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These are some tips on prostitution in Spain and some tips on Spanish-speaking. When in Madrid, be very careful about looking for street action. If you go alone it is better to pay a bit more and be safe than going with a girl that may be is going to steal your money (well, not she, but her boy/girlfriend) If you want street action, try in the Captain Haya area (taxi drivers know where you can find them and even you can walk by the street with no safe problem). Keep an eye out for she-males, who frequent the same areas as normal women. In the last years most of new women where black or Central American. Now, eastern girls have arrived and there are a lot of them. Sometimes in street action you can be surprised by police. Prostitution is not a crime in Spain, nor to have sex with prostitutes, but policemen may ask you for your passport (it’s just to annoy clients and “to clean” areas). Prices are not very high (12.000 pesetas for a nice hour with a very pretty girl). Try to go to a place called “Pick Up” It is a discotheque full of men and women seeking sex. It is at the very beginning of Goya Street. If you are a bit lucky you can have sex for free (and Spanish women, no professionals, here are very interesting in the bed).

Some words to help:
“Would you make me a BJ, please? = Quisiera un francés, por favor.
“Turn, please”= date la vuelta, por favor
“I like this/that one” = me gusta esta/esa
“I’m cumming!” = me corro!
“Faster!” = más rápido!
“Slower, please” = más lento, por favor
“You’re beautiful!” = “Eres preciosa!”
“How much?” = “Cuanto?” (pronounced “QWAN-toe”)
“How much for a beer?” = “Cuanto POR una cerveza?” Cerveza (beer) is pronounced “Sir-VAE-sa.”
“Can I see the room for only a moment?” = “puedo ver la habitación un momento?”
“Room” translates as both “habitacion” and “cuarto.”
“How much for an hour (half hour) in a private room with this girl?” = “Cuanto por una hora (media hora) en un habitacion con esta chica?”
“How much time?” = “Cuanto tiempo?”
“una /media hora” = one/half hour
“treinta minutos” = thirty minutes
“What can we do in the room?” = “Que podemos hacer en la habitacion?”

Here’s a Spanish primer for dealing with the girls in the clubs and saunas:
“You’re beautiful!” = “Tu estas bonita!”
“How much?” = “Cuanto?” (pronounced “QWAN-toe”)
“How much for a beer?” = “Cuanto para una cerveza?” Cerveza (beer) is pronounced “Sir-VAE-sa.”
If you can’t understand the answer, gesture with pen and paper to indicate you want her to write down the price.
“Beer, please” = “Cerveza, por favor”
“Can I see the room for only a moment?” = “Puedo ver el cuarto para un momento solamente?”
“Room” translates as both “habitacion” and “cuarto.”
“How much for an hour (half hour) in a private room with this girl?” = “Cuanto por una hora (media hora) en un habitacion privado con esta chica?”
“How much time?” = “Cuanto tiempo?”
“una hora” = one hour
“medio hora” = half hour
“treinta minutos” = thirty minutes
“What can we do in the room?” = “Que podemos hacer en el habitacion?”
Ask the girl you are interested in directly. The answer will usually be “Todo” (Everything) or “Todo quieres” (Everything you want), but occasionally a girl will say “no fucking” and with a hand gesture indicate all she’ll give you is a hand job. All the girls know what “fucking” is; if you use the word “intercourse” they probably won’t understand you.

Palma de Maiorca Close to the best discos in the port area at the corner between Pacha Disco and Azzurro Salsa Disco there was a little street with many bars and many South American and east European  girls. I visited four of them. i paid for a drink 1000/1200 pesetas (6 euros) and i went with a nice Czech woman for abut 50 euros one hour. It was at 5am and the room behind the bar was clean. I had great time and i feel like to come back dancing salsa at Azzurro with Spanish Woman knowing that , if they will not invite me at their home, i can find a girl just behind the corner with a little of money.

