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I wanted to let people know about a certain wonderful woman in Calgary, and the perils of the street scene right now. First off, I hereby vow never to talk to the street girls in this city again. Those that are left from the intense crackdown of recent years are liars and thieves. Let me explain. I am always propositioned by some of the hookers on 3rd Ave SW near the French Maid strip club after I leave. Sometimes recently I have been sweet talked into doing what needs to be done. One occasion, in February, involved a 20-something brunette who agreed to my condition of various positions. Note – most hookers will only accept missionary for “safety” reasons. Anyway, I took her home, paid her $200 of a blow and sex and got to it. The blowjob was fine, and then she told me about her bad back. So we did missionary a bit and then I insisted on doggie. She did that a bit, then told me her back was sore and that she only promised me two positions and no more, so now it was game over. I hadn’t even popped yet, so needless to say I was a bit upset. I drove her back without talking to her. Second instance was in late June and a good looking blonde in a cheetah-skin top told me that for $400 she would let me do her in any position I wanted, that I could pleasure her, and that she would even blow me in my car while driving to the hotel, room rate included. This was too much to refuse, even for my skeptical nature. Well, sure enough she blew me while driving (which isn’t as easy as it seems) and then the crap starting churning. She insisted we pull over to a dark parking area and give her the rest of the money and we would have sex there in the car before going to the hotel. Reluctantly, I agreed. Dummy. So she kept sucking me, and I said let’s do it but she said no, let’s go to the hotel. So I started driving to the hotel and she said the room rate was $45. I pointed out that she said room included, and she said no. So I said let’s go to my place – it’s ten minutes away – and she said no, too dangerous. Then she started to get bitchy, pulled out her Mace, and told me to pull over and let her out. $400 down the drain. I am still pissed off by that. So, anyway, on July 15 I called up an escort named Jamie Lee/Tiffany at, (just so you can see who I am talking about), a woman I had enjoyed once before. She came over in a snakeskin top/bottom for a 45-minute session for $230. All-inclusive. She changed from snakeskin into a black undies/bra ensemble and led me to the bedroom. We started by playing, feeling and sucking her tits, and then she climbed on top and rubbed her tits in my face and down my chest and rubbed my dick with them. Yes! Then she sucked me a bit then started diddling herself in missionary and then doggie, letting me play with her ass. Then she invited me to rub her snatch without inserting. So I did that for 5-6 minutes until she came. Yes!! Then she climbed aboard in cowgirl style, and then told me to do her doggie style. We did that for about 3-4 minutes until I couldn’t hold back. It was all good. She has such a pleasant personality and enthusiasm for your well-being that I cannot recommend her enough. No more street trash – in Calgary, use the escorts because you know what you’re getting, and will actually get it.

Had a session with a hooker working on Centre Street, near the tower. She stands at the Centre 12 building. Long haired blonde girl, about 5ft 4inches tall. Somewhat pretty girl, looks like a drug addict and has bags under her eyes. She smokes like a factory. Anyways don’t even both with her, may look attractive, but turns out she is a rip off artist. Poses as a police officer and have stolen money from many people. What does a guy do? Go to the police?

Have visited Magic Tan several times over the past few years and have always got the best service. It moved location last year and the new place is much nicer and up-scale. You can find the location in the classified ads in the Calgary Herald. While some of the women there have come and gone over the years, the constant is Lynn. She is a very friendly and pleasant Asian lady who treats you right if you treat her right. Besides an excellent massage, she will see to your more personal needs and treat you as a friend and not just a customer

Escorts are the best bet in this city

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