Bay Area

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First of all the house was really hard to find and I have lived in the Bay Area for the past 16 years. A non-initiate of bay area would have been lost. After searching for a while I finally found the house and I went knocked on the door and I was really surprised to be greeted by an ugly Chinese girl from mainland china of Mongolian heritage. She definitely packed at least 30 pounds of extra weight and her teeth screamed for the emergency services of an orthodontist. That was not my main problem though [I was really horny], She was also very tall and I like my women petite. When I called the service they told me that there were 3 girls so I asked to see another one. Well, surprises number two she did not speak a word of English although the person on the phone did [In hindsight I think it was just a cell number and not a person at the house]. After a few tries at communication she called the Papasan.

The Papasan’s English was not much better. Using a combination of English, gestures, and grunting I explained that I wanted to see the other girls. He said, “She busy.” I stated that I would wait. I sat down and noticed that the man looked very uncomfortable. I felt sorry for him and inform him “me come back”. He instantly looked relived. As I was on my way out I asked “girl pretty?” He looked blankly at me. I gestured “Girl short” with my hands and he nodded. I gestured girl “big boobs” and again he nodded. Well I decided I will come back just for a look-see.

I went driving and came back twenty minutes later. The door opened and I was yanked in before I could say anything. Before I could yell whiplash a girl came down the stairs whom I hoped was the mother of the one I was going to fuck but I had no such luck! Well she did have boobs, she was not too tall, and she was female but that was all she had going for her. She was definitely in her late thirties, also a bit fat but not as much as the other one. She was not remotely young, and she was not at all pretty, and she definitely was not worth my money. I asked to see another girl and surprise number three there was no other girl.

I was about to leave when the little head in my pants interceded on her behalf and reminded me that old and not so pretty working girls are potentially the best fucks to be had. I smiled at her and she took my hand and took me upstairs. We went to a room that was bare of anything except one of those inflatable mattresses. She gestured that I should get undressed. She spoke a few words of English. She explained that the man downstairs needed $40.00 I took out my credit card and Surprise number four no fucking credit cards … cash only. Now luckily, I had cash on me and I gave her the money to give to the Papasan.

She came back in two minutes and undressed. She did not have the glow of youth anymore but she was not repulsive either. All in all I would have scored her a 4.5 out of 10 on her body. She would have been cute if I had met her 20 years ago. We messed around a bit and she gestured for her tip. I said $60 and she said $100. I did not want to ruin the mood so I gave her $100, which was hugely generous [and stupid] on my part given everything and her looks. I will never do this again. It’s not fair to the girls who are worth $100. Even 60 were too much for her services, as you will see.

I went to work on her I gently touched her between the legs to get and idea of how she was doing arousal-wise and or the first time in my entire life I touched a pussy that was COLD. Her pussy was not even as hot as her body temperature is was flat out fucking cold. I think it was probably the lubricant she squirted in herself before she got in bed but it was a huge turnoff.

At the time I took this as a challenge and I tried to warm her up a bit. I tried everything in the book I licked and sucked her boobs which had the consistency of rubber and did not get hard even a bit despite my effort, I even went down on her and I did not manage to get her more than lukewarm. I eventually gave up and had a very uninspired fuck session with her. I sweated a lot because I took a very longtime to cum so it was a cardio workout session but that was all. I then took an uncomfortable shower in a bathroom covered in mold and went home for a more serious wash. In retrospect, I would have been better off if I had paid the Papasan his $40 and just fucked the inflatable mattress.

In summary I wasted $140 for nothing. I would have been as fulfilled if I had jerked off in my own house and then burned $140 in my barbeque. So what do I recommend you do. I absolutely recommend you go up to San Francisco and go to a massage parlor. I recommend either Sun Spa or Golden flower. I’ve used both and you cannot go wrong. Now it’s been almost a year since I visited either one of those fine establishments; so I will, out of the kindness of my heart, [or is it the little head in my pants again] go to San Francisco right now and tell you how it was when I get back.

Very interesting posts guys, we all feel your pain. At some point in our adventures we’ve all been through that bummer of a scene at least once. Those are lessons learned and your lesson is our lesson so thanks for sharing that story. I’ve seen the Metroactive site and it looks convincing enough but you know what they say, “when something seems too good to be true it probably is.” We can’t always improve on our intuition but with some experience we can learn to trust it better. And this is something like what was referred to. If you get that gut feeling that something just isn’t right then it’s time to bail. I know how hard that can be when the adrenaline is going and your dick is pumped and you just got to get some … now! Really, I know what that’s like and I have blown some serious cash in similar ways you did.

