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Maseru is the place to be for some good action and beautiful girls. It depends on how long you stay in Lesotho whether or not you will pay anything at all. Girls are best found during the day at around lunch time as a dinner and some attention will secure you the most beautiful girls. If it is more business fare you are looking for head to the Victoria hotel bar and you will not believe the looks you will get as a newcomer! for late night action go to the basement disco called crossroads, many business girls. ACCOMMODATION IS BEST TAKEN OUTSIDE OF THE VICTORIA AS THEY SHUN THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY. Lancers Inn is a much better choice and for the upscale, the Lesotho Sun is a great option ( also another hangout for ladies around its casino ). The girls also know of hotels just outside of the capital, not the nicest, will do in a pinch. If African women are your thing, Lesotho is considered to be a mecca.

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