Nancy Club: situated about 35 kms south of Alicante on the N332 coast road. Visited here recently about 9pm on a weekday. Usually bar clubs such as these are subdued places where the ladies sit around in groups, chatting. Not here: As soon as I entered I was approached by 3 ladies; one of whom led me to the bar. We had a pleasant conversation, but when she asked for a drink (20 euros!!!) I declined. Immediately she left, another girl took me up, and then another. 10 out of 10 for effort here. I don’t generally like this pressure, but the atmosphere was lively and the girls didn’t seem to mind being rejected. Several of them were dancing among themselves. I was beginning to wonder if they were on something. A Russian girl eventually caught my interest and things went on from there: 60 euros for 30 minutes which was scrupulously observed to the minute. I would go back. By the way, beers cost 6 euros. There is no entry fee. They charge you 2 euros for a durex. I don’t think the 60 euros is a set figure. Best to fix a price first.

Benni’s Club: right next door to Nancy (see above), so you can walk from to the other. Despite being run by the same people, this club seems to be different in character to Nancy. Whenever I have been there it has much more subdued, but for some this is an advantage because there is less pressure. Prices are the same as Nancy, but beware attempts at overcharging; best to fix the price first.
I spent time with a young Turkish girl recently who gave a new definition to passive; she just lay down and did absolutely nothing. Lovely figure with small rosebud breasts and a sexy, curvy bottom though. As with Nancy, you get what you pay for, and the girl doesn’t leave until the time is up.

The only place with some action is a club called CAROUSEL . It’s in the center and any taxi driver knows the place 20e entrance fee to enjoy a so so strip show.They also have a life sex show. The ladies , mainly from South America are aggressive and straight to the point. Ladies drinks are expensive 30 euros and champagne 300. As long as you buy drinks they stay on your laps pushing for more drinks or to go to the room , which are by the way small , at the back of the club
Going rates 200 for 1/2 hour and 300 for an hour . Overall performance so and so . Covered BJ two positions and rather mechanical sex .

Riviera Club, Hwy C-246, Castellfidels, Catalan, ES. Open 7 days, about 8:30pm-4:30am (but last call for rooms goes about 4am) Imagine an upscale (well, way upscale) version of Adelitas/Chicago TJ Mexico. Choice of 35-60 women, mostly South American or Dominican, but some Jamaicans, some locals and some Portuguese, ranging from 4-10, with very few 4’s, and several women that are simply off the chart. Average age is about 23yo. I should also add, off the chart without surgical assistance of any kind. I’d say 98% of the girls are natural. A few of the girls speak at least some English (and more than a few of the Latinas speak very well). Many girls commute from their homes in Rio, Sao Paolo, Caracas, Bogota, etc to work for a week or two. There’s lots of turnover, so I won’t recommend individual girls here, but I can tell you the standard of performance is very high. American guys are for the most part welcome here. Oral will be covered, but I suspect, as in all places, repeat business with the girl will get you BBBJ. You can get a quickie (30 min) for as little as ESP 10000 (as of this writing, $57- about ESP 175=$1), but I strongly recommend the 45 or 60 min session (ESP 15 and 20K, respectively), the quality of the session dramatically improves. There is also a Jacuzzi room option for ESP 30000/hr. As you can expect in this part of the world, a significant percentage of women here do anal as well, and with some, it’s a premium, with others, it’s not, but the premium is fairly small, like ESP 5 or 10K. There is also an admission fee of ESP 1500, but if you get there before 10pm or maybe even later, there is no cover. I’m not sure, but I came in early on a slow Monday night, and I just walked on in. There is also another club in the area called Saratoga, same quality and prices, but more limited selection in a more intimate atmosphere. Castellfidels is just north of Barcelona, about a ESP 35000-40000 cab ride from central Barcelona.

Found a cool place with fair prices and hot girls, called Apricots. 110€ for an entire hour, clean rooms and two locations, one in the city center and the other one very close to the Camp Nou Stadium. Here’s the website if you want to check out the girls and the prices.  The cool thing is that you can book a girl and talk with her before you meet her via the website.

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