I’m now really looking forward to the report from The City. I’m very familiar with The City so any news of what’s happening there would be welcome. I’ll have rental wheels of course so after my meetings I’ll be mobile. I should add I have dates with two hot “nice” girls lined-up already so the week is going to be very interesting. One is my ex-girlfriend of 8 years and she’s a gorgeous 31 yr old American born Filipino with advanced degrees from Stanford. The other is a 21 yr old American born Taiwanese girl attending UC Berkeley. She works at a bank part time and I met her when I was buying travelers checks for my last SE Asia holiday last fall. When I told her I was going there she got excited so I told her I’d send her e-mail from Phenom Pehn. She thought that was “like, so cool.” Little did she know what I was really doing on my holiday. Anyway we’ve kept in touch and I’ve sent her e-mails the past few months from Alaska, Hawaii, NY, and London. She thinks I’m some kind of hipster and my middle age means nothing to her. If I play my cards right I may be plugging away at this cutie this week too. Damn, I can be so bad sometimes.

The quest for fairness

As I told you guys yesterday the little head in my pants felt that I was perhaps a bit unfair to shoot down the entire idea of finding someone to scratch my itch via the metro pages based on just one experience. I decided that he had a point and that I should give this method another try just to make sure. Please note that I’m going to be a bit vague about the address and phone number just to be on the safe side.

I found a short adv. that mentioned young pretty Chinese girls that gave massage. I called the number mentioned (408) 2xx-xxx8. A woman with a light Asian accent answered the phone. I asked them if they were open today and she responded that they were. I asked how many ladies were at the location and she said four. This was sounding pretty good. I asked were they were located and she gave me an address worthy of a James Bond mission in Sunnyvale. I got a gate access code, a street address, and an apartment number. We did go through a little who’s on first routine due to her accent and pronunciation but nothing too major. I was confident locating this joint would be a walk in the park.

I was confident because a number of years ago I had worked in Sunnyvale not too far away from that general locale and as a result I knew the area pretty well. She gave me a cross street and the major intersection it was close to. Hot Damn, I thought to myself I’m in business. I took a quick shower changed my clothes and left.

I took the freeway exit she had mentioned, made a left turn as directed and proceeded to look for the cross street. I proceeded for quite some time and never came across the damn intersection. I called the lady up again and verified the address with her once more turn by turn. This time I had her spell the cross street for me. Sure enough I had it right. I made a U-turn and went back on the just in case I had missed the street.

No luck, the street did not exist. I pulled in a gas station and went in to ask for directions. A Pakistani was behind the counter. The poor guy did his best to help. He even pulled out his map. We did eventually find it but unfortunately neither one of us could tell by looking on the map where it intersected the street I was on. Neither one of us could read the map and the publishers did not have the decency of putting a big “X” with “Here be pussy” sign anywhere on the map.

I got back in my car and went in the opposite direction. Eventually I came to another gas station. I went in again and told the Thai gentleman behind the counter that I was lost and that I needed to find xxx drive. This guy knew how to read a map and within 2 minutes told me that the drive I was looking for did not intersect the street I was on. I had to make a left on one street and then make another left again on the xxx drive.

Elated, I got back in my car, and this time I found the street with no major problems. I found the apartment complex and proceeded to drive up to the gate. I was busy looking for a place to enter the code when I noticed that a Chinese woman with salt and pepper hair and large eyes was looking at me. She was a very homely looking woman in her forties who wore plain non-de-script clothing. I looked back, smiled, and went back to looking for the keypad to enter my code to enter heaven. Still no luck, I noticed that the lady was still looking at me.

I got the feeling that she was somehow involved with my little adventure somehow. I rolled my window down and asked her if she knew where the keypad for the gate access was. She walked up to my car and asked if I called 408-2xx-xxx9 for a massage. On the inside I said to myself “ON SHIT!! Please god, PLEASE don’t let her be the masseuse.” On the outside I kept my cool and said yes I did. “Did I speak with you on the phone?” I asked her. “Yes. But it’s not safe you leave quickly.” She replied. Not safe? Leave quickly?! This was a 007 mission after all! I thanked her and left feeling frustrated and annoyed.

I pulled around the corner, got out of my car, pulled the little head out and slammed the car door on him a good three to four times. I then informed the little head that all future thinking and planning is strictly the domain of the big head and that any failure to observe the rules would result in him talking with the business end of a meat tenderizer. I am glad to report that the little head has been behaving himself for the past 24 hours!

I had two bad experiences. I do not plan to try for three. These houses are hard to find even if you are a local, you have to carry a tidy sum of cash on you and deal directly with organized crime types in an unknown location and hope that they are not axe murderers, if by some miracle you do find the house, in my personal experience the quality of the girls you find there is questionable to say the least, and last but definitely not least, police could break in at any moment and bust you in an illegal whorehouse. In short, as far as I am concerned, going to one of these houses just has too many negatives involved. My little head and I give the whole metroactive/house idea “two thumbs down.” Anyone who wants to change my mind will have to invite me for a complimentary buffet at his favorite house.
In my last part I was just finished with chastising the little head. Since the metroactive pages thing turned out to be a bust I fell back onto plan B. “Plan B” was to go up to exotic, erotic, and wonderfully kinky San Francisco. I got back in my car got on 101, and drove up to the city. Now, please note that in this report I will not say which spa I went to because I do not want to harm them. I also invite any of the staff members to censor any portion that they believe cause harm to the spa. You can pretty much read other reviews and figure out which ones are good. Most of the spas in San Francisco offer full service if approached correctly.

