Getting to Tijuana

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Tijuana is located just south of San Diego, California. Two border crossings exsist, the main one at San Ysidro (where it’s possible to park and walk) and the secondary one east of TJ near Otay (where a car is a must to drive over). Look for the Otay crossing signs in TJ or the TJ Airport signs. It’s close to the TJ airport. It closes at 10pm and reopens at 6am so keep that in mind.

Many guys go for the weekend “Friday, Saturday and Sunday”. I suspect guys living more then a 3 hours drive away prefer to take advantage of the long drive and stay a few days.

Probably one of the better hotels to stay at is the La Villa de Zaragoza
They do allow you to bring ladies to your room.
The one problem you may have is that ladies are less willing to leave the zona. Hotels in the zona such as Cascadas next to Adelita Bar put you right in the middle of the action. The hotel above the Tropical Bar is also not bad. The best hotel for Chicago Club is the Leyva Hotel which is next door. Many of the working girls stay at this hotel while working at the club. Note, the rooms are not up to US standards and below what you would find at a Motel 6. The benefit is almost all the women will stay there with you for longer term sessions.

Beware of guys walking the streets and cab drivers as you will get mixed results for getting set up. Your best bet is to go to the Chicago Club, Adelita Bar or (all have info posted about them on this board). Check out the two links in the posts above (Going to TJ and the Mexico FAQ) for more details. While at the clubs take your selected girl to the short time room (at the club) and see what kind of chemistry you have. Then start making some offers. It all depends on you and the girl, $100-$300 for all night and $200-$600 for 24 hours.

You might consider going to Ensenada (one hour south) where longer term parties are more common. The women are also more willing to go farther to nicer hotels since it’s common there.

Girls working in the Strip clubs demand higher rates. It will also depend if it affects their work day. For example some of the girls will consider going to your hotel after they get off work (3am) to spend the rest of the night with you. Usually $150-$300. Should they have to take a day off work it will cost you even more.

Finally the least expensive is Adelita Bar, Chicago Club HK. If you have some Spanish speaking ability then you can get even lower prices at the smaller clubs like Las Chevlas, Tropical and the Miami bars. (there are several other small bars in the zona). The key again is your ability to speak the language.

Note: How you come off with the lady,(social skills) are important too. I’ve seen some TJ guys who frequent the clubs get rejected no matter how well they speak Spanish. If your a drunk, talk loud and never shut up, are obviously rude, pushy and a jerk don’t expect anything no matter how much your willing to pay. Remember you get what you pay for so don’t expect much from a $20 street girl in the alley. Beware of the American know it all that claims he can get you anything


Tips for Driving into Tijuana and Crossing the Border

“If you drive by car, I would suggest the Otay crossing. Go in front of the airport and pass it. Then, make a right and then a left. At the first light go under the bridge and make a left and get in line. Do not go to the other entrances because you will stay in line for hours.”

“I always park on the US side and walk across. I usually park at the motel across from the bridge after the Freeway exit. It costs around 7 dollars. I would rather do this than drive into Tijuana.”

“If you don’t like dealing with pedestrian lines, taxis. and the ten mile hike, then driving in is a cinch. A Mexican Liability policy will run you about $125. a year. For the ten bucks a month that it boils down to, you’ll get your parking a whole lot cheaper and you can skip the two cab fares. The lines truly depend on what time of day you cross. The shift changes are at the border and we get in line 30 minutes before that time. At 11:30 pm, they’re almost waving cars through. These guys don’t want to bust anyone 15 minutes before end of shift.”

“Here’s a tip for driving in TJ: DON’T. Mexicans are notoriously dangerous drivers and only loosely adhere to traffic laws. If you are driving your own car and value it in the least, then steer clear of TJ. The roads are terrible. Park on the other side of the border, the last exit before entering Mexico, walk across the border and take a taxi. Be sure to agree on the price before you get in the taxi. Five dollars should take you to the hot spots. Every driver knows the location of the Chicago and Adelita bars. The real advantage is on the way back. Instead of an hour-long wait trying to cross the border in your vehicle, you can breeze through the pedestrian checkpoint in well under 10 minutes.”

“Driving into TJ is quite the time saver and keeps costs down. Dealing with the pedestrian lines, cabs going both ways, and the inability to wander to other places (Rosarito, etc.) without getting soaked is for the birds. I believe that one should go to TJ a few times using the taxi method so they can get an idea of what driving is all about in Mexico before doing it themselves. Be sure to park in a lot ($3) because your car is not safe on the streets. Those who do not steal/strip it, will lean against it and scratch it up. Driving into TJ is like going to the gun range. Follow your safety rules and chances are nothing bad will happen.”

“When I am not staying in TJ, I sometimes park at the Jai Alai stadium, or at another secured parking area. Never park on the street. Remember, you are in a third-world country. If I stay in TJ, I sometimes stay at the Hotel Zaragoza, where for $5 I can take a taxi anywhere in the city. Or, you can park at other hotels closer to Zona for only $3, or free of charge if you’re a guest of the hotel.”

“Before heading to TJ, I always check to find out what the wait time is to cross the border. If you don’t have access to the Internet, call (619 )690-8800. When you hear the recorded message, punch 9. They will give you the wait time for both pedestrians and automobiles. When driving back, always get in the far right (east)lanes. These lanes almost always move faster. To do this, you may have to go a few blocks further south and east instead of taking Third Street straight to the border. Incidentally, when taking a cab back to the border crossing, always have the driver take you to the right (east) side of the crossing. That way, you don’t have to walk across the bridge and the busy border-crossing street. The (619) 690-8800 number is a good asset, but typically you’ll need to add about 15 minutes to the time they quote (especially during weekend daytime hours).”

“I have had my best luck going back between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm on Sunday, but not through the Spaghetti Bowl tourist trap. You have to go the back way by Zona Rio mall east as far as you can go, then turn left. I usually get through there in about 30- 40 minutes on Sunday.”

Driving by car there are two crossing points, the main one in Chula Vista and another one a bit east in Otay (note they close early 10pm I think). Crossing times lately have been as long as 2 hours in the evening and as late as 2am. The buses while running can be quick “Red bus” that leaves the parking lot to your right at the last exit. I have waited over an hour on the bus also so nothing is for sure. Even the walk out lines can be slow. This can all change and you might not wait at all but it may happen as it did to me this last month.

