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What exactly is and what is your goal?
How do I register?
What usernames are acceptable?
I’ve registered, but I never got an email. What do I do?
I’ve registered, but why can’t I access all areas of the directory?
What type of information do you want people to contribute?
What type of information DON’T you want?
Do you have any tips on how to make an informative post?
Is there anything that I am not allowed to post?
May I ask Questions?

Email addresses (including your own)
Anything regarding minors (children under 18 y/o)
Pornography (explicit photos, drawings, or images)
Obscene or threatening language
Spam (multiple posts containing the same information)
Advertisements, or links outside this URL
Also, please do not make letter-like posts (such as “Hi All!”),
or end a post with your name
(Your post already includes your name)

Violators may be suspended and/or have their IP address banned

What exactly is and what is your goal? is a directory that deals with the adult entertainment industry and general aspects of travel. Our goal is to provide an organized resource where people can share information in a give-and-take environment.

We are not a discussion board. If you want to participate in one, then please check our Links section to find actual websites specific to the region or country of interest.

Registration is free. Once you’ve registered, you will be able to contribute information, and have updates and new information sent to your e-mail address. Be sure to contribute only specific information that actually relates to a destination in this directory.

How do I register?
Go to this link and complete the Age Verification by selecting the link that describes your date of birth.

Under Register for a new account, follow the instructions and fill out the Basic Information. You must use a REAL email address as your password, as your activation info will be sent to that address. All info marked with an asterisk (*) is required. Personal Profile Information is optional.

When you complete the form, click on the Continue Registration button at the bottom. Check your email for account activation info and password.

What usernames are acceptable?
You may create anything that has meaning to you, but please do not use obscene, racist, or threatening language. Examples of prohibited language in user names include, but are not limited to, those containing the following terms: cunt, fuck, pussy, dicksucker, fag, nigger, spic, whore, bitch, shit, etc.

Also, do not create usernames that either duplicate or resemble those of the moderator or staff from either or from other sites or businesses.

I’ve registered, but never got an email. What do I do?
You probably entered an incorrect email address. You can either re-register using a different email address or username, or you can contact us to reset your account.

Please note that once we delete your previous attempt to register, only then can you use the same email address and username to register again. You must email us with the same email address for us to reset your account. We DO NOT send passwords out or register for you.

To get Guest access, select the Enter As Guest option when the Log In screen appears.

Registration and Guest Access only allow you to view the Public section. Private section access requires you to contribute two (2) informative posts to the Public section of the directory, as explained above. Once you have done this, contact us with your username with a request for access to the Private section.

What type of information do you want people to contribute?
Here’s what we want:

Name of business, service, or provider
Full business address (street and number, city, state, zip or postal codes)
Telephone number (include area code)
Cost, prices, time (what did you pay, how much time did you get, how long did you stay)
Services (what is available and what exactly did you get)
Directions to location (off ramps, cross streets, etc.)
How to make contact (telephone, email, etc.)

What type of information DON’T you want?
Our directory is based on the concept of concise, complete, and useful information. This will help others find the listed services and make better use of their time and effort. Since incomplete, confusing, or irrelevant information does not help this purpose, it will not be considered for inclusion in our directory. Therefore, we will delete any posts with the following content:

Opinions, either positive or negative
Guesses or speculation
Details that are confusing or incomplete
Questions, or requests for information
Information that already exists on the directory
Trip reports

There are many adult-oriented websites that specialize in trip reports. If you want to read or contribute trip reports, please visit one of those sites.

Do you have any tips on how to make an informative contribution?
Start with where YOU live and places you’ve actually been. Services are available worldwide and it’s only a matter of knowing where.

If you have no first-hand experience, then research the Internet and find data that we don’t already have in our directory.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to contribute?
Yes. Anything that compromises the privacy of others or may be considered obscene is not allowed. Posting any of the following will result in indefinite suspension and/or IP banning:

Email addresses (those belonging to you or to others)
Anything regarding minors (under 18 years of age)
Pornography (explicit photographs, drawings, or images)
Spam or advertisements

Also, refer back to the box located at the top of this page for more information.
May I ask Questions?
No. Remember, this is a directory, and not a discussion board. We will delete all questions posted. Rather than ask a question, please take the time to search through the directory of interest. Chances are the information you want is already there. It’s only a matter of your taking the time to look for it.

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