San Francisco

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San Francisco used to have some of the best street action this side of Amsterdam, but as of the mid-90’s police enforcement cooled things off. I had hopes that Mayor “Slick” Wily would marshall his liberal resouces and get the ho’s back on the streets, but to my amazement he buckled down even more than his conservative, – former police chief-turned mayor – predecessor Frank Jordan.

Friday and Saturday nights would draw 40 – 50 girls out, many of them real lookers, and almost all passable. Now the pickings are slimmer and the girls usually don’t show up until after midnight. Some of the best acion can be found fter 2 or 3 am, with some girls going until 6 am. Most of the action is centered in the Tenderloin district, especially on Post and Hyde. Other areas include Geary near Leavenworth and Jones near Geary and also Ellis. Beware the “girls” near the old Motherlode club, on Larkin. They’re often hiding a one-eyed snake in their pants. If this is your fancy they do give aggressive bj’s for next to nothing ($20). I suspect they genuinely get into this.

A noteworthy courtesan caught my eye a few months back, she goes by the name of Ashley. She usually hangs out near Hyde by Post or Bush. She is tall, about a 34B, slender, great legs, with long curly locks of light blonde hair. We’re talking a REAL blonde here gents. She’ll do you for 80-100 half&half, and although she often performs a bit on the languid side her good looks and manicured twat make up for this.

For the really desperate (on both sides of the deal) there is Capp Street and the surrounding area on the other side of Van Ness. This is in the Mission district. Lots of strung out babes,psychos, the occaisional recent asian emigre, and latina chics.

The best girls have now gravitated to the web, see or . Many here work for agencies, a few are small group operators, and the occaisional chic is a solo agent (or so they claim). Although expensive $250 – 350, you get your money’s worth. On one occaision I did a gal with a great body, D cup boobs for $320. She gave more than an hour of unrushed sex, including ball licking, and she readily offered her trim pussy for a long session of 69. She was very personable. Although I would like to maintain her anonymity, a clue is her name begins with ad… and that’s all you’ll get bambinos.

I’ll be appy to post addtional reviews, including Berkeley which is sizziling with incall action these days, but somebody HAS to contribute a posting to the SF scene.

Last time I checked it was dead in the Tenderloin area (several months ago) and haven’t been back. Is the scene coming back? Instead I’ve been cruising S. Van Ness/16th. The picking ranged from slim to decent though it’s true that most won’t come out until about 2 a.m. Before that time one must practically walk the street to find the few that hides in dark corners. A week ago, I picked up a “cheap” one (fairly ugly but hey it’s kinda hard to see from your car and it was a pretty dark corner and she was quite bundled up) Got a half-and-half for $50 at her rundown apartment. I’m not from SF and can’t come there that often so that was my first/only street pickup I’ve tried. I’ll start doing it more often if hit more paydirt. However heavy cop presence do make it a little bit difficult for me to do it efficiently and comfortably.

My reason for cruising the street is PRICE. If it’s more than $80, I’d rather have the comfy and safety of AMP which I’ve been doing up to now. I also do the TJ scene every few months and now cannot justify paying too much for sex. Is pricing typically $80-$100 in the Tenderloin and less than that in the Mission area?

The chic I mentioned (blond, hangs out near Post/Hyde is Ashley. Tall, long wavy blond hair – unmistakable, but not a total rush either.
Affirmative regarding comments on Mitchell Bros and the Market street cinema (MSC). Check out and
I agree with about TJ. Good value, bangs for bucks, etc. I miss the place manIs it anything like the street scene in the early 90’s? I have my doubts – a recent report I read on leads me to believe stings may be in the works in this area. When you add up the price of a typical Ho, the room, and a tangible element of risk, it seems like a bargain to fly to TJ or rent someone locally for $160-250/hr. Of course I must admit I like trolling and the “menu” appeal of picking up a street girl.

The scene is slowly but surely starting to pick up a little. I dont think it will ever be like it was back in the mid-90s especially with Big Willie in office. Try any night but Sunday between Polk and Larkin on Sutter,Post or Bush. Theres normally about 5-10 girls and the price is normally about $100-150. The quality is about 5-8

The best areas in San Francisco for SWs is
the Mission and the Tenderloin. Personally,
I prefer the Tenderloin. The classier, better looking (ie those that do not look like crack addicts) can be found most nights on Sutter,
to the west of Jones St.

For underground houses, try the Massage or Escort sections of the Bay Guardian want ads. The ads seem to be in three
1) above ground, with a street address
2) individuals, so named
3) underground or often underground, when they imply a group of girls and give only a phone number.