Parking in Tijuana

If you’re driving into TJ, the best place to park when visiting Revolution or nearby attractions is in the Gigante grocery store parking lot. It’s halfway down Revolution on the left hand side. It’s secure and has a 24 hour staff which patrols the lot. The central location is also good for access to the Zona Rosa.

Parking on US Side, East of the 5 Freeway
A new parking lot is now available on the east side of the freeway. It’s located behind the Jack in the Box and Gateway Inn $5.00 for the day.

It’s helped reduce the prices of other lots such as the lot at the Gateway Hotel just north of Jack In the Box. While prices have been as high as $7 for 8 hours, it’s now $4 for 8 hours.

I prefer this lot as it’s close to the immigration exit on the US side. I like doing the longer walk over the pedestrian bridge first, and then when returning it’s a short walk to the car. This also helps if you tend to drink.

Parking on US Side, West of the 5 Freeway
The parking lot just to the right as you exit the 5 interstate has just raised fare for the red buses. It’s now $2 per person one way to Revolution. I don’t care for the wait, which is sometimes 30 minutes in between buses. Make sure you catch the last bus, as they cease to operate after a certain hour.

Leyva Hotel, safe, never heard of a problem in my 8 months of staying there 3 times a week at times. If you get a room there its free and you get in and out rights.
Parking Lot (next door to Gigante) or the Jack in the Box on Rev. Its paid, fenced, police patrol the lot and many other mongers park there.
Alaska Hotel, one block east of the zone, a block south. entrance on Rev. Hotel guests free.
Sanbourns has two locations, the larger one at the far end of Rev, has underground parking. Trouble is its too dam far away.
All in all, if you have to walk too far, you might as well park at the border $4-$7 depending on the day. Weekends are more. AAA cards get $1 off at 5 star. Gateway Hotel, offers (1) 8 hour period for free if you park there (10) times.
Lot Safety
Park close to the attendants booths for safety.
I’ve never seen a break in but have heard of some.
If you really want to save, park one block west of 5 star in front of the shopping center. Its a right turn when you exit the freeway (last exit).
NEVER PARK on the streets of TJ, your asking for trouble.

Best place for safe parking is the Sanbourns on 8th street. Park in the underground lot and have your ticket stamped at one of the cajas. This is good for two hours free. Then the price goes up. Yeah,I know it is a long walk to AB or CC, but this is the safest place to park in TJ.

Taxi Libre
An alternative to regular taxis
For those who normally take the yellow cabs into town and pay upwards of $5 per ride, here’s an alternative: Taxi Libre. It costs only $2 per trip and it’s easy to find.
Here’s how:
After you walk across the border, turn right after you pass Mexican Customs and go through the turnstiles at the end of that walkway. Don’t go straight to the turn styles under the TAXI sign.
Once on the street, walk left for half a block until you reach the Caliente gambling hall. The stop (Sitio) is right out front.
Look for the white cabs with orange stripes. They arrive frequently. There is sometimes a line for them, but that moves quickly. Sometimes, you may even find a line of cabs waiting for customers.
Like I said, the trip should cost only $3-$5 The cabs, by the way, are metered. If the meter doesn’t work, just pay the $2.

To find them, when walking across the border everyone enters the same way. When you enter the first turn style (swinging gate) you will follow the pedestrian traffic…in about 30 yards there will be a split in the path…take the right split. Now when you pass through the second and last turn style cross the street and walk left on the sidewalk. You will see many “yellow” taxis on your right, but continue to walk past them and as the side walk bends toward the right the taxi libres line up in front of the bus station. The yellow taxis are in bed with the Mafia and will play games with you, such as telling you the place you want to go is “closed” They will often offer a price like $3 for you if you are in a group, and then when you get there they act like you agreed to $3 per person.

When returning from the Zona Norte find a taxi libre(they are everywhere in that area) and tell him you want to go to the “linea sentri” and he will drop you off the closest place to cross back into the US by foot.

About 25 years ago I visited TJ to do some whore mongering. I was staying in San Diego visting from Germany. I really did not have such a great time. An American/Mexican guy befriended me on the Ave. Revoloution and we were both there for the same reason. We went to some dancing bar and a transvestite sat down next to this guy. It was not a good evening….a fight broke out, the guy broke a bottle over the TVs head, there was blood all over the place……we did leave together, but this guy was a real hot head.

Next we went to another bar and I lost about 20 US to a pickpocket. It was about time to bring this wonderful evening to a halt. I had a car parked at the border and said adios to TJ and this crazy guy.

There was an agreed upon amount to the border with the cab, but when we get there he tells me the ride was 100 US. I explain that there is no way that I will pay this (remember this is 25 years in the past). He tells me to give him my watch. This was a gift from parents, so he is not getting the watch. The argument continues in low tones.

Suddenly a TJ police auto pulls up behind us. I am asked along with the cab driver to exit. A scuffle begins with three little guys (I am 6 foot 5 inches and 220 pounds at that time….semi pro boxer) Suddenly a TJ policeman pulls up in his car, runs over to me and begins a fist fight (not pushing and shoving, boxing) He caught me slightly on the chin as I did not want to fight with the police, but as this continued I fought back. I got hit quite a few times from behind by the other three policemen.

The cab driver stood silent throughout the incident. They told me to get in the back of their car and had put handcuffs on as I realized the danger of fighting with these guys.

A lot of discussion between the police and the cab driver took place near the cab. He came to the back of the police car where I was sitting and asked if I had money to pay the police. I had never heard of anything like this and asked that they call the German Consulate (I must have been a retard and believe me my English and Spanish were very poor at that time).

Finally, the cab driver is now placed in hand cuffs and is sat beside me in the rear of the TJ police car. We go for a ride to the police station and are both brought into the station in handcuffs. We are separated at this point. The cab driver says something like “Thanks much” as he is taken to another area.

I happened to have my passport and driver’s license with me…..and they seemed to be very interested in my passport. There was some telephone calls being placed at that point. I was a stupid guy back then and didn’t have enough sense to be afraid. I was yelling across the station something stupid like “That’s right go call the Chancellor of Germany….he’ll tell you who I am” Looking back at this I cannot believe I did this.

