Termas L’uomo

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Termas L’Uomo
Rua Siqueira Campos
143 sl 15
This one was difficult to find. It is in a shopping center on the second floor, hidden away really. IMHO this place is not in the same class and Monte Carlo and Solarium. But, I did find a few gems here though. I hooked up with a nice little thing with a killer body. We had a great
session, and I was surprised to find how much we both enjoyed it [or she is a wonderful and subtle actress]. I didn’t spend much time making out
with her in the bar, but the experience in the room was stellar. I ended up liking her quite a bit, but I also wanted as much variety as

My buddy and I returned to this terma later that same evening. He set his sights on the girl I had just been with an hour or so earlier. She comes over to me after he goes to the bathroom and kisses me with her best fuck me hard look. Shit I have a stiffy, and all she did was kiss me. I don’t want to lead her on, I wanted to try another
one of the girls. My buddy comes back, and asks if he can do her. This guy is like a brother to me, and she is the only one in the room he
considers taking. I decide to take the bullet, and say yes. But, I know right from the outset it is going to be hard.

Intellectually, this shouldn’t have been a problem, but we also had never “shared” a women before. Although throughout the vacation, I think
both of us at one point or another wanted some of what the other was having. I liked her, he’s my best friend, I really shouldn’t be selfish.
She’s there rubbing her ass in his crotch and looking directly at me while she’s doing it. And there I am standing there like a putz feeling like the world’s biggest schmuck. I give them some room, and sit across the way to make eye contact with a blonde. Two other garotas come up to me and ask me why my friend doesn’t like me? Why would he do this in front of me. Here comes the refrain: I am a fucking moron. No, no I insist, its okay. She’s nice, he’s nice they should be together. I gave it my blessing, and when it comes right down to it being selfish may feel better in the short run, but not the long. I feel a lot better of it now, but I was truly surprised how upset it made me then. Mr. Damage has his own “butterfly” experience. I had come all this way to create these beautiful pictures
in my head of my adventures.

This one was special, I had this wonderful experience, and now I had pissed it all away. My buddy’s in for the long haul. Does everything
with style and personality. There was no way she was going to remember the great time we had had together when my buddy would spend three times
as much money on her, and exponentially more time.
Not only that, but since he had already secured my blessing, he went and asked her to spend the rest of the night with him, at the apartment we
shared. [help me out here, am I so way off base on this one, I didn’t have so much trouble at the terma, but bringing her to the apartment?]
Thank god he was sensitive to my pride. I never did have to interact with them at the apartment, and a great deal of the awkwardness was
avoided. I would have never believed that I would become a victim of a reverse butterfly. I was out for maximum quality with maximum quantity.
The terma girls are so damn good at selling that illusion, that I found myself desperately wanting to believe it to be true. As irrational as it is, it is still a difficult emotion with which to deal.

Entrance 40BRL
girl 130BRL for 40min in std room; 175 for 60min in suite; 200 for 60min in super suite
soft drinks 3.3 BRL
credit card 10BRL surcharge
If bill is at least 20BRL you get a 20BRL rebate on entrance fee
About 15girls present, only one really ugly the rest in the range 7-8’s
Very friendly and relaxed place as always. Live music and guitar player/singer of MPB (popular Brazilian music)

Terma Luomo Girl
Rua Siqueira Campos, 143 – sl 15
R140 for 40 minutes, R200 for one hour
bbbj, french, DATY, positions, drinks
The girls in Luomo are generally uninhibited like the girls in Centaurros. This club is the second best I’ve been to and there are over 40 women to chooe from like in Centaurros. I would recommend this terma. Difficult to find, on the second floor of a shopping center and not in one of the best neighborhoods. The atmosphere was relaxed, the girls are cute and they generally leave you alone. This place seemed smaller to me than the others did, and not as busy. Now this may have had something to do with the days of the week I went there, Sunday and Monda. There are some real beauties in this place and I had a couple of incredible sessions but it appeared to me to be a more laid back and relaxing place than the other top termas.

The Luomo is more aggressively managed and the girls appear to be under more pressure from the pimps. It doesn’t do to dwell too much on the way the business is run. The girls do have to meet quota or they are back on the street. The math is more than a little off putting. Most of the girls will service possibly 3 to 5 clients per day. So the chances are you could be number 50 or 60+ in the queue that month. You will notice that a high percentage of the clientele are over fifty years old. Speaking with some of them, they are not very concerned with the dangers of unprotected intercourse. Some have the attitude that they are coming to the end of their life and don’t care about themselves. Many of the same “sex tourists” travel the world exploiting the third word economic differences, thus increasing the exposure. This obviously makes it more of a risk for the prostitutes and others swimming in the same pond. Another thing you need to remember is, this is organized prostitution and it is illegal to pimp women in Brazil. The pimps get round this by bribing and giving free entrance to the police. There are some cold ruthless pimps profiting from these places. If you look too close, visiting can be cold, sad experience. This is not a fantasy for the prostitutes. It is a cold hard business.

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