I got to the spa and was annoyed to find that there was no parking anywhere. All of the previous times I had visited I had parked on the street; but this time I spent a good 30 minutes looking for a parking spot and was unable to find any. I eventually ended up parking in a public parking for $10.00 flat rate.

I walked towards the spa and it looked like it was closed. I had neglected to call them before, assuming that they would be open. After all, it was 8pm Sunday night, why would they not be open? I called the number on the door and a lady picked it up right away. “Are you open?” I asked. “Of course!” was her response. “How many ladies are working right now?” I inquired. “Six” was her response. YES! There are six potential angels that could carry me off to the Promised Land [and I don’t mean Israel!]

I rang the door. The outside gate opened. Inside was another door. I was buzzed though. As I walked in there were four very beautiful girls watching some soap opera in the main lounge. None of them rated less than a 7 out of ten. As I walked in one of the girls smiled at me. “Have you been here before?” The lady in charge asked. “Many times.” I responded. Of course we all know that even if this was my first time I would have still said that I had been there before.

She started to take me to my room but I interrupted her and said “I would like her.” Pointing to a very petite girl who was definitely part Japanese. The girl hesitated for just a fraction of a second. I knew from past experience that if you imposed yourself on someone who was not in the mood to provide service, you would end up with either poor service or mechanical service. So, I just changed the direction my finger was pointing at by a few degrees and I pointed at the girl that originally smiled at me.

She was gorgeous Korean about 5’ 5’’ and had on a 6-inch pair of high heels from hell. I was amazed that she could even walk in those shoes. She got up immediately, took my hand and guided me to the room. As we were walking down the stairs hand in hand I subtly rubbed my hand against her tight little bum. She did not look at me but I could see her profile and I saw her smile.
When we got inside the room I asked her about the “massage fee” because the lady upstairs had not asked for anything. She smiled and reached out her hand. I gave her my credit card. She said that I would have to use it as an ATM. “I guess I have to go upstairs again. She said “I come with you” She gestures me to go up the stars and I did. As I was going up the stairs she grabbed my ass with her nails I was unprepared and nearly jumped into orbit. [Reminded me of a hellcat I used to own. May she rests in peace] I looked back at her only to see an evil little smirk on her pretty face. I knew that I had lucked out and that I had a really live one. I laughed and winked at her and I’m sure I broke a couple of Olympic records dashing to the receptionist’s desk. Two minutes later I had been charged [in more ways than one] and I was back in the room.

I censored the rest of this post to protect the establishment of my own volition. Nobody asked me to do it. I just decided that it’s not worth the damage I could cause the establishment. As for my review, lets just say unlike the last encounter I had, everything here was nice, hot, sexy and fulfilling. I hope to repeat the experience next month.

In summary I strongly recommend the massage route. The service is great and the girls are beautiful and sweet. I wish I could go more often but unfortunately I lost my job last October and still have not found employment yet. I am living off of my savings and I have to be very judicious on how I choose to spend my very limited funds. I work in the tech field and here in California it’s still really bad. I pray that the penis of whomever is responsible for this poor economic performance shrivels and falls off! Amen.

I forgot to describe what happened with my ex (Philippine- American) and the sweet UC Berkeley girl (Taiwanese-American) I had dates with last week. The bottom line is nothing happened because they are both hook line and sinker Americanized girls. My ex was flippant and seemed distracted and I was glad to say good night to her. But she was eager to show me her new Lexus. The student was incredible eye candy, a sure 10 in anyone’s book. She looked like the young actress Hsu Chi (who you should all look-up on the net) and I figured if nothing comes of this date at least I get to look at her and remember her smile, laugh and body so I could fantasize later. The Hsu Chi look alike and I went to a very nice french restaurant that she picked. As our conversation progressed I realized she was just too Americanized is the only way I can put it. After dinner I took her to her apartment and we parted with a “thanks for the nice time.”

I chalked this up to one more lesson that if I want to be with a woman that has more on her mind than material wealth as a definition of success then I’d better look elsewhere then the US. Also, in the US just because a woman is Asian doesn’t mean she’s going to be a partner in a you treat-me-well-and-I’ll-treat-you-well-in-return relationship. Oh well, the student was great to look at and she’s going to be on my fantasy list tonight.

