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West Garden Spa
Type: AMP
Location: 243 W 30TH Between 7th and 8th
Girls #: 15-20
Girls Rate: 6-8
Saw: Yuki
Her Detail: 8, Very small Chinese, cute face.
Price Paid: $80 House, $20 Her
Service: Massage, HJ
Notes: West Garden is a first rate AMP. Definitely not a Hj factory. The massages are an hour long and fantastic quality. You can’t get a FS here so don’t even try. But you will get a HJ release at the and. And the price can’t be beat.
(212) 977-1376
Multiple incall locations (currently 2) on Midtown West (upper 40s/lower 50s)
Anywhere from 5-10 girls on at any given time.
Rates: $150 for 30 min / $200 for hour
Rates for “private stock” girls higher by $50
I’ve been a long time client of Julie’s…screening process can be tough, but excellent service and great value…one of NYC’s best.
Massage only–not full service
Lexington Ave in the 50s
(212) 421-4066
1-2 girls on at any time…girls are very attractive and give a great sensual massage…one of my favorite NYC spots!!!
Rates: 160 for 40 minutes / 200 for the hour

You go in and there’s a desk, if it’s your first time you fill out a little card (generic, no worries) but if you want you can bluff and just walk past and it wont matter. If you want a specific girl you should ask here now. If not just go on back. Don’t worry about asking for Yuki, just take anyone they’re all pretty good, Yuki just happens to be my favorite. You go in and get your locker, undress and go to the shower room and take a saune, wet or dry. Then a girl will come get you and give you a table shower. She will then lead you up to one of the very nice massage rooms.

If you’ve never had a real good Asian massage you will be blown away by how good it is. It’s not like the usual little rub at an AMP, this is REAL asian massage rivaling what you’d get in Thailand or HK.

You pay when you leave at the desk you saw when you came in. It’s $80 for the masseage, and you leave a tip for the girl. They seem to be happy with $20.

Warning: I wouldn’t go here if your not comfortable with “nicer” places or if you’re not relatively well dressed. You will feel out of place and might not be treated as well. I get the feeling that they are picky about their clentele. Also, you will be in contact with many other men here, shower room etc so if your really shy it might not be for you.

But if you want a really nice experience and a great massage instead of some seedy experience, go here. Or if your a first time hobbyist and are nervous, go here.

I went to Scores, and as the cab I was in was leaving, a young black girl pulled up in her car next to it, and asked if I was looking for some company. I said yes, and she followed me back to my hotel. I paid $100 for a BJ w/ condom where she got completely naked. For an extra $50 I could’ve had full-service, but was just in the mood for a BJ. She was a nice girl, decent body (great ass, small tits), decent face. About a 7 overall. BJ abilities also around a 7. It was my first experience with a black girl, and certainly won’t be the last. The next night, me and my friends went out again, this time around 4am, one of my friends was drunk, and wanted to go out looking for some action. I recommended that we try the same area, telling him “I heard there’s some around here”. I saw Chrystal again, went straight up to her, and told her to pretend she didn’t know me. My friend immediately came up to me, and so did another hooker, about a 3. I asked Crystal to come up to our room (again), and this other girl asked if we needed a second. At the same time, I said no, and my friend said yes. I ended up telling the ugly one we didn’t need her company for the evening, and we took Crystal up to the room.

She took my friend that was with me into the bathroom, and gave him a blowjob (condom $75) while I smoked a joint with my friend. My friend finished, and the girl came out in her bra and panties, and smoked another joint with us, just basically bullshitting with us about the difference in how white people talk, girls she knew on the streets, etc. I gave my friend $75, and he went in. A little while later, he came back out, and it was my turn. She cleaned up, and told me my turn was going to be “extra special”. I asked her if I could take a few pictures to remember the occasion by, but settled for a picture of her spread eagle on the bed. She said she didn’t want to wind up on the Internet, which I can understand. I probably could’ve talked her into it for another $40 though.

She showered first with me, and gave me a better blowjob than the night before, bringing me to the edge, only to slow down. I did her doggy-style in the shower, she rode me on the toilet again, banged her on the sink, and came even harder than the night before. When we were done, my friends were long passed out, and the sun was just starting to come up (about 6:30am). I took another shower as she got her clothes back on, and we bullshitted for awhile, and then she said she had to go. Haven’t had a street hooker since, but I will definitely try to look her up again the next time I’m in NYC.

One lonely, horny spring night, I looked in the back of NY Press, picked an asian agency at random (well, they had the best “artwork”) and called. Very friendly girl with a slight-midstrong accent answered: told me someone would be at my door in half-an-hour (this is the standard answer they give, whether you’re in midtown or coney island), and that it was $200 for *upto* an hour. Note that this does NOT mean an hour.

She also asked what I wanted – I think they do this out of politeness, because if you ask for someone short, busty and long black hair, you’ll get someone called Kim who has shoulder-length hair and 32b tits. If you ask for a tall chinese , you’ll still get Kim with 32b tits and shoulder length hair. Ditto if you ask tiny tits and straight body. All the asian agencies that advertise seem to be Korean.

Anyway, true to her word, half an hour later I saw a car pull up in front of my apartment building, a guy got out and opened the passenger door. A woman walked out – what I could see of her from 13 stories above seemed non-disappointing. The doorman let her in, and she knocked on my door.

