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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Ljubljana
Main Cities: Maribor, Kranj, Celje, Koper (Capodistria)
Population: 2,020,000 Area []: 20,250
Currency: 1 Slovene tolar = 100 stotinov
Languages: Slovene
Religions: Roman Catholic

I live in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the north-east region of Italy, 1-1/2 hour far from the capital of Slovenia. I Buy the magazine Salomonov Oglasnik ( and look for “Storitve, Stiki”, lots of ads (about 70 for Ljubljana only) with mobile phones of the girls. I buy a map of the city and carefully study the name of the main zones in which the capital is divided, to be able to understand where the apartments are when speaking with the girl at the phone. One girl gave me her address (street and number), in the north west zone of the city called SiSka. I told her I will be there in about 1 hour and she instructed me to call her back when I was close to her house. We went there and I called again from nearby. She trusted me and gave me her apartment number and the name on the door bell. We rang and a nice black haired 22 y.o. opened the door. After a short conversation we knew from her that she is actually living with her baby in this apartment and the cost is 10000 Tolars, or 50e. We left since we were not in the mood and it was very late in the night, but she was not bad. Slim, 170cm tall, I would say a 7. I think I will come back.
I do not want to publish here the exact address, but to whoever of you who want to contact her, her mobile is 031 410778.

Slovenia N. Gorica…I visited Club Antonio on street Sezana, then Branica and to Komen, is a little place and near a OMV service gasoline (street on the right for N. Gorica), you’ll find the club. Go down to the bar, there you’ll find about 5-6 ladies (6-8 scale): – 40 euros to a rent Jacuzzi room 130 euros full service.
Club Antonio club is in the middle of the small town of Komen. The entrance is in the back of the rear, there is no entrance fee. No need to ring the bell, just open the door (like a normal bar). Hours 14:00-04:00 everyday. We were greeted by two nice girls at the entrance. The bar is a typical night club in eastern Europe (for those used to travel in Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland), with a pole for a strip dance in the center plus a lot of couches and some in separate rooms. Two gin tonics cost 12 Euros. We were approached by two girls: Victoria, Ukrainian, 33 y.o., long black hair, fantastic boobs, about. 170cm tall, a little overweight, my friend sat with a Svetlana, 28 y.o., blonde short hair, blue eyes, 165cm tall, no tits. They showed us the complete facility, the first room had a big Jacuzzi, sauna and shower, the second and third had a sign “massage” on the door, a shower and a bed with a big mirror in front of it. She explained the massage costs 130 Euros full service for one hour (includes sex). The third room also had a “massage” sign on the door. The fourth room has also a hydro massage and was the biggest. We sat down and she ordered a Piccolo. Please take care because Piccolos costs 20Eur, and Bombonjera (small desserts) costs 15 Euro. The rest is normal, Cola 2 Euro, juice 1 Euro. Victoria told me she works 7 days a week. Shes was working for 2 years at Celje in the middle of Slovenia and 2 months this year at Isola near the sea. There are lots of Italians being Saturday night, but she told me on Friday there are even more people, on the contrary on Sunday there are fewer customers. Almost all Italians anyway, while on the in Celje she worked almost always with Slovenian customers. My friend spent 25Euros for a 10 minutes (two songs) full striptease with Svetlana in a separate room. After 2 Piccolos 1 hour later we left.
Before leaving we had the opportunity to see a light lesbian show between the two girls that we met at the entrance (maybe the two best girls in the club), a red and a blonde. Very exciting, especially the blonde one! It seems that this show takes place everyday between 24:00 and 1:00. Other girls that I remember were: a small (160cm) short-haired blonde with a long dress and an African or Latina girl.
Two other girls about 30 years old Ukrainian look alikes but a little overweight. In the end a good experience but you must take care with the costs of the beverages.

