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Juarez probably has the best sex scene east of Tijuana. With the exception of Laredo farther east. The club scene here is easy to access via the walking bridge. It’s also recommended. Beware of the cab or solo men who work the parking lots on the US side offering guide service. Should you be interested in such services there is a price to be paid. The club and women are quickly notified that your prices are to be adjusted to pay your guide a finders fee. This fee is usually half the rate you pay. It’s not as easy to do the “sure take me to the clubs and when you get there I’ll just lose you”. You’re now a marked person. Regardless it’s only a short 15 minute walk over the bridge to the clubs.

El Paso is the big US city to the north. Take the I10 into El Paso and look for the Mexico signs.

Juarez is in Mexico, right at the border to El Paso, Texas. As you know, prostitution is perfectly legal in Mexico. If you stay in El Paso, you can easily walk over to Juarez: go down El Paso Street, pay your entrance fee for Mexico and cross the bridge over the Rio Grande. You are then on Avenida Juarez, which has lots of Discos with cheap Margaritas make no mistake: Margaritas were invented here and beer. The brothels are to the right of you, i.e. west of Avenida Juarez. Make a right on Tlaxcala and then left on Degollado. Right on the corner, you’ll see a brothel with red lights, which is kind of atypical: no bar, just rooms, and the women solicit out of the door. They offered fuck+suck for a low rate, but the girls were pretty ugly. On Mariscal, you’ll find the bar Fausto, which has a good number of pretty girls. They don’t have rooms there, but the girls are willing to join you for an hour to one of the surrounding hotels. Could be pretty expensive though, since the bar wants an exit fee of$30 dollars. Then you need to rent a hotel room, maybe a cab and pay her in addition. There’s a classy bar at the intersection of Begonias and Degollado. Most of them speak at least a little English, and the polite way to bring up the topic is “would you like to go to a room with me?” There are a lot of similar bar/brothel combinations in this area, particular if you make a right on Martinez. I tried the “La posada del Indio” on Martinez and Otumba. They had 7 girls, one always dancing. I asked a beautiful 18-year-old girl to join me for a drink. She didn’t want to go to the “room” though, but she suggested her girlfriend, who was not bad either, but was about to “leave” with another guy. A little bit further down the road, on Martinez and Ocampo, there’s the “Casa Colorada” with some 10-15 women. No dancing here, but you can shoot some pool. If you invite a girl for a drink, the “madam” will show up after a while and ask you whether you want to fuck the girl. Negotiations are carried out with the madam exclusively, in a separate room. You should haggle; don’t pay more then $50 or $60.
The first time, I got a massage, suck and fuck for $60 from a pretty 21-year-old, the second time it was suck and fuck for $50 from a not-so-pretty 27-year-old. All in all a great place. A little Spanish helps a lot, since some of the women have just arrived from southern Mexico and can’t speak English

Pink Lady — decent selection, nice service
(next to Hotel Manpol)
Massajes Sirenas — good service.

And finally, a wierd experience which occured in Juarez….the lady I was with at Panama club had her period!!!! Yuck!!!
It was extra frustrating b/c she was so hot!!! ugh.

Welcome to the world of the Panama Club and Neto and his son’s who own the place. The same thing happened to me three years ago. I wasn’t kidnapped. Neto fucked me over big time and I retaliated by putting up an “information” page about him, his club and his bar on one of my websites costing him a tremendous amount of business for about a month. He sen three police buddies ino anoher club i was in and had me “arrested” for “slander” (cops had no papers) only wha his webmaster, the pedophile in exile, Don Juan, downloaded and printed for him. Anyway, I got to ride around Juarez in the back of a paddy wagon for about an hour. About 20 drunk Mexican on the floor and around me. They were nice enouh to insist I take a spot on one of the benches. About 5 minutes into the ride, hey “arrested” 2 drunk Mexican whores who proceeded to bounce around on my lap for the remainder of the ride. Neto representatives riding in front with the cops didn’t like the way this ws turning out so they took me to a dark sde street, “fined” me $100 dollars and let me go. Last time I ever stepped foot in that shithole. Ended up marrying a gir from The Cave arond he corner from Panama. The strange thing about the clubs in Juarez is their sense of business. when the economies down and people don’ have the money to pay the prices, what do they do to make up the shortfal? That’s right, they raise the fucking prices! Go figure.

Continuing on about the Panama. another incident that comes to mind. a regular that came t Juarez every single week to visit his girlfriwnd at the Panama and would spend7-800.00 every week there, came down one weekend with the cash to rent an apartment for himself and his girlfriend. He had around a grand on him. Stepping outside the club afer having a few drinks, he was immediely surrounded by the cops who knew exactly how much he had on him and where it was. They took it!. He left, went to the ATM and truck stop where he got more money, this time close to $1400.00 and again, the next day, the same thing happned to him. Same cops only this time his “girlfriend” and Neto the owner was there watchiing it go down. These idiots will settle for a modest one time score instead of realizing the money this man had spent over the year he had been coming down there.

Juarez used to be a fine town, good place to live but after living in Nuevo Laredo where I now reside, Juarez is a total shithole with dirty uneducated people!

Tijuana is dangerous, over priced, even the street whores. Cops running scams. Juarez used to be good but no longer-strip clubs where “strippers” wear bikinis; high prices-$50 FS and street girls being run by pimps, as opposed to the many freelancers in years past. Also noticed female cops last time I was there; more scams being run.
Nogales has always been dead; the clubs are real ripoffs with the exception of the Chicago Club, where the girls are mostly 5-6’s. Recent trip I was able to score a really nice 8 on the street for $40 short time, but worth it. Laredo is more organized, compound style, very structured, but safe and alot of variety from $10 old ladies to $200 knockouts. Also have info on interior, but will save that for later.

Went to Panama and there were about 5-6 girls working. Perla was a little fat she said that she would do BBBJ + FS for $55. She wasn’t what I was looking for so I passed. I selected 19 year old Jessica, she was slender with a great ass and the nicest perky tits. settled on $55 for FS and BBBJ, which seems to be the price here. Three positions and finished with her doggie style. Beers were $2 and for the ladies $3. After returning from the room, about 45 minutes later, there were a few other cute girls in the place. One had a really nice pair of legs

I have found the best place to go in Juarez, Mexico. First of all, you can cross the border at the downtown bridge in El Paso to get into the red-light district. A smart thing to do if you are not walking alone is to park on the U.S. side and walk across. It costs a quarter to walk the bridge and $1.80 to drive it. Anyway, as soon as you have crossed into Juarez, the Red Light district is about 3 blocks on the right from the bridge if you drive, one block if you walk. There are numerous bars, but be careful since some are TV bars and I don’t mean television. Fausto’s is a decent place to watch girls strip and drink cheap beer, but the best places are down the blocks. Ask someone for directions to “Casa Colorada” or as it is now called “San Souci”. It’s a big red building at the back end of the red light district. It’s well lit and not dangerous if you stay on the main streets, but don’t venture far off the beaten path. There is another club about a block away called Club Panama which is a rip-off, so stay away even though guys on the street will try to get you to go there.