Crazy Horse

If you are looking for a great time in San Francisco, check out “Crazy Horse” Strip Club on Market Street. I had several memorable experiences that I would like to share.

Leyla, a young Asian girl is an absolute bombshell. Seeing her on stage the first time made me salivate. She knows how to seduce and use her body to make you hard and ready for lap dance action. I had the time of my life fondling those gorgeous tits of hers; I never touched such soft tits in my life. It nearly made me come right there. Unfortunately she does not like to have her nipples teased a lot, which is quite a shame, given their sexy look… Overall, the girl is lots of fun. Look out for her.

Next on my list is Tiffany, another young Asian girl, formerly Miss Chinatown. She is very pleasant to be with and will go to great lengths to grind you dry… If she knows you, she enjoys teasing you quite a bit and let you french kiss her.. After my 6th time with her, she unzipped my pants and took out my little friend who happily jumped to attention in her hands. She then used some massage oil to massage my cock in a very sensuous way, and on one such occasion she rubbed her pussy right over my dick before turning around and giving me the hand job of my life, all the while letting my fingers explore her pussy.. She enjoyed it so much that she let herself go and she ended up having a massive orgasm herself.. An absolute must-try if you find your way down to the Crazy Horse…

The sexiest of all is undoubtedly Diamond… By the looks, you’d say she’s 19, maybe she really is.. But she loves showing off her assets, and damn those are worth showing off indeed. She has the most beautiful young tits I have ever seen and they feel even better in your hands.. She will let you play with her nipples, juggle those young breasts, and it is clear that she really enjoys it

The Crazy Horse is, in fact, a pretty cool place. Admission is reasonable (20-25). Usually very nice selection of girls. There is a long stage with chairs on both sides near the front. A tip usually results in a little direct attention from the dancer. Further back is theatre style seating. The dancers troll offering lap/private dances. I have often had a girl sit down and chat (sometimes on your lap) often for quite a while if it is a little slow. There is a lap dance room in the back to one side. That is pretty public and the dancer stays covered (although they will sometimes show you their breasts). There are also VIP rooms where you can get a private show. Topless or nude, according to price which varies by the dancer. $80 will usually do it. Typically plenty of contact although YMMV. I have never been offered extras, although reports elsewhere would indicate that some may be availible at times. Management frowns on this however. Tara (busty blonde) is a favorite, although she spends a lot of time featuring. She has also done some porn in the past. Recommended.

Crazy Horse is a pretty decent place with nice looking girls. Last time I visited there, had a good time. I was sitting in the back area when a gorgeous blonde approached me. her name is cher. we talked for a while all the time she was sitting in my lap. afterwards we wnt to the VIP area. Paid her $80 or so and had a wonderful experience.

Market Street Cinema
Don’t be fooled, the MSC is something of a dump. On any given night there are a number of pretty ugly women, but there are also often some cute ones.

Admission is $18 with an additional $10 for the back, where there are a number of private areas as well as a (dark) movie theatre and a couple of stages. With most of the women there, most anything is on offer. Some are pretty coy about it and will give you a vague answer when asked what is on the menu. Many however, are very direct, asking up front if you want one of the many choices.

The front area has a stage where the dancers often (always) get down into the crowd and up close and personal with tippers. They usually have a ‘feature’, usually a past the prime porn actress. Feature appearences have become somewhat irreuglar of late due to poor management.

The hustle is non-stop, with some dancers applying plenty of pressure. These are usually looking to rip you off by promising a lot and delivering little, except pressure for more $. If a dancer is going to offer good value, she usually tends to be lower key.

The cinema room in the back provides a good place for a test drive. You can also often get a good feel for a dancer (pun intended) at the stage in the very back, which often doesn’t have many customers for the dancer.

The booths have meters, but whether they get fed is highly dependent on the dancer. The booths are not always the cleanest. Private dances usually start at $80, fully nude, often with additional services offered at that price.

Kind of tacky, but there are some diamonds amid the gravel. A recent visit provided some interesting possibilities.

An attractive black girl named Shy (she was anything but) provided an excellent lap dance out in the main room. She quoted $100 for a bj but went immediately into negotiation mode when told that her price was high.

A tallish platinum blonde with very fair skin, quite slender with large natural breasts gave a fair lap in the main room. She pulled out those lovely naturals for a squeeze. Quote for a bj was $60. Didn’t catch her name.

