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Beware of Fake Euro bills
Porn euros being passed off as real
Fake porn euro notes being sold as a gimmick in Germany are being successfully passed off as real cash.


The notes, in 300, 600 and 1,000 euro denominations, have a ring of 12 hearts instead of the usual EU stars and feature hunky men and big-breasted nude women.
Instead of the word ‘Euro’ being printed in the corner, these notes have ‘Eros’ – the Greek god of love.

But despite these differences – and the fact that the only large euro notes currently in circulation are 100s, 200s and 500s – police say they are being passed off as the real thing.

Cologne newsagent Bernd Friedhelm, 33, accepted one of the fake 600 euro notes from an unknown customer who bought two cartons of cigarettes and walked off with 534 euros in change.

Friedhelm said: “He told me it was a new type of note, and I just figured I hadn’t seen one before.”
A spokesman for the Cologne police said: “You can tell straight away by looking at it that it’s fake.”
“There aren’t even any 600 euro notes anyway. But anyone trying to pass it off as real, even as a joke, faces prosecution.”

As the Euro gets stronger and stronger with no decline in sight, prices for fun in Germany will rise. $100 US Dollars only buys 85.18 Euros

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It appears to me the US favors the current situation as it helps trade. It also helps the travel industry in the US, as Euro visitors can buy more with their money.

I’m hoping that with Czech and Poland joining the EU that things will change. Not only the value of the Euro, but the talent that enters Western Europe to work.

Can you imagine thousands of women from Poland and Czech entering Germany legally?

Today, a 50 Euro session costs Americans $58.60
a 65 Euro entry fee is $76.19 This seems to be double what it used to be years ago when we were paying with D marks.

It’s still an acceptable rate for the service and quality of women you find in the German clubs. In Nevada (the only legal US paid sex) you’re lucky to get even the basics for $100 and at that rate the women are never as young or attractive. The best service I could find in Nevada this year was an above average oral session, which was about 15–20 minutes for $140. Not what I call a deal. Thus, men will go to MP’s escorts, Mexico, Canada, strip clubs etc. to find less expensive release.

Still, with all this going on, I prefer to buy a $375 to $600 round trip ticket from the West Coast to Frankfurt. In all my years of adult fun, I’ve yet to find a better deal in a safer environment with the endless selection of women that Germany offers. Sure, Asia is cheaper, but the airfare costs more, I don’t like being limited to only Asian woman and the safety factor is a huge problem. Not only the lingering SARS but STDs are out of control. I prefer the safety of the FKK clubs as well as the quality of service the women offer.

As it stands now, both the US and EU governments seem to favor a softer dollar for various reasons. I’ve seen forecasts that predict that the Euro will still be trading at or near the $1.18 mark for the remainder of the year. It may even test its all-time high of nearly $1.20.

Still, as Bob says, I think Germany is a significant value when you consider the lower costs of travel and service as opposed to other destinations. Not to mention the safety and variety.

For example, although Thailand still offers cheaper sessions than does Germany, the US dollar also has lost strength against the Baht (9.1% decrease over the past year). Plus, one still has to consider the longer flight times, the more expensive airfare, the more limited choices, and the higher prevalence of diseases.

80 Euros for $100 is not an excellent rate and, from my experience, using an ATM still gets you a better rate than using an exchange service.

It would be interesting to see how easy a tourist visa was to obtain for Czechs or Pols. Like Mexico, which is located near the US, only some of the population can get tourist visas. People that require employment usually can’t get any type of visa.

It’s when there is no need for any type of visa that interests me. The fact that a Pol or Czech needs a visa means that things are still controlled. Needing a Visa does not mean “freely”. Holland and Germany, in my opinion, travel back and forth “freely”.

I can remember back when the Dmark was so low that $35-$40 got you laid at Oase and this is, in fact, a big change. Thus, I’ve experienced a 50% increase, which makes a huge difference for US visitors.

As AGIG stated, it’s more what the US and EU governments feel works for their economies.

We’ll have to start counting the Pols and Czechs who work at the clubs in the future. As it stands, the ones I find were able to enter Germany from marriages to Germans. This is also common among the women from Asia and South America.

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