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Found on a street named “Frauentormauer” not far from a subway station named Plärrer (5 minutes walk direction railway station). Red light district is located behind the old wall, that was built some hundred years ago around the old city. Girls are waiting behind windows for customers. Going rate is between 25 and 50 Euro. For this amount the girl undress only their slip, Use hands to get you hard and and let you slip it in for service. If you want touch her breasts, or bj you’ll have to invest more. Ask the girl for what you want and the price before entering. During the day you’ll pay between 25 and 50 Euro, during the evenings you’ll pay 50 to 100 Euro (and more).

Go to the “Frauentormauer” near the subway station Plärrer (5 minute walk direction (railway station). The (RLD) red light district is behind the old wall, that was built some hundred years ago around the old city. The girls are behind windows. Cost is 25 Euro to 50 Euro

There are women who work out of motor homes in a parking area before you enter the (authobahn)freeway which goes to Berlin. Follow the city signs which point to Berlin, right before you enter the freeway make a left to the parking lot. From the freeway exit “Fischbach” make a U-turn at the next intersection and drive back the direction Berlin. About 25 Euros for suck or fuck.

In the newspaper named “Abendpost” you’ll find add´s. The prices starts at 50 Euro and go as high as 100 Euro. Agree to a price before you undress.

Prostitution in bars is strictly forbidden. The girls will drink overpriced drinks at your expense.

FKK Club
One club named “Sylt” located at the north of Nürnberg. Depending on your “wishes” you’ll pay(with entrance fee) 60 and 150 Euro. Other nude clubs are more expensive.

Saunaclub Albatros
Am Weichselgarten 22
91058 Erlangen
Tel 0911 9450921

Street Walkers and Motor Homes
You can find older women (with recreational vehicles) at a parking area shortly before you enter the highway direction Berlin. Follow thru Nürnberg the signs in the direction Berlin, shortly before you enter the highway with a gradual left turn you’ll see the parking lot. If you’re on the highway take exit “Fischbach” make a U-turn at the next intersection and drive back “Direction” Berlin. For 25 Euro you can get a “BJ” (Blasen)” or FS. Sometimes you’ll find younger girls from Russia. They’ll offer for 25 Euro better service (totally nude, BJ followed by FS)…

Peep Shows, Table Dance
You’ll find several peep shows around Luitpoldstrasse (not far from the railway station). Sex is normally not possible. You can enter a small cabin with a window. For 5 Euro for 5 minutes you select a girl. The girl will ask for a tip between 10 and 25 Euros to undress and to spread her legs. Some girls masturbate with a dildo. One sex shop (in the pedestrian area) offers a “Dessous Show” for 20 Euro. If you’re alone with the girl in a small compartment most of the girls will offer sex. Prices starts at 25 Euro for a “hand job” and depending on the girl up to 100 Euro.



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