After about 1 hour a guy in a suit came into the station. He spoke English very well and he asked me what had happened. He seemed to be a nice guy. He showed me some kind of an official looking ID…I did catch the word Policia on it….but I was in a police station. After another 1/2 hour another TJ cop and a partner come to my room with the guy in the suit. He says “They will take you back to the border”. The older cop was named Dante/surname (for some reason I never forgot this).

Believe it or not, they took me back to the border and said goodbye. Dante gave me his telephone number and said that if I ever came back to TJ he would show me around. He offered me a handkerchief to wipe the blood off my face. I said adios and crossed into the US. I had to go to immigration and I immediately told everyone what had happened. Thinking that there was going to be some massive response to my bashed in face and other injuries. The customs and immigration guys (and I think they called for a Border Patrol guy too) did nothing at all…no report. They told me I was lucky to be alive and that I should be glad that I was in the US.

By the way….I never had to pay for the cab ride. This was a pretty dangerous way to get free transportation to the border.

TJ is safer in the day, yes. TJ can be safe at night but you should follow some of the “after dusk rules”. Take a cab from the border to the zone. Take a cab back to the border from the zone. Walk in the street, not on the sidewalks. Stay within the zone, don’t walk into the surrounding areas. Even in the day the surrounding areas are not as safe as the well traveled tourist areas.

Learned the lessons associated with the Tijuana Police and their associates “The Trafficos”. I go to TJ 2-3 times a week. The big secret is using your head. Use a (restroom) bano in a bar to pee. Pissing in the street attracts attention. Don’t brawl or scream across the street. If a bunch of the foot coppers are walking toward you or a police car pulls up next to you, don’t make eye contact. It sounds stupid but it really works. Nothing is full proof, but the effective method of keeping out of trouble is not creating any reason for them to stop you. The cops are incredibly corrupt. I bought a badge off a cop’s chest for $40.00. I don’t suggest trying that. I had a “cop to cop” conversation with this old timer and had to show him my work ID card from here in the states. Just chill out. These guys make about $200. a month, so a $20.00 payoff is like a big bonus to them.

This is my experience of mordita (Bribe) south of the border. Recently in TJ after leaving a club I decided to urinate in a parking structure next to my car. A security guard promptly came out of hiding and caught me. He said I needed to pay him some money. I didn’t have any money and upon learning this he proceeded to call the police. The police showed up in 5 minutes and asked me if I urinated. I lied and said no. At once they had me put my hands on their car, then behind my back. They put hand cuffs on me and took me away. They gave me no options whatsoever. They then transferred me to a truck which took me to the police station where they said I would see a judge and pay the ticket. Fine. During the truck ride more and more offenders were added and soon I was covered with people sitting on me. When we arrived at the station we were all put into a cell together. A transvestite tried to make moves on me. I was called out of the cell and brought to a small podium before a female who looked more like a clerk than a judge. I was told to pay $30.00 which I said I didn’t have. I did have a credit and ATM card and offered to pay with that. I also asked them to give me the ticket. They said, “cash only” and would not show me any ticket. Great. They then took me back to the truck with others and took us to a different jail where we were searched and had to give over certain belongings. I had to give up my shoe laces and glasses. They told me I would serve 8 hours. Well, luckily I was put into a cell with nice people who were not interested in harming me. However, I was kept for more like 11 hours and later found out that my charges had been changed from unlawful urination to having sex in a car! I was supposed to be released at 1:00pm. At about 12:50pm my friends showed up and bailed me out for $21.00. I had already served my time and still had to pay?!!! I was also very lucky to get my glasses back because they never gave me a receipt. This has been my third “run in” with the TJ cops. Another time they stole my wallet with over $100.00 in it. What if you follow the cops to the station after a traffic violation and they throw you in jail for not having any money? After my experiences, probably anything can happen.

If stopped for a traffic violation in TJ do not pay the officer. The official procedure is to:
1.follow them to the police station
2.Tell your side at the station
3. pay the fine about 8.00 to 15.00 depending on the violation.
It is nothing to fear unless your drunk or have drugs on you.
Usually they will let you off with a warning at the scene of the violation if you demand to go to the station. They would rather be out finding another sucker who is not as well informed and who they can squeze for a bribe of 20.00 to 40.00 dollars. not at the station with you paying the fine. Report any attempted bribes to the Board of tourism @ 1st and Revolution. If you dont believe me check with the board of tourism and ask them how to handle a traffic stop in Mexico this is where I got this information. And I have paid morditas(bribes) in the past and if you get a cop with ethics and morals you could be in more trouble by offering him a bribe same as he

Just a note to all of you who might wish to visit the strip clubs in TJ. The women are decent, the price is right and the atmosphere is very unique. However, if you venture off the main drag (e.g. Revolution Blvd.) and are considering going to Molina Rojo or Chicago Club, take a $5 cab ride into and out of this area. These two clubs are located in an extremely seedy part of TJ.

Many U.S. patron get mugged in this part of town. I have been to this area many many times and am here to warn you that this area is extremely dangerous. I have fallen prey in the past to a mugging. The police in this area are non-existent and will not offer much in the way of help if you fall victim to a crime. Believe me when I tell you that you do not see many gringos walking the streets in this area. If you do, you may as well hang a sign around their neck that says “Sucker”. This area is plagued with heroin addicts and the such. Chances are that if you are getting mugged, people on the street will watch, but not help. It is possible to go down to this area and have a great time, but don’t chance it by saving a few bucks and walking down there by yourself. I would hope you consider your life worth more than a $5 cab ride.

Lastly, the streets are dark in this area and there are many alleys and unlit areas where someone can jump out at you. If you do walk, don’t go down alone. Carry yourself like you are the meanest SOB in the valley! Have fun, always use a condom and be careful.