An older asian woman (30s?) trolled around some. Good hugger, wonderfully soft skin. Large full breasts. A little thicker body, but not fat. As the evening wore on and things remained slow, she offered a long service with an opportunity to come twice for $60. I think she was desparate to make her quota so she could leave. Didn’t take her up on it, so I cannot comment on whether the offer was genuine.

I have been to MSC couple of times. It’s a hit and miss. Usually I paid $100 or so for action in one of the back rooms. Recently though I had some very good time with 2 girls working together. Forget their names but they are asian and have very soft bodies. On the same night thgere was some good lesbian action going on the stage. overall very erotic time.

Mitchel Brothers O’Farrell Theater
Mitchell brothers–you have to pay a pretty hefty door fee–$60–this enables you to the movie theater, stripper stage, and various special show they have. This place is pretty cool–they have flashlight shows–some of the female companions in the audience get down! This is a classy place and you can take you girlfriend/wife there for some very kinky shows–all special shows want $20 to include you with is toughing and rubbing for about 3minutes or so.

After the light show, and watching the various strippers to see which one I wanted extra from–found 2 Asian girls–one has a tattoo on her ankle and she is way too much–avoid her$600 for around the world–I opted for the other gal–she made me get a $20 booth and another $360 on my credit card and she refunded me $10 inside the booth. Inside the booth you get 15 minutes–so get undressed before you pay–this green light comes on when your token is inserted and you have until the light turns red when 15minutes is up–well—

I undressed and she gave me head–I was already rock hard–I got 1 position so I told her to get on her back and grab her ankles–I slammed her good and came hard in condom–afterwards–she grabbed an alcohol swab and cleaned mime off and then her tits and deal. Pretty expensive for 15minutes but she was pretty. Massage Parlors are cheaper but you don’t get to pick the girl. Good Luck and always wear a condom.

MBOT is an interesting trade-off. There are a lot of very beautiful girls there, and many (but not all) offer a variety of services. However, there are some drawbacks as well. The entry fee is $40 most of the day. The show prices are quite high and nearly everything is metered. Sometimes, if the girl of interest is working one of the ‘special’ rooms (kopenhagen or ultra) you can have some fun without feeding the meter. However, if you want to do a beautiful woman and price is not an issue, MBOT is your place.

its really two clubs. One is full on gay. The other one isnt really str8, more like anything goes. Its only open Thursday 2 Sunday. Its about 75% guys (most of them are real losers), 20% tv/ts, and 5% real girls. hardly anyone has sex. if U get lucky, 10-20 guys will follow you and stare at you until you lose any desire to get it on. thats what happens on the downstairs. upstairs is all guys, so i stay away.

Here’s a bit more on the Power Exchange. I took a swing by there (no pun intended) when I was up there about a year ago. I stopped in on both Thursday and Friday just to see what was going on.

“Anonymous” got the basic flavor of the place right, although he left out a few of the details.
To start with, on Friday and Saturday, guys have to either strip down to a towel and pay $30, or they can get in wearing their street clothes. Very few guys actually go for the towels, the rest fork out the $75 (why, I don’t understand). I decided to go for the towel, a bit self-conscious, but not completely embarrassed (I’m not especially buff and muscular, but I do exercise and work out, so it’s not like I’m a toad or anything). My self-consciousness was based more on my (admitted) discomfort being unclothed in the presence of gay males. I did have a guy brush against my crotch at first, but rather than make a scene, I said calmly “I’m not into that”. He then profusely apologized, and promised not to bother me again (fine with me), so I relaxed a bit after that.
Women don’t need to pay, but considering how few of them I saw, I don’t think they were missing much revenue at the door.

There are two sections catering to slightly (but not completely) different tastes. To start with, the Main station (upstairs) is strictly all-male,
so I’m not even going to go there (literally or figuratively). I will remain blissfully ignorant about there activities. However, I’m not sure that the downstairs part (the Substation) is much better, as heterosexual activity is pretty limited. For the most part, there are two scenes: an S&M scene and a TV/TS pickup scene. The S&M scene consists of (a) either fat (not pleasingly plump, but grossly out of shape) chicks with nipple rings and tattoos being spanked by skinny guys with goatees, or other fat chicks, or (b) gay guys wrapping other gay guys up in Saran Wrap and the like. Most definitely unappealing, certainly not sexually appealing, convincing me that some people should just leave their clothes on and their fetishes in the closet.

The patronage breakdown of 5% “real women” is about right, except that 3 out of the 5 are lesbians or straight trendies hanging out with their friends upstairs in the lounge, looking bored (see, the thing in SF is to be SEEN at all the hip and trendy places, not to actually go anywhere where you would enjoy yourself). Actually, one of the lesbians I spoke to was one of the more balanced individuals in the place, and my conversation with her (about stuff unrelated to sex) was far more enjoyable than 90+% of the other scenarios I could have imagined at the place.

