Ventura County

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This information is bases on nearly 20 years of parlor visiting in the Oxnard/Ventura area. Let me know if you know anything different.
Of the 15 or so store fronts operating, 3 generally offer a no-hassle full service session 95% of the time, and all are in Oxnard:
Health Center 125 St. Mary’s Drive @ Vinyard (805) 988-9043
Nichole’s Spa 660 N. Ventura Rd. @ Doris (In Freemont Square Shopping Center) (805) 983-2707
“A” Acu Acupressure 9th and “A” St. (new number?)
In short, Health Center is probably the most convenient, Nichole’s on past occasions had the youngest drop-dead beautiful Koreans, and “A” Acu was the ONLY spa to have a full Latina staff, but they are closed 9 times out of 10, when they are supposed to be open.
Mission Acupressure 2228 Saviers Rd. (805) 486-2520 is by far the cleanest place, but the quality of the women working is so-so, and none of these places really offer a choice of masseuse.
Wagon Wheel Massage 824 Wagon Wheel @ Ventura (805) 278-0882 used to be full-serve, now just manual, Myako Massage 156 E. Pleasant Valley Rd. @ Saviers (805) 488-5494 used to be THE BEST, and on occasion, is still pretty good, but full-serve is sometimes iffy. Almost all the others will (usually) perform manual without even having to ask, although Jade Massage 2720 S. Ventura Rd. @ Channel Islands Blvd. (805) 486-5997, and New Soul 1237 Oxnard Blvd. (805) 487-9954 are questionable.
I always follow 3 rules, and they have never failed me.
1. Visit often
2. Tip well

along Haley Street I spotted a gorgeous blonde, about 35 named Paula. Look for her
Haley street is in Santa Barbara, 35 miles north of Ventura
Ventura is a odd scene. a few massage parlors in oxnard and vta. not going to name names but range 60-100 bucks for a full svc. the Avenue works sometimes, usually young either white trashy/druggy or hispanic. ive cruised up and down there on a few times. picked up and practically knocked up a few. first was a latina, real nice, she actually seemed somewhat sincere. the two since then have both been REAL young looking white girls. one blond one jet black hair. both were awesome the blond almost forgot to ask me for the $$. kind of funny.

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