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4th Floor SPA
1333 Connecticut Avenue, 4th Floor SPA – Went twice to this Korean place. Good table shower with more than just touching of your tools, followed by full service in simple but clean room. No questions asked. Three Korean girls available, one with implants, the other two natural, in their early 20’s. Usual fees, no hurry, very nice treatment but unfortunately difficult communication as girls speak no English. For me, one of best places in D.C.

China Acupressure
In Fairfax County off of Lee Hwy!
You can get a decent table shower and hand j. 40 bucks for an half hour or 60 for the hour. Tip as well between 10 and 20 bucks. No more than that. All Asian chicks, some very attractive! They will f but it takes a lil begging but they will be game for around 100 bucks..but they are good looking. If ya do not want the one that the older Mama San sends in, ask for another…if they tell ya that is the only one working..leave….that simple..most were fairly foxy though…good suburban hand job and f/s

Dupont Spa, otherwise known as Supra Sap. I work close by and have a pronounced “Asian fetish” and an occasional visit after work is one of the best ways I know to end a day. I’ve been going there off and on for over a year, and have had only two bad experiences, both with the same girl (bad massage, too thin, too obviously “faking”). Otherwise, things usually go very well, but don’t go during the lunch hours…it is too busy.

First you’re taken to a room, then you pay for the time (.5 or 1.0 hrs) you’d like, and then you’re left alone to disrobe. Soon enough a girl walks in, usually someone in their mid- to late-20s (even though I’m a semi-regular and the malison knows my face, I never thought about asking to see who was working so that I could choose), who then clean you in the table shower room, wipe you off, take you back to the room, massage you and then do what you want within reason. I’ve had great women in there, and since I treat them with tenderness and respect, they usually return the favor.

Assuming a good command of English, I like to learn a little about their lives and who they are while they massage me. It feels weird to me doing it with someone who I’ve barely spoken to. Also I don’t like to haggle for the full-service price ($100) because these women work long and hard (ha ha ha) and might be in very strange financial situations; they really need all the money they can get. Some of them might have been essentially smuggled into the US by Korean organized crime and now owe those smugglers lots of money.

Others have obviously been here for some time and like the work. I enjoy them the best. I’d recommend some women, but they’re usually so transient that it’s not worth it, though I’ve had repeated experiences with (both were great) Hannah and Candy (why do they use names like that?).

GCK Massage
MacArthur Boulevard – 202-337-5677. I had been to Young’s Acupressure in Virginia, but they closed last summer and referred all callers to this new location in Washington. The place is on a main road in a somewhat seedy looking building above a photocopy supplier. I have been to three or four of these places and this one fits the Oriental massage formula that you find all over the Washington area. Was met at the door by an attractive oriental woman (“May”) about 25 dressed in lingerie covered by a white cotton robe. The place is clean and well lit inside, with two or three pieces of exercise equipment by the door, probably for show. Was led into the massage room and asked if I wanted 1 hour ($60) or 1/2 hour ($40). They always ask if you have been before, which is kind of a test, I think. I said that I had been before and that I had seen “Sarah”, because it seems to be a popular name with the Korean girls. Sure enough, she new Sarah and felt more at ease. I paid for the hour and was asked if I wanted a shower, which I did. The shower is the normal nude table shower with a 4×4 piece of wood for a pillow. Was towel dried and then froze my tail off returning to the massage room. Got a decent but short back and then was asked to turn over. She then asked me what I wanted. I wasn’t sure how to answer, it is hard to be subtle with someone who speaks limited English. I wanted a HJ but said “oral” to test the waters. I said I paid $20 last time, but she said the girls never take less than $40. I know these places don’t charge extra for a HJ, but she convinced me to pay $40 for oral. She must have thought I said “oil” because she got some oil and started with a HJ. She said “I take off my top for you” like I was getting a special deal. Well I suppose it was something special because she had very nice, firm, A-B size tits. When I said OK now suck on it, she replied “I’m not into that”, but then she implied that if I returned, next time she’d do it (?). All in all, a satisfactory experience, but I was disappointed to see that I was out 35 minutes after I had walked in, even though I paid for an hour. I really like the massage part and felt shortchanged. Maybe if I played my cards right I would do better.

