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The action is in Georgetown but be careful street crime and violence are the way of life here. Stay out of Albertstown and Tiger Bay both are bad news. Best bet is to hire a taxi and driver to get around. Pick-up bars are found on Tennessee and Sheriff Street along with street action in this area. Good mixture of both black and inland girls, most young under 25.

I believe your best bet is The Demico House, a well known bar, restaurant, hotel complex, just asked your driver to take you to it. On the roof you we find a nice open air beer bar. Very much like the beer bars you will find in Asia, no bar fines the girls are self employed here. Cheap drinks and lots of girls wanting to make a few American dollars. English is the language that is spoken so easy to talk with them. Rates are low $20-25 dollars for short time.

This is a cheap country to hang out in should cost you $20-45 dollars per day: hotel, food, drinks, plus the cost of your dates. Not a lot of travelers here, mostly the hardy outdoor types many tour operators in the capital.

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