Once you get into the “Casa Colorada” or Red House in English, you will find a pool table and a typical dive bar. But don’t be fooled, this is the place for the best ass in Juarez. I recommend the following girls: Daisy, Letty and Melissa although there are several other lookers in the joint. Girls range from a 6 to a 9 on the looks scale but all are pretty friendly and in their early 20’s. There is always a good selection except on Monday night when some of the girls take the night off. Still, you can take any one of them upstairs to a room for 50 bucks. When you get upstairs, tip the old woman 2 dollars for a condom and everything will be set. Daisy is a fun little fuck with a very nice body and very pretty face, you will not be disappointed. Melissa is a 19 year-old wild child who likes to fuck as hard and fast as possible. Her body is terrific and there are no stretch marks and she says she has no kids, from looking at her body I believe it. She is in outstanding physical shape and has the best body in the club. She’s a 10! Frankly, a terrific value because an escort at her age, with her body and the hard sweaty sex you will have should cost you ten times what you are paying. My favorite girl in the place though has to be Letty. Letty has a very petite little body and is about 26. She has long legs and is kind of quiet. I took her upstairs for $50 and had the fuck of a lifetime. She let me kiss her and have a total girlfriend experience. We had tons of foreplay which is rare for a Mexican hooker, and she let me play with her whole body (although I know better than to eat her pussy, which is a no-no in these places). Then we fucked in a scissors position and she let me take my time and enjoy myself. I bent her over doggie-style for a little while again and finally turned her over for some missionary position fucking. Finally, I put her legs up over my shoulders so I could fuck her as deep as I could and she let me make out with her while I came. Afterward, she still let me make out with her, she was fantastic. I will definitely see her again and asked her for a cell number so that I can have her for a couple of hours in a hotel room.

Finally, a good place to go in Juarez if you have more money and want a terrific experience is called “Masajes Roma”. It’s a clean and safe place in a better neighborhood although a taxi will cost you 5-10 bucks to get there. It is easy to find however. The address is Ave. Lopez Mateos 1251 Sur, Local 10. Tel is 16-39-36 (local). To find it by driving, just go down Lopez Mateos Ave (one of the main streets) from the free bridge it’s about 3 -4 miles down. It’s behind a Church’s Chicken on the right hand side. The girls there are very hot 7+ all of them and you can have 1 girl for $45/hour, $80/2hours, or 2 girls for $70/hour. Not a bad deal for a menage a trois with 2 lovelies. Always there are 4-5 girls to choose from, and all are nice looking, young and thin. This is probably the best massage parlor in Juarez, at least by reputation. Happy hunting, and enjoy the cheap Juarez pussy

I was in Juarez and will try to describe a night which was for me like a speeding car coming at me with bright lights blinding.

I arrived at the border around 4 PM and parked in a pay lot on the US side, about 1/3 mile from the 25 cent toll bridge in downtown El Paso. Unfortunately, I did not have a copy of Sire Juan’s or the WSG postings on Juarez and also had no internet access to allow me to re-read them. SO after crossing into Juarez and wandering around and beginning to get quite disoriented, I took the logical but costly solution of jumping into a cab and saying take me to the beautiful women.

I was whisked to a place called ‘Pink Ladies’, where the doorman confirmed that I asked the cabbie to take me there. I knew what this meant – exorbitant prices due to the cabbie getting a cut from what I spent – but I didn’t see any choice, as I was clueless as to where I was going. I walked inside and was immediately confused as to what the best course of action would be. Pink Ladies was pretty small compared to the TJ clubs, and on this Saturday afternoon at 4:30, there were about 15 ladies and an equal number of guys about the bar and parlor area.

One of the distressing things about my journey to Pink Ladies was that it seemed to be a lonely outpost of debauchery, so unlike the Zona Norte of Tijuana, where there are a dozen clubs within two blocks of each other. There was also a complete absence of street action, whereas in TJ, street girls are omnipresent, almost two deep on the sidewalks in the summertime. I was pretty apprehensive getting out of the cab and knowing that if this place wasn’t happening, I would still not know where I was or how to find the real action.

The ladies were mostly in the 4 or 5 range on a scale of 10, with the best being around a 6. The best looking chica in Pink Ladies would be an average or below girl at Adelitas in Tijuana. The available women were almost universally older than the average TJ club as well, with almost all that I saw clearly over 30. I was quickly greeted in a friendly manner by Rosa, an older but moderately attractive English speaking woman in a teddy who was seated at the bar immediately inside the entrance. My host wasn’t the most attractive woman in the place, but I figured I would buy her a drink ($3) and figure out what the scoop was on Juarez from a friendly chick who spoke English.

We talked for awhile and Rosa told me about the places she had lived in the U.S. I asked her about the clubs in Juarez, and she assured me that I had come to the best place for daytime action in the Zona Roja area, and that the other clubs, which were a few blocks away, would be just opening at 5:00. I got a great vibe from Rosa, who kept rubbing my upper thigh and crotch while we talked. I kept trying to figure if she was solidly enough in the marginally attractive category to ensure success if I decided to take her to la cama. Well, her tits looked pretty good, and I needn’t have been worried about the attractiveness quotient. My rock hard dick broadcast that she would do just fine.

The subject of getting better acquainted came up and she said let’s go somewhere and talk. I was quite comfortable where we were, and said so, but she just smiled and took me by the hand to an office in the back of the club. We sat down and were immediately joined by an old woman who started telling me prices.

Sticker shock was the result. I knew taking a cab was a mistake before I did it, but when I was told that the rate was $70 for medio hora, I was feeling ill. The chick just wasn’t attractive enough to be commanding that price. It was explained to me that the cabbie, who had done nothing but take me on a three minute ride, was going to get HALF of what I paid. I said that the rate was still outrageous, but how much for extra time, say one hour? I was told that this could be had for $80. Dos Sexos? Sure. Including hotel? All inclusive. I was pretty horny after three days of abstention from any form of sex, so I said why not. The money was paid right then and there.

The club had rooms available on site, but the rooms were the caliber of the street girl’s hotels in TJ – no sink, no toilet, no shower, just a bed and a light with a red bulb. There was a common bathroom in the hallway with the toilet seat missing. It was pretty scummy.

Mama came back with us and I had to give her a tip for examining my peepee and blessing us with a roll of toilet paper and a couple condoms. I offered a dollar, and was informed that the standard donation was $3. I wasn’t about to fight over $2 after it had taken me $80 to get to this point.

Once my chica stripped and we got into it, I felt much better. I was offered bareback oral, and heartily accepted. She sucked with gusto, firmly and deep, and it wasn’t long before I was good and ready to spew. But I wanted to hold off and enjoy things. Rosa was pretty good at boca therapy, and kept at it for a good 10 minutes. When she warned me that I couldn’t cum in her mouth, however, it was time for the sexo.

I hopped on top and banged away for a few minutes, while she urged me on. When I moved her legs close together and my legs outside hers, I was able to achieve the maximum penetration I crave, and she gave precisely the look of mild discomfort that I have wet dreams about. It didn’t take much of this to realize I wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer, and I thrust deep inside her and gasped for air as I came.

She held me on top of her for a precious few moments after my eruption, and after I rolled off and we had disposed of the rubber, we got to talking more about the other clubs. Rosa rattled off a few names, but only one, Panama, rang a bell. As we talked, she gave me a halfway decent massage with oil that really relaxed me.

I was enjoying talking to her, but the knock came about 10 minutes early. She volunteered to try and get me off again, but I said no, thanks, I’m gonna go see the rest of Juarez. While dressing, Rosa gave me directions to Panama, which was about three blocks away. After dropping her off at the bar, I told my cabbie ‘no mas’ when the little weasel was still waiting for me outside Pink Ladies, and walked off in search of my pervert’s Lost City of Gold – the Chicago Club of Juarez!

