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As a rule of thumb, stay away from the big Agencies in Boston, they advertise with big ad’s in the Boston Phoenix, some in the yellow pages. Although you may do OK with some of them, they’re plenty that will rip you off. I’ve had many bad experiences with them such as misrepresentation, you’ll pay more (200-300)/hr, and will tell you full service is included then deny you when the girl gets there.

I once had an agency girl that quoted $200. the girl took my money, I got naked, then she said full service was another $100. I gave her 20 bucks for gas and sent her packing(she was ugly too). She refused to give me my $200 back claiming the agency needed the fee for sending her out. We bickered for 20 minutes and I wouldn’t let her leave with my money so she started screaming rape and tried to call the cops! She called her agency and they threatened to have their muscle come and set me straight. Fearing for my life I gave in and told her to get the hell out of my house.

I’ve had great luck with the independent girls. They have the smaller line ads in the Phoenix and work for themselves or with a small group of girls. If the girl isn’t to your liking they will leave quietly, or you can walk away without any hassles. I managed to find a knockout named Darcy whose is a 10 in looks and 8 in personality(talks too much), she gives a nice massage, great BJ and very satisfying lay in any positions I want and she comes to my house for $175. You’ll never get that with an agency, I only see her because nobody can top this!! The only downside is that the independents never answer their phones, you have to leave a message. If there not working, you won’t get a call back so call a bunch of them and you’ll do OK

The street action is still in Boston on Harrisson Ave from Mass Ave to Chinatown. Just not the block before or after the new police station.

Also try Washington St south of Mass Ave by the park. Washington St north of Mass Ave is good for about five blocks but be careful because this is the areas the police use for sting operations. So if they look to good here pass them over.

Around the Pine Street Inn and the Mobil Station next to it. Look at the payphones the girls hang by them.

Chinatown still has working girls but they tend to be the hardcore type, so maybe not to your liking.

Hemingway St and the area around the Mission Hill Projects is another place to check out.

Bluehill Ave by Franklin park and the Dudley square area.

Travel to East Boston 10 -15 minutes away and the girls work Merdian Street and around the Mobil Station by the bridge to Chelsea.

Chelsea is a good spot several girls working around the Hotel Stanley and Williams St, Pearl St, Market St, And the produce Market. Broadway is the main street and girls work it and around the square.

About prices $40 is on the high side average price is $25 with many girls taking $20. Start low and remember they need you more than you need them.

Hit kneeland street Saturday night for a BJ. cost $50, and she was a little chubby. I haven’t done the street girl action for a few years, too worried about a police sting. usually, the action picks up very late, after 3am.

I’ve seen some of the ladies walking around in Chinatown, especially in the early hours of the night. This is a new event because our beloved combat Zone was cleaned up recently, I thought.

I’m not into street action, so I couldn’t tell you how much and/or what you get.

Chinatown and the old famous Combat Zone in general has the best looking girls in the city. With the great looking girls comes a price, the girls working the Chinatown/ Combat Zone/ Park Square area are the most expensive street walkers in the city. These girls general start with a asking price for a BJ at $50 to $60 dollars, with most of them after negotiating you will pay a low of $30 dollars(very hard to do), to about $50 dollar. If you want full service in the car the rate is between $80 and $100 dollars. This area is fairly large I’ll highlighted in red some of the major places to look within the area. Also during the daytime lots of foot traffic so harder to spot the girls. If you had to try only one area in Boston day or night this would be the one that has girls working most of the time. But that said they are not are always around and dealing with the traffic here is a hassle both day and night.

East Boston has several girls working the city. The main area is along Meridian Street from Central Square to Chelsea. And in this lies the problem, the bridge between East Boston and Chelsea (Meridian Street Bridge) has been under going repairs for the last couple of years. When the bridge is open the action is much better because the girls walk over the bridge from Chelsea, or walk the bridge to get to Chelsea. Right now the bridge is closed so action is slower than normal.
Another area to check is on Benington Street around the Duncan Donuts Area and around the MBTA station at the heights both sometimes have working girls around them.

The bridge on Meridan Street is open again so the action should pick up again from the Chelesa side of the bridge. Before it was close for repairs always a few working girls could be found here.

Centerfolds Boston
12 LaGrange Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Min Age 21

The former combat zone in Boston has really tanked. There are two strip clubs (across the street from one another) and there are both pretty bad. Centerfolds is probably the better of the two. The girls are prettier and the building is more modern, but the lighting is poor. There is a cover charge.

Glass Slipper
15 La Grange Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Entry Age 21
Full Nude Dancing
Full Bar Dancers push overpriced drinks to earn $$$
Mon – Sat 11am – 2am
Sun Noon – 2am

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