The 75% of the guys are a real motley crew for the most part: most of them are the types who couldn’t get anything even if the dragged James Carville’s proverbial $100 bill through a trailer park (or the Tenderloin/Mission, if you must). Badly overweight, and lacking in the personal grooming/manners/hygeine department badly. This is the crowd that Anonymous was speaking about: If they sense that anything is going on, they will follow the participants and silently glare, upset, angry, and bitter that they are not included in the festivities. On those occasions when I was fortunate enough to talk my way into a little bit of play-time activities with a willing female participant, she invariably froze up at the prospect of a dozen of would-be serial killer lookalikes staring her down. Needless to say, it didn’t do much for my enthusiasm either. There are also a certain percentage of macho man wanna-be’s who talk the talk, but don’t get much either. Actually, the best odds here (although not great) are for the guys who are sort of “normal” (perhaps because they are such a novelty here, I guess).

As far as the gender-bender crowd, that is something altogether from the Twilight Zone. The majority range from barely passable to downright scary. Apparently the “star attraction” here are the “Exoticas” – a dozen Filipino(a) trannies who blow in to the place and, depending on the phase of the moon, roll of the dice, or (most likely) the quality/quantity of pharmaceuticals they have been smoking/snorting earlier in the evening, make (a) either a big show of grabbing a few selected guys (not the stalkers, and not necessarily the studs) and hailing them off to a cubbyhole for a quick round of blow-jobs, or (b) sashaying around the place, leading the guys on, and then making a big fuss of rejecting and humiliating them when they think they are about to get something, and parading out. In any case, it’s about their narcsissistic need to “make a scene” which IMHO is the primary driving force behind this whole gender confusion thing. Not all the guys fall for it though. On the second night I was there, this TS named “Lexus” (she’s supposed to be a porn star) tried to pull this on one guy. he saw it coming, and acted very non-chalantly when she grabbed at his crotch and tried to push her fake tits in his mouth. After about 5 minutes of this effort to get him all worked up, she turned around and said “now I’m going to find me a real man and •••• him at my hotel”. He lets her walk off a few feet, and says “I see that you were in such a hurry to make a show of running off that you forgot your purse and your drink. Please take them both, since I don’t need your money, and I won’t drink anything that has had your mouth on it.” A few people laughed, and Lexus was pissed.

Anyhow, that’s the type of scene it is. It’s really pretty depressing, and probably explains why a lot of guys are just getting fed up and becoming reactionary conservatives and learning ballroom dancing, taking up golf, and stuff like that. If that’s the sexy swinger’s lifestyle, who wants it?

In the San Francisco East Bay you can find a variety of VERY interesting woman.
The best resources for checking out woman in this area are:
Lovings.COM – <>
Eros-Guide.COM – <>
SF Red Book – <>
The later is kind of a Dexterthorn’s for the SF Bay Area with a range of reviews and a discussion board.
The discussion board is open to all, though to post in some forms you have to “join”, while reviews are available for those that post one or those that pay a few. For those that pay, advance search features are available.

It should be noted that the data base of reviews isn’t keep that up to date, so that you will find reviews of ladies that haven’t been working for a long time. It is always worth checking out any reviews by posting in Escort 411 and by double-checking to see that they aren’t a subject of discussion in “Neigborhood Watch”.