It turns out that Pink Ladies isn’t far from the rest of the action, but just off the beaten path. Sire Juan of the East Coast sires and other postings at the World Sex Guide have given pretty good directions as to how to arrive at the other clubs in the red light district of Juarez, and it is indeed just past the teenie discos about 1/2 mile from the border. The other clubs are about 3 blocks (west?) from Pink Ladies, and there are at least a dozen, most of which I would say resemble the traditional Mexican dance hall places rather than the brothelesque TJ clubs like Chicago Club and Adelitas.

I poked my head into a good half dozen of these clubs and was quite unimpressed with the action at 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon. I was looking for the Panama club, as it was the only name I could remember from previous postings and Rosa’s scouting report. She had said they usually had lots of fine looking women there. Well, I did find the place, but it was pretty much empty. There were about 5 girls and about 8 guys in the whole place, which was quite small. A couple was slow dancing to a banda type song, while another couple was playing pool. Some ladies were occupied talking to guys, all of whom appeared to be locals. The few women I did see weren’t particularly attractive. I saw no one who rated above a 6. This wasn’t working for me.

The other clubs I encountered on my three block trek were even less impressive. I would walk in when I heard music, but all I found was lots of couples dancing. The dance hall appeared to be alive and well in Juarez! Every once in awhile, a club would have a single girl taking it off on stage. They were rarely attractive girls. I was beginning to think that Pink Ladies was the best Juarez had to offer…

I was about to give up my search and leave town quite disappointed. I walked into a liquor store, bought a bottle of tequila and was about to make my way back home, walked a block in search of a cab and didn’t readily see one. At the far end nearest the border of this cluster of clubs, I decided to try two more places. As I was walking down the main drag of this little seedy neighborhood (Juarez street?) toward the border (north?), these were the two last clubs before heading into the disco area. The club on the right side of the street was just like all the rest – non-descript. But the club on the left, the name of which I never even found out, was where I would spend my next eight hours, most of which were spent in absolute bliss.

As I entered, the atmosphere was like a run down strip joint. The smell of Pine Sol was kind of overwhelming. I told myself, well, at least it’s probably clean! There was a girl dancing on a two foot high wooden stage, and she looked pretty damned good. She was bent over, and her rounded tush was smiling at me from beneath her too small lingerie. As she rose, I saw that not only was there a great looking butt, but chichis that were bubbling out through her top as well.

I immediately made a beeline for the stage, placed an order for a coke ($2), and sat 2 feet away from this girl, mesmerized. When I pried my way eyes away from her, umm, ASSETS, she had a beautiful face as well. She looked like a pale (it’s winter time, after all), more voluptuous version of Jennifer Lopez. Beautiful lips, long black hair, dark eyes that sparkled continuously. She was about 5-6, 135, with what I would say were 34C breasts. Lust had struck and struck hard!

I held up my dollar to get her attention, stuffed it in her bikini bottom, and asked her name – Yvette. After she finished dancing, I was hoping she would come over for a drink, but she instead retreated to the back of the club for MORE THAN AN HOUR where she sat at a table with three guys, who bought her numerous drinks.

The other dancers that paraded before me were a mixed lot. There were skinny girls, fat girls, young girls, old women, good dancers, bad dancers. There were about fifteen in all, some of whom danced in tandem, as the stage was quite long with two poles that didn’t quite reach the ceiling and a railing in the very back.

One of the other dancers besides Yvette also caught my eye. She was extremely thin, and wore a nice two-piece thong bikini while dancing, with her chichis looking surprisingly large as they were maximized by her top. She was light-skinned and had long brown hair which she alternated between pinning up and leaving it flowing all night. She looked to be quite young, at the latest early twenties, and was probably about 5-4 and 110 lbs. I also tipped her a dollar and asked her name. She broke into a big smile and told me ‘Alexia’. A pretty name for a pretty girl.

When I caught Alexia sitting alone in the back of the club after she had finished dancing, I figured I would go try my luck, as it appeared Yvette was going to be occupied for some time. So I grabbed my brown paper bag containing the tequila, and headed over and bought her a drink – ‘jugo’.

She didn’t speak any English, but my retarded Spanish enabled us to talk a little. She said she had only worked in Juarez for a couple months. I asked her if she liked working there, and she wrinkled up her cute little nose and said it was OK – she liked the money. She was a bit distant, which is not usually a good sign, but I chalked it up to the language barrier. She asked what was in my bag, and I showed her the tequila, and told her it was a gift for my Dad.

I asked her if she ever went to the hotel, and she said NO. I was afraid that this might be true, as after all, I had no idea how Juarez worked. But I decided to push the envelope. I smiled and said not even for mucho dinero??? She smiled too, and raised an eyebrow exhorting me to make her an offer.

I ended up just blurting out ‘cuanto para vamos a el cuarto?’ She thought for a second, and said $50. Now THIS was a reasonable price. This chica was beautiful, I’d say a solid 7, borderline 8, who had the looks that would compare favorably to any of TJ’s stars. But I wanted to see if I could strike a bargain. ‘Incluso hotel?’ Hesitantly, she answered ‘Si’. ‘Cuanto tiempo?’ ‘Medio hora.’ ‘Cuanto para mas tiempo?’ ‘No mas tiempo’. ‘$40 OK?’ And she said no, $50. I again said ‘incluso hotel’? And then she said something that I hadn’t even considered – she didn’t have a hotel. I asked her whether she would go with me for $40 if I had a hotel, and she said no, $50.

I was at an impasse. There were hotels all over the place in this zona roja, but I knew absolutely nothing about them. It really made me appreciate the great info resources available on Tijuana where when a newbie, or just a dumbass like me, asks a question, veterans leap to your aid to point you in the right direction. I was stuck in a game where I didn’t know the rules, and my prize was eluding me while I tried to figure them out.

Not knowing what to do, and not able to converse well enough with Alexia to get more details, I thanked her, kissed her cheek and got up to leave. But as I was walking out, Yvette exited the stage and bid adieu to the guys she had been sitting with. She was free! She made a beeline for the bathroom, whereupon I stood near the entrance to grab her when she came out. I asked her in pidgin Spanish to have a drink with me, and she nodded OK.

I tried to tell her in Spanish that she was a great dancer, when she smiled and said in perfect, unaccented English ‘Thank you!’ YOU SPEAK ENGLISH??? ‘Uh, yeah!’ Where did you learn English? ‘School, American TV, everybody in Juarez speaks a little English’ BULLSHIT! WHERE DID YOU LIVE IN THE STATES? ‘All over…’

It turns out she grew up in the U.S., was an American citizen, and had graduated from college in the South. She had worked in El Paso as a dancer, but was currently living in Juarez, where she had worked in just about every club for the last year. I was absolutely floored by all of this. I had seen all of about 5 white people in my three hours in Juarez, and the most beautiful latina girl I had seen in any of the clubs was as American as I was. I immediately tried to find out why she had chosen this life, but she would be purposefully evasive. I completely understood, as I was asking pretty personal questions of someone I had just met. But if there was ever a case where ‘what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like THIS?’ was apropos, it was here.

To deflect some attention from my inquisition, she asked me what I WAS DOING THERE. I said ‘looking for love’ and we both giggled. She asked me if I had found it yet, and I said I had thought so earlier, but it didn’t work out with Alexia. It turns out that Alexia is her best friend, and that she is really new to all of this, and that she would set me up with her for $45 if I want. I said no, I had only approached Alexia because she had been occupied, and that I was quite happy with her company. I also said that breaking in a new girl didn’t sound like a lot of fun. She said she wasn’t a virgin or anything, and I responded, well, that’s good because it would be really awkward for both of us to be virgins. Yvette took this ball and ran with it.

