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A few notes on places in Melbourne worth a visit. I’m not covering the big name places that seem to get most attention in the reviews. There are plenty of smaller brothels where the prices are cheaper and some of the girls are a welcome surprise. Most the places I’ve listed have a similar routine. You’re met at the door, told the prices; each of the ladies introduces herself. Then you say who you want and for how long, pay and the lady takes you to the room. She leaves while you shower and comes back, undresses and the rest is up to you. At the end she’ll shower and then you shower and are seen to the door (with a kiss if you’re lucky). Watch out for some of the ‘standard service’ girls who have a routine of massage, oral (with condom), sex (with condom), bye bye. They can do it with their eyes closed (and probably do). Places and girls I’ve recommended here don’t fall into that category. We should encourage the growing number of places that give a more intimate style of service. You can also have a really good time for a lot less than the AUD 200 an hour that people have mentioned for the big, well known establishments. Many places have day specials until 7 pm as well. Bodyline, Yarraville – really a massage parlor rather than a brothel, but the service is very good (usually), clean and professional. Recently the girls have been offering blow jobs for a little bit extra and one time a south American girl working there started with the massage and then for AUD 50 extra gave me one of the best long slow screws I’ve had. Well worth a visit, especially if you are after a massage and hand-job rather than sex. Nightshades, Collingwood – typical small surburban brothel. Some older women and some quite young (19-21). I had a great time with Sky. She’s about 20, natural, outgoing and sexy. None of this ‘only one cum’ rubbish. Kissing on the mouth (or anywhere else) was no problem. I recommend her. Day rates start at AUD 55 for 20 minutes. Scarlet Lady/Melbourne’s Best Kept Secret, Clifton Hill – Very well run establishment with a range of very sexy ladies, from 40’s to early 20’s. Gypsy was a very sexy woman. She’d kiss on the mouth and also do blowjobs without a condom. Once again, if you were up to it, you could cum as often as you liked. She told me she also does some B&D Mistress’s assistant work. 417 Brunswick St, Fitzroy – Shabby little place. Mainly massage but has one ‘full service girl’. All girls are Asian, often on ‘holiday’. Not a place for wonderful time, but if you fancy a little Asian than take your chances. Email me if you need more details.

The two best options are in house brothels – The Boardroom and The Daily Planet. Both can be located in Telephone directories easily. The Boardroom is close by the Casino and has very high class women. An hour is going to put you back A$200; which equates to about US$130. For that you will get full service (with condoms) by one of the most beautiful and enthusiastic girls you will ever find! (All 7-9’s)

Street Scene
St Kilda the seaside, near city suburb of St Kilda is well known for its street prostitutes. Gray Street, Barkly Street, Carlisle Street and Brighton Road (Nepean Highway) form the four sides of a (more or less) square around the suburb and girls are to be found in many places along the way. They also collect in Greeves Street(parallel with Barkly Street)although local residents sometimes raise protests. If you like she-males, there are some very pretty ones who gather in a car park just off Acland Street. Many of the girls have heroin addictions which make them far less attractive, but there are a number of working girls there who still have it together and can give you a good time, some in the car, some in the sleazy motels that abound in the area the “Esquire” is a really sleazy dump the girls rent by the hour. You have to pick and choose and use your instincts to find girls who give you value for money. They will virtually all perform oral and sex, but only a few are enthusiastic and seem caring. Most are hanging out for the next shot and want to get it over with. However, a bit of patience often pays dividends and you will sometimes actually get value for your money. A few let you go down on them, a few will not insist on a condom for oral sex, but most, quite sensibly, will not have sex without a condom. Street Prostitution is still illegal in Victoria but in conducted in the open, day and night, nonetheless. The Police sometimes become very active and many vans patrol the areas stopping girls and often those who pick them up so you have to be careful. In the weeks leading up to the Grand Prix and no doubt the Sydney Olympics the Government probably wants the girls to “go underground” in order to make the place seem cleaner than it is for our foreign visitors. In any case you will find lots of interesting sights, day and night, in the St Kilda area. I couldn’t begin to describe the adventures I have had there, most disastrous or at least a waste of time but there have been some gems. I had a six year relationship with a girl I met there, but the urge to drive among the bright lights and dimly lit side streets is still strong.

A & C Relaxation
03 9533-7131

03 9397-0347
Offers both massage & full service

Allure Studio
Moonee Ponds
03 9318-1656
Small house with 2-3 girls per shift

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