Interstate 80 Area

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Bella’s 619 8th St. Wells (775) 752-9914
Big 4 135 High Street, Ely. (775) 289-3844
Donna’s (Battle Mountain) 395 N 2nd St. (775) 635-2764
Donna’s (Wells) 679 8th St. (775) 752-9959
Dovetail Ranch 402 State Highway 278, Carlin. (775) 754-6232
Inez’s Dancing and Diddling 232 S. Third St, Elko. (775) 753-5398
Mona’s Ranch 103 S. Third St, Elko. (775) 777-7469
My Place 20 Riverside Street, Winnemucca. (775) 623-9919 (Closed)
No. 1 Geisha 357 Douglas St, Elko. (775) 738-9923
Pussycat Saloon 35 Riverside Street, Winnemucca. (775) 623-4999
Sharon’s Bar and Brothel 501 State Highway 278, Carlin. (775) 754-6427
Simone’s DeParis 26 Riverside Street, Winnemucca (775) 623-9927
Stardust Ranch 190 High Street, Ely. (775) 289-4569
Sue’s Fantasy Club 173 S. Third St, Elko. (775) 738-9962
Wild West Saloon 50 Riverside Street, Winnemucca. (775) 623-4999
Villa Joy 30 Riverside Street, Winnemucca. (775) 623-9903

Bella’s Gentlemen’s Club
619 8th Street Wells 775 752-9914

Big Four Ranch
135 High Street Ely 775 289-3844

Donna’s Battle Mountain
395 N 2nd Street 775 635-2764

Donna’s Ranch
679 8th Street 775 752-9959

Dovetail Ranch
402 State Highway 278, Carlin 775 754-6232

Inez’s Dancing and Diddling
232 S. Third Street Elko 775 753-5398

Mona’s Ranch
103 S. Third Street Elko 775 777-7469

My Place
20 Riverside Street Winnemucca 775 623-9919

No. 1 Geisha (formerly Chardon’s Club)
357 Douglas Street Elko 775 738-9923

Sharon’s Brothel
501 State Highway 278 Carlin 775 754-6427

Simones De Paris
26 Riverside Street Winnemucca 775 623-9927

Stardust Ranch
190 High Street Ely 775 289-4569

Sue’s Fantasy Club
173 S. Third Street Elko 775 738-9962

Villa Joy
30 Riverside Street, Winnemucca 775 623-9903

Wild West Saloon (formerly Cozy Corner)
50 Riverside Street, Winnemucca 775 623-4999


Girls want to have fun? And Make money, Then join the Girls here At the PussyCat Ranch, Wild West Saloon, Simone De Paris, The Villa Joy Or My Place Bar in Winnemucca Nevada

While others are requiring twenty-one day contacts We offer 14 day contracts

No experience Needed

Do you have a willingness to please, Have a positive attitude.
Then you can

Are you service orientated, Reliable and Fun-loving, Over 21, Good record, Clean.
We Have More legal Brothels Then Anyone in the state of Nevada. Choose the one you would like to work at


* The PussyCat Ranch * The Wild West Saloon *
* The Villa Joy Gentleman’s Club * Simone De Paris * My Place Bar opening soon *

*It’s Legal In The State Of Nevada*

* The Black Pearl gentleman’s club always hiring dancers *

Work at The Best Brothels in The State Of Nevada

Send e-mail to
Or Mail to
p o box 942
Winnemucca Nevada 89446


Two Week (14 days) Contracts for working girls
Also Hiring Bartenders, Maids & Cooks
E-Mail A Photo & Personal info to:


You see the doctor once a week, for a vaginal culture and once a month you have to have you’re blood checked.

Also to make sure that both the lady and her gentleman friend have a nice safe clean party, by law, they must use a condom.

There are house rules you will be given a copy of them when you start
Any girl found with drugs or using illegal drugs will be terminated immediately.


What you can make depends on you. Our ladies bring in from the hundreds of dollars to the thousands of dollars a month–depending upon attitude and dedication to the job. You’re an independent contractor. Your parties are entirely up to you. How you perform with a client is your business and who you choose to see is strictly up to you. You are never asked to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or to see anyone you’d prefer not to see.
You’ll be provided with a bedroom for living, three meals a day–prepared by our own awesome chef! a bar that’s open 24/7 and drivers that can take you anywhere you need to go or pick up things that you might need. We also provide transportation to and from the airport. The house does take fifty percent of all monies earned.
If this sounds like a winning team you’d like to join, with endless earning opportunities in a safe, legal environment, please send me your photo for pre-screening and all your contact information (phone, email etc…) so we can get you started on your new job today.