‘You’re not really a virgin, ARE YOU?’ Well, there’s only one way to find out! She thought for a second and said “That’s bull, you can’t tell with a guy.” True, I said, you’ll just have to take my word for it. “C’mon, you’re not REALLY a virgin?” Well, how technical you want to get? “Have you ever been with a girl?” How technical do you want to get? Her eyes were blazing. This was fun.

After another couple of minutes of cat and mouse I let on that not only was I not a virgin, I was actually quite a pervert. She said she could tell by looking at me that I was a nice guy and not a pervert. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW…

We sat and talked for nearly two hours, interrupted only by two-song interludes where she would dance on stage. We talked about life, we talked about sex, we talked about music, movies (she likes Tarantino), EVERYTHING. She told me about her affinity for girls, and I asked her if she did threesomes with Alexia. She said no, Alexia didn’t like girls at all, and that SHE only let girls go down on her, and didn’t reciprocate. She said the friends that she usually does threesomes with weren’t working that day. She asked if I had ever done it, and I said yes. She asked how was it, and I said confusing, I like concentrating on one girl at a time. She confessed to having an affinity for sticking it to her girlfriends with a strap-on! At that point it was time to stop the chit-chat and get this chica alone.

I asked how much to take YOU to the hotel? She said $60 all-inclusive. I told her about the mixup over the hotel with Alexia, and she said, she would take care of everything. I asked how does it work?, and she said well, just give me the $60 and I’ll take care of it. I fork it over, and she goes to talk to the bar manager in the back of the club and returns a minute later, saying she’s gotta get dressed, but then we’ll go. Five nerve-wracking minutes later we’re on our way around the corner and upstairs to suite of rooms. The mama comes out from watching TV and Yvette tells me that I need to tip her ($3) and pay for the condom (no dick inspection this time). CONDOM was whispered in a barely audible whisper. I LIKE THIS GIRL.

We FINALLY get inside the room, and it is much nicer than my previous room, and actually better than the TJ short-time hotels. There was a bathroom with shower, big clean bed, with a mirror above it on the wall. Yvette started to strip but I stopped her and asked her to relax. I said I wanted to take my time with her. I stripped to my underwear, and then started to rub her all over through her clothes. I said I wanted to massage her, but she asked if I could first just rub my razor stubble against her back. NO PROBLEM! She REALLY got into this, and I was humping her with my rock hard dick while she writhed.

My hands began to roam and take some of her clothes off. I reached beneath her shirt and started to play with her incredible breasts and liberated them from her bra. She was still writhing in apparent joy. After she was stripped to the waist, my hands roamed further and she made no attempt to stop me as I slipped one inside her panties. I quickly found her impeccably groomed pussy, and a quick finger insertion revealed that she was soaking wet. Not only was this OK with her, but she started bucking against my finger, forcing it deeper.

At this point, I did what any red-blooded boy would do, and yanked her pants and panties off, and buried my face in her honey pot. I asked her to give me instructions because I really wanted her to feel good. She said that what I was doing was just great! She rode my face for the next 10 minutes, all the while grabbing my hair to move my head around, with pauses only coming for me to gulp for air. She finally stopped me and with those beautiful charcoal eyes afire, said ‘Will you please fuck me?’ Well, IF I MUST!

I fumbled for my glasses (dammit, I’m wearing contacts from now on when I go chica hunting!), then fumbled with a condom. Meanwhile, she’s still writhing on the bed, asking me to hurry. I crawled on top of her and put it in, and I felt like dying, it was so good. I have had too many professionals to count anymore, but this was the most intense I have ever gotten with any of them. I gave a few strokes just to get acclimated, and she started begging me to fuck her harder!
Pretty soon her arms were pinned behind her head, and all of my considerable weight was on her as I slam-fucked her. I couldn’t keep up this pace for long, and she appeared quite disappointed. I paused to place a taut nipple in my mouth and she exhorted me to suck harder. THEN, she wanted me to bite her nipple. HARDER. I was so turned on I was about to melt, but I’m getting exhausted. I finally just released and went limp on top of her. She had worn me out and completely drained me, and was lying there in a daze herself.

While catching my breath, I laid back and ran my hand over her body which I found to be perfect. I was just trying to make a mental snapshot of this woman who had just rocked my world. I started to get more than a little sad that I would in all likelihood never see her again, and I had to capture the moment for posterity. This reflection was interrupted when mama rapped twice and opened the door and walked right in. Yvette explained that she has to dance every hour and they were probably looking for her downstairs. She asked me to sit with her for awhile if I had the time/wanted to. I didn’t have the time, as I was supposedly on my way home, but I just couldn’t walk away from this intoxicating beauty a second before I absolutely had to.

We had discussed the tequila bottle earlier, and Yvette had confessed that she was quite a party girl and loved tequila. I figured giving it to her would make a great tip, and it was, in fact, much appreciated.

We washed up, dressed quickly and as we were heading down the stairs, I noticed my hair was all mussed and pulled into twenty different directions. I told her one of us looked like they just got fucked!, and she laughed. Downstairs, she quickly changed back into her club uniform, and soon took the stage. We sat together for the next five hours, and talked about everything under the sun. The primary means of compensation for the chicas at this club was stage dancing, and their dancing compensation was higher for each drink token they got. Yvette ordered between three and four drinks per hour, but I didn’t mind at all, as they were only $3 apiece.

Every once in a while Alexia would come over and they would talk about me in Spanish. Yvette quickly learned all the details about my aborted conversation with her amiga. Alexia wanted to know if my Dad was going to be angry about not getting his tequila! One of many things that Yvette told me about working in the Juarez clubs is that she has never had to so much as show ID, much less get any sort of permit, license, or health card in order to work there. She said she didn’t want to work in an American club for fear of it somehow getting back to her family. She said she quit working at one El Paso club when they got a Web cam and wanted all the girls to sign releases.

The rest of the club girls just danced and drank, that evening, for the most part. Many got blindly drunk as the evening wore on, and would nearly fall off the stage when called on to dance late in the evening. The girls would only make about one trip upstairs per evening, and the goal was to find a good customer to buy them drinks. There was a complete absence of Anglo guys in this club, and I was somewhat of a novelty.

A couple of times I offered to take Yvette upstairs again for maybe some massage and another chance to go down on her, but she declined (!), saying that she wasn’t feeling well, had a killer sore throat, and was coughing and sneezing all night. I didn’t want her to feel obligated to sit with me, and told her she was free to try to get other business (while I cried and pined for her!) which only made her angry. She said she was with me by choice, and that as long as I wanted her there I was THE most attractive option. This was extremely flattering, because it soon became clear that she was the most popular girl in the club.

Every time she would get up to go to the bathroom or select her music for dancing, she would have guys stop her and invite her over to join them. Each time she would faithfully return to my side. One guy even came up to us, asked me if he could have two words with the lady, and then told her in Spanish that ‘whatever the gavacho is paying you, I will pay double!’ She gave him a dirty look and told him to fuck off. She pointed out her best regular customer, who sat and stared at us for about 4 hours, btw, and then said that he could wait for another day!

Every once in awhile I would just find myself staring at her beautiful face and body, and just be in awe of the fact that for this one night, this fascinating woman was with me. I had faint hopes that she would invite me home with her or agree to spend the night with me if I got a hotel room. She said that normally she would, but she wasn’t feeling well at all, and really needed to go home and sleep. She said she couldn’t leave the club before closing time, because they wouldn’t pay her for her dances or drinks if she left early.