Don’t stop to give scumbags the time of allow someone of a questionable nature bum a smoke from you. Before you know it, a bunch of her/his buddies are crowded around you and hands are in each of your pockets. Do not keep money in your shirt pockets either. The local “He-She” whores don’t get quite the amount of business the real females do, so they are well known for pick pocketing and pulling somewhat discreet strong arm robberies to make up the difference. These usually only happen in the areas where you shouldn’t be anyway. Avoid the corner of first street and Martinez at night

walking in the streets, sidewalks are dangerous, I was walking near Adelita at night there was a large group of locals at a doorway of one of the many clubs, I went to check it out and as soon as I got near a huge he/she grabbed me and started to pick pocket me, Luckily a Security guard saw me and saved my ass, he/she didn’t have a chance to get to my back pocket or I would have had a bad night, I have vowed never to leave the block at Adelita, I will walk around to see an assortment of street girls only to return to the safe confines of Adelita, It’s a great place to hang and drink beer.

” TJ, like Nevada, is a gamble, but it’s more along the lines of a 25-cent slot machine than a blackjack table with a 20-dollar minimum: it doesn’t hurt so much when you lose.”

Yes its like a winding road and you will hit the curve. Getting ripped off has its own odds and the variables are certainly out there . Overall it is not a question if you are going to get ripped-off but when are you going to get ripped-off ?

Management of lust let us say, is the key in not courting disaster. Desperation starts ripp-offs and control avoids it. Following certain basic guidelines minimizes any contact with ROBS and leads to happy mongering.

We are the one’s who set ourselves up to these ROBS. All the signs are always there yet we cannot resist the temptation so we get desperate in our search for that ‘right girl’ and fall into the cooing arms of a great hustle or the charms of a devil whore who stages a lighting robbery in our wake.

A ripp-off is when you have an agreed upon sexual arrangement with a provider which usually starts on a happy positive note and starts going downhill the moment you engage in actual sex and the services are cut short. It is to be understood that you have not acted in any bad faith towards her to alienate matters in the first place.

I have had great experiences in Nevada but some were definite ROBS and I will usually tell the Madam or the Woman on the floor about my unhappiness. They used to take note of that back than when loyal customers were important to Kitty’s and Kit-kat or Bunny Ranch. That girl will usually disappear from the line-up next time I visited them.

More ROBS are in Nevada now than before.

With the advent of corporate,impersonal,high-roller and over- priced sex those good old things have become a part of history and the management will now throw you out first than throw the girl. Mangement seems to care less and the girls know it. Therefore they are content on one time $300 encounters.

They donot know the difference between ‘regulars’ and the one-time freaks.

Next time you’ll have to try some of the known “good girls” at the Chicago club, they also exist at Adelita bar. You just have to take the time to have someone point them out. Kinda like going to Germany and making your first girl or experience a tried and true pick. It’s very true you need to jump in or break the ice the first time to get rolling. I’m sure after a few days in Germany things get easier and your more sure about who or how to select in the process. When I used to visit TJ on a regular basis (every two weeks) I would stick to at least one or two sure things. It’s always nice to experiment and try new girls also. Lately the women appear to be more jaded then in the past. Some real good lookers but as far as quality many are far too clinical.

One of the big positives about Germany is the way the women treat your dick. They actually touch it like they want to and the best ones make love to it. In retrospect women in Nevada or Mexico often treat your dick likes it’s dangerous. Trying to put a condom on before your hard is a huge no-no. Besides your dick is not dangerous it’s the fluid that comes out when (you cum) that needs to be handled with care. You also get the feeling that the women don’t want to be with you. This can be not permitting you to touch, kiss, fondle or get close. The only contact they permit is a covered condom which really makes for lousy sex.

Like I’ve said before there are many variables to all this and you could possibly still find good sex in Nevada. The problem is if it’s worth paying $150 and up? You have to also consider many of the Nevada brothels are not what I consider close to LA. The time you spend driving, hotels and other related costs don’t make sense when for $400-$600 and 10 hours you can be around younger, more attractive, more skilled, plus women that (WANT TO FUCK YOU) for as little as $50.

I used to spend 8 hours driving up to Reno, I really enjoyed the drive up the 395 and visiting each brothel. I hated the pressure to select, the heckling, the gimme a buck for the music box or buy me a drink routines. Most of the best women usually knew it and demanded top dollar. In Germany prices are set so regardless of how hot she is the price is the same. You pay for sex not looks so the playing field is equal.

Your paying for sex in Germany, but in the US and Mexico you usually pay more if the girl is more attractive. Plus each girl has her own idea of what good sex is. In Germany they all seem to know what good sex is and you consistently get good results. We’ve made it so complicated here in the US.

I completely agree, and I have the scars to back it up. Nevada, supposedly “enlightened” when it comes to paid sex, simply encapsulates our puritanical society’s view of it as a shameful activity to be done on the sly, the domain of awkward losers and cheating husbands. Providers pick up on this vibe and exploit their customers’ underlying guilt for all they can. It truly is a cold and hateful place when it comes to paid sex. There are just too many games and too much uncertainty involved. Some guys find these games a challenge and enjoy playing them, but I find them to be a pain-in-the-ass and a total detriment to the experience. Sex is supposed to be fun. If I want to get stressed out, I’ll go to work. If I want to go to Nevada and get screwed in the figurative sense, I’ll go to a casino. At least I’ll know what to expect going in.

In the dark days before I found this website I actually thought Nevada was pretty good, and put up with its limitations, bad vibes, and high prices simply because I had nothing to compare it to and didn’t know any better. Now, having experienced Germany and Mexico, and being better educated about the hobby in general, I can put my first TJ experience into its proper context.

Taken in its entirety, it wasn’t all bad. Sure, the lady I had was a hustler, but she did try to be outwardly friendly and establish something of a rapport in spite of the language barrier (which is more than I can say for some of the Nevada pros I’d been with).

The best thing about my TJ experience was that I got to hang around with a couple of friends for a few hours, which, in my opinion, is the second-best thing about whore mongering. (If you have to ask what the best thing is, you’ve obviously visited the wrong site.) We all have the same thing in mind on the way in, and we get to swap “war” stories on the way out. That’s what made Germany such a blast: hanging out with new friends and being surrounded by attractive, attentive women in a relaxed environment in which we felt welcome and encouraged to stay. I believe the German experience would have been worthwhile even if I had never gotten laid there.