I owe a lot to street hookers. In my younger years they gave me much pleasure, for a reasonable cost (typically, $20 for a blowjob, $50 for full-service), and, in a number of cases, I walked away with an interesting story or two.
The salad days of my dalliances with prostitutes were between 1980 and 1983. I was in college at the time, and the hookers were profusely available in S.F.’s Tenderloin District. This was before AIDS slammed America hard in the gut. Yet, in spite of such health concerns, the Tenderloin (a.k.a., the “T.L.”) hasn’t really changed that much. Unlike New York’s de-balled Times Square, the T.L. still has that wonderfully trashy charm. Strip clubs. Massage parlors. Adult bookstores… I thank my lucky stars S.F.’s Barbary Coast tradition remains somewhat intact.
But I suppose the biggest difference between today’s T.L. and that of the past are fewer natural-born women on the streets. These days there’s a preponderance of transsexual hookers. Obviously, those ladies are the dream dates of many a john. Just not my cup of tea. Besides, today—when I’m in-between girlfriends—I stick to legal brothels and massage parlors. The choices on the streets, for whatever reason(s), are just too slim. Is it due to the AIDS issue? Too many police crackdowns? More babes plying their trade through creative lapdances at strip clubs? Who knows?
Oddly enough, I recall almost none of my paid-for orgasms. They all sorta blur together. Naturally, some blasts were memorable. Yet what I vividly remember is how I met these streetwalkers. Or what they looked like, their mannerisms, where we “did it,” what happened afterwards, i.e. a passing joke, a fight with a crazed ‘boyfriend,’ hassles with the cops, a girl’s sudden disappearance off the face of the earth…
Let’s be honest: The person who best understands a hooker is, quite simply, another hooker.
It’s actually been quite a few years since I gave up partying with street hookers, thus giving me ample time to digest my experiences. As a result, I realize that those streetwalkers were more than just a sexual outlet. They were a breeding ground for adventure. The girls also provided me with first-hand knowledge of their outlaw lifestyle. I had many memorable experiences with ’em… some bad… some funny… but none dull.
Did I wind up with a better understanding of the street hooker? I suppose. But, c’mon, let’s be honest: The person who best understands a hooker is, quite simply, another hooker. They’re the ones who walk the streets, sell their bodies, deal with the threat of violence. (Spectator’s interview with Gloria Lockett is particularly elucidating for those readers interested in the street prostitute’s side of the story.) Yet if it wasn’t for those T.L. hookers, my life at the time would have been a helluva lot more mundane. Not only would have been in the dark about street prostitutes, but I wouldn’t have compiled a backlog of T.L. stories—a few of which immediately come to mind.

One of the best AMPs in San Francisco is Golden Dragon Massage located on the edge of the tenderloin in San Francisco.
One of the nice things about the Golden Dragon is that it is located within walking distance of a major garage on Mission Street and BART and Muni lines, making it easily accessible for those from out of town.
The Golden Dragon usually has a wide range of Asian woman (usually of Korean origin) that provide fantastic service. I have had some extremely nasty sessions there.
The rate is a $50 house fee followed usually by a $150.00 to the young lady whose company you are keeping.
This is standard AMP in operation, except you always get to see the ladies at the beginning. If you don’t like what you are handed, let the MaMa-san know and ask for someone new.
Getting in can be a bit unerving, because you access this AMP from a busy street (Mason). But if you can handle that, it is a great place to visit.

Golden Dragon Massage
136 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102

If you in the San Francisco area, recommend go to
the Suki Oriental massage on Broadway st. or Golden Flower and Lee massages downtown. They are the best in the Bay Area. and it cost around $150 for full service.

best place for message is Suki,
it is locate on Broadway,cross street is Columbus.
just ring the bell and they will come open the door.
Last week, in Nov.02, there is a girl name Tina. she is korean, she gave me a fantatic service for the cost of $120. and i tip her 20 more.

I arrived in San Fran today with out fan fair and took a cab to my hotel. I’m staying at the Marriott on 4th between Market & Mission and from what I can tell from reading I’m in the ideal area for our hobby as far as AMP’s are concerned.

I’ve been to San Fran in the past, but I’ve never had time to participate in our hobby. I was looking forward to this week long business trip for some time because I wanted to sample the west coast ladies being that I’m from New Jersey. By the same token I didn’t want to wear myself out because I head to Rio this Saturady for a week of fun in and out of the sun. Can you say Termas?

Anyway with list in hand I head out to what I hear is the best AMP in SF, Golden Flower. It wasn’t far from the hotel. It’s on 2nd just above Howard St. and there’s a parking lot next door. I was a little excited because I wanted to see what all the fuss and rave reviews were about.

Well my excitement was short lived! I get to the door and they wouldn’t let me in. They said the club was for members only and that I had to come with a member on the first time. Well I was pissed. In all my years of hobbying all over the world I have never been turned down to a place. I wasn’t some bum, I was dressed nice, and I’m sure not LE. So I said to myself that I hope this is not a trend for things to come.

So next I decide to go to Kings which is just about right across from my hotel. The street is called Jessie, and it looks like an alley off of 4th St between Market and Mission.

I get buzzed in go down stairs to a second opening and get greeted. I walk in and say to myself Jack Pot! To my left is the desk with the mammasan who takes my money, to my right on couches is about 10 fine ladies watching TV. 9 Asian and 1 American. And I must say the pickens were excellent, and I’m very picky as you will notice if you read my reviews on TER & TBD.

I couldn’t make up my mind at first, but finally selected a fine Asian lady named Joann. (Yeah!) Anyway she leads me to my room, helps me to get undressed, then leads me across the hall to take a shower. I come back to room number 3, and she and I get acquainted. Her command of English limited, and she tells me she has only been there about 3-weeks. So needless to say to doesn’t have the hard Pro facade going on.

