Panama City

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Ancon Inn

Ask a cab driver in Panama City to take you to this place. Negotiation is needed. Beers are cheap, this place is less expensive then the others.

Grutas Azul
$10 ask a cab driver to take you there

Calle 50y Avenue Uruguay
Tel 23-0035
More expensive then many other places but you also get better looking women and a classy place. Sex in Panama is pretty cheap, about $5 for a BJ and $10 for full service. Prices will go as high as $50 depending on the girl. Lots of street girls which go for less money. Make sure it’s a girl your dealing with before you go to the room or hand over your cash.

One of the best places in Panama City is a massage parlor called “Golden Times” which located about a ten minute cab ride ($1.50) from downtown. The ten or fifteen girls there are mostly Colombian with a rating of 8-10. They are BEAUTIFUL and with the greatest bodies south of Costa Rica. I recommend a 19 year old blonde named Daniela (rated 10) who for $90 will give the best BJ and sex you’ve ever had. GUARANTEED ! Massage is optional, and the girls will even ask if it´s OK to have the massage after sex. After an hour will Daniela I didn´t care about the massage. The girls at “Golden Times” can be taken out to your hotel for $130 for an hour and a half, or taken out for the whole night for $250. This place is not cheap but the women are gorgeous, and you will not go wrong. There are girls for every taste

Panama City is a great place for easy action. I was there over the holidays with my family, so I didn’t have lots of time for hunting in a strange city. A local cab driver suggested massage parlors for a quicky. There are several right in the yellow pages under “masaje”. I don’t recall the name of the place I went to, but if you go north on Via Argentina from Via Brazil, it is the first right which leads to a back parking lot. There are two parlors there and I went to the one on the second floor. There were 15-20 beautiful Latinas of every shape and shade. Best of all, it was only $20 for an hour! I took two, a very young petite one, and a busty girl in her early twenties. I didn’t haggle about rates, I just gave them $50 bucks a piece and got a no holes barred hour of hot sex in every position imaginable. I would recommend this parlor for ease of use and quality of the girls

I lived in Panama City for four years and in my experience, the best Massage Parlor is Golden Times Massage. It is located in Plaza Mirage on Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro (Tumba Muerto) in the El Dorado area cross the street and kitty corner from El Dorado mall.

If you take a taxi, be sure to just tell him to take you to the Plaza Mirage and don’t mention Golden times. This will save you about $10.00 on the entrance fee by eliminating the taxi drivers commission.

The way the club works is you come in pay $80.00 and then go to a nice lounge where the manager will have each of about 20-30 come in one at a time and introduce herself. Each girl has a number pinned to her outfit which you use to tell the manager your selection. Feel free to ask to see the girls a second time if you can not decide.

Once you pay your $80.00 gets you a pretty good massage followed by full service sex including cover BJ and multiple positions. Overall a very enjoyable experience.  They are open daily from, 7:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

One of the best ways to find paid sex in Panama is to visit one of the local massage parlors. They are all fronts for Prostitution and offers the best deal as far as price and quality of girls. The girls range from 5’s to 8s or 9’s. You pay US$20 to the establishment for an hour-long massage. Depending on the time of day between 5 to 20 girls will be made available to you. Once you have pick a girl she will take you to a little room with a massage table located within it. She will busy herself putting a clean sheet on the table, this is your key to get undressed. Once you are naked and laying on the table the girl will spend about 30 minutes giving you a massage. Some of the girls can actually give a pretty good massage, other are just faking it. After about a half-hour, she will ask you if you want her to continue massaging you or if you want something else. If you pick more massage, that’s what you’ll get there is no need to be secretive here, you’re not breaking any laws. If you ask for something else she will start to negotiate price with you. Remember the girl gets nothing out of the first $20, that you paid it all goes to the establishment. Like with all things the price will start high but you can work her down. I usually costs about $35-40 in addition to the $20 at the door to get a blowjob followed by sex. Their are about a dozen services listed in the phone book under Masajes, or if all else fails just ask any taxi driver and they will take you to one of them. Use this method as a last resort since the taxi driver gets a kick back from the establishment, this will raise your admittance fee to US$30. If you do take a taxi, be sure to pay attention so you can find it yourself next time or just pick out a landmark close by. That way on future trips you can request the taxi drop you at the landmark and save yourself US$10.

Club Elite Calle Aquilino de la Guardia Tel 64-5871
This place has a floor show. Pricey for latin standards but top notch women. Known for some of the best shows in Panama, bargain hard.

The best Strip club in Panama City is called Josephine’s Elite. It is located on Calle 50 (50th Steet) in the banking area of downtown Panama City. Just ask any Taxi and they will take you for free since the club will pick up the taxi fee once you arrive.