But, I digress. TJ, like Nevada, is a gamble, but it’s more along the lines of a 25-cent slot machine than a blackjack table with a 20-dollar minimum: it doesn’t hurt so much when you lose. The total cost of my entertainment for the evening (sex, gas, parking, food) only came to about $80. At that price, I can afford to file this experience under “live and learn” and try again, more the wiser. At least I got the first time out of the way and have a better idea of what to expect.

This brings into focus the fact that we’re dealing with a huge amount of variables here. From the John’s as well as the working women. Having been to several countries and experiencing hookers that lived Beverly Hills life styles to practically street girl material rarely are two situations alike. Where one John visits a woman for companionship or validation others might visit only for sex.

Hookers can be consistent, then again what is our perception of consistent? The same service with the same smile? I’ve had TJ women that were good and as time went on things got even better. Is it acceptable that one day she’s not feeling well, having a bad day and service is just not perfect? Even John’s have days when it’s not the girl but our performance level might not be stellar.

Poor service is also relevant to what each man feels is poor or great service. A recent visit to TJ I had a conversation with a guy who appeared to frequent TJ often and asked for a suggestion. His top pick who in his eyes was great was barely marginal for me. While some guys are turned on just by being in a room with a fairly attractive woman others expect great sex abilities.

When you expand your views by being open to visiting other countries or places besides just one you see this first hand. How do you know what fantastic sex is until you experience it? I thought I had some great times in Nevada when I first entered this hobby in the late 80’s. I did have some great sessions and accepted the limitations we have in the US. Like no BBBJ, no kissing and feeling a bit rushed. Mexico made it easier as it was less costly and women were more plentiful. However language, skills and health conditions don’t make it an ideal place. Germany also has it’s pitfalls but if you figure out where to go you can’t beat the sex. Then trying to compare Nevada, Mexico or other places that don’t offer the German quality it just does not make sense.

Once this is all said you have to throw in the fact that anywhere you go you still can have a spectacular session which is first rate. So there is not really per say a rule to all this. My suggestion is that men be open to try other countries before they form an opinion.

The majority of my sessions recently in TJ were nothing to write about. The best looking women usually turned out to be the least skilled in the sack. If Im to only have great sex with marginally good looking women then to me that misses the point. I don’t go to these places to screw anything female with a hole.

This is one thing that I did not find positive about Nevada. Women in Nevada brothels tended to pressure you to select a woman. Often you’re told that there must be something wrong with you if you can’t find a girl from a lineup. The fact is that even women can’t find a dress they like in a store that has 3000 dresses to choose from. My point is that I visit to find a look and if that woman with that look has the skills to make the time I pay for worthwhile then we can do business. This is not to say I’ve never had GREAT sessions in Nevada. Some of the best were the least expensive. Money also is not the best way to judge a session.

In Mexico you have to go by looks, even if your Spanish skills are excellent you still have a chance of failure when you reach the room. Tight clothes, poor sex skills or no chemistry can still affect your session. This is also true for Nevada with the low lighting during lineups your sometimes disappointed with your selection. Men are shocked when they step into a good German club. Totally nude women with only high heels, sometimes you even get to see them outside in the gardens under day light conditions. You can also watch the women kiss and perform oral in the public areas of the club. All in all you have more ways to figure out if this girls for you. The best part is it’s often less expensive $30-$75 for sex rather then the $100-$1000 Nevada prices or $50-$80 Mexico prices without the problems.

OK so this is just my view from my limited experience. I’ve also heard from guys that visit Thailand that you get GFE for $20 and it’s all night long. At $20 you can afford to make a few mistakes and not feel taken. At $75 a pop you feel worse when you don’t get what you expected and at $1000 I can only imagine how a guy feels who had a bad experience.

From my experience YES some girls are in fact consistent, out of 5 sessions with some I’ve had 5 great sessions. Then again another guy does not have the same experience with the same girl. I’ve recommended some girls over a 3 year period at clubs I frequent and 90% of the time they have a good time. So consistent sex is possible if you find the right woman. Can it be that if you’ve never had the right woman that may be the reason you feel sex is never consistent?

Is anything in life REALLY consistent? Maybe we should refer to it as MOST of the TIME.

One or two episodes in my ten encounters turns out to be a complete rip-off. That is about 10-20 percent on the average. As in any business human nature is the same. We try to take more from others and give them less.

This predatory behavior is by no means an exception to Whores. Actually some of these providers have been subjected to rip-offs all their lives and the anger and venom inside is the basis behind this bad sex where a provider on her own account rips you off! You can’t always blame them its just the nature of this business interaction and the odds are always there no matter what you do.

Hooking is not a stable profession compared to say an office job. So life can get very unfair to a woman involved in commercial public sex with numerous men several times a day. These women take on every kind of a load, like a wheel barrow at a construction site.

But when you step into her (prostitute’s) life briefly for a $50-$500 stake (depending on where you go) than she may in some spiteful way try to make it unfair to you. That means that she will rob you of money or pleasure or both. That always hurts. This pain may cause a whole evening to be ruined and I have felt regretful,guilty and very angry. She will waste your money and good time for sure and often with a very negative influence on the psyche.

There are no hard and fast rules but my Judgment is my guide and keeps me reaching down and choking myself once again when I run into these Rip Off Bitches. Its a part and parcel of my happiness and I carry on a richer and a better whore monger lifestyle.

First of all you never walk from border to Adeliats or downtown. The area is infested with robbers and hoodlums and I am surprised he didn’t get robbed.

Second you don’t just go to any Club. Not the ones that have hawkers shouting at you. You have plenty good ones to chose from like Adelitas, Chicago. Miami. None of these places are such rip-off joints.

Thirdly don’t act like a gringo and go alone if possible. If you have to than be careful and have a street sense and a look over the shoulder to make sure everything is OK.

Fourthly, keep your money in a money belt or half in your shoe and half in your stripped down wallet. (You should leave all your credit cards in the car and keys etc). Count the 20s, get some small change for drinks first. Count the small change and hand over for drinks. Don’t pull out 20s and start handing them over like we do in US while distracted.

Always have exact money for the girls set aside in your wallet for a potential fuck. After all that’s what you are looking for,so in the heat of the moment you are not stumbling for money. For example $50 +11 dollars=$61 and that should be neatly tucked. Keep $1 for those assholes who ask you for cleaning the room.

