Alien Cathouse Brothel

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Alien Cathouse Brothel
Highway US95
Armagosa Valley
NV 89020
Tel 775 372-5551
Tel 775 372-5251
Alien Cathouse Brothel

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30 Miles SOUTH of Beatty on US95
85 Miles NORTH of Las Vegas on US95
25 Miles North of Mabels
44 Miles North of Pahrumf

Why is this place called Cherry Patch II, perhaps to give the idea that there is a Cherry Patch I? Truthfully there is in fact a Cherry Patch I but it’s been closed for over 10 years. If you happen to go to Mabel’s in Crystal which is the next closest Brothel to Cherry Patch II you’ll see Cherry Patch I when you get to the dirt road that leads to Mabel’s. It’s also next to the Brothel Museum and Bar.

Located behind the Shell gas station and store you may miss this brothel if you’re not paying close attention. There is a flashing light but it’s set so far back behind the store you barely notice it. There is plenty of parking out front, even for big rigs.

Nothing has changed
In the 20 years I’ve been visiting Nevada Brothels I’ve never had a session at this Brothel. In fact it’s probably one of the one brothels I have not spend money in. It also suffers from the dark lit line up problem. It may interest you that it is also owned by the same owner who owns Mabel’s.

The majority of the time you’ll find Afro American women here. On occasion I’ve come across fairly old caucasion women in the line up. Due to the lack of visitors should you find a woman that interests you $100 – $150 is in line for a basic party.

For the record, I have some stats from a recent Ironman trip.


Closest Ranch to Los Angeles Airport
Chicken Ranch (near Pahrump NV) to LAX 280 miles via Shoshone 7 hours
Playmates (Near Hawthorne NV) to LAX 353 miles 7 hours

Closest Ranch to Las Vegas Airport
Chicken Ranch (near Pahrump NV) to Vegas Airport 59 miles 1hr 45 minutes
Madam Butterfly (near Strawberry Valley) to Vegas Airport 80 miles 2 hours 20 minutes

This goes along with what Merlin posted. It’s nothing new that Madam Butterfly, Cherry Patch I and II push the truth. They’re at the bottom of the heap of Brothels and Ranches as far as women, quality and cost go. If your only experience in Nevada Brothels and Ranches is Madam Butterfly or the Cherry Patch Ranches then you need to rethink things. Head for the Chicken Ranch or Sheri’s or take the drive north to the Ranches along the I80.

I visited this brothel while staying in Death Valley. Spent $200 for a half hour with a beautiful blonde. It was a bit dirty and dark. In her bedroom, she gave me a porno to read while she was getting ready. She was very friendly, and knew how to talk the right talk. The strange part is that I did get a minor rash on my arm the next week, but it was no big deal.

After a controversial run lasting roughly four decades, Nye County brothel owner Maynard “Joe” Richards has quietly withdrawn from the legal sex trade.
Don’t bother asking; the famously reclusive and prickly brothel owner doesn’t want to talk about it.
When reached for comment at the strip club he still owns in Pahrump, the 78-year-old said he is writing a book, so people who want to know about his life can read about it there.
Richards recently sold his Cherry Patch 2 bordello, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas on U.S. Highway 95, to brothel mogul Dennis Hof, who plans to make it over in an outer-space theme.
Richards sold his other two Nye County brothels to Hof in 2010.
At one time, it looked like Richards might be forced out of the business.
He was indicted in 2006 on two felony counts of federal wire fraud after he paid then-Nye County Commissioner Candice Trummell $5,000 to rewrite an ordinance that had kept him from building a new house of prostitution at the south end of Pahrump.
Trummell was working as an FBI informant, and the meetings and phone conversations she secretly recorded made the government’s case.
In March 2009, Richards pleaded guilty to one of the charges as part of a deal with federal prosecutors that spared him prison time.
It took county regulators more than a year to hold a hearing on his future in the brothel business. He was fined $50,000 but allowed to keep his licenses.
By then, he already had sold two of his three bordellos to Hof.
Reno wedding chapel owner and brothel industry lobbyist George Flint said the business has lost a link to its early days, when houses of prostitution were tolerated but not regulated the way they are now in 10 Nevada counties, excluding the state’s population centers of Clark and Washoe.
“Everybody is a little traumatized by that,” Flint said of Richards’ decision to cash out. “They just can’t believe it.” “He had the first brothel license ever issued by Nye County,” said Tony DeMeo, the county’s sheriff. “He actually had brothel license No. 1.”
Flint considers Richards a close friend and “very special human being.”
“I’m sorry more people haven’t gotten to know the man as I have,” he said.
DeMeo said he wishes Richards well in his retirement from the legal sex trade.
“Outside of his conviction on the federal charge, he really never caused that much trouble,” the sheriff said.
Don’t tell that to Trummell, who now holds a government job in Washington, D.C. She has complained before about threats and verbal attacks — some anonymous, others printed in Richards’ weekly newspaper in Pahrump — on her and her family for their public stand against the brothel business.
Allowing Richards to leave on his own terms is merely the latest insult.
“In my opinion, the Nye County commissioners violated the public’s trust by allowing a pimp who confessed to public corruption to continue operating and holding him up as an example of an ‘upstanding citizen,’ ” Trummell said. “I hope the county commissioners who supported Richards after his confession don’t continue to have such a flippant attitude about public corruption. However, I haven’t seen any change to the commission that gives me a lot of confidence.”

Now called the Alien Cat House


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