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Forest Hills Spa
Queens, NY
$45 1/2hr., $50 3/4 hr., $70 hr. includes sauna, shower, Jacuzzi. Girls from Russia and Ukraine, very accommodating, soft music, clean rooms. No FS 1a-9p 7 days. appt. only.

About 30 to 40 girls on Fri and Sat. 9’s to 10’s, they have lap dancing and private rooms. Watered down drinks $6, beers $4.50. You are not going to get anything from buying drinks to a girl here, so enjoy teasing them. If you want the goods you have to go for a lap dance that will be a hands off deal. In the private room I am told that more goes on, but I have better use for the 200+ if you are a high roller you can get amazing bodies here.

Queen’s Plaza on Left side of bridge.
In front of Metropolis, Scandal’s is a little less pricey, but the girl’s (Hispanic and black) are also not as gorgeous. An honest lap dance is 20 and a 5tip. Good place to go get drunk with a buddy and laugh it up all night.

Since the neo-victorian fake morality that NYC Mayor Giuliani imposed on everyone, but himself (several affairs). Strip joints in New York went from being great to SUCKING BIG time. I have not been to a single one that is left in Manhattan all that is left is the bitchy hussle type of “not worth it” stripper. But ALL is NOT lost. Crossing the 59th street Bridge there are three strip bars that vary in quality, but offer what was once available (cheaper). These bars are easy to spot and all you need to do is take a yellow cab and ask him to take you to Queen’s Plaza. As soon as you cross the river on your right hand you will see the first one.

I like to frequent a place called Dunbarton’s. It’s near the Queensboro Bridge but past Cityscapes and Scandals by Queens Blvd. The drinks are the usual price and you can tip the girls on stage. Pick the right girl and you can go to the back rooms for lap dances. Last time I was there, a nice little Spanish chick offered me a HJ, covered BJ or fs. She wanted 100 for fs and 40 dollars for the hand job. Some sexy talent here but you have to find one of the houses in the area.

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