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Brazil was a country where slavery was predominant in the 16th, 17th, 18th and even into the 19th centuries. The percentage of black population is very high, which means that many of the women are black, especially in the South and major cities. There are also mestizos and Europeans and mixed race. Economically, a small group of Europeans and mixed race form a group of well-off to astronomically wealthy which means that the largest number of available women will be non-European and European women will be much more expensive. Be especially careful regarding your security in the big cities. Brazil has never been very secure and the recent financial crash in Brazil will make the situation worse.

Nowadays Brazil and especially Rio had become a quite expensive place to stay but you have to compare the prices to western world standards and not to the average income which is still very low. Security is a big problem but if you follow some basic rules there should be not more trouble than in every other major western city. Avoid walking alone through silent places, at night, use a taxi even for short distance trips, don’t wear expensive looking watches or anything that makes you obviously a worthy subject to robbery. Don’t even think of going into the favelas (slums).
Sure other countries are less expensive and more safe than Brazil but personally I like more the Brazilian girls and their way of making love. You feel like most of them really like what they are doing and they do it real good though they are a bit selfish sometimes but for me this makes it even better. This is easy to understand if you know a little about the Brazilian way of life which is more a way of easy going. What could be a better way of living for a beautiful girl in Rio than lying on the beach all day and dancing in a disco at night and thereafter do what they like most and even get paid for it? Sure this is a very simple-minded point of view but true in many cases.

On the other hand Brazil had become an very expensive country since 1994 but the average income is still very low. The fixed minimum income (Salario minimo) is less than 200R$ a month and that is what they would earn whilst working e.g. in a supermarket or as a hairdresser. This truly is not enough to make ends meet or to support the family. Nowadays the girls charge from 50R$ to maybe 200 R$ depending how you bargain and how long you like to stay with her, she will discount you if you stay several days with her and take her out for dinner and so on, but be careful, some are really looking for a man to marry to get out of the country. Off course it is important that she is attracted by you too, so the good looking young guys usually pay less. But after all, the age is not so important to Brazilian girls, it is sympathy what matters.

But I have to say that things changed considerably in the past 10 years. The scene has become more commercial and many of the girls work in foreign countries during low season. These girls return to Rio in high season and are only looking for the fast money and will promise everything and sometimes afterwards do nothing, so never pay in advance. E.g. if she told you she would stay for all night and at 2am she suddenly has to go because maybe she has to look after her baby, you can be sure to meet her again at 2.30am in “Help” or one of the boites looking for the next customer. But even these girls might be worth the money. Use your knowledge of men to make your choice. Despite of all these deterioration’s I still love to be there once or twice a year.

Getting downtown:
After arriving at Rio airport most of you will go to a hotel or apartment in the Copacabana area. If you go by taxi you should use a fixed price taxi which will cost you a shocking 48 Reals(1 R$ = 1 US$) or you can take the “Real Omnibus” which will cost only a few R$ and covers all the major hotels at Copacabana (tell the driver where you want to drop off). Depending on the time of day you arrive and the place you have to go it might be better to go by taxi and avoid walking with all your belongings through dark or quiet roads which could end your holidays on the very first day.
Places to stay:

Hotels are expensive and sometimes not worth the money but they have some advantage in security and comfort, although I never made a bad experience with girls personally, many tourists had been robbed off by girls in private apartments. A small but very good Hotel is
“Hotel Rio Roiss” at “Rua Aires Saldanha 48”

located right behind the five star “Rio Othon Palace” (close to “Help” and “Meia Pataca”), they don’t charge extra if you have a girl with you, they just don’t like if you take her to the breakfast room in the morning, but they serve breakfast in your room for an extra charge of 2R$ if you like. They charge about 60 to 120 R$ for a night, depending on the season and how you bargain (Double prices around a few days at New Years Day and Carnaval which all other hotels will do ). One of your readers recommends “Hotel Debret” which is located in the same area. I have been there this June and found it ugly and overpriced . I changed to “Rio Roiss” the next day for only a few R$ more.

But if you take an apartment you will be free to do what or with whom you like. They can be easily found through various agencies located mainly in “Av.Nossa Senhora de Copacabana”. If possible take an apartment close to “Help” discothek or “Av.Prinzcessa Isabell” on the beginning of Copacabana. In these areas you will spend the night and it will save you some taxi-money if you have only a few meters of walk home in the morning to your flat just around the corner. But before renting one of these flats, have a look inside first. Don’t trust the beautiful pictures they will show you. In high season (December to the end of Carnival) it might be necessary to make a reservation in advance, but in the rest of the year go for the first night into a hotel and then look around for a good apartment and change the next day.
How to spend the night:

First you have to learn that in Rio the night starts late. There is nothing going on before 11 pm except in the various street cafes at the beach front in Av.Atlantica. So when you come from the beach, maybe at 5 pm, just have a few drinks in one the cafes like “Mabs” (close to “Hotel Meridian” at Av.Prinzcessa Isabell” at the beginning of Copacabana) or “Meia Pataca” (close to “Hotel Rio Othon Palace” at the end of Copacabana) and thereafter go to your room and sleep a few hours to get ready for the night. But maybe you found your dreamgirl already in one of these locations or at the beach and you don’t have to “sleep” alone. Anyway, you will not go out for dinner before 9 pm. If you are hungry try a “Churascaria” with “Rodizio” which means that you pay a fixed price and can eat as much as you can, this costs you about 18R$ to 25R$ plus drinks. A good place is “Marius Churascaria” in Leme (close to Hotel Meridian). There are many more around in Copacabana but in my opinion Marius is the best. For a small snack just try one of the “Lanchonettes” in the by-streets.

