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I was in Douala in October for one night only. Most of the hotels are located at the “Blvd of the Liberte”, one of the major road in this city. I stayed in the Hotel “La Falaise” a nice mid-priced Hotel. In the afternoon I went out for a walk on the Boulevard. A lot of nice, sexy black women were already in the street. They wear really sexy clothes and skirts which are unusual for a normal African lady.

After Dinner I went out again. From the cinema Wouri which is in the opposite side of the Hotel Falaise up the Boulevard I saw a lot of girls. They are try all to call you. Some are a little bit shy some aren’t. Especially in front of the hotel working a lot of girls the hole night. The going rate is negotiable and pretty cheap. I paid around 20’000 FCFA (around 35$) for a whole night with a young well build girl. She gave me a great blow job and enjoyed when I fucked her. She didn’t want to stop.

But don’t forget – Douala has an international port and has also a high HIV-rate I guess. So better protect yourself. Douala is also not a very sure place for tourist. So don’t visit the small streets in the night. Could be dangerous for you. Around the cinema “Wouri” you also find several discos (boites) which are full of seeking girls.

I was in Duala this year and I have to say, girls are real easy to get in discos (Boites).
Most of them make it very clear, telling how good they suck and fuck.
Most of them just want to spend some time with a white man.
But,… be careful. Not all places are safe and you do need to bring condoms with you. (enough)

My first experiences in Douala were extraordinary. I met an A.1. taxi driver who had all the answers: ‘drive around town once the colleges come out – see if you can see a nice girl and leave it up to me’

I thought this highly unlikely but gave it a go. I saw a pretty girl (8/9) and pointed to her. In a second he had jumped out of the car and started talking to her in a bookshop. 2 minutes later he returned with her and I invited her for a drink at the hotel. She arrive (on time) and in no time we were in first class action. Money never came into it (except the tip I gave her) and she was happy to return the next afternoon. How is that for luck (or perhaps not luck – just the form?)

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