As usual I got dressed took a shower and fired up the old PC. I looked at the metro and saw three adds that looked interesting. I called the first add and was pleased to hear a pleasant and mildly accented voice on the other side of the line. “Mushi Mushi” She said. Hubba Hubba I though to myself! “I’m calling for a massage. Are you working today?” There was a slight pause. “Yes, but we are very busy right now. Can you call back in one hour?” She asked. “Sure” I responded. But in my mind I had already decided that I was not going to wait for one hour just to be disappointed again. After all every other metro effort had turned out to be a dud so why not this one? I decided to try the next number.

I dialed the second number. I rang for about 6 times and went on the answering machine. Yeah right! I’m going to leave a number for them to call me back at. Sorry but my IQ happens to be higher than 6 … it’s 6.5 maybe even a 7 [You will see me demonstrate this fact in just a bit]! At any rate I am not stupid enough to leave a call back number. I always refuse to give my number even if I have known the establishment and the girl for a while let alone someone I do not know! To be quite honest I was quite pleased with the results. I had anticipated failure and I had gotten failure! I love being right!!

Time to test the last number. I dial the number and a girl immediately picked the phone up. “Hunka wonka wookie tookie ook?” I heard her say. Oh boy she had a really thick accent. Her accent was so thick that if you threw it at the wall it wouldn’t just stick to the wall, It would break right through the sheet rock! I felt kind of facetious. I wanted to say, “Five dollar make me holler”, but I controlled myself. “I’m calling for massage. Are you working?” “Yes.” She replied. Great I thought, but then I was gripped by a nasty suspicion. I asked her if the girls are short? “Yes” she responded. “Are the tall?” “Yes.” Great! “Are they young?” “Yes … young …yes!” “Are you a meter maid?” “Uh … yes.” SHIT! Well at this point I was about to just hang up.

As I was about to hang up, some previously undetected brain damage caused me to ask about the location of the house. “Where are you?” I was stupid enough to ask. Five minutes later she was still trying to give me the address. It was useless I could not understand a word! I finally stopped her. “Please spell the address.” I requested. I was surprised to find that I could not even understand her when she was trying to spell the address.

To hell with address! Who needs this aggravation? I was about to hang up when I heard an male voice on the other end. “Hello?” I asked. “Yes! The address is 1254 water potter drive!” He spat out [Obviously the real address was not Water Potter! I’m just being vague on purpose.]. I was amused. I wondered they pulled a customer off a girl just so that he could give me the address. I repeated the address for confirmation. “What apartment?” I asked. “Don’t you think I would have told you if there was an apartment number?” he replied a bit sarcastically. I apologized and told then that I would be there in a bit. I ate my lunch and left about a half hour later.

Twenty minutes after I left I was at the location. I called the house again just to make sure I was at the right location. The reason for this seemingly overcautious behavior was when I tried to map the address online I found that there was no “Water potter drive” in San Jose; but there was a “Water potter court.” I dialed the number with my cellular phone being careful to mask my caller ID as usual. “Hello.” I heard the males voice on the other side. All sorts of alarms went off in my head. This man had been there too long for just a normal customer. He should have been gone by now. Could this be a setup or a police sting? I decided to be very cautious. “Yes. I just wanted to confirm the house number. It was 1254, right?” I asked innocently. “Yes.” I heard the exasperated man hiss on the other side. Ok. I’ll be there in a bit. It took me about five minutes to find the apartment. I took a deep breath and knocked.

About 10 seconds after my knock the door was opened. “It’s a ghost!” I though. There was no one at the door. Whoever had opened the door was hiding behind it! I decided to do something really stupid! I decided to go in! I freely admit that at this point I should have walked away; but I was curious. I went in. I scanned the area and got prepared to use whatever I remembered from my martial arts training. I gently blocked the door with my right foot as I went in to avoid being hit in the face by the door as I went in.

I scanned the area to my left and behind. It was a living room with someone sleeping on the sofa covered by the blanket. I slid sideways in the room with an innocent smile on my face. It has been more than 10 years since I practiced any martial arts regularly. The only thing I had going for me was the element of surprise. The sideways slide was calculated to leave me facing whoever was behind the door. It was an older Korean or North Chinese girl. The slide concluded with my back to the wall with the Korean girl and a hallway on my right and the sleeping girl and living room on my left. The exit was exactly in front of me now. All this took less than a second.

I nodded my head at the Korean girl. “I’m the one who called. I’m here for massage.” I announced. “She okay?” She pointed at the sleeping figure. She walked towards the sleeping girl, took off the cover, and shook her. The girl got up looking a bit embarrassed. Assured that there was not going to be an immediate attack on my person I took a good look at the two girls. The first was North Korean I decided. The second was a mix of White and Chinese or Indonesian and white wearing a baby doll nightie.

