British Columbia

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I moved from Vancouver to Victoria about 18 months ago. I’ve visited a few of the local escort agencies ..I Was very happy with all the girls all ..they were a solid 7-9 ..looked like university girls very clean and smart usually 20 – 26 in age. its to easy to be nice and let them sorta steer the whole thing kinda leave feeling ripped of , I suggest having a bit of attitude …don’t let it start of by them asking you to many questions , take charge a bit ..tell them to do something and ask them a few questions ..I usually tell them to open there mouth wider or something like that and then tell them there a good girl just to keep the ball in my court. also if you like your girls to swallow when there finished this will usually work 8-10 times …when there wearing the pants they will usually finish you of and its to late to swallow or they will ad an extra 80 -120 bucks for that… I recommend getting a girls Email and making Arrangements with her in the future if you like her a lot ..saves a lot of time and risk of getting stuck with a dead beat….

You can find some real gems Downtown for street action ..especially if you like younger girls. its always ALOT cheaper for even better sex …the only draw back is if your on a schedule it might be hard to find a really hot young girl and have sex if you only have an hour or 2 …escort agencies will take appointments and get you in and out in 1 hour. The cops in Victoria don’t do anything to bother the Johns which is Really nice. They do hassle the younger girls a lot …so you’ll notice they are usually standing around in the most obscure places (The outskirts of town)…there really hard to find …you need a good eye , but there.

There are a lot of regular ladies in there 30’s scattered through out down town ..usually Douglas or Government st ..there a little more expensive than the younger girls and also tend to be a little skanky looking close up. but street prices range from 40 -180 bucks most of the time its in the 60 -100 price range though… Happy hunting fellows ..Victoria is a really Beautiful City , It would be great to grab a girl outa Monday Magazine for the whole weekend if your just in town for a few days. Defiantly check out Monday magazine though ..there’s a lot of Adds personal escorts and also Escort agency specials and all that.

BTW I would love to see a new section for Kamloops B.C .. I noticed you have a section on Kelowna. Well I’ve lived in Kelowna for 5 years and kamloops for 7 and I can tell you Kelowna has nothing on kamloops Kamloops has a really Active Sex market its even better than Vancouver’s in my opinion ..much cheaper , no cops and much cleaner girls… a lot of them come from the smaller towns in B.C.

Abbotsford, a small town just across the sumas border of US. Quite a bit of street action on Clearbrook Road. Picked up a girl for $20 US. She wanted to go to her place but I preferred car. She didn’t even ask money up front. Very nice girl in mid 20’s. Definitely go for again

Heavenly Hands
Massage Parlor
6788 Canada Way

Butterfly Aroma Therapy
4536 Hastings St

Lotus Relaxation
9916 Longheed Hwy
Across from Lougheed Mall

Coupon available in local papers for C$135
for 30 minutes includes room charge.

Go to Haliburton street near down town. Its one block off the main highway. Usually you can find one or two girls working the street beginning at 9pm. I picked up one young 22 year old blonde. Pretty, skinny, but a druggy. She did not have any rubbers so I let her give me head –which she did a nice job for about $40 US money. She let me cum in her mouth but she spit when finished. Felt kind of icky for not using a rubber because she was dirty little whore.

Another gal named Chris is about 33 or so. Nice body and fairly pretty. I fucked her for $50 US. I liked her, she was nice. She was clean and made sure I had a rubber. Nanaimo has a lot of hookers for a small town

Prince George

Black Orchid agency
about 18 or more ladies
$150C for 30 minutes, much less in US dollars


Johnny Canuck has been busy. Checked out Kiku’s place, very non-descript. on Main Street in Vancouver, {it’s in the Vancouver Sun in the Classifieds} and my buddy checked out a good looking Japanese girl for 100$ bux…unfortunately that was no body contact, nor nudity it was handjob. He did say her massage was incredibly good and non-rushed so he was totally able to enjoy it.

I went and checked out SWAN LAKE MASSAGE in Richmond…it’s very clean, friendly staff and front desk. It has a steam room and a sauna {although you can’t use that with the girls}. It was about 65 for and hour and a half for the cover fee and 130 for the full duty.

I started HER off by giving a massage to her to see what her response was and she got VERY into it and became more willing to give it her all during sex. Her name is May and she’s cute, but her body was just right, not too skinny and not plump by any means. She certainly looked great bent over.

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