To get a Winnemucca brothel work card

Be 21 years of age or older
Go to the Winnemucca police department, Fill out an application
Five year employment record with names and addresses of employers or contractors and name of supervisors.
A complete criminal record listing all convictions
You can not have any outstanding warrants.
No felonies or gross misdemeanor in the past 5 years.
5 year residence record with addresses
You must have at minimum, 2 forms of I D …. Like Driver License, State I.D. Card, Birth Certificate, Social Security card, passport etc.
You will be fingerprinted, and have your picture taken.
You will go to a doctor here in Nevada get blood work and a culture done. It takes 24 to 36 hours, then issued a work card by the police department.


VIP Spa Massage
Web Site

Both the Pussycat Ranch and the My Place Ranch have been totally demolished. They will be rebuilt, and the expected reopening date will be sometime during the latter part of 2008. In the meantime, the ladies will all be working at the Wild West Saloon and the Villa Joy.

Business hours for the Winnemucca brothels are as follows:

Black Pearl Club (gentlemen’s club)
Th – Sa; 6p – 3a

Villa Joy
Daily; 10a – 2a

Wild West Saloon

The Stardust Ranch is for sale again.

Salt Wells Villa Burns to the Ground
Arson is suspected in destruction of abandoned brothel

The Salt Wells Villa, which was profiled in the January 2000 issue of GQ Magazine, but closed down a few years later due to health code violations, was reported to be on fire early on the morning of Sunday, July 29. Firefighters from Churchill County and the neighboring air base responded to the blaze, but were unable to save the structure. Authorities suspect arson.

More here.

No Money, No License
Potential Owner of Elko Brothel has Money Snag with Local Authorities

On February 10, 2007, Elko Police Chief Mike Smith recommended to the Elko City Council that Xue Jun Yuan-Goldberg, would-be owner of Inez’s D & D, be denied in her request for a brothel and liquor license. Why? She (Goldberg) could or would not provide a financial disclosure statment as proof of funding, according to Smith.

Said Smith: “If I ask you for fixed assets and you refuse after I asked several times, you’re either lying, being deceptive, or stupid … The documents she’s given us are not what we’ve asked for, not even close.”

Also, according to Smith, Goldberg changed her stories about the sources of her funding and even gave a picture of President Clinton, claiming that she knew him. (Elko Daily Free-Press story here.)

For her part, Goldberg is not concerned. She says that she has enough money from family members and real estate holdings, and claims that the delay was caused mostly by her problem with finding a local CPA who would take the job. She also says that she gave police the necessary documentation.

Goldberg’s application status was discussed during the Elko City Council meeting on February 14th. At that time, Elko Mayor Mike Franzoia ruled that, since the license application issue was not on the agenda and the application itself was incomplete at the time of the meeting, no action would be taken either for or against Goldberg at that time. Finally, it was decided that Goldberg be given a 2-week extension, as was recommended by her attorney and discussed during the meeting.

The Elko City Council did not discuss the brothel’s fate on Feburary 27th, as was seemingly planned. For now, Inez’s D & D, which seeks to be popular with brothel-goers for its low, set prices and unusual, Asian-style decor and activities, remains open.

So, let this be a lesson to you, wanna-be brothel owners: When the authorities say, “Show mw the money!” then show ’em the money. And, pictures of an ex-President don’t count.

Ely’s Stardust Ranch Could Be Closed for a Long Time
Former Owner Jailed for Assaulting Patron

John Blomberg, former owner of the Stardust Ranch, was sentenced to one to three years in prison following a months’ stay at Cornerstone, a center for the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues.

From the April 21, 2006 issue of the Ely Times:

“The 32-year-old Bloomberg pleaded no contest on March 6 to the crime: battery causing substantial bodily harm. He was accused of beating a man at the Stardust Ranch Aug. 6, 2004.

