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Bambra Studios
is one of Melbourne’s best whorehouses having been established for over 20 years and catering for a wide range of customers, many of whom have been regulars over the years. It is located in Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield, on two levels. On the second story are plush rooms, most of which have spas, red lighting and queen/king beds.
On arrival you are introduced to a choice of 3 to 5 girls, most of whom are very attractive. On my visits I have selected a Greek and a Danish girl – both of whom were very good. The Danish girl was a true blond, tall with a tanned body and firm tits (in the looks dept. she would rank as a 9, maybe even a 10). The Greek girl was also quite attractive but a bit plump in the hind quarters.

Cost was $A200 (USD 130) for an hour which included a massage, a good fuck (in numerous positions) and a blow job. Condoms are mandatory as a house rule.
The Greek girl went off like a firecracker and really appeared to enjoy sex and I am sure would have allowed anal if I was willing to pay a little extra. Sex with the Danish girl was also very enjoyable – despite being a large girl (but with a great figure) she had a tight vagina, but she seemed to have some of that Nordic ice still running through her veins.

Lots of mirrors so that you can see you and the girl in virtually all positions bathed in red light.
I can highly recommend. Suggest that you telephone them before going to check that they are open. They close early around 10pm to midnight as they cater for their regulars who seem to prefer afternoons and early evenings.
Worth a try.

Melbourne has about 75 legal brothels. Girls in the best places are attractive, with some real lookers available. Those with good reputations include Daily Planet and Top of the Town. The system in these brothels is to charge half the price as you entered the establishment and the balance when you made your choice. You then take your time to make a decision but if you leave without choosing a girl, you lose your deposit, but you can use the voucher on a return visit. Prices in the more remote brothels drops to around $150 per hour but quality on all levels also drops. Check the daily classified section of the “Herald Sun” tabloid newspaper for names and addresses.

Prices generally are $180-200/hour, with everything included:
mutual massage, oral, 69, and straight sex.

Prices in the more remote brothels drops to around $A150 per hour but quality on all levels also drops. Check the daily classified section of the “Herald Sun” tabloid newspaper for names and addresses. Here’s a list of brothels in the vicinity of Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

One of the best places in Melbourne is The Main Course near the Victorian Market. Prices are $210.00 for a hour. A mixture of Australian and Asian ladies and African ladies. At night time up to 12 to 15 ladies who are very aggressive in their introductions. The Asians are sensational in their services well worth the visit; deep throat, tongue kissing,69ers,anything you can imagine. Well worth a visit

In Melbourne, some of the better brothels are actually on the outskirts of the city. I would include Oasis of the North and Oriental Plums, both of which have very good premises – and are very clean and comfortable. They also offer a more discreet location for those visiting from the inner suburbs, where you’re likely to be spotted!

Oriental Plums in the norther suburb of Thomastown in Melbourne offers a really good range of Asian women. I have a regular there, Lisa, who is late 20s, very tiny but a real mover. She is wild with her tongue and thoroughly licks my balls and arse – occasionally pushes in her tongue. I always ask for and receive 69 treatment – her pussy is shaven, young and tight. If you’d like more info, just mail me.

Daily Planet
Next to Elsterick station
I’ve been there about a year ago, I can’t remember the exact price, I think it is around $140 for half an hour, expensive, but nice environment, there has a lounge, you can play pool there or drink with their ladies. it doesn’t like usual brothels as just taking a girl and do your need. You may just take it easy and relaxation there.
Entry half price of hour an hour $70
The staff will give a pass ticket for 3 times, it means in this 3 times you must pick up a lady.
When you picked up a lady, you just need to pay the rest of the service charge, i.e. half an hour then you pay more $70.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are more ladies. Other days only around 10 ladies.

In my view, the ladies quality are not worth $140 many ladies are late 20’s and their skin is very rough. Most of the ladies are not to my taste. But nice environment, it’s worth to visit one time to have a look.

466 City Road
near crown casino
30 Minutes
Day time $105
Night time $115

Most are Thai girls and mixed with 1 or 2 Korean, Japanese and Russian. Usually 7-8 stand by at any time. Normal service oral with condom. the environment is not bad, it doesn’t have a red light outside, it looks like an office, you are safe to park your car outside.

Club 77
Rose Street
$110 30 Minutes

Excellent service, oral without condom, providing ice (cold water) and fire(hot tea) service without additional charge when oral is performed.

All Asian girls,Girls quality is typical, not too good and not too bad. The Environment, I give 2 out of 5 stars.

417 Brunswick Road
very close to club 77
Same service as club 77 oral without condom.
Girl quality is extremely bad, fat and ugly.
$110 30 minutes
Not recommended

Two brothels near specer street
Talent House
Drive from city specer street and drive toward footscary you’ll pass a bridge continue in footscary direction you’ll see 2 brothels opposite each other. They’re not actually on specer street, I couldn’t remember the street name, but that street connects with specer steet.
$100 30 minutes
24 hour brothel
Myself didn’t try them, since their girls are late 20’s, I am a very young guy, so not my taste. They have 2-3 girls around 18 ages. That work on afternoon.

112 Dryburg st, North Melbourne
This is the brothel that I’ve been visiting many times, its name is 112 Dryburg St, which is also it’s address. It’s my favorite brothel, which has my favorite girl, Brooke, she’s currently in on Thursday.

This brothel has been around for ages, perhaps for 20 years. It’s a terrace house which is so discrete that you can not tell it apart from other houses in the street. You

may wonder if it was a licensed brothel, well it is. Interior settings are classy, so are the girls, yet the rates are reasonable, if not cheap compared to other inner city

brothels. Number of girls at any one time are varied, usually not more than 5. This place is only open on weekdays, day time, may be because of

time restriction by the council in semi-commercial area.

I have been to the Pink Palace in South Melbourne a couple of times. They had an Asian girl there a while back. Coco was her name I think, she was absolutely stunning and very friendly.
I have been since then and the girls were ok but I have noticed they take their health check very seriously. Twice I was lying back on the bed with my pants down and the girl looking around for about 5 minutes looking for what exactly? Different girls mind you.

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