She gives me this great massage, then tells me to turn over and she starts working on the front. I tell you the Asian ladies are very good at putting on the condom with just there mouths when they are given you the cbj. Well I start playing with her clit and she starts getting super wet and moaning load. She turns and try’s to get me to go down on her, but I wasn’t into that tonight so I flip her over and slowly went to town on her until we couldn’t taken it any longer and I pounded it home. We kept touching and caressing each other and she wanted to continue, but I had another stop on my list so I took another shower and left. $40 for admission + $1/2 lady = $190 for a great time. I will be going back to sample the other items on the menu.

Next I head over to Golden Dragon on Mason St. just above Ellis St. It’s not hard to find either. The Mammasan meets me at the door and asks if it’s my first time. I say yes, and instead of leading me to the door on the left that says entrance, she opens the door (greeting area inside because I see couches), say a fews words, then opens a door on the left and leads me down the stairs. She tells me it’s $50 cash, I pay her and she takes me to a nice room with a shower inside. (Note: I think this room is much better than Kings!) I ask her what’s on the menu, and she asks me what do I like. I tell her and then ask, “don’t I get to select?” She tells me they don’t do it that way. Everyone was busy, but she has someone she knows I will like and that if I don’t like her I’m free to leave. So I’m there and I say “what the heck.”

Well I was not to be disappointed once again! In walks this petite
4′-10″ woman named Tina. And she asks if I would like her to service me and of course I say yes! She leaves quickly while I take a shower and I think to myself that so far the ladies at the AMP’s in San Fran are much better than New Jersey.

Well Tina is fine with this hard body that begs to be hammered. We talk a little and she tells me she’s from Vietnam and has been in the US for 7-years. We do the chit-chat thing for a while to get comfortable she gives me an OK massage. And the session was OK also with a cbj, fs, and cg. It seemed mechanical, almost as if it’s been a long day for her. I find out later that it had becuase she had been working for the past 12-hours, and she was very tired. She told me to come back again earlier in the day and she promised to make it up to me. She also told me that when I come back to tell who every answers the door that I know her and then I’ll be able to select who I want the next since I passed the screening process. She told me that she thought I was very nice and that she would be sure to tell everyone about me.
Cost 1/2$ entry + $1/2 lady = $$ for a wonderful time.

Well that’s all for tonight…The saga continues tomorrow. I was thinking about Lee’s or Empire’s but the reviews have not been good. Perhaps I’ll do the Strip club thing and do a couple of theaters. I know everyone say’s that Mitchell Brother’s is high but I might still check it out or Market Street Theater.

Wednesday, I think I’ll do some out calls to the hotel. I’ve seen some nice blonde blue eyed ladies named Amanda & Sabrina, even if they are a little high at $$$ to $$$$ an hour.

Tonight I decide to check out the strip clubs. First stop, the Market Street Cinema on Market at 7th street. I read mixed reviews which said the place was hit or miss, and I struck out! Paid the $20 admission to get in, and the first room was set up just like a theater with a stage with poles. Some guys were standing in the back and some were watching the weak baby fat Asian do the pole dance thing. So I decide to head to the back rooms. Paid another $10 to be assaulted by a horde of butt ugly women. There was this blonde porn star working the back rooms/cubby holes who was tall, thin, and had a great rack, but had a beat face for my taste. I seemed to have caught her cleaning up from her bbbjtc from the last client. Well this was enough for me so I’m out the door.

Next stop, the infamous Mitchell Brothers on O’Farrell. Paid the $40 cover at the door and was pleased with the talent just like everyone said I would be. The ladies were fine, and the sex show with the toys entertaining. It’s a juice bar and there is a guy with a flash light directing the guys to the next live sex show in the various rooms.

The ladies start approaching the minute I walk in the door, and I have to keep them at bay. There were a lot of guys, but like myself most were only watching, or getting plain lap dances. After viewing the show from the side lines and tipping now and then, I decide on my first lady of the night a beautiful Persian woman named Yasmin. She gives me a naked lap dance, tells me what’s on the menu in the private room for me with her, and also tells me that all the ladies have different rates. These ladies are sky high, and not for the faint of heart. She starts out at a Grand for F/S and I laugh. She tells me that I’m suppose to negotiate depending on the service, so I tell her $100. We go back and forth on the price and couldn’t come to an agreement so I pass.

