New York City

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Nu-Look Spa
On the east side, around 33rd or 34th street. If you call information, they will give you the number. I believe the price was around $65 or $75 an hour, not including tip.

West Garden Spa
243 W. 30th (7/8 Ave) 212-244-7711
Asian massage place. The quality of women varies from 3-7. The girls are very nice and treat you well. It’s $75/hr, $25 tip. All the rooms have tiny windows. The girls stay fully clothed, but some allow more touching than others. If anybody else has been there, please tell me about your experience.

In nyc u can get girls on lexington ave between 26 th st and 32 nd st from around 10 pm to 5 am there are some on the street but most girls drive around the block if u see one girl or 2 girls in a car in this area and try to make eye contact they will ask u if u want a date some of them are ok and pretty most of this girls are not drugies but some of them have pimps they rate is around 50 dollars to around 250 depends on the service u want and the girl and if u want to go to a hotel or do it in the car also there is uptown but iu dont know also downdown on u can ride around 11th st and 12 th st between 2nd and 3rd ave. most of the girls there are drugies u can find sometimes girls there 24 hrs also if u want incall service buy the ny scene in any newspaper also u can check out i have used them a couple of times the have a huge selection and the have a couple of girls on the site too and they look the same as on the site they charge 220 there is also a couple of other places that i use some of them i dont have the info now and some are private they dont accept any new clients.

Was out and about, looking for some fun when I picked up a Village Voice and flipped to the last 10 pages where all the ads are for ‘Body Work”, a.k.a. •••••••. I saw an ad for Paris In Town with a picture of this beautiful blond girl named Pamela, so I figured I’d take a chance and call. A woman answered the phone and I asked if Pamela was there. She told me no, that Pamela was not there but that there were several other ladies. I thought for a second and said OK. She told me to go to the corner of 83rd and 3rd Ave. (I think) and to call from that corner when I get there. So off I went hopping on the Subway and traveling uptown. It took me about 20 minutes to get there and find a nearby pay phone. I called again telling the woman that I had called earlier. She gave the address and directions on how to get there from where I was. Once I was off the phone it was about a 5 minute walk to the apartment where this whore house is located. I rang the bell and was buzzed in. I rode up to the top floor in a very small elevator. Good thing the building was only 5 stories tall. I went to the door and rang the bell and within a few seconds a woman in her mid thirties with glasses answered. At first I thought I was at the wrong apartment but then she ask my name then lead me in to the apartment. She told me that 6 women where there and that they would come out and introduce themselves.

I sat on the couch as one by one these women came out and said their name then walked back to the room from which they came. I decided now this tall brunette named Kendall. God did she have long legs. After telling the woman who answered the door of who I wanted she went and brought Kendall out. Kendall then led me up stairs and took me to a room, a very small room. She told me to get “comfortable” a.k.a. get naked so I know your not a cop. She also showed me where the bathroom was and told me to shower first. I had no problem with that. I like to be nice and clean before getting down and durty. After my shower I sat on the bed wrapped in a towel. Kendall came in and asked how long would I like to stay. I said 1 hour and she said that would be $200. Not a bad price for having sex with this beauty. I got out my money and put it on the small table near the bed.

She started to undress and then she sat next to me in her bra and panties. We started to kiss as my hands were all over her body. I got her out of her bra and gently kissed and sucked her nipples. She was kissing my neck and rubbing my back with one hand while teasing one of my nipples with the other. My dick was as hard as steel by then so I removed the towle and she got up and took off her panties. She then asked if I’d like a blowjob. Dumb bitch what guy doesn’t want a blowjob from a gorgeous bitch like you. Of course I didn’t say that, I just said yes. She got out a condom and gently slid it on to my rod of steel, and as she slid it on she also brought her mouth over it at the same time. She gave me an OK blowjob for a bout 10 minutes, nothing to write home about. I told her I wanted to taste her pussy and she seemed happy to let me lick her. She laid back on the bed next to me and I slowly lick my way down her body from her neck down to her wet slit. I was amazed at how wet she was. I had been playing with her pussy a little while she gave me head, but it wasn’t until I started to lick her that the juices started to flow. As I slowlicked her I also inserted a finger and began to move it around inside her. She started to moan and lift her hips a little as I did this so I inserted a second finger, this really got her going. I was licking and sucking her pussy as hard and as fast as I could while finger ••••••• at the same time. She was moaning loader and really bucking her hips up and down. I was extremely excited by this so I stopped and moved on top of her and gave her a deep wet kiss while her juices were still fresh on my lips and tongue. She kissed me back and then guide my rod in to her dripping pussy. I started slowly, in and out, occasionally moving my hips side to side while my cock was buried deep inside her. After several minutes of this I began to pound my manhood into her telling her “•••• me you whore, you bitch.” All she could say was, “Yes, yes, oooh yes baby do it to me”. I went like this for about 10 or 12 minutes and then just as I was about to cum I pulled out of her, quickly removed the condom and proceed to jackoff and explode on to her flat stomach. This surprised her and I don’t think she was all to happy about it but I thought •••• her, she is just a whore. Anyway after I collapsed onto the bed she asked if I’d like a warm wash cloth. I said that would be great and she grabbed a robe that was hanging on the back of the door and went out. I few minutes later she came back with the wash cloth in hand and wiped off my now limp rod. All in all it was a good •••• for the price, but the blow job could have been better. I give Kendall 3 1/2 out of 5 hardons

