluff because I was ready to go to sleep) and I told here that I had a long day on Thursday so she left and wanted to get together the next night a 9:00 PM (I was out with customers so I missed her call).

Thursday night I once again went out to the Blue Marlin and was going to find that perfect ten to take back to the Radisson for a night of sex. There was nothing but Americans and ticas in there this night. I saw a number of ticas that I could have approached, but two ticas approached me (both were 8’s in the face). They wanted $100 each but had a special going on at $160 for the two of them. I talked them down to $120 for the both of them but they did not want to go to the Radisson. They were worried about not getting into the Radisson and not getting paid for spending time with me. So they suggested a $12 room around the corner and off we went. You get a room with a bed, one sheet, one pillow case on what looks like a pillow, two condoms and two towels. We got undressed they were talking the whole time and laughing. Luckily, I just wanted to have sex and blow my stack so this didn’t bother me one bit. One of the ticas sucked my penis while I sucked on the others breasts. I then proceeded to have sex with one while the other watched and laughed as I had the one I was on top of hitting her head against the wall. We did this for about 15 minutes and she said she couldn’t take anymore. So I told the other girl that it was her turn. She was a much better fuck. We had sex for about 20 minutes until I came. They both took cold showers as I watched and laughed. All in all, they had bodies rated at 7 & 8 and the sex was a 8 & 9. I was satisfied and ready to go back to the Radisson. The next time I go to Costa Rica I will stay in the Del Rey Hotel.

A new place just opened. Open from noon until the wee hours the place promises to have girls all day for c6000 colones, a strip show at night and great service. For now, only the bar is open – the private booths and stage is being built. A great alternative to the strip clubs, promising inexpensive quality entertainment.
Located across from the Olympus at the corner of Avenide 7 and Calle Central, tell them you heard it here and they promise a free drink. Take them up on the offer. I went by here today. Also a few days ago (am in SJ at least twice a week). Sign now says “Andolino (sp?) Restaurant, New Management.” But no girls. Just Colombian food. And booze.  Since I had an appetite for another item, I walked a block down the street to Club 40. This was around 6 PM. The place was slow. No nude dancers this early. But the hookers work for 4,500 colones, which is a more than $13, so it is a good place to check out. Guess I will start a new conversation about Club 40 later this evening and post a few more details.

Camelot is located on Ave 4 about 3 blocks from Parque Central. It is a Tico bar with some occasional good action for approx 5000 col. Just came back from San Jose and all I can say is that everything is absolutely true. After reading I decided to check out downtown San Jose and ended up at 5 p.m. in the Camelot Bar, just across the street from the Gran Hotel. I’d picked up the recommendation from a previous posting. This place is a local bar, quite basic but friendly enough. I didn’t feel threatened at all. About 6 guys inside (all Ticos) and about the same number of women, just sitting at the bar. I sat down over a couple of beers to figure out what was going on. The girls were mainly quite young, and I have to say not model material, except for one or two. Some were absolute dogs. Well, after checking out the scene for a while, I finally caught the eye of one out of two girls I was interested in.

Daisy turned out to be a lot of fun. Very voluptuous, great legs, nice ass and short hair – very Latina. A couple of drinks (NB you do NOT get ripped off for drinks in this bar) and we hit on the idea of coming back to my hotel. I understand from the previous review that there are in fact upstairs rooms at the bar, but I prefer to pay the extra to take the girl home. So, back to my place (one of the more expensive hotels just out of town) and we get down to action. The weird thing is that no money had been discussed yet and Daisy was acting more like my girlfriend than anything else. We sat in the room, watched a bit of TV and then got down to sex. Great sex too. Turned out she had a great body, wonderful 38D tits, and was a great ••••. Not only did she begin by french-kissing me, she then taught me the true meaning of tit-••••••• before letting me go down on her until she came (several times). She didn’t even want to use a condom until I insisted. All in all, a truly excellent ••••. Afterwards, we lay around for an hour or more watching TV and chatting in my limited Spanish before she said she had to leave. I was going to give her $40 but then, being soft-hearted, offered her $50, including the $6 cab fare back to town. OK, I know it’s much more than the $20 that seems to be the going rate for 30 minutes upstairs in the bar, but I thought it was well worth it for a really pleasant evening with a very nice girl. San Jose is great. Cheap, non-threatening and just really nice people.
Bar ComeAlot, as I like to call it! Good place for amateur talent, party girls in their early 20s. It is on Avenida 4, between Calles 3 and 5. Easy to walk to from Gran Hotel. If facing the National Theatre next door, you would turn right and cross Avenida 2. Walk one block south on Calle 3, take a left, and you will see the sign. Walk up the stairs. (There is also a decent Tico restaurant to the left of the entrance.) Don’t walk down Calle 3 more than another block south, though, or you will wind up in the Red Zone.

