Kit Kat Ranch

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Kit Kat Ranch
50 Kit Kat Drive
Moundhouse, near Dayton
NV 89706
Tel 775 246-9975
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7 Miles EAST on US50 from Carson City
36 Miles SOUTH on 395 and US50 from Reno
38 Miles North East of South Lake Tahoe
151 Miles North East of Sacramento CA
174 Miles South West of Winnemucca
207 Miles North West of Tonopah
237 Miles North East of San Francisco CA
417 Miles North West of Las Vegas

Once there were five ranches in Moundhouse. Now there are four, as the former Sagebrush II is now the Squeeze Play, a topless bar where sex is not for sale. The Squeeze Play and three brothels are grouped together on the south side of US50 and the remaining brothel (the Moonlight Bunny Ranch) is on the north side. You can’t miss the Kit Kat Ranch, as it has the huge neon sign on your left that says “Open 25 Hours.”

Ring the buzzer at the iron entry gate. While you’re waiting to be let in, the call for a line up is made and all available ladies will group together by the dance floor or strip pole to the far left rear of the lounge.

Once inside the first security gate, you’ll climb a few steps and enter the front door. Newly renovated, the interior has a more modern look. The bar is on the right halfway in, with stools and tables halfway along the left side. The restroom is directly to the left of the dance floor (first door). Party rooms are located straight back from the dance floor and to the far right of the bar.

The Kit Kat Ranch has long been known as the least expensive of the Carson City area ranches. However, things are changing and prices appear to be similar among the three houses on the south side.

The house minimum is said to be $150, but $100 may be possible depending on traffic, day of the week, and time of day.

Most women will accept $100 for a BJ, but prices can change according to the variables at hand. Note that there are three variables to a party: Act(s), Time, and Price. Make sure that you and the lady agree on all three variables before you allow things to get started. If you don’t, you may be disappointed later on.

For example:
If you negotiate a BJ for $100, but you don’t include TIME in the process, you can bet that you may only get 10-15 minutes total before a knock comes at the door telling you your session is over. If you don’t agree on EXACTLY what you will get during your 30-minute, $150 session you may only get straight sex and one position. It’s best to ask the lady to start at the bottom and work up, and not start with her menu prices that are stellar at best and then work down. This shows her you’re wise to the game. Ask her about the house minimum and the activities and and amount of time you can get for it.

Quality (Looks) is up from what one used to find, and during my visit it was even better then the Moonlight and Sagebrush. In fact, I found it to be the best of the bunch. Lighting for the lineup was also better then average and it was no problem getting a good look at the talent. I suspect eight women were working, with seven of them making the line up when I arrived.

Known for being the least expensive of the Reno or Carson City ranches the interior of this place has been upgraded. A new bar has been installed and the place has been painted. There were 2 asian looking women who looked the best out of the 7-8 that were available but they had a stuck up attitude. You might think this due to our hard negoiation style but the attitude was there from the onset. One girl had no problem with $160 for half and half but just did not seem to be happy so we avoided her. The girls also attempt to pressure the customers here, when one fails, the rest try one at a time to engage you in small talk and promote a room visit. This ends up annoying you after which you leave. The better way might be to leave the customer alone and perhaps when something he likes appears (some women are
occupied when you arrive)then he can make a move.

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