She came into my apartment, and I approved the way she looked. Probably in her late 20s at least, but friendly and warm. We sat on the sofa w while, made sure I was harmless, then she took the bills, and called into her agency on her cell phone. Then we moved into the bedroom. She first took a shower, then the fun began.
She was very strict about coming only once, and 40 minutes after we’d started – her cell phone rang. She gave me a friendly kiss, and left. The driver was waiting for her in the car outside. She didn’t ask for a tip but I gave her $30.

Not a bad experience at all: she was enthusiastic, friendly, but expensive for the time and value

I think the thing that annoys me the most about American escorts is the “clock watching” thing. Their level of paranoia (I was asked to show a plane ticket in Phoenix once), and the “you may do this, but not that, don’t touch me there” thing that I had even before starting anything. Maybe I’ve just had horrible luck, but I’ve never met a friendly escort in the States. Have had only a single dud (non-friendly & rushed) in Montreal, and she had moved there from Toronto anyways. The NYC escorts are just too business-like (cold) for my tastes. I dunno, but they sure seem to put the ‘ho in whore.

I recently visited NYC on a very brief trip. I hadn’t planned to pursue this “hobby” while there because of all the discussion about NYC being so expensive. My interest in sampling some local New York cuisine began to rise when the driver from the airport offered me some ideas and a copy of the Village Voice. Most of the ads in the back were for outcall only. I didn’t want outcall for a variety of reasons: I was staying in an upscale hotel with some colleagues floating around; it’s a gamble as to who will be sent over; it’s generally more expensive than incall; and it’s easier to abort the mission if necessary when you’re on their turf. I focused on incall and beyond that, I also looked for Asian. I narrowed the choices to three numbers I’d planned to call: two seemingly private operators and one stable (place with a selection). The first number was a recording that quoted $200 – $240 (I wasn’t clear on what would cause the higher number) and then referred me to a number in another area code. I hung up and called the second one. A very friendly girl answered, and we even had a nice short chat. She quoted $160 for the hour and gave me good directions. I made an appointment to see her later. I then called the stable and talked to another friendly woman who was very informative. They quoted $150 for the half-hour and had a variety of girls, but no Asian. (They wanted photo ID upon arrival). I decided that I’d visit this place the next night if I had time. Later that night, I arrived at my appointment and was let in by a very cute, very VERY petite Chinese girl. She claimed she was 22 (I would have guessed older but definitely under 30). She led me to the spare room in her apartment that was set up for the business and asked me if I wanted everything (uh, yes) and said it’d be $200. I wasn’t really surprised at being jacked an additional $40 over what was quoted on the phone, especially since nothing was described over the phone. In fact, I thought this was relatively reasonable for f/s in NY by a cute, friendly, young girl. My only complaint, a minor one, is that I was being somewhat rushed, but in her defense, it was very late at night and she had been asleep (I forgot to call her as I was departing for her place, like she had asked – my fault.) Also, she called me baby during the action, and it just didn’t sound convincing. Friendly, but not GFE. But I was very satisfied and even thought about going there again the next night rather than risk finding a new but bad experience. The next day, I decided to call the stable, but I ended up with no free time, and then I left. I will try one or two places when I return next time.

I was in New York for the week of Sep 11 (coincidence) and stayed in the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue. There is a great bar on the Lexington Ave side of the hotel, called The Bull & Bear. I spent the end part of most evenings there, and learned very quickly that it’s one of the biggest high class pick-up joints in NY! Every night around 11pm the occasional beauty would stroll in and sit at the bar. Five minutes later they’d be making eye contact, ten minutes later would be having a drink with me, and on two occasions were in my room within a half hour. For an hour of really good fun in the relaxed comfort of my room, it cost me no more than $250 in each case, simply because I negotiated it down from the asking price of $400 in the first instance, and $500 in the second!! I guess it’s a handy convenience for them, and it is at the end of the night.

Worth keeping in mind when next in Manhattan and you find yourself in that area at the tail end of the evening looking for some decent quality company.

I got curious to see if I could find the girl I visited earlier (see above). I got a copy of the VV, found what I believed was the same ad and called. I assumed I was talking to the same girl, but when I showed up for my appointment, it was not a petite Chinese girl but an average build Korean girl. She was 25 and had an enhanced top that could have been done better. I could tell she wanted it to be over but she didn’t rush me. I enjoyed all of the usual positions before finishing. $160 total. Clean up here consisted of tossing me a paper towel. MPs, however, usually give you a hot towel and do most of the clean up themselves. Anyway, last time I suspected that the apartment was just used for the appointments, even if the girl was an independent. It’s obvious now that the apartment is just for the job, and now I’m curious how many girls operate under that ad. Both times it was only the girl there – no bouncer, mamasan, driver, etc.

If you want to get a good escort in the city, go to These girl are very reliable, great and its safe. The pictures are real to and you get to choose your escort. To the contrary Cityvibe is know as the most unreliable of all similar advertising boards, so proceed with care. Eros-ny is a better choice

In the last couple of years, the street scene on the West Side has pretty much completely moved off the street to girls driving around in SUVs or 4dr sedans. This is especially true on 10th & 11th Aves betw 26th and 32nd St (just south of Jacob Javits). It used to be that there would be half naked girls walking around these streets, especially on 29th near the club TWILO. Now, while you won’t find them walking on the street, all you really have to do is cruise around this 5-6 block sq area and you’re bound to run across a few sitting in their cars at a red light or they’ll pull up to your car asking if you’d like a “date”. You can usally get a BJ for about $30 or you can get FS if you want to go to a short stay hotel. I would only recommend if you’re extremely horny or if you’ve run out of other options – they’re all business and tend to rush you.

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