They were older girls. Age wise, they were well into their late thirties at the very least. Maybe even more, as it’s hard to tell with Asian women. They were also a bit on the heavy side. They each carried about 15-20 pounds of extra weight. The second girl took my hand and tried to lead me through the hallway. I held my ground. “I would like a younger masseuse.” I said. “Only us.” The Korean said pointing at the two of them. “I would like a younger girl.” I repeated. “Service good … have good time … you come … good massage!” They both said each grabbing a hand and trying to move me. I held my ground. I was a lot larger than the two of them and the were unable to move me. “You come back other time.” The Korean said. “Ok. Will there be other girl for massage?” I asked. “You just want massage?” The Korean asked.

“Red alert! Shields up! Danger, Danger Will Robinson.” I though to myself. “Maybe a little more.” I said reaching to cup the second girl’s P*ssy. The second girl jumped as if she was not anticipating my move and quickly pushed my hand away before I could make full contact. “I’ll come back some other time.” I said adding when hell freezes over in my mind. I left the house and walked quickly to my car. I got in and quickly drove away.

“Another metro experience.” I though to myself, feeling that I had wasted my time once more. I also felt that something was very wrong with this location. At the very least it could have been a Vice sting, or maybe it was something a lot worse. Maybe there were two or three guys waiting for me around the corner in the hallway.

In hindsight, I will never repeat this experience. I will leave as soon as I feel that the slightest thing is out of whack [as was suggested by a much wiser person in an earlier post.]. If it seems to you that I acted like a stupid newbie, you are right. I have very little experience with this “house” thing. I am a stupid newbie in this regard. In fact, you guys know of my every experience when it comes to underground houses. As I have indicated earlier in my posts … I am a massage parlor/street man [With a healthy dose of TJ, Ensinada, and Rosarito.]

In Summary, at this point I felt that this was one more negative vote for the metro pages. I decided to go up to Hayward and Oakland as I had indicated I would in an earlier post … but it was not to be.

At the end of the last report I had just concluded another dismal metro experience and was about to travel to Oakland and Hayward to see if there was any worthwhile p*ssy to be found on those bleak streets. I was busy telling myself how stupid and irresponsible I had been and how lucky I was to still have my health and freedom. I was rudely interrupted in mid thought by the little head. [You know, the one in my pants!]

“Excuse me!” The head said. “What! Didn’t I tell you not talk unless you are spoken to?” I growled. “I just wanted to tell you that you forgot something.” He whined.

“No I didn’t. Shut up and let me drive. Don’t you know it’s dangerous to distract the driver? You want us to spend 6 months in traction at the hospital where there is not even a sniff of p*ssy to be had?” I yelled?

“It’s just that you forgot about the Japanese girl. You know … the one that picked the phone up and said ‘Pusshie Pusshie’” he grumbled.

“She didn’t say ‘Pusshie Pusshie’ she said ‘Mushi Mushi’ you idiot! It means hello in Japanese!” I explained grumpily.
“Well, You say tomato and I say tomahto. Anyway, Don’t you trust my judgment when it comes to p*ssy?” Didn’t I help you get the prettiest girl in High school?” He said as if his feelings had been unjustly hurt.

“Huh! That was over 16 years ago. What have you done for me lately? Plus, every time you get involved, I get in trouble. This has been your routine every since fifth grade.” I said angrily.

“I tell you that I felt myself get hard just hearing her on the phone. She is going to be good. I promise she will be great.” He said trying to convince me.

“Ok! But this is the absolute last time!! And when this little adventure fails; as I am sure it will, I am going to let you dangle in a bowl of ice for a good half hour!” I thundered.

P.S. I am not crazy. I’m just practicing creative writing. I don’t really have long conversations with my penis!

Check out the link for the Metro classifieds. They cover the whole bay area. The best ads are the short ads under adult massage. Find those in apartments or houses with oriental girls, not established MP’s.

It was Tuesday evening I was cruising down Mission between A St. and the 238Fwy. I saw a voluptuous Latina standing in front of the self-serve car wash. She smiled at me when I looked at her and met her behind the car wash. LE was minimal that night, only two cars were out and they were hassling some guys in a car on Mission.  Basically for $40, she gave me a BBBJ and Anal w/ cover. Little tough to do anal on a car date, but I did it. Next time, maybe a room or back to my office.

I visited Monterey in September and got a little lonely so I figured I would call a late night escort. I grabbed the yellow pages and started calling numbers under the “Escort Service – Personal” section.

I finally ended up getting through to a company in the Yellow Pages called “The Body Connection” (they may also go by other names as well).

The girl on the phone was friendly enough (i think her name was Tiffany). I asked to see who was available. She quoted me an hourly rate and gave me the same old line “you won’t be disappointed”. I told her that I was “VERY specific” in what i was looking for. Saying that a naked dance and massage may not suffice. She again said that I wouldn’t be disappointed and that I would enjoy the experience. I agreed and she said a girl would be in there in 30 minutes.