I first have to say….I’m new to the escort “”thing””. So this is a story for all the rookies. But, this site helped me with the negotiations and conversations with the girl. I called this place while in Long Island and asked for rates and availability. (I picked this agency because of my “”Asian”” women fetish) The women on the phone could barely speak English. After repeating my questions several times I was informed full service would be $250 for the hour. We settled on $225. I was told the girls was 5-2, 110 lbs. After an hour the girl showed up and was pretty close to the description, but a little old (Looks 6 Body 6). Her name was Lisa (not the name I was given but the woman on the phone). She informed me that full service was $250 and her usual tip was $100. Well, not only was I not going to give her $250 + $100 tip….I didn’t have it. I told her I would give her $275 (thinking with my DICK). We got naked, she started to blow me (sans condom), then she told me she didn’t have any condoms….But I could •••• her anyway. That was out of the question! At this point I was pissed off. I grabbed the bag she was looking in and took a look myself….But she wasn’t lying!! I told her to just keep blowing me…She did… not very willingly, though….We made a deal that she would blow me the whole hour no matter how many times I came. She did. I never shoved my cock so far down a woman throat before. I came in her mouth a couple of times and time was up. All in all I would not recommend this agency due to the misinformation. I was told on the phone that they have 7 girls that work for them. You might have better luck if you do try but I won’t again. They’re in the yellow pages.

I just visited Paris in Town at their upper east side location in Manhattan. A woman named Kate answers the phone and screens you by asking you your name. She checks you out in the phone book and calls you back. You then go to a street corner and call. She gives you the address(which is nearby) and you then go up a flight of stairs. She makes you show picture id and then frisks you. The girls then come in one at a time and they introduce themselves. Katrina is a short Latino girl who looks a little chunky, then I met Ashley who was slim and sexy but seemed depressed when she stuck her head in and barely greeted me.

Then I met a beautiful, tall black woman with an English accent who goes by Naomi. She is 25 years old, about 5 ft 9, nice C cup breasts, and shoulder length hair and is from London. She had me get comfortable and then returned with her bag of condoms, some sprays, some washcloths, and a bed sheet. I paid her the $200 hourly fee and a $50 tip. She undressed for me on the bed and when I asked to help with her black leather boots, she smiled at me and said, “Spoil me.” She has a nicely shaved bush, full lips, and is in good shape. We started out kneeling and caressing and she asked me, “What would I like?” She commented on the size of my balls while stroking them and I was hard as a rock now. She sprayed my cock with an alcohol spray and then applied a condom. She gave me a good 10 minute blowjob while I massaged her beautiful breasts. When she finished, she asked me if I was ready and she sprayed down the already lubricated condom with some more lubricant. I entered her hot box and managed to get her legs over my shoulders. I came like buckets in about 5 minutes. When we finished, she commented, “You were hungry.” She then gave me a nice back and neck massage. We talked a little bit and that was it. She doesn’t allow you to finger her and will not kiss you. I felt a bit taken since I paid for the full hour and was only serviced for 30 minutes. However, this gal is pretty hot so I didn’t mind. If I return, I will mention to Kate that if I am paying for a full hour then I would like a full hour’s worth of service