I always do the following :

1. Never get someone quickly upon entering a a whorehouse or massage parlor or where women are displayed like toys in the window. Just politely decline all advances and get a drink and put your mind on easy. Relaxation is very important for me. The tension is usually high and heavy and absence of sex for months may wreck havoc cause strange emotions specially when there is a boutique full of semi-clad women swirling around like sex goddesses in a dark room and groping your tool or squeezing your tits or pushing your buttons.

The worst example of this is the Nevada style line-up. That line-up in Nevada is a sure rip-off and is made for Suckers and the Desperate. As far as I know have never chosen a girl from a line-up out there that I can remember. I always politely decline and take a seat and sit by myself.

2. I observe and than try to talk to girl who I want to nail to the post. It should better be someone whom I can’t resist. There has to be a great attraction or desire within me to make my money/sperm flow into her. If I am ignored I will try again. She may ignore me again but thats OK. After all the juices are flowing in me not in her and she doesn’t have that much sexual desire for me as I have for her. After all I am the one who has the designs to spread eagle and body slamm her, or bounce her silly on a platform doggy style in her chambers. You have to understand this logic.

If the basic conversation goes OK than there is the green signal to grab her arm and go. If she shows attitude or has any negative signals bouncing off her be very careful. There is more to follow of her the same way and I usually stop the pursuit at this point and pay her no attention. My brief casual talk interview of hers prior to laying out my cash is always crucial. This the best way to avoid a sex rip-off.

Once in the room always carry change. Don’t carry wallet full of dollars which the whore can size up and challenge you when you are at your weakest laying in bed trying suck on that round breast and she demands $50 please or no sucky.

I once have turned away a $350 tall blonde bomshell In-call because she will not agree with me what she will do and demanded money up front before talking. I just walked away and lived happily thereafter and only to ball a cute little young beauty in a matter of an hour.

Usually girls who are up tight and act like a Madonnas, smoke cigarettes
have hard core faces (but great bodies)and who are bumping around on music have to be looked at with caution. They look mean and thats what it is in the girl or she may tell you things that puts you down in an an inferior way right from the start..

An example is a stern sentence like-‘You want to go to room now ? yes or no ?’. They also have to display a certain degree of confidence and control Because these are the girls who will start laying down new rules once you are with them in the room. This is very true for Nevada knock-out babes. These rules usually means less sex for more money and hence fall in the classical definition of a rip-off.

3. I know that my Sex encounter never starts in the room. It always starts when I lay my lustful eyes on a cute girl for the very first time. If a girl shows any behavior of getting an upper hand on me from the very start forget it. The only way you are gonna have her muffin will be her way and not yours. That means more money and less sex. Avoid and do an about turn and run.

Well that is not easy job for me either.After all my dream fuck may slip away. I may have lusted her kind for ever and now my only chance can go away. This is the hardest part of it all, having the courage to walk away. I know I have all the wrong sigals on my sex radar screen and I still wanna fuck her ! I still want to do her. Its the snake inching up to the ferret. Desires can overcome reasoning and this the blind spot where one cannot see his future 30 minutes with a stranger in a strange room. This is where most of the rip-offs occur.

I have been ‘blinded’ and lost $500 in a matter of minutes to a Porn-star at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Well the aging Porn-star was my dream girl of my youthful days when I used to jack-off in front of my TV screen in great earnest on her, when she was bucking and writhing in the video and she looked great.She turned out to be a terrible person in bed for me in reality though.

I have lost control in the Adeliats Bar recently and I truly feel with the guy in Adelitas who had a foul ball and ended up being a disaster.. This can strike a whoremonger anywhere like a secret ailment but the control of passion is the key and can be managed.

3. A great hustle from an average/crappy looking girl is usually a rip-off. Well she will come on strong to you and will lick your ear lobes, message your shoulders, place her hands on you tool. She will also sit next to you and coo and purr like your kitty cat at home but she is not your model whore who is out to give you a good time either. A great hustle should be avoided at all costs in my opinion and let those poor sobs sob some more. At least you will not be sobbing in their place.

4. I try to go back to the same girl with whom I had a good experience if
I really wanna unload and if I cannot find someone new to add to my list
of conquests. This sure prevents rip-offs. Desperation starts rip-off and control avoids it. When I am in a place and there are fewer girls on the menu and my dream selection is not panning out at all I make a safer bet by getting laid by someone whom I had been with. Its a great decision and recipe for happy mongering for me.

5. Due to the advent of Internet I always cruise all the boards and get pointers and read other people’s experiences with service providers and places and that alone has made my day. I have saved me a fortune lately.

Names of Rip-off Bitches and possible photos should be published by all of us so to avoid future nightmares.Let sperm dollars end up in nice spitoons that deserve to be filled and not in some junky sex nurse’s money machine who will knife you no matter what.

6. Avoid Nevada mongering. More Rip-offs happen there than any other place I have known. The deadly part is that it is a drop of a few hundred bucks in the garbage can in a few short minutes. When your putting up $200 plus more than your next round is harder to come by and most of us don’t have so much money to go around or go in debt trying to get laid on a weekend.

A wrong choice can cost and hurt both at the same time. Life is matter of choices for me and I try to make the best out of it, after all its the difference in being happy or sad.

Confessions of a TJ Virgin

Last month, I accepted a friend’s invitation (we’ll call him Mike) to accompany him and another friend (we’ll call him Ike) on a Thursday night TJ road trip. Mike and Ike, being first-rate whore mongers, had made many a South of the Border run, so I was happy to accompany them and soak up their knowledge.

We met up in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant located midway between Orange County and the border, just off of I-5. We then drove the rest of the way together in fine spirits, swapping “war” stories about our adventures in the German FKK clubs and talking about the delights that awaited us in Old Mexico.

We turned off the freeway right before the border and parked in the lot next to the Jack in the Box, which cost $7 for the privilege. We followed the pedestrian bridge over the freeway, went through the revolving gates past Mexican customs, and finally ended up at the taxi stand. We chose a driver from the many vying for our attention and we were off. Since it was now 9:00 PM, and well past dark, the prospect of walking to the Zone was unthinkable for safety reasons. The cabbie dropped us off in front of the famous Adelita Bar, but we decided to first go across the street to check out the Chicago Club, its more glamorous sister.

