Prince William

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AHP (S-S, 9-10)
8121 Jefferson Davis Hwy (Rte 1)
(703) 799-7900

5015 Lee Highway, #103
(703) 875-3354

5105 M Backlick Road
(703) 658-8786

Best Therapeutic Massage (S-S, 10-10)
14240-D Sullyfield Dr
(703) 378-1838

Bodywork Treatment (S-S, 10-10)
10955 Lute Court
(703) 330-7757

Camelia Spa (Appointment)
5592 Seminary Road
Falls Church
(703) 582-9106

Champion Tanning
7229 Centreville Rd (Rte 28)
(703) 369-3696

Eagle (S-S, 10-11)
5146 Leesburg Pike
(703) 575-9666

Eva Health Therapy (S-S, 10-9)
10640 Crestwood Drive
(703) 393-0880

Ginko Spa (Appointment)
6198-A Old Franconia Road
(703) 966-2724

12504-D Lake Ridge Drive
(703) 643-1018, 499-6996?

Ivy Therapy
8453-I Tyco Road
(703) 288-0202

K Acupressure (M-S, 10-10; S 12-10)
14240r SullyField Circle
Chantilly (Near Dulles Airport)
(703) 263-9066, 862-9730

Kim’s Acupressure (S-S, 10-10)
7125-B Columbia pike
(703) 354-3377

Kim’s Acupuncture (S-S, 9-6)
7215 Little River Turnpike (236)
(703) 750-2230

13403 Occoquan Road
(703) 497-1900

Port Royal
5414-D Port Royal Road
(703) 250-1050

Sapphire Spa
10AM to 10PM
5550 Columbia Pike
(703) 901-6705

Soo-Goung Spa
17503 Jefferson Davis Hwy (Rte 1)
(703) 445-0200

Star Accupressure
7008-B Little River Turnpike
(703) 752-8900

Stars (S-S, 10-9)
375 Duke Street
(240) 305-6798

13628 Jefferson Davis Hwy (Rte 1)
(703) 491-3322, 491-5522

TK Therapy Services, Inc.
8344 Trafod Lane
(703) 912-3010

Tyson Therapy
8472-D Tyco Road
(571) 633-9399

Young’s Spa (S-S, 10-9)
1880 Howard Avenue
(703) 506-0303

Soo Guong
I had a little extra time last Saturday morning so I thought I’d try something different. I went looking for Soo Guong, Which I had heard of but not been. Without some hint from the boards I probably would have never found it. Even after pulling into the only shopping center that fit close to the description I still had to look around. No big obvious sign, just a small neon in the window that blends in with the neon signs of the video store next door.

The outer door was propped open so you’re not standing on the sidewalk when you wait to ring in. I was let in by Diane, the manager. She must have been a hottie in earlier years, about 55, very slender, small perky braless titties with stiff nipples. I thought about requesting her. I bet she still has it.

Rather than the usual question as she leads me to a room she tells me “this is your first time here”. “Yes, but i ‘ve been to a couple places in Woodbridge.”
She asked me how I heard about them. I said internet. She wrinkled up her nose, “oh I don’t like internet. What do they say?” I told her nice place, lots of fun.

It is a nice place, nice decorations and nice soft music playing. She took $60 and laid out a robe for me to change in to.
Soo Goung has, indeed, changed hands. Look for the opening of Dianne’s new place in Lake Ridge on Old Bridge Rd. It will be larger than Soo Goung but along the same lines

Address is 1519 Old Bridge Rd, Lake Ridge, Suite 103. I know Dianne well and so I can bet it will be the same quality as Soo Goung and the same service. It is much larger than the Soo Goung so expect more variety in girls

Try the Maxim in Lake Ridge. Same owner as the Soo Goung. 703 490 9898

In walks Kim, mid 30s, very slender, big boobs, tiny hips, good english. She led me to the TS room. As soon as she started the TS she started a hard sell, “so you want to have some fun today? What would you like? How much do you want to spend?” I told her i might like everything, but wanted her to throw out a number. I’ve had very nice times, and times I wish i had stopped at the massage. I wanted to get a feel for what might be in store before I committed to any more.

So she finished the TS and seemed a bit put off that I hadn’t yet said I would give more. I left it open and said I was thinking about it. During the massage I reached back to touch her thigh and was pushed away. At that point my decision was made. She might have been a whole lot of fun, but pushing me away rather than trying to entice me was the wrong thing for her to do. Little head turtled up and showed no interest. She kept asking if i wanted to spend more, but every time i tried to touch her i was pushed away. She even got up and brought my pants to me expecting me to pull a few jacksons out.

I’ve determined to be more selective. Looking back at the good, bad, and great experiences, I had a feel for the attitude and fun potential in the first few minutes of the encounter. Little head usually overrides gut impressions and after the encounter I usually find that my first impression was right.

Kim was very friendly, but not where it counted. I may have missed a gem but I’ve got a feeling it would have been a mechanical experience.

HWC in Woodbridge is still alive and well. Always a new face, but that can be a good thing.

I dropped in the other day to be greeted at the door by Soochi. She’s a sweet slender thing. Long hair, A cups with perky points, a nice personality, and fairly good english.

She led me to a room, asked me if I’d been there before, and disappeared after I produced the base fee. She came back, helped me undress and led me to the TS room. Lathered me up, rinsed me down, toweled me off, and back to the room.
Soochi was wearing a brief top and short skirt and no undies. She climed onto my back and showed that she was quite good at accupressure massage. It went on so long but felt so good. I was afraid my time was going to run out before things progressed. She giggled sweetly as I reached back to fondle her legs straddled over me.

Then it was finally time to roll over. After some sensuous stroking, teasingly avoiding the wood, she made a HJ motion with a questioning look on her face.
I said “No. More!” She giggled and said no. My heart sank and i asked “no?”
She said no again. But at the same time she smiled, nodded, kissed me, and left the room.

She came back and slipped out of her clothes. After a bit of hugging, kissing, and fondling she slipped on the raincoat with her mouth and we got down to business. Multi positions and mutual bell ringing. Sooche was even still providing accupressure during this with some amazing muscle contractions.

Then we snuggled for a bit. and then she gave me a neck and face massage.
Only regret was no DATY. She has a cute little muffin with natural bush. She told me next time she would shave and let me munch.

She never asked for a tip. But as we were hugging as I was getting ready to leave she realized that she hadn’t asked and was about to. I beat her to it and handed her a couple grants as i kissed her goodbye.

Young’s in Vienna or Eva in Manassas? Ratings/recommendations/etc?

HWC in Woodbridge
I have been going here since December 2004, and it consistently provides top-notch service. The first time I visited was only HJ, but each successive time was FS. 60 at the door and 100 or 120 for the tip.

They rotate the girls approximately every two weeks. I have never seen one return. They are young, energetic and very friendly.

Mamasan recognizes me and always smiles. There is a video camera above the door where you ring the bell. Sometimes mamasan answers the door and ushers me to a room, other times a girl will answer the door and take me to the room.

Kinja in Woodbridge
I only went here once, and made a faux pas or two, luckily they were understanding and did not give me a hard time. It is not as clean or friendly as HWC, but I wanted to see what it was like. I lied to the girl and said I had been here before with a girl named Lisa. She probably knew I was lying. I asked which girls were available. She refused to give me a choice and then asked if she was ugly. I told her no. In fact she had an extremely in-shape body and round perky breasts. I gave 60 for the door and 120 for the FS.

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