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FKK-Club Arabella
Lohrheidestrasse 63
44866 Wattenscheid
Tel. 02327 33394
Info 02327-322627
Hours Daily 10am – 12am
Entry 35 Euro
20 Euro per 20 Minute blocks
FT 20 Euro extra
Web Site

FKK-Club Arabella
Lohrheidestrasse 63
44866 Wattenscheid

Made a recent visit to this club this week, only did one girl the whole week so I know its her. came down with a bad STD. The girls name is Denise from Brazil, she is dark, has a pierced right nipple with a stud. med c boobs, stringy brown hair. take care gentlemen this gal not only offers average service, rushed, tried to get me out of the room in 10 minutes but on top of that im now running to the doctors office. Look for her and avoid at all costs, might not be a bad idea to avoid the club as this STD could spread in the club by men who visit her and another gal during the visit.

Freudenbergstrasse 39
44809 Bochum-Hamme
Tel 0234-9580115
Info 0234-9580114
Web Site
Entry: 50 Euros (30 during Happy Hour)
Session: 50 Euros (60 for French Total)
Includes intercourse, oral sex both ways
Daily 10am to 1am
Happy Hour
10am – 12 noon
9pm – 12 Midnight
Special Days
Mondays: Straps (Garters)-Tag
Wednesdays: Dessous (Lingerie)-Tag
Food and Amenities
Drinks are Free. A buffet meal is served twice daily (breakfast starting at 10 AM, a warm buffet starting at 1 PM.).

This club has expanded to take over the business behind it. New amenities include two saunas (one bio, the other Finnish), a large Kino (theater) showing erotic films, a dining area where the buffet is served, and many additional session rooms, all climate-controlled. They claim 60 women are available at peak times.

Exit 33 Bochum/Hamme A40. From direction Dortmund take exit FreudenbergstraBe to get to the club. Other direction (Essen), take exit Bochum-Hamme, turn left to next traffic light right. Renault car sales on corner.

I’ve been going to the so called “Red Carpet” clubs for years, Freundenberg or Paradiso still remains the most popular of the RC clubs. At one time years back it was possible that there were only 6-12 women working at one time. You might note that the club is now the size of two clubs. At one time there were two competing clubs side by side. 38 and 39 as they used to go by. RC clubs range in price depending on location and popularity. There is a post somewhere on the site about the “Red Carpet Clubs”. Several of the women will migrate from club to club as upper management is the same. Thus you’ll sometimes find the same girl working different clubs. While Freundenberg 39 has gotten bigger, with more women the prices have also increased. Many of the locals who frequented the place have been angered by the recent price increases. At one time 30 Euros got you what now cost 50 Euros. I don’t recall the exact figures but back then it was more 20 minutes then 30 and for only about 10 Euro more you got BBBJTC. Perhaps it’s due to the recent popularity and competition of other clubs like Happy Garden, Golden Time etc. In fact some of the women from these clubs also appear at Freundenberg.

The food has gotten better and arriving during happy hour will save you about 10 Euros entry fee.
The place is dark and the rooms are often darker. Try the rooms to the right as you enter as some have windows that face the street. If you like this club check out the other “RCC’s”.

Here is the link to the other info on the site regarding “Red Carpet Clubs”.

Freude 38 FKK Sauna Club
Freudenbergstrasse 38
44809 Bochum-Hamme
Info 0234 9571494
Tel 0234 9580102
Monday – Friday
12 noon – 10pm
Exit 33 Bochum/Hamme A40
Web Site

Just been to Bochum and visited the Red District on Gusstahlstrasse street so i thought i would give you guys an update on that. There are aprox. 50 windows on the walking street but if you go there during the week days only about half of them are open. Unfortunately the girls are not beautiful, they range between 2 and 7 max. Yes, i said 2…. Most of them are gypsies from bulgaria and romania and a few overweight afros in their late 30`s. I setteled for a jamaican girl, she was quite decent looking, maybe a 7 and pretty friendly. She did the usual for 30 euro but as i start to drill her i felt a terrible smell coming out of her vagina wich persisted till the end. I had a hard time coming because of that…
I would not recommend this place for adult fun…the whole atmosfere is sad and quite dippresive, spend your money some other way!

Just returned from Essen, located 20 min away from Bochum. The Red District area is very small, around the Stahlstrasse street. There are in total about 25 windows out of wich only 15 or so with the light on…. The gigls are a sad sight to see… they look real ugly, the best i`ve seen was a 7 and that without getting too close to her. They ask 30 euro for 30 min. but as far as i`m concerned i wouldnt pay one euro for that… seen some really scaring creatures that turn off my appetite completly. I didnt see anyboby going in or out, wonder how those poor girls can make a living like that…. all in all a place i would not recommend you guys to go to.

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