Finally at 2:45, she said the club was about to close, and we would have to say goodbye. She said that she hoped I would come back to see her someday, and I told her that I hoped she would have moved on to better things by the time I came back to Juarez. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, took the dance floor once more with all of the rest of the dancers (80% of whom were so drunk they could barely stand up!), and then was herded into the backroom with all the other girls by several waiters who ran interference. I felt profoundly sad at that moment, knowing deep down that I would never see her again. But the more I reflect on it, the more I believe that it was probably for the best, as Yvette, and that night, will always remain perfect in my mind.

Juarez lies on the US/Mexican border across the river from El Paso, Texas and not far from Las Cruces, New Mexico. To enter Juarez the best method is on foot across the Santa Fe Street bridge. (There is a 25 cent toll to cross the bridge on foot in either direction). There is ample secure parking on the US side ($3.00) and, as the Zona in Juarez is only a few footsteps from the Mexican end of the bridge, there is little or no reason to take your car over the border. One interesting note is that El Paso is on Mountain time and Juarez is on Central time so it is an hour later in Mexico.

As you leave the bridge you will be on Avenida Juarez. This is the equivalent of Avenida Revolucion in TJ. Here is where most of the teenage drinkers come to party. The clubs on this street all seem to cater to the 18-21 crowd.

If one goes two short blocks down Avenida Juarez and turns to the right, the Zona begins on the next block. There is a “Y” shaped intersection with the two legs of the “Y” leading down Mariscal and Degollado. Both streets are lined with a variety of bars and bordellos. The Zona extends about two blocks further to the west and about six blocks further south. All easy walking distance, but not recommended for solo travel at night. Avoid a cab if you can, as you are “tagged” if you arrive at a club via a taxi cab. The drivers make a big commission from whatever you spend. The result is that your price goes way up to make up for the cabbie’s cut.

We visited Fausto’s right at the “Y” intersection and it had a collection of attractive girls with two dancing/stripping continuously. They do NOT have rooms on premise and not all of the girls are inclined to go to one off-premise. The ones that will go will cost you a bar fine, a neighborhood hotel fee, a cab ride and then the girl’s fee and possibly a tip. Way too much! A beautiful blonde dancer named Becky caught Sire Esteban’s eye but the logistics didn’t pan out – so it was time to look for greener pastures. Leaving the club, we reflected that we had been the only Gringos in the place – not a good sign.

A better bet is to hit one of the clubs with rooms (Casa Colorada and The Panama Club are two that meet this criteria). We found the Panama Club from directions given by an Internet correspondant and walked inside. They had a great looking girl dancing in the center of the floor and a collection of senoritas lining the walls. The dancer was an “8”, four or five of the girls were “7”s, an equal number were bowsers and the rest were in the 5-6 range. There were about 20 girls total and maybe 15 guys – most of them gringos.

Sire Juan struck up a conversation with a solid “7” by the name of Maria. She was from Mexico City, 5 foot 2, about 115 pounds with long, almost jet black hair. I’d guess about a 34-B rack and great ass. She was very outgoing and had a super smile. (A big smile always gets Sire Juan.) He mentioned how he seemed to be “short” a girlfriend for the evening and she quickly indicated that she would be glad to fill that role.

From there the process deviated from what would have gone on in TJ or Nuevo Laredo. The girl called the manager over who in turn led the Sire to the office. There the manager does the price negotiating with the customer, without the girl even being present. Once a deal was struck ($80 for an hour in this case; plus the manager wanted a $15 broker’s fee for himself), the manager directed Juan to a room where he was to await “Mama”. Mama is an old grey haired lady who, in a lot of the clubs, is a “dick inspector”. In the Panama Club all she does is issue you a condom and a roll of toilet paper and in turn expects a $2 tip. This appears to be a legacy left over from days when the old women checked out the guys for visible signs of VD. Don’t fail to tip her as she is also the head timekeeper. Once she leaves, your chosen senorita will finally appear.

In Sire Juan’s case, the girl had her own room on-premises and as he had opted for a full hour, they retreated to her private room which was quite a bit nicer than the short term rooms. No room charge, either.

Maria did a little strip-tease as Juan undressed and she pushed him down on the bed with mock ferocity. Maria complained of being a little
cold from the chill in the room and snuggled up close for some warmth. She responded eagerly to a full mouth kiss and proved to be very cuddly and affectionate. Her lips slowly began to work their way south and in no time arrived at the hoped for area. By now the staff of life was at full attention and she queried as to whether a BBBJ or one “con condom” was preferred. Juan opted for the bareback variety and she began some above average oral ministrations that soon led to the installation of a latex raincoat and she hopped right aboard, cow-girl style.

A few minutes of this (again, well performed) and it was decided to shift positions and Sire Juan took the opportunity to brush up on his missionary work. Maria’s kegel muscles outmatched Juan’s missionary skills and things soon erupted in a great first finish.

Checking the clock, barely 25 minutes had elapsed. She cleaned both of them up and snuggled up for some rather humorous pillow talk. This chica had a great sense of humor and liked to laugh – she was at her cutest when she did. About 15 minutes after the first finish she steered her hand down to check up on “Mickey” (her name for his cock). Stoking Mickey’s interest, she began another BBBJ, followed by some additional missionary work and a second exhausting finish as the hour came to a close.

Juan just laid back while she cleaned both of them up and then he slowly dressed. He tipped her $15 and got a nice kiss for the donation. They walked back into the club and bid each other “Adios” at the door.

Sire Esteban returned a few minutes later after having gone walk-about looking for a 9 or better, like the dancer at Fuasto’s. To his partner’s
surprise, he’d returned empty handed. Juan pointed out a rather attractive blonde (one of the “7”s) and soon Esteban was off to Port-La-Boca and El Pero-ville. Her name was Claudia and she was built like the proverbial brick shit-house but with a nice, small butt. She first stripped, then
disrobed the sire. After an enthusistic warm-up BBBJ, Cluadia sheathed the sire’s tool then bent over like a puppy wagging her tail begging for
penetration. Thereafter, they enjoyed twenty minutes of in/out in every position requested until his nuts exploded.

Returning from his session with a big smile, Sire Esteban suggested heading back to the border as the bar was closing (at 1AM). A couple of big stacks of hot cakes were scoffed down at the IHOP in El Paso and the night came to a close.

Sunday afternoon they returned to the Zona and found it virtually deserted. The Panama Club had 4 girls, one of which caught and lost Sire Juan’s eye. Seemed Betty was working on one of the days she should have taken off for “la regla”. She was soon replaced by Rosa, a 28 year old from just outside of Juarez that would rate about a “6”. Good financial deal for an hour and ten minutes ($75) with no room charge or broker’s fee. $2 to “mama” and they were off to the races. This gal earned her pay as the Sire was really depleted from his two excellent sessions only 12 hours before.

Rosa worked hard beginning with a BBBJ, el-sexo in three positions and then finishing up with a second BBBJ that exploded somewhere between her tonsils and her stomache. She squeezed every last drop out with her throat muscles. Absolutely superb!!!

Esteban meanwhile found a true Juarez oddity – a pretty young petite street girl. He quickly negotiated a $20 session that included the room.
This was the only street girl either of them saw over the entire weekend. He made short order of this one and returned to meet Juan with an even
bigger grin than he’d had the night before.