Well, an hour goes by and the girl still hasn’t arrived. finally after 1.5 hrs, i get a knock on the door, I open it to find that the girl I requested wasn’t there, they have sent another one. Instead of settling for the young blonde, it was an Asian girl by the name of “Sage” (she may go by other names as well), she was half philipino/Thailand and half Chinese (something like that). She had longer straight black/brown hair with highlighted streaks. Age: 22-24yrs old, about 5’7 and slim (alright body). Her face wasn’t the greatest, lots of makeup and you could see her scares and pimples.

We sat down to talk and she said she needed to give the money to the agency, so I gave her the money, she left and gave the money to her bouncer guy. A minute later she came back.

Quite horny and everything, I started touching her outside her clothes and wanted to get started. Well to my surprise, she laid down the law, for the hourly rate the girl quoted me on the phone, I would only get a topless dance or quick massage, with her clothes on. I told her that this is absolutely NOT what she said.

She then went on to say that if i wanted to get more that the cost would range another 3 to 5 times the hourly rate (on top of what i had already paid). She then said that we are at Monterey and Pebble Beach and that she could milk this much from all us “rich people”.

Anyway, soon i realized that this girl was only after as much money as she could get from me. I gave up on getting the action i wanted and just wanted to get her out of my hotel room.

I finally settled for half the hourly rate for a nude dance (no touching or anything). she stripped down, and I found that her body was not as nice, i was about to ask her to put it back on! She danced and watched me, but then she started to get annoyed that it was taking me “so long”, i then said i paid for an hour so i could take as long as i wanted, she then said “NO, UP TO AN HOUR, I don’t have to stay that long”.

After 30min, she started to put her clothes on and leaving as she was getting annoyed about the time. She left after 35min leaving me with the absolute worst experience of my life.

Fellow horndogs, if you ever visit this area, I would recommend that don’t try out this “Sage” girl or any girl that sound remotely close to her. She will only take your money giving you absolutely nothing.

Please share your experiences with us so we can find a true gfe in the monterey area.

The Brass Rail is a strip club / bar on Persian Drive in Mountain View, not far from Moffet Field. As I remember admission was $10. Three stages. The girls expose their breasts, but otherwise remain covered. It’s a pretty big place, and was fairly crowded the one time I was there. Very little interaction with the girls. Quality 4-6. Not my favorite place by a long shot. You can get a beer there, however, unlike the Pink Poodle or the Kit Kat Klub. Mountain View massage parlor scene is pretty paranoid since bust of short-lived (but apparently very popular) Song Song Massage on Evelyn Street. SF still has a thriving scene, so I would suggest you try up there if you’re looking for MP action.

Street Scene
This is actually for a small and relatively affluent town i used to live in in nor-cal. Livermore. Its where the lawrence livermore labs are. anyways. lots of tweaky little girls. picked up a girl named andrea right near the high school there. she told me to go to the park out there. (its where the rodeo and r/c track are) and said “its 100 and i dont do anal” and fished out my dick and gave me a nice bj, took the load, spit it out her window. she slipped a condom on me,put her seat back and spread. no panties. i fucked her for awhile then pulled out and came on her stomach.

I’m a bay area native, but recently relocated to SoCal. However I occasionally make a trip back up North and check out the scene. International Blvd. still has quite a few girls but some are strung out but prices can be quite reasonable. If you are patient you can find a pretty decent girl, but beware LE is heavy since Oakland is a pretty tough town. Haven’t been to San Pablo lately but haven’t heard good things.

Is the San Pablo street scene completely dead? It certainly looked pretty quiet compared to about 5-10 years ago. Most of the action was pretty low quality, but there were some nice black ladies (full figured, nice skin) that used to work near the California Hotel and West Mac. Now what’s left looks like it’s been hitting da’ pipe.

North of Lake Merritt, hey advertise in Spectator. This is an April review – bit late….I phoned, and the lady who answered was friendly and helpful. I arrived after the usual call-box stuff. It’s North of Lake Merritt. It’s clean, tidy, and a decent area. I hope they are very successful as this is the kind of place I like.

When I entered there were two ladies, both 8+, one a tall blonde, one a petite dark haired Filipino (she is the one who answered the phone). They had a friendly attitude. Then another girl, a gorgeous young Asian, appeared, but was busy for a little while. I decide to wait for her. For me she is a 9+, at least, 5′ 5″, 100#, great figure.

Instead of idly waiting for her, I showered. It was hot outside. Mi appeared. We sat down in a bedroom and asked me to tell her what I wanted. I told her, and she immediately responded. Great actress!

She was wearing a black, see-through dress, and silky underwear. Very cute. She could talk; I love that. It worked me up to a sweat. She climbed all over me, stroking, licking, kissing, tonguing, scratching (you get the picture).