Next I try this supper fine woman who looks part Asian named Donna. We go through same process as Yasmin and I, and I could get her any lower than $500 for F/S so I pass on this one also. Next I try this fine blonde named Sabrina with these beautiful big blue eyes. She’s approached me 2 times so far and I figure she likes so I go around with her. I get it down to $$$1/2 for F/S and we head of to the private room after I purchase 2, 15-minute tokens. She performed like a trooper, but it was way too short and it only left me wanting more.

There was another attractive woman named India who wanted me badly. She was trying so hard to get me into the back room that she quoted me $$$1/2 right off the back for F/S. Well I wanted a longer time for my money so I decided to exit at this point and find the closet AMP.

Since I was on O’Farrell I decided to try Empire Health Club which was right down the road so I decided to walk. I passed a lot of riff-raff on the way to Empire, but no one bothered me. I also passed to additional AMP’s. One named Sunflower on the corner of O’Farrell and Hayes. (Entrance on the Hayes side), and Spring Time which was just before I got to Empire, but on the opposite side of the street. There was a Brazilian flag in the window so I figured that’s who serviced the place. (Mental note to myself check out this place tomorrow.)

Anyway I go into Empire and the selection was alright, but not great. I selected someone named Mai who was thin, attractive, and had small breast. Probably “A” cup in size. Later she told me her real name was Topiko and that she was from Thailand and had been in the US for 5 years. Anyway I get lead to an OK room first, I’m told to get undressed and I’m lead out the room and around the corner to this two stall shower which sucked.

Well this pretty much set the tone for the session. After some chit-chat, Mai gives me this weak soft touch massage. I had laid down $ as a tip when she came into the rooms so that she would know I wanted F/S. Well I should have saved my money. Everything seemed too mechanical, and I can’t keep it up during the cbj and this never happens to me. So I tell her to lie down and she tells me it’s an additional $ for F/S and I laugh. So as not to argue because I’m new, I tell her $1/2 take it or leave it, and she agrees. Anyway, she seemed like she had to catch a train. Everything was rushed, and she had the loosest twat of any Asian I have been with. Guys, it was weak for her to be so small and thin. I thinking she must masturbate with a super big dildo. I rush to completion, take a shower and leave. I don’t think I’ll be back to this place.

Well I’m pissed! Three places during the night and I’m not a happy camper. Tomorrow I’ll have to do some in calls. I should have listened to the boards and went with the law of percentages. I’ll search for some high class escorts tomorrow.

All the AMP in San Francisco provide good service for a reasonable price Golden dragon is good with a OK selection of Asians. They speak hardly any English because most are fresh off the boat to America. So bargaining is hard to do but can be done. There was one I went to about a year ago when I was there on business it was called Sophia’s massage. It was up stairs from a dirty book shop a was kind of dirty, but lot’s of girls. I had a friend who went there more than seven times and it was his favorite place. So of course I had to check it out. The girls were not bad and they were pretty friendly I took picked one out and followed her to a room. Were I received a decent massage but of course got FS. She was tight with smooth skin but no tits. Her name was Kim but I think they all call them selves Kim. But she was worth the time. I only spent a total of a 180 bucks, 50 for massage, 100 for FS and always give them a tip and say nothing. Those girls only get about 15 to 50 out of each session they do. I like to give them a little extra only about 20 bucks but to them its a lot more. Plus if you tell them you will be back the next day you will get even better service than before. So when I went back the following day the girl was there again so I picked her and went back to the same room again. This time I requested more and said I had more to spend. She said VIP room and I said great. It was extra to go but I was willing to pay. And she new I wasn’t a cop since the day before. Anyway she takes me to this bigger room with a hottub in it and I was like all right she said anything else and of course I requested another girl come party with us. SO for a total of 440 I had a hot tub 2 girls and 2 hours. Shower and massage before hot tub and the hot tub bj then sex on the bed with both then massage again then shower then I leave. It was worth it. so if you are in San Francisco check out Sophia’s unless they got busted. The cops bust at least 3 a year because there is so many of them. Any were on market, Broadway, Chinatown, in or around those areas there are AMP. Some of the strip clubs you can score sometimes but not always. I got a BJ in the Centerfolds once by a girl named sunshine. It was a covered BJ because I had a jimmy in my pocket and she was willing for a $100. It was expensive but worth to get blown by a big titty 20 year girl who was probably about 9 or 10 and sexy as hell but also seemed to have drug problem on the side. Watch your self in those places any way most those girls will take your money and you get nothing in return.