Of all the border cities we’ve visited, this one gets the lowest overall marks. The girls were “okay”, but over-all lacked the beauty of the typical TJ gals and the friendliness of the Nuevo Laredo chicas. The convoluted financial process of working through the manager and the “mama” thing just don’t add alot to the overall scene, either. Avoiding the cabbies is a major hassle, as well. If we were in El Paso again, would we go back? Sure! Would we travel out of our way to go to Juarez if we were in some other part of Texas or New Mexico?

The red-light district in this city encompasses a few blocks in the downtown section of the city. To get there, one needs to cross the Santa Fe Bridge in El
Paso, TX, which is directly across from Juarez. The toll is roughly $.25 to cross over, and another $.25 to return to the States. You will know you’re in the
right place when you see a concentration of bars, neon lights, cars, restaurants and pedestrians. This area of the City is safe, since there is a strong presence of
the police (Remember, if you keep your cool, the police won’t •••• with you). If at all possible, try to go with someone, because overall it only makes more
sense. This is a golden rule anywhere you go. However, if you have to go yourself, just be careful.

Anyway, as you traverse Juarez Ave., a gauntlet of cabbies will be awaiting you. “Do you wanna go to Boy’s Town, Senor?” will be the majority of phrases
being shouted at you. All this means is if you would like to see tittie-bars that are located further from the bridge. I’ve gone once and I have to admit that it was
nice, but it wasn’t worth the five-dollar cab ride. So I never used a cab driver again. So in my opinion it is better to stick around the red-light district near El

While walking around the district, you will quickly notice lots of activity and lots of interesting smells. You will see young prostitutes, old ones, fat ones, and
skinny ones. You will see healthy ones, sick ones, and scary ones. You will see transvestites and homosexuals. Everything you can think of, you will find in
Juarez. Inside the brothels, it is not as strange. A basic •••• should cost anywhere from $25-$40, depending on your charm and the quality of the whore. An
additional $2-$3 will be charged for the condom and toilet-paper for cleanup. In my experience, there was no old lady around that inspected my dick. That
was good. While negotiating business with a prostitute, one must always seem experienced. In other words, don’t tell the whore this is your first time or that
you usually don’t do this sort of thing. If you do, they might eat you alive or take you for all your worth. Instead, talk smoothly and tell them that you used to
frequent this place in past years and that you just recently returned. Once the whore has bought it, she will not try to swindle you. The following are some tips
of what you should abide by when negotiating with a whore:

For prostitutes in the street:
1. Look around the mouth area for any sores. If you see any, leave her the hell alone.
2. Try to avoid the tired, haggard looking ones.
3. When negotiating, ask how much (don’t pay more than $40) and exactly what you want. For instance, if you want her to give you a blowjob or just a ••••,
let her know. She will then tell you if she will provide that service to you. Be concise and blunt.
4. Ask where you two will ••••. If the service will be in any of the hotels within the red-light district, the cost should be less than $10 for a room (I think $7).
The same cost will apply to those rooms that are not affiliated with any hotel.
5. You will have to pay her before the service because she has to pay the hotel before they release the room.
6. If she looks way too young, chances are that she is. This can be very bad. If a cop catches you with a minor, you can get into a lot of trouble. Chances will
be that you will not see the United States for awhile. Make sure, if at all possible, that the prostitute is over 18 years of age.

If the prostitute is in a bar:

1. Tell her exactly what you want and how much time you’d have in the room. She will most likely try to hurry you up.
2. If you want to buy her a drink, they will cost $4 for her and $2 for you.
3. Try to charm her. Try not to treat her like an object. Women need romance and need to be told that they are attractive. This technique has worked great for
me. It’s effect has resulted in lower prices and better service. Make them laugh. Caress their skin, ass, or tits. They like all that.
4. Oftentimes, if you do not have a woman sitting in your table, a waiter will come and ask if you would like a woman. It’s best to simply say “no”, that in
awhile you will invite someone over. This way you are not being pressured and at the same time you get to select the woman you wanna •••• at your own
5. Whenever you finished scoping out the scene, waive to the whore you like and invite her to sit with you. Remember, introduce yourself and be funny. Try to
charm her. They all like that ••••.
6. When you negotiate and are now ready to go to a room, pay her in the bar. She will then pay the establishment its cut. She will lead you to some
backrooms (every place does this). She will probably leave for five minutes or so, and then come back. Don’t worry, they will not rip you off.

Basically, these are the major tips that I could give you. At this point, I can’t think of anything else. It is really simple. Just follow these tips and everything else
will fall into place. It’s a rather harmless procedure. After you screw her, leave. Your experience is over.

Another important tip is to make sure that you have a condom. Condoms are especially important. But you already know that. Well, I hope this update proves
to be useful for someone. I have over ten years experience in this city, particularly in this section. So I think I’m sufficiently qualified to give advice. Other areas
that you may be interested in are the massage parlors. Massage parlors are really fancier (and cleaner) brothels throughout the city. They often have higher
quality women in both beauty, health and age. However, the brothels are further into the interior and would require a vehicle to reach them. This update is
really only for those individuals that do not wish to drive into Mexico. Nonetheless, if you are interested in the massage parlors, you can get information in
Juarez’s major newspaper, El Diario. You can purchase one in any of the convenience stores in El Paso and/or El Paso supermarkets. The classified section
has them all listed (The ladies depicted in the advertisements are taken from magazines).