She became undressed (how does that happen?-). She was very happy having her, part shaven, pussy eaten. She came, and apologized for not concentrating on me – very sweet.
We moved around, changing positions. I was very horny. I looked at at her butt in the mirrored wall (oh, did I mention that? wonderful). I started fingering her ass. I had to lick her ass. Then i had to … One thing led to another. She is gorgeous. She blew my mind. Mi is superb… “shagadelic”!

Afterwards, she helped me clean up with hot wet towel. She’s very chatty and fun. Body 9+, Attitude 9+, Ability 9+ [I can only think of one or two women better, and they were girl friends] But now the bad news; she’s left for Southern California!!!!!

I think if you all send me $10 each week, we can afford to help her relocate back in the Bay Area! How about it guys – I swear she’s worth it.

I was staying at the Marriot in Oakland this past week but had meetings in Berkeley. There are just a few decent places to stay in Berkeley and I knew if I stayed at the Marriot I could check out the street scene on my way to and from meetings in Berkeley. The street scene on San Pablo was happening but mostly with fair to skanky-ass ho’s. But Friday night I took my time and was amazed to find … I kid you not … a 19 yr old Japanese/Hawaiian. I am not making this up. She was cute and wanted $60 for a bj and $100 for a screw. I gave her $50 for a fairly decent bj. Normally I wouldn’t bother with crack ho’s in this part of town but it’s relatively harmless to cruise and see what the girls are like. You never know, there might be a rare diamond in the rough to be found and this girl was one gem. Like I said she was cute, she didn’t drink or smoke but as you can probably imagine the girl wasn’t a brain surgeon. She asked if my rental car (Couger) was a Jaguar. Of course I said, “um .. yeah, yeah it is.” So she enjoyed driving around with me for about a half an hour stroking my dick while I told her all about Jaguars. I *do* intend to see her again when I’m back in town.

I’m afraid I’d only be guessing with a San Pablo cross street. It was north of downtown for sure and south of Alcatraz. I think it was just a block or two south of 880 or is it 80? There was an overpass and she was just south of that. I should ad she wears glasses. Not many of the street girls do. She was wearing a skirt but wasn’t overtly slutty looking even though she is a slut. She was also a bit aloof and didn’t go with everyone who stopped. I think my “Jag” helped. I’m afraid that’s the best I can do.

Here is my two cents. You can find working girls in Hayward and Oakland. There is some street action. Street girls are likely to be crack addicts if you find them in Oakland. If you find them in Hayward they are likely to be heroin addicts. There are a few massage parlors but the creatures you’ll find working in them are likely to be quite ugly [both in terms of looks and personality]. Oakland and Hayward are “poor” areas. No one stays there unless they have to.

In my experience you are better off if you drive to San Francisco regardless of you choosing to either go the street or massage route. The reason I say this is because you are going to end up paying roughly the same amount for a much inferior girl and questionable service [Plus or minus $40]. You also run the risk of getting scammed by the girls. The black girls are a lot more likely to scam you than the other races. Other races are not often found in the above mentioned areas.

I also want to warn you against doing anything in your car. Due to a new draconian law your car could be impounded and sold at a police auction if the police decide that you are in a red light district and are looking for drugs or prostitutes. Having a known prostitute in your car is a guaranteed bust, particularly if you attract the attention of the wrong cop at the wrong time.

Having said all of the above, I have found a few gems on San Pablo in Oakland over the years. How often you ask? In 10 years I have found 4 gems. Most of the gems disappear real fast. One moved to work in a ranch in Nevada after a few months. One went to work in a massage parlor in San Diego. One went to “The Valley” down south to make porno films. One just disappeared as if she never existed at all. All except one were not black which is quite uncommon for the area. The most recent of these gems was found 4 years ago. Since then I have found that the massage scene is a lot more hygienic and reliable and as a result I usually go that route.

Anyway this was my 2 cents worth of advise. I will patrol the San Pablo this week sometime to make sure I did not give you bad advise and report the results. In any case I wish you a very pleasant experience. Please share your experience when you are done. It’s been a while since I have actively cruised the streets.

Cotati Tan Nail & Massage
8492 Gravenstein Hwy # T
Cotati CA 94931
Tel 707 665-9689
10am – 10pm
$30 – 30 Min

The best spot has got to be oska spa
thats on 411 main st in suisun city,now you are greeted by five girls, pick one and your on your way to a slice of heaven these girls are imports from Laos very attractive women any thing goes here Greek, mission, frogy, bj, bbj, kinds pricey but worth it 100-250 depending on what you want.
one the thing i forgot to mention is the door fee is 30 for half a hour and 60 for the hour the hour is always worth it and when you spend sixty to get in they don’t watch the clock as much u can go from an hour to one hour and a half


now there are at least five other places like this in suisun and I’ll hit you with another one
tomorrow and i will also be giving info on Vallejo
and sac town see ya tomorrow

