Old Bridge Ranch

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Old Bridge Ranch
Tel 775-342-0223
4756 Peri Ranch Road
Sparks, NV 89434
Dave’s World
Owner’s website with news from the ranch and LPIN in general
The Mustang Ranch
History of the original Mustang Ranch, the first legal brothel in Nevada

Take I-80 East from Reno past Sparks to Exit 23, Mustang. Follow the feeder road that runs along the freeway straight ahead. Follow it as it curves to the right down the hill under the railroad overpass. You’ll cross a bridge that goes over the Truckee River.

Once over the bridge you can see the old Mustang Ranch to the left at the bottom of the hill. You’ll follow the road to the right as you approach the Mustang. Take that road back to the Old Bridge Ranch. You should be able to see the ranch from the road. Look for bright lights. Park in front and enter via the electric gate.

Brothel Formerly Known as the Mustang Ranch Will Re-Open

Lance Gilman, owner of the Wild Horse Canyon Ranch, has been granted a license by Storey County to open another brothel near his first property. Gilman bought some of the buildings from the old Mustang Ranch after it was put up for sale, and moved them to his own property.
Gilman got permission from the county to open the set-up as a brothel, but there is no name for it yet.
More here.

Mustang Ranch Rules of the House, 1972
Get a load of the prices!
1.)If in doubt of the condition of the trick, call for a double check.
2.)Girls are not allowed in any other girl’s room unless working a double.
3.)Girls must remain in the parlor with tricks at all times.
4.)Girls are not allowed to read, knit, crochet, etc. at any time in the parlor.
5.)Do not talk to about your personal life to the other girls, tricks, ANYONE.
6.)Girls are allowed two incoming phone calls and two outgoing calls a week.
7.)Girls must work a minimum of two weeks, three weekends. No days off in between unless in case of emergency.
8.)Prices are $10 and up. Before you walk a trick, you must give half and half or full french for the minimum price.
9.)Movies and a party is a $30 minimum. Girls with their own projectors will have to pay the difference if anyone reports their projector running during a party less than $30.
10.)A man can have a 69 for $15.
11.)No eating in the parlor.
12.)Girls must straighten up their rooms after each trick. Keep the pan, ashtray and sink cleaned. The maid is to clean the rooms thoroughly once a week.
13.)You are to tip the maids a minimum of $1 per day. Personal laundry is to be done by the maids for which you pay her.
14.)It is a house policy to take the money from one girl’s book and put it on another girl’s book when there is a beef with a customer. The house does not pay for his second party. The girl that had the misunderstanding does.
15.)No narcotics of any type will be tolerated. Anyone involved with narcotics in any way whatsoever will be fired immediately.
16.)You may go to the bar (The Mustang Bar, not owned by Conforte, down at the highway) for 45 minutes after shift except on weekends, holidays, if you have 10 hours off.
17.)No calls from 4-9. Tell your friends.
18.)No fidgeting in line.
19.)All tips must be turned in.

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