Bella’s Hacienda

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Bella’s Hacienda
Hacienda Ranch Road
Wells, NV 89835
Tel 775 752-9914

66 Miles West of Wendover (Border of Utah)
69 Miles South of Jackpot
50 Miles East of Elko
115 Miles South of Twin Falls Idaho
181 Miles West Salt Lake City
140 Miles North of Ely
340 Miles East of Reno
378 Miles North of Las Vegas

The majority of customers here appear to be truckers or those passing thru. There have been times when I’ve sat next to cowboys at this place and I mean a real cowboy that works a herd. Not what I would call the top of the line talent. Possible 7 women can be found at one time. Prices are in line with $100-$150 for basic services. The bar tender (younger latin guy) was friendly and helpful. No pressure and you’re welcome to have a drink and stay a while. You can buzz yourself out by pressing the button on the wall to the left of the entrance.

Once you ring the bell for entry you’ll be buzzed in. To the right is the bar, to the far right are some rooms and quarters for the ladies. The majority of the rooms are located to your left. As you enter straight ahead of you is the restroom. Sometimes soup is served as well as frozen pizza. The soup is on the house while the pizza is for sale. Coffee is free, soft drinks and alcohol are for sale.

Plentiful and made for trucks there is ample room for large rigs and even space to spend the night and shower. Just a stones throw away is Donna’s Ranch so you won’t even need to move your car.

ATM and Western Union Services
Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex accepted

Bella (a woman) has owned Bella’s Gentleman’s Club since 1981 and there have been several name changes over the years. After Bella built Hacienda Ranch Rd, she added a fantasy wing. There are always more than 15 lovely ladies and 18 fantasy suites.

Complimentary Shuttle for Wells area
Commercial airline service is available to Elko, NV. Rental cars are available to Wells, NV; only 50 miles east on I-80. Take exit #352.
For privately owned airplanes flying into the Wells, NV airport, call 24 hours for Bella’s complementary shuttle.

“Shauna Bella Cummins”

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