Inside, the club was dark, loud, smoky, and crowded. It was standing room only for both the dance floor and seating booths. Waiters with numbers affixed to their shirts waved us to tables or tried to take our drink orders, and then, irked, waved us out the door when we declined.

After poking our heads into Chicago and Adelitas, as well as a few bars on the side streets, we headed back to the Chicago Club again. This time, Ike saw someone who struck his fancy, and – poof! – he was gone. He told me later that if he sat there and tried to rationalize things, he’d never get anywhere. So, he relied on simple animal instincts, which he said worked for him more often than not.

While Ike was getting busy, Mike and I walked back to the Adelitas and took our customary position on the sidewalk across from the entrance to the nearby hotel, where we could more closely observe the women as they walked their clients up the stairs. A few of the ladies were built like models, but most were nothing special. Some of them returned linked with their customers arm-in-arm and smiling, others returned sullen and alone. While we waited, Mike became fascinated with a very slender, petite, pretty-faced gal in a revealing red dress. She was very popular that evening.

It was getting late, past midnight. Mike and I went back inside Adelitas, where we noticed that the women were getting more aggressive now, propositioning us, reaching around our waists or shoulders. Mike turned down one petite, curvy young thing’s advances, as he was still waiting for The Lady in Red. Just then, a much taller girl corralled us, and offered to take us both upstairs and “make a sandwich” with us for 60 bucks. “Are you going to be the mayonnaise?” Mike jokingly asked her, in Spanish.

Now, this woman would never have been my first choice, had I stopped to rationalize things. She had a decent face and large breasts, normally a plus, but she also had an enormous rear end that was way out of proportion to the rest of her body (Mike and I both suspected implants) to go with her aggressiveness.

Normally, the latter alone would be a big yellow flag. I’ve learned that, as a general rule of thumb in Nevada, Germany, and now Mexico, a big hustle means a lousy time in the sack.

Despite all this, I decided to go with her anyway. I was in an unfamiliar situation, suffering from sensory overload, and needed someone to break the ice. Mike told me that there was no pressure, that I could (and should) tell her no, but I had to get the first time out of the way. After her, I thought, it was bound to get easier. So, I countered with an offer of $50. She (I never learned her name) agreed.

As my “girlfriend” and I left the club for the hotel, Ike ran up and asked if Mike was still inside. I nodded assent and followed the lady up the stairs. She collected towels as I paid the $11 room fee. A young man accompanied us down the hall to show us to a room, which was dark, spare, and basic inside. The lady turned on the bathroom light and closed the door most of the way to allow for a least some lighting. She then walked up to me, put a firm hand on my package, and cooed all sorts of salacious promises into my ear. Then, she told me to hand over the money.

We began to undress. She removed everything but her brassiere, and leaned back on the bed while she played with herself. She stopped to help me out of my boxer shorts, and then I lay back on the bed so she could stimulate me and apply the condom.

When I reached for her brassiere, she pushed my hands away. I tried it again. She pushed my hands away again. Great, I thought with exasperation, another Nevada experience.

Finally, she told me I could suck them for an extra $40. I declined, of course. Whatever minimal sparks were generated back on the dance floor were certainly gone by now.

Mike was right: going with her wasn’t the best decision, but I could be thankful I wasn’t in Nevada, where a wrong move could cost hundreds. So, I eventually relaxed and accepted my fate. After an okay half-and-half (missionary seemed to be the only position she would allow) and a hand job, I finally got my nut, removed the condom, got dressed, hugged her goodbye, placed a dollar tip into the outstretched hand of the room boy, and walked down the stairs alone to join my friends. I never did find out if that booty was real or store-bought.

So, there you have it. As we walked up Avenida Revolucion to find a cab to take us back to the border, the three of us compared notes. Ike had a good time with his selection, but was annoyed with the telephones that the Chicago Club hotel had installed in the rooms. Phone rings, time’s up. A definite passion killer, to be sure. Mike eventually sampled The Lady in Red; he reported a decent, but not earthshaking, experience. As for me, I definitely hit a foul ball my first time at bat, but I should do better next time up.

I’ve been reading the reviews on this site for years, and it has definitely assisted me in MANY successful adventures to the Chicago Club and Adelitas. I thought I’d finally post a detailed (and damn long) review that would help the first-timer who may be a bit nervous about taking the plunge to TJ. So… here is my 2 cents worth:

Definitely, park on the US side of the border at the last US exit. From there, walk to the border and through the two sets of turnstiles into Mexico. As soon as you go through the last set of turnstiles, you will find a host of taxi’s waiting to take you to your destination. Don’t worry about having to ask for a taxi, before you take ten steps, one of the cabbies will approach you and ask if you need a taxi. They all charge about the same (around $5 or $6 to go to the zona norte), so don’t worry about negotiating here. If your by yourself, sit in the front seat with the cabbie, it’s considered polite. If your with a friend, go ahead and park it in the back. Tell the cabbie where you want to go (i.e. Chicago Club or Adelita’s). He will drop you off right in front of the door to either one.

The Chicago Club and Adelita’s are very different environments, but both can provide the same results. 🙂 The Chicago Club tends to be a bit more sterile (if you can use that word describing TJ). It’s brighter, and much calmer an atmosphere than Adelita’s. Sometimes, they put on a strip show later in the evening that may end up topless (I’ve yet to see a full nude strip). The Chicago Club tends to be pretty dead before 9:00pm on a Friday or Saturday night. It is, however, easier at Chicago Club to sit at a table and be able to check out all the girls in the club. Once the club gets hopping, try not to sit at the bar, as that is where the girls like to sit (sort of reserved for them). The girls will tend to also stand at the front by the entrance in a small bench cutout, and at the back of the club against the wall by the bathroom doors. If your the shy type, this club is a bit harder to walk up to a girl you want to get with and ask her to go to the hotel without everyone seeing (not that anyone really cares, that’s what everyone is there for!). You can, however, point out a girl you like to a bartender, and he will bring her over to you (be sure to tip the bartender a buck or two for his kindness). But, nevertheless, if your the type that doesn’t like to be seen, then Chicago Club can be a bit intimidating.