1) Obiskal sem nocni lokal SKAZA v centru Rogaske Slatine. Bil sem pozitivno presenecen o izboru deklet, ki jih imajo. To lahko vidite tudi na slikah. Ambient je lep in anonimen. Punce so prijazne in dobre volje. Lahko se dogovorite tudi za strip tease za razne fantovscine in taksne ali drugace prireditve…
2) Nigh Club 2000, Ankaran
3) Night Club Royal, Kidrič +386/2-796-98-01, open all days from 21:00 – 5:00. info@royal-kidricevo,
5) Club S Podbregar. Naš klub ima že dolgoletno tradicijo. Imamo deset zaposlenih in smo srednje veliko gostinsko podjetje. V našem klubu se lahko sprostite ob kozarčku pijače in dobri glasbi. Sestavljen je tudi plesni program, ki ga izvajajo naša dekleta. Najdete nas na Ravnah 38/A pošta Šoštanj.
Kontaktna oseba Sonja Podbregar s.p. Tel/Fax.: 03/891-30-36.
6) Nočni Klub Kleopatra, Puštal 60, 4220 Škofja Loka, Tel.: +386 (0)4 512 05 04,
7) Night Club Slon, Street Slovenska 34, Tel: 01 470 11 48, City: 1000 Ljubljana
8) Club Antonio Komen. Open 14:00-04:00 everyday
9) Club Tanga nočni klub, Brnčičeva 13 v Črnučah, Tel.: 01/563-27-50, E-mail:
10) Discussion Forum (in Slovenski)
I got the following answer from the Tanga club info email:
“Our club is a dancing club striptease, table dance privat dance….. good “massage” in slovenia (my opinion) is in club
Faraon (nova gorica), club hotel žalec (žalec near celje) and some other clubs near celje and club in komen”

Club Paquito Finally I’m going to try some Ljubljana telephone numbers of private apartments in the next days. To be honest I tried to call the ads in Salomonov Oglasnik but a lot of them do not respond, especially in the week-end when I have some time to go to Ljubljana.

Please post information about the clubs in Slovenia (name, location, web site, opening hour, prices) or a good tip for a private apartment girl with a phone number (beautiful girls, good service, young <25) in Ljubljana or other city.

Ljubljana I tried a telephone number of a private apartment. She spoke good italian we agreed to meet at a Hotel Lipa, in Celovska Cesta. She told me to go to floor n.9 and then call her back. The man at the reception didn’t bother as I walked through and went into the elevator, which is normal, as she confirmed later. The elevator stopped on the 6th floor to let a blonde girl enter. She then walked out with me on the 9th floor. I was not sure that she was the same girl and neither she was, therefore I did not ask; but after my call, when she came out of her room in the corridor, to call me in, I saw that she was the same girl in the elevator (we both laughed). Her name is Maria, Slovenian, but she looks more like a Russian or Ukrainian beauty. She’s about 175 cm tall, slim, small tits, great ass, not a beautiful face though (I would say 6 for the face, 8 for the body). She asked for 50 Euros for half hour and 70 Euros for one hour, but I preferred to pay in the local currency (SIT), which was 16000 for 1 hour. According the information on the Web the normal rate should be 15000, but I presume she charged me a little more because I’m not from Slovenia. Sex was not bad, she also offered uncovered blow job, however no french kissing. One of the disadvantages of this place is that there are only single beds since all the apartments are very small. I wish I took half an hour, because after a quick FS she got dressed again. She told me she is generally available till midnight, anyway is better to call her in the evening. Then she came back again to 6th floor with me, so I think she lives in another apartment and she uses the 9th floor only for work.
Her phone number is 041/295174.

Faraon sauna (Nova Gorica), is very very expensive.
You pay at the door: 250 €. You enter with a bath towel. Inside there’s a buffet and you can eat and drink all you want. There is no limit of time and you can stay all the night if you want. I have asked if it was possible for FS with the girls and at the door they have answered me; perhaps some of them.

I asked a girl that works there sometimes about the sex charges in Faraon sauna and she said you must pay the usual rate of N.G. 150€/hr. 250 € at the door + 150 € for FS.  I prefer to go to Faraon strip club and then take the girl to a hotel.

Night club at the hotel Metropol of Portoroz is more of a disco pub. I paid 10 euros at the door (one drink included) and asked about the rules: no striptease, no table dance, no privč, no action inside only drinks and chatting with the girls. There are girls that will go to the hotel so this is a contact club.

The barman pointed out to me there were three girls two blondes (I prefer blondes) but a little over weight and one with black long hair, only 6,5 face but 8,5 body, 21 y.o. from Serbia and I chose her.
We went to the hotel where she surprised me with 150 euros of great sex for 1 hour. Kissing and licking anywhere plus uncovered BJ. I think with her (if you want ) uncovered FS is possible.

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