Juarez, Mexico, like Tijuana, is currently experiencing a population explosion. The Mexican government estimates that a thousand families are arriving in Juarez on a bi-weekly basis in search of work. However, families are not the only entities arriving, but young single women are emigrating to the City as well. Many of these young women soon discover that salaries from maquiladora employment is too scant. As such, they begin searching for better paying jobs; but they are often uneducated and thus lack the qualifications required from better paying positions. For many, the only logical industry in which they can get quick employment is in the brothel/bar business. And the pay is far greater than maquiladora work.
Now since some background on Juarez prostitutes has been divulged, I can now inform you of my personal experience. I decided to walk over to Juarez because I do not know the layout of the city. Therefore, I would be crazy to take my vehicle over. Also, a word for the wise…if by any chance you decide to drive your vehicle into Mexico and happen to be involved in an accident, i.e. wreck, you will go to jail until all damages have been paid. There is no escaping this fact. So be CAREFUL. So anyway, like I said earlier, I decided to walk over into Juarez from downtown El Paso. The toll was 25 cents and the toll coming back was slightly higher. As soon as you cross over, you will see a boulevard that has heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The red-light district is located to the right side of this boulevard when you’re walking away from the bridge. While walking among the Juarenses, one can’t help appreciate the life one has in the United States. But hey, that’s just my bleeding liberal heart speaking. Anyway, I decided to enter a bar called “”La Casa Colorada””, which is a few blocks from the main boulevard but still within walking distance. I sat down and analyzed the alien atmosphere in which I suddenly found myself in. I mentally counted 19 women, of which perhaps half of them I’d consider fucking. As the waitress approached me and asked what I would like to drink, another woman, semi-pretty to say the least, approached me and asked me if I wanted company. I was not drunk yet so I politely, but firmly, refused. She did not mind. When they brought me my “”Dos Equis””, which in my opinion is the finest lager in Mexico, I began happily drinking to my heart’s desire. After perhaps 5 beers ($2.00 ea.), I began feeling somewhat light-headed from the alcohol. So I decided to play some pool. As I was preparing the billiard balls in the triangle, a most gorgeous 20-year old named Eliza approached and asked whether she could join me in a game of pool. Naturally I agreed and struck a conversation with her in broken Spanish. While we played, we chatted about our backgrounds. She was from Guanajuato and had come to Juarez to visit relatives. She had apparently liked it so much that she decided to stay there. I had told her that I was originally from Pennsylvania but had lived in El Paso for almost five years now. She told me that many men come from El Paso, but very few claim they are from there. So I guess she didn’t believe me that I was from Pennsylvania. I chuckled and told her that many men are from the military post and therefore come from many different parts of the United States (as was my case). She nodded her head in agreement. We continued drinking and playing pool, until something quite scary happened. Out of nowhere, several policemen entered the establishment and began checking every male’s wallet and performed a pat down on everyone. When they came to me, I kept my cool and showed no fear, although inside I was literally shitting bricks. They made me stand against the wall, patted me down, made me open my wallet, searched it, and gave it back and left. By then I thought my heart had stopped from fright. As soon as the Nazis left I asked the young girl what all that was about. She informed that a serial killer has been murdering young women in Juarez for years now and they haven’t been able to find him. Therefore, periodically, they search several bars hoping to one day find the culprit and put him away for life. According to this young woman, there have been more than 100 young women killed in the last several years. That, in my opinion, was a scary thing to hear. But despite all this, I kept on carousing and quaffing more beer. That is what happens when alcohol courses through your veins, unfortunately. You just don’t give a rat’s ass about anything. As the hands on the clock continued to turn, I soon discovered I was drunk. I am a large man, 6’3″” and about 280 lbs. So you can imagine the quantity I must have consumed. By this time, I was sitting on a comfortable couch talking with Eliza in broken Spanish. By then she was also drunk and began talking to me in broken English. It was a funny site. Although we both were terrible in speaking the other’s language, we made a sincere effort to communicate. We were negotiating the cost of my getting laid. She wanted thirty bucks which I found to be a damn good price. Remember, she was hot. Just then, she told me she had to go to the restroom and made me promise her that I would not leave. I promised. While she was gone, another young hot thing approached me and began seducing me, or shall I more accurately say, seducing my wallet. I was in heaven. I was turned on by this young girl. She had large, firm titties and the most gorgeous ass with beautiful, muscular legs. She immediately noticed that I was turned on. She responded by lifting her skirt up to where her snatch begins and revealed to me the flawlessness of her body. Of course, being the drunk American, I slid my hand up her leg and into her skirt. I felt her pussy and her ass and she did nothing to stop me. In fact, she told me that whatever Eliza had charged me she would charge five dollars less. I seriously was contemplating this offer until just then, Eliza came back. She had the face of hell-fire itself. She cursed at the other hot thing in what sounded like a machine gun of incomprehensible syllables. The other woman did not take this too lightly as she too began firing back. Before I knew it, they began fist-fighting in front of everyone. Shreds of cloth were flying everywhere, tits were hanging and bouncing around, and snatches and asses were exposed–what a great site. While the mayhem ensued, I quietly exited the establishment and witnessed a police paddywagon approaching rather quickly. At a distance, I saw three policemen enter the premises, and after five minutes came out with both women, along with two others, and carried them away to the station. Disappointed, I looked at my watch and noticed it was 1:00 am. I was drunk, hungry and horny. All I knew I wanted pussy. So I ventured into another bar–The Cavern. As I ordered a beer, Dos Equis of course, I sat down and soaked in my new surroundings. A young, blondish girl caught my eye. I decided that I wanted to play pool again. So I got up and placed two quarters into the slot. The young woman noticed that I had been eyeing her and thus promptly got up and asked if she could play with me. Of course, I agreed. As she bent down to break, I took a pretty good look at her body and was surprised at how good she looked. No bullshit. This was not a drunk man’s opinion, but one that had total control of his faculties. I remember thinking to myself that I must have had a pretty strong aura that night, because I had opportunities with three great wenches. And it’s not because of my money. If this were the case, every American man in those joints would have had chances similar to mine. But it was clear as crystal that I had the best beef in the market that night, and everybody knew it. Anyway, as the young woman, Elena, bent down to break, I remember lifting her skirt from behind to see the beauty of her ass. As I lifted her skirt, she turned around, looked at me, smiled, and turned around again toward the billiard balls. Oh boy! This is all I needed. I began massaging her ass (she had thong underwear on) and slowly put my hand in between her legs up to her cunt. Yep! She was wet alright. I asked her how much. She said forty bucks. I told her too much and she said forty bucks or nothing. So I decided she would win this battle and agreed to her price.
We went outside and entered the next building. There were about five rooms. We entered one that appeared to be a snapshot of the 1970s–velvet pictures, shaggy carpet, and wall paneling. I paid her and she returned in about two minutes. As we talked for about a minute, she began removing her clothes. By the time she finished removing her clothes, I was already naked and ready to go at it. I was that horny. She found this to be quite funny (I pride myself at making women laugh). So as we both stood completely naked, she decided to get on her knees and began sucking my dick with good intensity. I consider my member average in size, but I was pleased to discover that this hot thing could deep-throat it with ease. It felt very warm in her mouth. She continued doing this and began massaging my balls for about three minutes. Boy, oh boy, this felt grrrrreeeeeaaaat!!! As soon as she got tired she asked me to lay on the bed. I complied with her instructions. As I laid on the bed, she continued sucking on my dick. Then she stopped, turned around and proceeded to mount me. In other words, she was facing away from me while mounted on my cock. At first, I thought she did not want to see me while I fucked her, but she had another idea in mind. As she began riding me (with a condom of course), she wanted me to stick my finger up her ass at the same time. Once again, I complied with her instructions. I am happy to report that I did not get any visible •••• on my fingers. That was a relief. Anyway, this made Elena ecstatic. She began practically screaming with excitement. I was worried that someone outside would think I was trying to hurt her and I told her in my broken Spanish to keep it down. Did she listen? Hell NO! She continued wailing and screaming until she came. After she came, she began giving head again. This time it was with greater intensity. She continued sucking me bareback for about five minutes until I exploded into her mouth. I must have emptied about a pint of semen in her mouth and you know what, she swallowed every drop. That kinda made me feel good, and I don’t know why. After we were done, we laid for about three minutes to regain our strength, then we dressed, and I bade her farewell. It was about 2:30 am. So I decided to call it a night and went back home.

So this is my experience in Juarez, Mexico in 1999. It was, overall, a good one. But it was one that was dangerous. I do not recommend that anyone go by themselves. It is too dangerous for a single man. Hope this advice can help someone. I know other reports have helped me. Anyway, good luck in your sexual adventures in Juarez, and may you all have a safe and happy whoring experience in the fleshpots of Ciudad Juarez.