I have been going to Riverhead, NY for 2 years now. Take the LIE to exit 72 bear right and follow the main road down. You’ll start seeing girls after a boat/canoe shop. It is pretty much hit and miss. Most girls are black and looks average from nasty to average. Once in a while, you’ll get a white girl who usually are average. The girls usually ask for $40 for full service and like to do it in the car. They know “secure” places in Riverhead. Best times, like I said hit and miss, good luck

Why go all the way to riverhead when u could just go to the city. There still sum girls around 42nd street. Your best bet would be to drive around 45th street to 36 street on 9th and 10 ave. Also ther are girls right by the lincoln tunnel entrance. But be careful a lot of cops patrol the area so you have to be slick

Went to a standard massage parlor which is Korean owned around 7th Avenue and 24th Street. Check out for the black awning and don’t be intimidated by the legitimate appearance as the establishment is both a nail parlour and massage parlour. It’s on the southwest corner on the second floor although I seriously can’t remember the name of the place. There is a payphone right beside the entrance so you can see their phone number and call to confirm if they do massages. I called from the payphone and asked if they did massages and the “madam” told me they did. I asked her how much and she told me $60 per hour. Compared to some establishments in Flushing, it’s about $30 to $25 more expensive, but there’s a reason. The place is very clean and orderly when you go in. Because it is also a nail salon, try to be discreet when you ask about massages (as there are women there who’d be aghast to such a suggestion if they overheard you).

I went in and asked again for a massage. The ownership is Korean and initially that intimidated me because I am all too familiar with how Koreans are the biggest group that rip off people among Asians in this business. The “madam” told me to enter a very clean and elegant looking room which included a bed, a long table that had the lotions, creams, mirror and even CD player which plays soothing music while you get a “massage.” As I waited I felt a little anxious not knowing what kind of girl would show up to give me a massage. It’s both an anxious moment as well as exciting because you’re never sure if she’s going to be hot, beautiful, full of attitude, pricy, bitchy or whatever. So I waited and then a girl entered my room. She looked on the slightly older side, but nevertheless had a very slim and nice body and most of all, seemed very friendly. She told me to undress and offered a shower. After the shower, she came back in with a cold drink (as it was hot outside that day). Telling me to lie down, she proceeded to massage me. Some other places, a massage is merely an act that precedes the hand action that most guys are looking for. But this girl, I think her name was Suzy, was very professional with her massage. She used not only her hands, but arms and even elbow to massage me slowly.

Most of the time when I get a massage, I get very aroused and this time was no exception. She was massaging places such as the shoulder and arms which was soothing, but also in areas such as the pubic area, the area between the legs, etc. which made it very sexually stimulating. She took her time as an hour meant an hour (unlike some places where an hour can sometimes mean 20 minutes then a quick handjob). Getting aroused, I was cautious to make sure she wouldn’t mind me touching her. So when she touched me in certain areas, I would touch her legs and rub them simultaneously. She seemed to approve so it became clear that the massage would take a positive turn for the better. She didn’t hesitate coming on top of me to massage me (although she was fully clothed). We talked intermittently and that’s what I think I would recommend to people. Get to know your masseuse and make friendly chit chat when she’s massaging because that’s what makes it a personable experience. Without it, certain doors may never open.

She told me to turn over and started to massage my upper body and I was expecting the climax to merely be a handjob. But so aroused was I, I couldn’t help but start to touch her ass and rub her. I told her she was beautiful (which I felt she was) and the massage started to take a turn. She looked at me while rubbing her hands and arms along my body. Then to my utmost surprise, she asked if I wanted sex. I told her I only had $100, thinking that she wouldn’t take anything below $200. As soon as I said that I was expecting a “forget it.” But to my amazement, she was very willing to perform sex. I had no condom but my body was thinking rather than my head. Now she’s not normally allowed to do this so she told me we had to be very quiet or she would be more than just fired. So she mounted me after I had kissed her on the neck very quietly. We continued until I told her to get off so I could cum on myself. She cleaned me up and was very friendly in the whole affair. Not once did she make it seem that this was some obligation (not that I can imagine it would be since she was the one who offered it rather than me having demanded it). Having gone into it expecting at best a handjob, getting a fuck was more than just a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this place to those who are willing to have a massage and who are open and friendly with their girls. The rule of thumb is that if you are friendly, open and cordial with the girl, she’s more likely to open up to you. In all, I only paid $100 which is a steal in Manhattan. She may not have been a 22 year old, but she had a nice body, friendly smile and excellent massage technique


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