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Brooks Rd.
$5 cover. Girls wear bottoms during dance and usually let you touch them. This club has a couple of pool tables and offers $20 table dances and $40 couch dances. VIP dances were $60, I think. I got a couch dance from a girl after buying her a couple of drinks and it was the second best I’ve ever had. Beer is 2 for $5 and the ladies range from 3’s to 7’s. There is only one stage and ladies dance for 2 songs.

King of Clubs
Brooks Rd.
This place used to be the place to get laid but not anymore. One of the girls I talked to said that her father was the new manager and that they were trying to clean it up Anyway, beer is $2.50 and there is a game room and some TV’s in the back. There is one stage and dances are $20 for table, $40 for couch, and $60 for VIP. The VIP section is a corner with a barrier so that the patrons can’t see you, BUT there are 2 cameras on the wall watching everything. The girl dances with bottoms on and whether you touch or not depends on the girl. There is another section in the place between the bar and main stage where you could take a girl and I don’t know how much goes on back there because access was never offered to me. I got several VIP dances from different chicks and propositioned all of them. The best I got was a pager number. Girls range from 1’s(one was pregnant) to 5’s.

Platinum Plus
On Mt. Moriah.
The cover is $10 w/ a 2 drink minimum. Beer is $2.50. The girls in here are the hottest and most gorgeous babes in town. There is a main stage and two cages where the dancers rotate from. Dances are expensive and nothing extra is involved but if you just wanna watch, this is the place to go. This place is standing room only on the weekends from 11pm-1am so keep that it mind. You will also be bombarded by every dancer in the place for a private dance. Also no funny stuff with the ladies, because I’ve seen the bouncers take a guy outside and beat the 封封 out of him when I was leaving.

Pure Passion
On Brooks Rd.
Once upon a time (in JUNE of 97) all the white clubs in Memphis(conveniently owned by one group of people) got busted for drugs and prostitution and were shut down so I ended up going to this place, which is predominantly black. Cover was maybe $5 and beer was probably $2.50. Upon entering, I was patted down and a metal detector was used on me. I began to get scared. I pressed on however, and it turned out pretty good. The ladies in here range from 3’s to 5’s. There is a center stage and areas for private dances. I don’t remember the prices but I was told in no uncertain terms that a VIP dance would be VERY satisfying. I decided not to and just watched the stage. For those of you Caucasians who have never been to a black strip club I recommend that you try it. These girls could do things that I’ve never seen before or since. One girl climbed the pole on the stage with only her butt cheeks. They can also move their butt cheeks in ways I never thought possible.

The Gentleman’s Club (formerly Valentine’s)
On Lamar.
This place has the nastiest chicks I’ve seen in Memphis clubs but also some pretty good ones. The price of dances depends on the girl and they offer table, couch and VIP. I’ve gotten every one and you won’t get anything more in the VIP section than you will on the couch. Beer is $2.50 (2 drink minimum) and $5 cover, I think. Girls range from I would never do that in a million years to 8’s. Sometimes the girls wear bottoms sometimes they don’t. I think it depends on how busy they are and how late it is. I hit several of these chicks up but only got a pager number. I asked one girl if she would give me a handjob after a couch dance and she said that she didn’t but said she could send over a girl who would. Unfortunately I was out of money by then so I never found out.

On Winchester before Old Getwell Rd.
This is a nice club. Bathrooms are huge and have cologne, condom, and cigarette dispensers. Beer is 2 for $5 and they serve food as well. There is a central stage and monitors in each area of the main room so that you can see everything regardless of your proximity to the stage. The ladies here range from 5’s to 10’s (not a lot of fat girls) and most are below 30 yrs old. They offer $20 table dances, $60 VIP dances, and shower dances for $40. I didn’t get a dance but am curious about the shower one.


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