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I really can’t believe that more hasn’t been written here in terms of massage.

Stamford is more or less the capital of AMPs in Southern CT. There are quite a few at last count (5-6). Since it’s a relatively snooty town, they are very rarely crowded and the girls really have to work for their money.

If you are visiting Stamford and have a vehicle, get off of exit 9 of 95, jump on Rte 1, and head TOWARDS downtown Stamford (if you find yourself in a town Darien you went in the wrong direction). There will be two on your left. BY FAR the best one of the bunch is the one that shares a building with a local pizza place (not the one in the same building as Blimpies). The one above the pizza place is straight Korean while the other one has a dumpy display of various races. I’d prefer a pretty Asian girl over a dumpy member of another race any day – even if I wasn’t into the Asian thing. Another important key is the place above Blimpies asked for money upfront (probably from a great amount of walkouts). The other places lets you choose, if you request.

There is another place about three blocks down. I have never been, but it’s highly reviewed on other boards. It’s called Apple Salon. It’s about .5 miles from the highway and will be on the right hand side of the road on the second floor of some tire business.

All have been around for at least 4 years now and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There IS very high turnover at these places… so don’t get attached or expect to become a regular with any one girl

There is currently a high amount of police activity around these establishments. I would forewarn one to be extra cautious before going into one.

Basically, use the caution you SHOULD be using


Apple Salon
Hi, I have been a resident of Stamford for a year and have explored their massage parlors quite well. So I thought I should share my wealth with you folks. The first parlor I went is Apple Salon located on Main Street. I have been there on 3 occasions. The first time I was greeted by a slim and extremely sexy girl called Mini who was 19 yrs old. She was Korean. She was so sexy that I wanted her immediately. The house fees has been $60 for an hour till today. I paid the fee on credit card. She was wearing a mini with no underwear and a see through blouse. I undressed and she started massaging me. It was the most heavenly touch and massage was real erotic. Her ass slowly caressed my penis and I was stroking her tender legs. She gave a good 30 mins erotic massage and then I said I wanted a full service. The rate for full service is standard $100. She went and brought a condom and put it on my penis using her mouth. She gave a good blow job for 10 mins and then I spread her legs and started licking her clit. She allowed me to suck and I made her real wet and she was moaning quite a bit. Then I could no longer withhold myself and started fucking in missionary position. Then we changed position to doggie style and finally she sat above me and we fucked till I came. Then I sucked her tits for quite sometime. She then cleaned me with white hot towel and I was completely satisfied.

The next time I went there, there was a different lady who was again Korean but was in late 30s. She was in swimming suit. She too had a great body and this time she allowed me to smooch for long. The rates were the same.

The third time I visited this place, there was again a very young, slim sexy Korean girl. However she was not at all smiling and was serious all the time. But she too allowed me to fuck in all positions.

Apple is one of the best places to have good sex. It always has two girls and both of them are great. If you don’t like the one who receives you, you can always ask for the other one.

I also went to Aloha which is again on Main Street. There is a old lady in the reception and she asked to give house fees first. I told her to show me the girls first as I was not sure of the quality. But she was adamant. I paid her and then waited in a well decorated cosy room. She then sent 2 girls. Both were young attractive Koreans in early 20s. I selected one of them. In this place, the girls generally excite you by rubbing their breasts all over the body. It’s really erotic. The rate for full service is $100.

The third place I went to is Ginza Spa on Atlantic street. It is a big establishment with many rooms. I paid the house fee of 60 dollars for an hour. The manager sent me a girl who I did not like so I asked her to send another one. The manager agreed and she took me to the sauna room. I tried to feel her ass as well and though she resisted but allowed me to press her ass and feel the crack. I then sat in the sauna and a beautiful bubbly Korean girl in 20s came and took me to the shower room. She washes me real good and laughed a lot while playing with my penis. she cleaned by ass hole and then we went to a room where she asked how much I wanted to pay. I kept 100 dollars on the table and she was all happy. I tried kissing her but she did not allow me initially. Then she gave me good blow job and then I fucked her in all my favorite positions. I climaxed while she was on my top and then she said that she would not let me go and wanted me to stay and fuck all the night. Then we kissed vigorously and I left. Ginza again scores 10/10 for the service.

The next place I visited was four seasons. They have 4 girls all the time and this time I invited 2 girls for a 3 some. The girls played a lot with each other and I never had such a orgasm as I had here. The girls were simply superb and I fucked them alternately each min and they did not mind. This gave me a lot of time to play with each of them. While I fucked one the other one would allowed me to suck her clit or tits. It was gaian a great experience. Charges was 60 for house fees and 200 for both the girls.

The last place I visited is Ichiban. It’s not a very good place. The girl was not attractive and fat. When I asked her to undress, she said she was having a period. So when you are in Stamford, my advise is to visit Apple, Four Seasons and Ginza. They stand out and the young Korean girls are outstanding. They serve you really well. In fact if you tip them more they even give you a blow job after removing the condom. You can suck and lick them as much as you want. These are the best places to have a great sex. In case you guys need any specific information, feel free to write to me. More or less across the street from Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Spa
985 E Main St Stamford, CT (
203) 977-7754
$50 up front. $100 FS. Good massage, ok bj.

New Age Spa
446 Hope Street
Stamford, CT
$70 3/4hr $90hr. plus tips. Cute Russian and Ukrainian girls, 6-8 a shift. Body rubs and table showers. HJ is avail, no reports of FS yet. 7 days 10a-10p.

Swedish Health Spa
197 Main Street – Third Floor [Exit 7] Stanford, CT 203/967-8177. Rates: $40 1/2 hr; $60/an hr. Hours: 7 days from 10a-2a. Oriental in spite of it’s name.

Tokyo Garden Japanese Spa
201 Summer Street [Exit 48: I91N for 20 Miles] Stanford, CT. 203/353-0213 $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr 7 days. Dry sauna, table showers, full body massage.

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