Tokyo Reflex Massage Therapy! It’s towards the end of Santa Rosa Ave were Rhonert Park starts. It’s OK if you want a cheap massage from girls who rate about a 1 or 2. You pay between 50-100 depending on what you want. But in realty it’s not worth it. Pick up the local Gazette it’s free. Don’t call the personal massage girls more than lickly they are cops. I have a friend at the gazette and he said he has seen checks from the local Santa Rosa PD paying for adds. But the escorts services posted in the gazette are real and not to expensive. They hire local girls all of the bay area and run about 250 an hour. They often change there names but the same people always run them. Last girl I had was names Jackie and she was some kind of mix of a pacific Ilander and white. She was sexy but not friendly. But I wasn’t looking for a friend anyways. 2 hours for 500 it was worth it the first time but then second round started and I took long and she got mad and wanted to leave. She thought I already came and I just kept going. i hate condom checkers!

Saw Katie with Ad. on Internet “Loving Things”. The same place has many pretty Asian girls on ” Loving Things” pages.
I arrived around 2:00PM. A cute young Asian girl was on the reception desk. I paid $60 for an hour and leaded to a room and showed me where is shower room. I took shower and again waited in my Room. I have no idea who I was going to meet since every girl looks great on the website. Katie came in with her short skirt and tight t-shirt. She is cute and has very slim body. I guess she is around 30. She gave pretty good massage from head to toe. We talked and relaxed for about 10~15 minutes during massage. I prefer to have this 10~15m massage session to get girl and me relaxed with each other.

Then I asked her about full service after knew each other a little bit better. She said she usually does not do full service but she feels OK with me. Asked for $200 tip. This is expensive comparing to other Asian places. I did not say anything about “expensive”. I just said I didn’t bring enough money because I thought the tip is around $140 (that was the money I had at the time). She thinks it for a few seconds then said “bring me a gift next time”. Then we started the acts; she asked how I like it to be done. I let her on top to ride on my horny dick. She is doing good riding job. I wanted to fuck her under my control so turned her over into missionary. but the massage table is too small for me so I moved her over to the table edge with both legs leaning on my shoulder. I stand on the floor in front of the massage table and between her legs. It is great position to see her pussy. I started to fuck her this way with the control over the legs split and how deep I want to insert my dick. I fucked for about 10 minutes and I started to finger her ••••••• and pussy clit as well. She seems to enjoy it quite a bit so I took out my dick and started to eat her pussy and finger her more. She became watering wet so I decided to insert my penis again. I shot my may load a few minutes later. This girl is very cooperative and willing to follow the mode with you. I enjoyed quite a lot. recommend if you can get the service at the price I paid

The Pink Poodle is a nude club near the corner of Bascom & El Camino in San Jose. Admission is relatively high (~$15). No place to really mix with the girls. They have a VIP area, but last I knew, no contact. 5-8 girls present normally in the evening. 5-6 in quality. Sometimes a 7. Small, loud and not very private. Much better values further north.

It was during my holiday in the US, where I became curious about ‘the hobby’ — I decided to look up some Asian girls that I hadn’t done yet 😉 (I’ve been mostly into Japanese girls as of late). Here are three of the girls that I did from the AAMP Group:
Vicky ($140 special) – This girl (as in late 20s ROC ‘girl’) could only have been 40kg if even that. Even so, she impressed me the most, as I actually -did- want a massage to start with and she exhibited CMT skills. A nice segue into a CBJ (safety first!) and some nice if noisy FS. I tried to set another appt just before I left, but… (read on).

Erica ($160 intro special) — I duly noted that when I called the operator, they informed me ‘she’s Korean’ – that means somewhat ‘cold’ or ‘matter of fact’ — which, to my German sensibilities, suits me just fine. CBJ was exceptional, had to opt for HJ due to nervousness — the apartment where she was had -very- thin walls and ‘curtains’ (lack of discretion/privacy).

Alla, aka Cindy ($140 intro) — I saw this girl (early 30s Cantonese). This was her first day; and (un/fortunately) I got to train her. She was, however quite enthusiastic, and we went over time. I’d have to say my last night in San Jose was a bit comical if only for this girl.

408-971-3119 to schedule an appointment. Ask for Tracy. my rates are $40/half hour, $60/hour for massage. Most additional requests can be met for an additional donation of between $40 – $100.” [end quote, note, photo taken down]

This lead to a 2nd Street address (they will tell you exactly where, good directions) — that looks like the bad side of town. I didn’t have any trouble during the day, but I would not recommend night time.

I was met by two women, a mama-san that claimed to be Tracy (in the pic? No way!) If they try this, insist on _Linda_ (early 20 something Viet girl, who is the jewel of the haus). I finally -did- get her, though for the hassle they only got $60+40 tip for massage+CBJ+HJ due to the mild switch and bait. -Linda- was quite nice, once you get to her.

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