I went to Golden Flower(215 2nd Street SF) this evening. I was staying at a airport hotel and had a BART ride to Montgomery station. GF is 5 minutes walk from the station and at the edge of the financial district, 2nd and Howard. This place usually have huge selection of young and beautiful Korean girls. I rang the bell at the front entrance on 2nd and the door was unlocked. As soon I enter, I make a right turn and there was a big room where 25 Korean girls were waiting for me smiling. It took more than five minutes for me to choose as there are many beauties. Finally I selected MIKI (I do not know why she uses Japanese name) and she brought me to her room downstairs. She asked me if I had been there and I said yes. She asked me to pay. Here the price is flat. An hour MASSAGE for $200. While she went out for change clothes, I took a shower. The room is big enough, everything is clean and comfortable. Unlike a Korean place in LA area that I went several time, the girls here speak reasonable English. The girl I met here previously said GF is a ‘higher class MP’. Actually, the price is about 30% higher than SF standard, I like this place. As soon she returned, she began massage and I had an hour of very good time as usual. If you like Asian girl and do not mind paying some more for staying at better place with better girl, I recommend GF.

Sophia’s Spa, 1020 Geary, SF. (415) 776-2900. Located one block E. of Van Ness. VN-owned parlor. Mostly VN staffed, with the occasional Latina and non-VN Asian. Ladies generally 25-35 yo. About 15-20 on staff, with 7-8 on duty at any one time. Generally good service, but can be very rushed when busy. After getting buzzed in, walk straight to the waiting room where the girls are and pick one out.
1284 Mission, SF. (415) 626-1837. Open 7 days, 10a-12a. Korean-owned MP with Asian staff, most countries represented. About an equal mix between Korean, Thai and VN, with a few Chinese thrown in for good measure. Many girls on staff, one of the largest parlors in the City. Generally a choice of at least 20 girls; maybe as many as 30. Girls generally young, many under 25yo, but only a few real beauties. SF Redbook reports that it can be a difficult parlor for Caucasians to get into, but I have not had that experience yet, nor have seen anything which would corroborate that. However, the management can be testy at times. Service overall ok, but helps to be a regular.
Blue Sky Spa, 738 Larkin (2 bl S. of Geary, 2 bl E of Van Ness), SF. (415) 885-9794. Generally mature Asian (40-45yo-ish) ladies working here, mostly from VN, with one or two notables from Thailand and Japan. SF MPs are generally a little more expensive than their LA counterparts, if you don’t mind the age factor, this probably is one of the better values in SF. Believe it or not, other beautician services are available here as well.
Yoko (Japan)
About 47yo, 4’10” 32d-22-32. Putting on a few pounds lately, but still looks good, body still firm. Nice rack (natural).
$50+$120, 40 min full service + Greek, Seen Feb 00.

Longtime Bay Area favorite. Does everything and does it well and I think she likes her gig more than she’d let on. BBBJ available for repeat business. Works almost every day. Tends to move things along quickly, but not too quickly.
don’t have enough room on Delphi for a separate SC thread, so, I’ll put it here:
Market Street Cinema ( <> ), 1077 Market, SF. (415) 255-1005, (415) 861-2727. Open 7 days, 11:30a-3a. Admission: General $15, VIP “Sin City” area, $15. Longtime on-premises sex club masquerading as strip club. Kind of like an indoor flea market of streetwalking, if you get my drift. Now owned by the Deja Vu chain, fortunately management style there hasn’t changed since DV’s takeover about 1.5 years ago. Many well known AE starlets feature dance there on rotating basis.
Menaka (Taiwan)
About 36yo, 34c (enhanced)-25-34.
$120, 30 min full service. Seen Jul 00
At someone’s recommendation, went to Golden Gypsy Massage in Berkeley. It’s on Telegraph, near Ashby, maybe 5 blocks from the main Telegraph drag in Berkeley. No advertisements on the street, looks like a simple apartment complex. Tel: 510-540-9393 also advertisement on Open 11 am – 2aam daily. You knock on the door and there is some shuffling. They open the door and you get a line-up. I went Friday and Saturday afternoons and each time there were 5 different girls – range 6 – 9 on a scale of 1-10. Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian.
Saw BEBE, an Asian Lovers Dream. About 20 yrs, petite, Vietnamese, tight body, small a-cup but tight breasts and an adolescents butt. Super sexy. Covered bj and fs. Does that sniffing thing instead f kissing.
Close to GFE. Girls are not in LA-style massage/nurse uniforms. They are dressed like strippers or street hookers.
Cost to house: $55 1/2 hour; $60 45 mins; $65 1 hour.
Girls ask $200 – no negotiation.

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