Mona’s Ranch

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Mona’s Ranch
103 South Third Street
Elko, NV 89801
Tel 775 777-7469
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This brothel was open during my visit so I stopped in to check it out. What I found was one rather old working woman and a rather unfriendly bar tender slash madam. Entering I was told there were 5 ladies, that 4 of them were busy. So I quickly countered that I would wait till the others were available. I guess I caught the madam in the act as she then stated “they are busy all night and won’t be available”. Thus why the hell are you telling me you have “5”? What I assume this means is that she did not want to tell me the truth that business was down and all she had was one woman. I guess lying to me and telling me she had 5 made her feel better. The fact was Mona’s Lisa had 2 actual avaiable women, Sue’s was closed and Inez’s had 4.

I suspect that since the Cottontail (same owner) has closed that Mona’s is not too far away from the same fate. It’s obvious that things are slow and business is not making ends meet. With the added competition down the street I expect it to close soon.

Mona’s Ranch
The owner of the Cottontail has purchased this brothel. It will keep the same name.
Mona’s will close for six weeks while the transfer of license goes through and some remodeling gets done. A big Grand Opening party is planned shortly after Mona’s opens its doors again.

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