Cheetahs is the latest addition to the strip club scene in San Jose and in my opinion the best looking and atmosphere of all the clubs, albeit small. Most of the waiters worked for me in the past and can tell you that they will rip you off if you let them. Be careful. The girls do a great show on a nice stage with good lighting and sound. Better than at the other clubs. Being across the street from the Del Rey and at the start of “gringo gulch” it’s any wonder why anyone would spend $300 or more after totaling all the costs, to take a girl out when the same is at 1/3 the price or less not more than 50 feet away.

CLUB 40 (Barrio Amon)
So. Club 40 is great for amateur action. Girls just starting out in the biz. A lot of Ticas, but also some Colombianas with huge hooters, and a few Nicas, of course. They go for 4,500 colones ($13.27), which includes the upstairs room. There is a 500-colon cover charge (less than $2), and you get a ticket for a beer or drink.
Good deal. Nude dancers on some nights, especially weekends. Action is erratic, but the place is worth checking out. Helps if you speak a little Spanish.
It is on Avenida 7 between Calle Central and Calle 1.

I was there, but it was really too expensive. (6000 colones cover charge incl.3 drinks) 100 $ for a girl and 50$ for the room… well, the girls are really the best in town (from Colombia, Philippines, …), at arte sauna you pay 10.000 col. for sauna, massage and full service one hour, at idem bar 14.000 col. for half an hour.

Olympus is one of the oldest of the premier night clubs in San Jose. Though the place is not as hi-tech as Cheetahs or as elegant as some of the others – only cosmetic changes have been made over the years – it still is the most friendly and inexpensive of the clubs.

You can sit at the bar to watch the stage show or hide in any one of the many dark corners. The private rooms offer the ultimate in private dances and at the back you have a couple of suites, with king size bed and Jacuzzi to choose from, rather than take the girl back to your hotel or home.

Prices are low for the 7-10 crowd and no cover charge until 10. After that, it is the same as the others. The choice of girls has gotten better and of many different nationalities – Colombians, nicas, Panamanians, filipinas and of course ticas.

Costa Rica is pussy paradise! Prior to my last trip last winter, Peru was my country of choice. The women are plentiful. While I had a few ladies from the Hotel Del Rey, the best deal was the massage parlors. One in particular was one that backs up to Club Olympus. Great massage that leads to whatever you want. $60 for everything and you don’t have to risk exposing your room contents to them. (I have had one bad experience in Lima) The bar girls stand pretty firm at $100.

Lucy is no longer the madam at Eros. Guy named Fernando has the reins. (No sense of humor, this one) Said prices were the same, $40. Ccheaper if you pay in colones. Last night (Saturday) there were not as many foxes as when Lucy was around. Still a few cuties, barely 19 or so.

This bar was the happening many, many years ago. Now it is a refuge for the hardcore old timers who cannot make it anywhere else.

Bar Idem-The best! I have been to San Jose 3 times in last two yrs. Have done the Del Rey thing, but best treatment is at the Bar Idem. Ask for Roberto, has owned the place for like 15yrs. They have very pretty and some ugly ladies, some pick what you like! Roberto will treat you like a king, I promise!
I can agree that the Idem Bar is very recommendable. Had been there when my cr round trip started, now after almost 3 weeks I can say that you only find girls easily in quepos (Bar La Rosa). San Jose and puntarenas (Bar Vaca Brava 17 km outside). nothing in cajuita, puerto viejo or brasilito

I was there twice, price now 14000 crc for half an hour in standard rooms and 17000 (I guess) in jacuzzi rooms. I enjoyed Angelica from Chile, she is really intelligent and did her best, sucks like a queen. Actually, the rates are 13,000 for an hour upstairs. 15,000 for a bigger room, mirrors, private bath downstairs. ALWAYS pay in colones.

Definitely the best value (c11,500 or $33 10/01)with good looking girls, mostly Nicas, just waiting to please you. I like this place because there is no pressure. The girls are lined (sitting down actually) against one wall and will only come over if you call them. I think it is a house rule, which is great if you just want to window shop.

The only negative thing I can say about the place is the kindergarten chairs and tables. Why? I have been meaning to ask Roberto and one day will. Somehow, I always get distracted.

Key Largo was once the place. It was my first stop in Costa Rica and met and fell in love (it was my first time, give me a break, will ya!) with the most honest and beautiful tica I had ever known. It was a lesson, but I will spare you the details.

These days it is a shell of it’s former self. On any night you will find a few girls, one or two can pass in the daylight. Mostly Dominicans that can’t get into the Blue Marlin or just can’t give up the place. I still recommend a look see now and then. I suppose it’s just an old habit.

The key largo has been purchased by the owners of the Del Rey. All of their excess traffic, of which there is probably a few hundred women a night is rotating between the two places. Of course the first stringers are staying at the Del Rey but many of the young second stringers are in between both places. Here’s a photo of a woman I picked up from Key Largo. She wasn’t nice at all but she had a killer body. I had her for the whole night for $80. She does not like bbj’s but hey, that’s her problem

A small bar in the middle of Gringo Gulch (Avenida 1) that serves up good drinks, friendly waitresses and good conversation most afternoons.

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