Georgetown Spa
3210 Grace Street NW
shiatsu, acupressure, full body
Monday – Saturday 10am to 12
Sunday 12am – 9pm
Tel 202 333-6880

Ginza Tanning and Spa
1415 11th St.
Washington, DC
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Acupressure massages, table showers, tanning beds a shower room and sauna for basic rate. Coupons in local papers for $10 off. Manual available for tips starting in $30 range. Young girls who give great massages. Located at in D.C. btwn O & P Sts. Open 7 days, lOa-2a.

Ginza Tanning and Spa
After reading the favorable report about Candi at Ginza massage on 11th street NW I decided to give it a try. The phone number is not in the book but I was able to get it from 411. I called and to my disappointment found out that Candi doesn’t work there any longer. Well, I was “ready” and went anyway. Finding a place could be a challenge as there is no sign anywhere except for small letters on the door. The address is 1415 11th street NW…

Once there you go through the regular staff: buss in, they look at you and if they think you are ok they let you in. The door was opened by a small Korean girl with poor English. She led me upstairs where I asked to see who else was there. At first she pretended not to understand and then called upstairs and two other Korean girls came down. Those two looked more like whores so I chose the first one who looked somewhat young and innocent. She asked me if I have been there before and I lied “Yes, I saw Candy last time”. She seemed to be more relaxed after that and asked me what did we do and I said “everything”. Options were a half an hour for 40$ or an hour for 60. I took an hour, gave her the money and she left the room telling me to get ready.

Came back and “pretended” giving me a massage for a few minutes. After that she asked me what else I want and I said “everything” and gave her 100$. There was no discussion about the amount and what exactly I was getting. Once again she took the money and left. Came back in a few seconds and the fun began.

Her little dress and the bra and then the panties came off. She motioned for me to ley on my stomach and proceeded to give me a massage with her nice tits and tongue. That was pleasant, then she licked my balls and my pe..s but did put the rubber on for the bj which was also descent. Then she got on top of me and rode me until I came. The was a lot of kissing and caressing on her part. I could have done it in any position I wanted and etc., there was no rush…

After that she cleaned me with the wet towel and tried to give some more of a massage. Her skills in that department were not as good, but the fact that she was trying to please me was nice.

I felt clean and didn’t take a shower which is in another room… Overall a nice experience especially for DC. Those of you who like oriental girls will enjoy this place, it isn’t really my cup of tee. Does anybody know of a similar fs place with black or white girls.

In conclusion, yes Ginza could be a Full Service place if you follow my lead…
Guys we need more info on DC as street action is almost dead.

Ginza update: Still rocking!
The first woman there didn’t look good, so I asked if anyone else was there. The woman didn’t want to call the other woman, but she did. And am I glad she did! Had on a very tight skirt, looked very good, so much better than the other woman. I said: I want you! As soon as we got into the room I immediately started to play with her butt so she would know I wasn’t a cop. She giggled when I did that, then we talked price. I didn’t bargain as I usually do, she said $160 and I handed her that. Got the usuals, starting with a table shower. Back at the room, she started off nice and slow, first licking my balls and licking the side of my dick. Then she slipped the condom on before sucking me for a few minutes. Then she got on top and she was really active. We did a few different positions. What you will like about Michelle is that she has really nice breasts and nipples.

We started doing it doggy and she told me to slow down, that I didn’t need to hurry. Then when I came she was real good about it, jerking me for a few more minutes after that. She wouldn’t let me cum on her face, however. I asked about anal, I’ve never tried it, but she said that no one there did that. She said she will be at Ginza for about another month (I was there two weeks ago, so that would mean just another two weeks, I guess).

Harmony of The Orient
3506 Connecticut Ave. NW [Exit 25-27 to 1495 W] Washington, DC 202/363-5677 $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr. 9a-la, 7 days. Services: “body shampoo” sauna, acupressure or shiatsu. Cash/V/MC.

New World Spa
602 11th St NW., Third Floor
Washington, DC
$60/an hr plus tips. Full body Swedish massage along with a table shampoo or Acupressure. 4-6 young and cute girls. Open lOa-2a 7 days. Walk-ins are OK.

Tokyo Gardens

Washington Therapy
1108 K St. NW – Third ft Exit 22B] Washington, DC 202/783-2333
Rates: $60/an hr, $120/an hr plus tips. Young, pretty college age girls, hand jobs, possibly oral, depending on the tip. Swedish sensual massage and a sauna, table shower and body shampoo available before the big payoff.

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