The one thing to watch for with the Chicago Club is that if you are sitting in a booth for too long, a girl, most likely not of your liking, will come and plant herself right next to you, suck down a drink on you, rub your dick through your pants and try to get you to go to the hotel. That kinda sucks if you’ve got your eye on someone else. Anyhow, once you’ve found the girl you want, simply whisper “Want to go to the hotel” in her ear, and your gone! If you want to negotiate, do it then, before you go up. If not, you’ll probably pay the average of $60 for her services. I’ll get to the specifics of the hotel excursion after describing Adelita’s, as the hotel experience is the same for both.

In contrast to the Chicago Club, Adelita’s is a dark, hot, chaotic party. It’s definitely more of a locals bar, with the TJ look and feel on the inside. The place is usually going pretty good early on, and is down-right PACKED after about 10:00pm on a Friday or Saturday. By packed, I mean you are literally working up a sweat just to get to the back of the club. I’ve spent a lot of time at Adelitas, and I’ve found that the club has definitely different “zones” that contain different moods. Let me try to summarize: When you walk in the door through the curtain, the dance floor, surrounded by booth seating will be directly in front of you. You can go right or left from there. To the left, up a few stairs is the island bar. It tends to be a calmer hangout for the patrons. I would also say fewer good looking girls hang out at this bar. Behind the bar (far left wall) is some bench seating lining the walls. I’ve pretty much concluded that this is where the girls go to rest and get off their feet. Not too great a place to go shopping.

Moving on, you have the back wall of the club. A whole host of different types park it against that wall. Lots of girls (I think the skankier ones) line the wall next to the men’s bathroom entrance here. I can’t tell you how many times my dick or ass has been grabbed while passing down along that back wall corridor. Now I’ll describe what I think is the best area in the club. The right-hand, back corner of the club. In the very far corner, there is a small stage, usually not used for show purposes, and bench seating lining the walls. Directly in-between that small dance floor and the main dance floor in the center of the club is a fairly large standing area. It is here that the hottest girls tend to hang out. This is where you want to stand if you are looking to take a hot one up to the hotel! I’ve also noticed that the hotter ones tend to group together and stand in the middle of the smaller dance floor described earlier.

Since Adelita’s is so dark, hot and noisy… and due to the fact that almost everyone is standing in this club, you can easily blend in and pick up the girl you want without anyone noticing (again, not that anyone cares). Here, the waiters are not the effective means for getting the girl you want. In Adelita’s you simply pick her out, worm your way through the crowd over to her, make eye contact, and say the magic words “Do you want to go to the hotel”. I’ve sat down and bought them a drink first a few times and tried to make light conversation, but my Spanish absolutely sucks and their English usually does too. So just be polite and get to the point. If you want to narrow the possibility of having a bad time in the hotel, pick a girl who has returned eye contact and has cracked a smile back at you (which, for the slow, means that she wants you to come over and ask her to go to the hotel).

The hotel: In either club, once you’ve asked the girl to “go to the hotel”, and whatever price negotiation you do is done, she will take off walking for the door. This may sound silly, but it is right here where you will know if you are going to have a GREAT time, or it will be mechanical. The majority of the time the girl grabs my hand and leads me out of the club, the experience is been very good to down right awesome. The ones that do not grab my hand and just take off walking for the door (with you following behind), have a tendency to either completely suck or are way too business like with the act.

Obviously, what I’m saying here is that if she grabs your hand, she at least mildly likes something about you, which goes along way upstairs. Continuing on, you will walk outside, go down the sidewalk about 10 feet, and in to the entrance of a hotel. From there you will go up a flight of stairs to the front desk counter. Simply go to the clerk behind the desk and hand him $11. He will give the girl a small bag (condoms, creams and such) and off you go again. She will then lead you to an available room somewhere in the hotel. Once inside the room, the girl will usually ask for the money up front. I’ve read a lot of reviews about not paying up front, and honestly, I’ve paid up front every single time and have never had a problem. Once the money issue is out of the way, go ahead and strip. You can shower if you want to first, but I would recommend showering afterward as the clock is ticking with the “room guy” lurking the hallways outside. She will strip as well and then do what she does best. Usually that entails a BJ with condom, then sex in various positions until you pop. If you take longer than 20-25 minutes, the “room guy” will start knocking on the door (I have yet to figure out how the heck he keeps track of all those rooms in use!).

Once your done, feel free to take a shower to rinse off, and, if you liked her (meaning she wasn’t a total bitch to you, of which I’ve had only a few), go ahead and give her a tip. I usually give a $10 tip, and occasionally a $20 if she rocked my world! After your both dressed and leave the room, the “room guy” will either be standing or sitting somewhere by the stairwell. Give him a dollar on your way out. If you don’t, he will stop you and ask for it anyhow. He not only knocks on the door for you with ultimate penis control, but he also is the one who cleans the rooms for the next patron. I personally think his jobs SUCKS for $1, so I happily pay it. From there it’s back down stairs and back into the club for more fun!

Regarding safety, I would say walking between Adelita’s and the Chicago Club is generally safe and pretty well lit. I would recommend against walking anywhere else (especially alone). Although I’ve never experienced it, I’ve read many reviews over the years of guys who have been mugged by the locals on the side streets. Bottom line, take a cab. It’s cheap and safe. If you MUST walk, then walk in the street along side the parked cars. It’s much more difficult for someone to jump out of an alley at you when your ten feet away.

In order to help put an end as to which club (CC or Adelita’s) has the overall best looking women, I will say this. It completely varies. Some nights, the Chicago Club has a bunch a DAMN FINE women, and others their at Adelita’s. I’ve been down so many times, that I’m here to tell ya, it’s the luck of the draw. I will say, however, that I (as most who have written here) favor Adelita’s. It seems to have a larger selection, is easier to approach the girls, and is easier to fend off the ones you don’t want. Oh, and drinks are cheaper at Adelita’s as well.

How many times have I been down, and with how many girls, you ask? Well, I’m not the most frequent visitor (Brockton :-), but I usually always get with two to three girls per trip, and I’ve completely lost count of the number of trips. Let’s just say it’s been enough to feel completely comfortable with the environment (is that bad?)… Happy hunting guys! Remember, be safe and be polite!



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