…Accounts of the 2004 incident are unclear. Police reports stated that when officers arrived they found a man lying on his back in the parking lot covered in blood. He had breaks in his facial bone structure. He was in and out of consciousness and having trouble breathing. He was also found to have a blood-alcohol content of .307 — over three times the legal limit for DUI.

In his original statement, Bloomberg said a worker at the Stardust Ranch came to the back office and told him a patron was behaving aggressively towards one of the prostitutes. He escorted the man out. When he let go of him, the patron came back inside swinging. Bloomberg said he hit him in the face twice and kicked him in the stomach once.

Independent witnesses established a different scenario. They said Bloomberg came into the bar yelling and calling the patron names. He then drug the patron outside, hit him in the face, knocked him down and stomped on his face and hands several times.”

Read the rest of the article here.

No. 1 Geisha Could Lose Brothel License
Brothel Manager Arrested for Soliciting without a Work Card

An undercover police officer arrested Tham T. Nguyen, the manager of No. 1 Geisha (formerly CharDon’s) at 357 Douglas Street in Elko for soliciting sex. Although prostitution is legal in most of Nevada’s counties, including Elko County, prostitutes are not allowed to engage customers in sex without first obtaining a work card.

Local authorities report that this case is still being investigated, with the possible outcome being that the No. 1 Geisha could lose its license.


The situation at “The Line” has changed again. Bill’s Cozy Corner, the only brothel open during New Years’ Week, was closed, apparently due to a dispute between the ladies and management. All the ladies supposedly moved next door to the Villa Joy.

The Paradise Cafe is open again (don’t stop in before 7:00 PM, though), as is the Pussycat Ranch, which seems to have been cleaned up a bit during its temporary closure.

Both Simone’s de Paris and My Place Ranch are still closed. The former may be for sale (more details here) and the latter may not reopen for a long time, if ever, due to damage from a massive fire.

Due to the warmer weather and the Run-a-mucca festival in town, “The Line” was showing a little life, with biker dudes and biker ladies patrolling the area and three or more available ladies per brothel.


Just two of the five brothels on “The Line” were open: Pussy Cat Ranch and Bill’s Cozy Corner. Only one or two women were available at each establishment during both the day and night shifts.

My Place Ranch was closed due to a fire – no word on when it will reopen. Simone’s De Paris was closed for remodeling and The Villa Joy/Paradise Cafe were closed due to a dispute with management. They may open again in the spring.

Update (January 16): The Pussy Cat Ranch is temporarily closed due to staffing problems. As such, Bill’s Cozy Corner is the lone open brothel in Winnemucca. As many as seven ladies are on staff during the evening, fewer during the day.

Battle Mountain
Donna’s Ranch was open with a staff of two ladies. Management was friendly as always, but business seemed non-existent.

Despite what some area brothel owners might tell you, the Dovetail Ranch is still open. However, they were only down to one lady. Sharon’s had two ladies; neither did anything for us.

Inez’s D & D is under new ownership and is now called Inez’s Dancing and Diddling. This place is the only fully-legal Asian brothel in the United States.

Sue’s Fantasy Club was closed during the holidays due to lack of women and customers. It was due to reopen on January 3. Mona’s Ranch was down to one lady working and MonaLisa’s had two.

PJ’s Lucky Strike is still closed and up for sale, if you think you can go head-to-head with Inez’s. However, the structure seems to be in serious disrepair.

Bella’s Gentleman’s Club was open pending its January 12th hearing with city government. Here, the brothel will learn its fate following an incident in which an undercover police officer found a lady working the floor without proper medical clearance. Two ladies were working the day shift; neither one did anything for us.

Donna’s Ranch had a staff of five and pricing that seemed a bit out of line given the holiday and general lack of business.

The Big 4 and the Stardust Ranch were both open, but each had only one lady on staff.

The Green Lantern is still closed, will probably never reopen, and has been badly damaged by vandals.

A massage parlor (VIP Massage) has opened next to the Big 4, has been in operation for about 3 months, and seems to be doing well. Services are as follows: $50 for a 30-minute massage, $80 for 1 hour, and $95 for the VIP room with jacuzzi. There’s a $5 surcharge if you use your credit card. Extras may not be available, but you can always go next door to get the relaxation you seek.

Address: 153 Second St., Ely, Nevada, 89301
Hours: Daily, 11 AM to midnight
Telephone: 775-289-6994

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