The club is free to enter except on Wednesday and Saturday nights when it costs $20 but includes an all you can drink open bar. The open bar nights are the best value since on other nights a beer cost about $5.00.

The club has 30 to 50 very attractive Latina’s taking turns dancing totally nude. They are also available for private dances for $20.00 which includes lots of touching and kissing. It has been know for guys to buy several private dances back to back and get a BBBJ included in the deal. They will also try to get you to buy them drinks which cost about $15 in return for sitting with you. This can be a worth while investment if you are trying to arrange to hook up with the girl outside of the club as I mention below.

The girls can also be bought out for the night for between $200 and $300 but I would not recommend it. Try to get a phone number and meet up with her during the day. That way you can cut the club out of the deal and save yourself some money. Just be discrete about it since the girls can get into trouble for accepting outside work. The club is open daily from 9 P.M. until about 3 A.M. and weekends Until 5 A.M.

OK here is the scoop: I am an experienced w/monger. Panama City is very modern small city with skyscrapers, McDonald’s on lots a corners, not 3rd world, no beggars or pickpockets. COPA GOOD AIRLINE, flies direct from LAX and MIAMI for about $600 RT. Official money is US Dollar, no money changing, ATM’s everywhere. People VERY helpful and friendly, about half speak some English. Side trip to canal or jungle very interesting Tourism very slow now, staying in 5 star hotel for $50 a night (normally $150), can stay in flophouse for $20, but why bother? Hotels don’t care about bringing girls in. Prostitution legal and accepted, no sneers or embarrassment, just like going for a haircut. Unless there is a big convention or something, don’t be afraid to arrive without reservations, ask hotels if there is a special or corporate or businessman rate. Lots a 4 5 star hotels for $40-90 if you know how to ask.

Also lots a web specials. Doesn’t matter too much where you stay in city as center of city only about 5 miles square, and the traffic is HORRENDOUS; you don’t wanna walk or rent a car anyway, and taxi anywhere int own is $2-5. OK the good part: Can get average chick in whore bar for $20 per hour YMMV, but the real action is in the first class joints. The girls in the $80-100 range are STUNNING. they are not Panamanian, they are mostly Colombian or Dominican. Teu GFE, all extremely sweet, went with 20 of them and nothing but GFE sweetness. AMAZING! Massage Salons are immaculate and the girls are clean and shaved. Top place is GOLDEN TIMES, open 7PM -4AM. choice of 20 plus girls rated 7-10. Some BBBJ, mostly very careful, nice massage and FS for $90. Free beers, nice manager, safe area, across from a McDonald’s. Next in the 1st class food chain is a trio of parlors all located together, AQUARIO, RIVER CLUB, and ORIENTAL. These are also open in afternoons, if you are a day man.

Nice selection in late afternoon, $80 FS in back room, clean, nice. Can negotiate 1-2 hrs at your hotel for $100 if biz is slow (asking price is $200), or negotiate $200 for all-niter, you wont be sorry if you can afford it. Also numerous bars with high end girls, start very late no point before 11PM. Le Palace most famous, beautiful girls, but asking $200 for a quickie, clip joint with usual buy me a $10 drink routine. Free entry and fun to look, but not a good value. Iberia Club fun FS in back for $80, all Dominican Girls, take your heart pills, they are a true rodeo fuck! QUICK TIPS: This city has the STUPIDEST cab drivers in the world, they don’t know where half these places are! They wanna take you to other places that give them %. Don’t ever pay a cabbie more than $5 except to or from airport, don’t let them “wait” for you unless at no charge, there are a million taxis. Check the yellow pages at any phone booth and tear out the “masaje” listings to show them the address, 50% will drive around and around and get lost!!!!! Never seen anything like it. Anyway its very safe and clean, YMMV never heard any credible mugging stories, and the places named above are in upscale areas next to movie theaters, McDonald’s etc., have no fear. Go to bank and get $50 in one dollar bills, handy for constant tips, taxi rides etc. All in all this is a first class mongers paradise, if you don’t mind paying $80-100 for first class treatment. Its like having Jennifer Lopez as your personal servant. Not much point in going this far to go with cheapies, when the stunning girls are under $100.

I was in Panama three years ago, and have to say, there were a lot of freelance working girls (not expensive, but ugly, charged 25 to 45 USD).
In one Night Club (I do not know the name anymore)lot’s of nice looking lady’s were working, but that was expensive. Drinks were between 5 to 10 USD, girls were between 200 and 400 USD. I’ll look the name of the place up.

Been going to Panama City for several years. Good place is Aquarius, its in the yellow pages. Lots of young cute girls, prices are right.

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