It could have been that it was still early around 6pm Saturday night but it was so bad we did not want to take a chance waiting around. Next stop Juarez the final leg eastward now awaits. This was very much a test of endurance, seems that people in Arizona and New Mexico love to ride the fast lane at 65. The constant need to pass on the right and wait for trucks to merge made the going tuff. Even with the time changes, traffic and long stretches of dark highways we made it to El Paso in record time.
El Paso is blessed with a huge Mexican city like Juarez that caters to the many under aged teens looking to drink and party. Not to mention a nice sized Red Light Zone with plenty of bars and hotels. Once in town proceed to downtown and look for signs to the convention center which is on Santa Fe street. Its suggested if you are coming from the west you exit on Mesa to find a Hotel, they are plentiful and less expensive then downtown. As far as the border bridges and crossing take Santa Fe south till you hit the border and see signs for border parking.($3-$5)

Beware of anyone, be it taxi or person with a personal car who offers you a tour or ride into Juarez to check out the Red Light Zone. We learned first hand that this may offer some convenience toward finding the places but will double the money you need to spend buying your choice of lady. We parked at the first lot to the left ($4) and soon met “TONY” a rather large, over weight Mexican man with mustache. He quickly offered us a ride for $9 into town to point out all the new and old red light areas. Some of which he said were legal and some illegal. It was late about 1am and we figured to save time we would have him point them out. Tony the smooth talker he was started his scam from that moment as we drove over the bridge in his broken down white American sedan. I have a photo of his car in front of the Panama bar and you may be able to see him also. He quickly made it appear as if the streets of Juarez were so unsafe even he never walks them. That gangs of men roamed the streets attacking tourists and worked together with the police to steal from you. Most of the clubs mentioned in WSG he drove by and down played them pointing to the occasional TV he claimed worked in those clubs. He told us that there were two Red Light Zones, the new and the old, the new which actually were places he had arranged deals with and the old which he had no commission deals. His story seemed innocent enough yet I wondered right from the start how this guy would be happy with $9 for all the time he wanted to spend. He did however drive us by almost all the clubs and point them out, its when we finally entered Panama club we discovered his secret. The first tip to this kind of operation is when the driver or guide wants to come in with you. Don’t accept his word that he gets free drinks or your tips are his only income. What really happens is you are branded as you enter that anything you offer a girl he gets half. So now when you offer a girl $30 she only gets $15 and she has no choice but to go along with it. I however broke away from the group and talked with a few locals from El Paso who insured me that $20-$30 per girl including the room was the going rate. You know I have no problem with giving a woman who provides great service even double the money at prices like $30. I just hate the idea of giving half to this bullshit artist who lies through his teeth.

I must say that the Panama Bar had about 9 ladies and 3 were extremely attractive. Neal jumped at the chance for a one hour session with a very lovely dark skinned lady. She was a local Latina 5’7″ 125 34b-23-34 dark eyes and hair. Very pretty smile and super friendly, once she knew Neal had Tony along, her price was now $60. Neal’s session lasted a bit over an hour and as he explained it was the best adult entertainment he had enjoyed in all his visits to Mexico. By the way from what we read in the WSG once you make the deal an older woman comes to the room and checks you, well she does come by but all she does is try and sell you a condom and roll of toilet paper. She will also say the money is for the examination but no on ever looks at you and the next time you hear from her she is knocking on the door to tell you your time is up. I think the dollar is well spent to keep her happy so she lets you stay longer. Bring your own condoms if you can, the Mexican ones seem to be on the thick side. Well Neal got a great massage, had adult entertainment in tons of positions and made a huge connection with this girl. He raved about her passionate moans and dirty Spanish talk, her attention to details and friendly touch. Even if he had paid double for what everyone else pays $30 he still tipped her $10 and was happy. I have never seen him this happy, he could have called the trip quits now and gone home cause he was one very satisfied man.
Ben and I made eyes at the same 20 year old girl sitting at the bar. She had a very pretty face and eyes along with a tight young body. Ben however was not as lucky as Neal, she did provide some hot adult entertainment and had all the proper equipment. I would say both girls were very close to 9 in looks. Ben’s girl was not as into the act as Neal’s and she seemed a bit distant during the whole act.
I regret that once I knew I was marked I did not party at all. We paid TONY his $9 fare and lost him as quick as we found him. We returned about an hour later on our own to find that prices now were half. To my dismay the young hot vixen that Ben had sampled had left for the night. We then made our way over to Faustos’ down the street, it was recommended in WSG. Inside a large mirrored room with several bars and a floor show was taking place. There were actually a good number of pretty women working who took turns dancing on stage. From what we could tell they also went to the room for about $50. The drawback in Juarez is that almost all the women we encountered spoke no English at all, not even a word.
There was another club we checked “Casa Colorada” which had a pool table and large bar. The women were not as attractive as those at Panama. I do think that Juarez deserves several days of exploration especially during non holiday months. We have read about some of the great massage parlors that exist in Juarez and want to check those out as well some day.

If you are going to be in Juarez, Mexico and are looking for some action there are several alternatives. The red light district is just on the other side of the bridge in Downtown El Paso, but I do not recommend going there. Sure you can get laid cheaply, but you get what you paid for there. It’s not entirely safe and the bars are crawling with pickpockets and T.V.s, not to mention ugly women. If you’re on a budget though, you can get a BJ and more for 15-20 bucks. Whatever tickles your pickle! If you’re hell-bent on staying close to the border, go to Club Panama, it’s a five dollar cab ride, and there are some decent girls there. Rooms upstairs for your convenience and you can discreetly get what you want without breaking the bank.

Now for the good stuff!!!! The best place to begin a night in Juarez is at “Sirenas” massage parlor on the corner of Av. Panama and Av. Hermanos Esobar. Any cabdriver will know how to get there and it’s not far. The place looks almost like an abandoned gas station, and sits across the street from a hotel and from a pharmacy on the other corner (in case you have trouble spotting it). First of all, the girls charge 45 dollars for an hour and you get a massage plus full service for that, sometimes even a half and half. Other services are negotiable and depend on the girl. In this case, it is best if you speak Spanish. The place is usually packed with women (between 4-15 of them depending on when you go) who range from a 5-9 on the hottness scale. There are 2 outstanding young girls who work there named Carina and Claudia. Both are petite brunettes with great bodies. Carina has an ass you can eat your breakfast off of and Claudia has incredible legs. You pick the girl you want though, and some of the others are good looking too. None of the girls there will rush you and for fifty bucks, you can’t get a better lay anywhere, and believe me, I have tried!

Once you have gotten that out of the way but would still like some fun, or if you’re interested in dropping a little more cash for a STUNNING, 10+ hot girl, you can go to the strip clubs. Again, avoid the red light district, and avoid a place called “No Touch”, the name says it all. Have a cab take you to one of three clubs, The Phantom, Amadeus, or The Joker. Phantom is cheapest, and Joker is the best. I have gotten incredible lap dances from girls who look like playmates and models in these joints. The best part is that 90% of these girls will come to your room for an hour and a half. You can negotiate about 150-200 for a girl from Phantom, or from Amadeus (note I saw a girl at Amadeus who could have been a Salma Hayek look-alike!!!). Girls from the Joker will cost you more, 200+ to 300 for an hour and a half and you might have to wait until the bar slows down a little around 1:00 AM for them to leave with you, but trust me, it’s well worth it. I have seen women at the Joker who looked like they just stepped out of Playboy. For 200 bucks, it’s a hell of an experience. You will not be disappointed. The best thing to do at the Joker is to get a room ahead of time, hotels in Juarez cost between 20-35 dollars for a decent place, and then hit the club. There is a five dollar cover but you get a free beer with that. Expect to pay 4 bucks for a beer there, and girls will aggressively ask you to buy them drinks (at ten bucks a pop) or for lap dances (your best bet at 2 songs for 15 bucks). Take your time finding the girl that you really want and buy her a drink and a couple of dances. She’ll do anything that you want. Most of the guys there are Mexicans and these girls aren’t going to get a lot of money out of them, but if they get a drink and a little money out of you, you can name a price for them to leave the bar for a short time. They’ll give you a high amount, but they expect you to counter offer them. If you don’t stick to your guns between 200 and 300 dollars, they will think that you are stupid and you’ll probably blow it. Again, it’s best if you speak Spanish, but these women know why you are there and are looking to make money and have no qualms about fucking you to get it, which is great for us. This routine works like a charm, and if you’re willing to spend the bucks and be patient, can be very rewarding with the finest piece of pussy you might get in a very long time.

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