Around 11 pm the so called “Boites” are becoming crowded. “Boites” are bars with a lot of girls and sometimes with show. Theses shows seldom start before 1 am, so if you go for a show (Samba, Striptease or Live Sex) avoid being there before Midnight.Exceptions are the three big Shows of “Scala” , “Oba Oba” and “Plataforma Uma” which start around 8pm and are very tourist stile but worth visiting (one of them should be enough). In the “Boites” you can meet many girls who actually don’t work there, which means they only came there to meet Y O U !! They are free to go whenever or with whom they want. You don’t have to pay a bar fine except for those who work in these places for nude dancing or making some kind of show. These bars are all near “Mabs-Restaurant” close to Av.Prinzcessa Isabell. One of the best with the most beautiful girls of Rio had been “Barbarella” at “Av.Prinzcessa Isabell”. There they had a very good Samba-Show, but even 10 years ago the girls started to bargain at around 100 US$ for all night. I don’t know what they are charging now but even in the cheaper places like “Pussycat” nowadays they start at around 100 R$ sometimes even more so you can imagine…!

Six years ago I had been in a boite called “Don Juan” in “Rua Belfort Roxo” just across “Pussycat” on the other side of the small park. German insiders called this place “Blaeserstuebchen” which means something like “Small blowjob room”. This was really bottoms end and the girls did it e.g. while your where standing at the bar drinking a beer or in the toilet if you had been the shy type of guy. There are lots of boites around this area at the beginning of Copacabana, so check out yourself. Be careful about the bill. Many times they charge too much don’t be shy, complain, it will help !! Ask the guy at the entrance how prices are and pay after every drink to avoid problems. These bars don’t have cover charges but mostly you have to pay for at least two drinks. Prices are from 14R$ to 25R$ for two drinks depending of the kind of show they have. So have a look inside first and decide whether its worth to stay or not. I always like to go to “Pussycat” at “Av.Prado Junior” where they have reasonable prices and you can go there as early as 11pm because the show does not matter. Normally the girls don’t ask for drinks as they have free drinks inside. Prices for a single drink are from 5R$ to 10R$.

You can stay all night in this area or move to discothek “Help” which is located on the other side of Copacabana next to “Hotel Rio Othon Palace”. It will cost you about 4R$ to get there by taxi what you really should do at night. It is not worth to go inside before 1am but if you arrive earlier sit down outside and watch the action. Outside the street cafe “Sombre as ondras” is crowded by tourists and hookers looking for a guy who will pay the entrance fee (8R$) for her or even more. Sometimes these girls, especially when drunken, are very aggressive. Don’t mess around with her, even if you don’t like her, stay polite and tell her you are waiting for your girlfriend (“Tenho outre encontro”) or something like that. Many of them carry a razorblade with them and some guys returned home with some ugly souvenir across their face. You can find your choice for the night outside but don’t miss to get inside “Help” it is a M U S T. “Help” is

South Americas largest disco with up to date music and reasonable prices (1R$ for water, 2R$ for coke or beer, 3R$ for long drinks which are very heavy, more expensive drinks are available too). Nowadays you can be sure that every Brazilian girl inside is selling her pussy even those who are looking shy but these might be the best choice. No girl from Rio that takes care about her reputation will ever go inside “Help” but this will not be a reason for you to stay outside, will it? For every man inside there are at least three women willing to spend the night with you. It is the heaven on earth for the single male, even if you are just looking around, but you won4t!! You will see lots of the girls you saw in the boites before. The girls usually charge at least 100R$ for the night but if you bargain it will be less and at 4am even the Playboy models go with you for 80R$, again depending on demand and sympathy which should be important for you too. During Carnaval they have events every night which you can enjoy on some “Buttman” XXXvideos. As you can read in the toilet of “Help” be careful using one of the taxis waiting outside of “Help” when going home. If it is too far or to late to walk home you better bargain with one of those gangster waiting outside. Double or triple of the normal price should be OK at 4am or later. In any case don’t take the dangerous but cheap choice of walking through dark and uncrowded areas.
There is another possibility to go out at night looking for girls but I have to say that I did not do it in the last 6 Years, so my report is not up to date. In the harbor area downtown Rio there is a place called “Praca Maua” where a few boites had been located which were preferably visited by seamen of all nationalities.In these boites there used to be many low priced girls, not necessarily ugly and it was fun to be there. The problem was that it was not too safe leaving from there and the way home by taxis waiting outside was usually expensive too (the same problem than at “Help” but more expensive due to the greater distance to your accommodation at Copa).

Finally a word concerning HIV and other sexual diseases:
Most of the girls are working independent and are not registered as hookers, that means they don’t need a frequent medical check up like e.g. bargirls in Thailand!!! Although most of them state that they never do it without condom, this is, as you can imagine, increasing the risk enormously !!!

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