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Ask a taxi driver for info. In the following places the girls have regular health checks and are generally clean, if not the most attractive.

Street action
Street prostitutes are in many parts of the city. Along Boulevard Artigas most are “”travestis””, except close to Rodo Park. Not recommended. Also side streets (Andes, Convencion, Tristan Navaja, others) off 18 de Julio and parallel streets (Colonia, Mercedes, San Jose, Costituyente, others). Looks: 1-4. Friendliness: 0-3 (never tried any out). Haven’t found better areas yet.

In calls
I know one legal in call place on Magallanes street, but not great. Has 3 girls, 2 very old 50+, the other quite nice 5.5-6 about 25 years old. Prices usually Ur$200-300 US$20-35 for a quickie. Recently a new source sprang up. If you walk along 18 de Julio between Yaguaron and Andes you will get little pieces of paper with addresses of massage places. Worth a try. They usually have 4-6 fairly young and quite nice lookers 4-7 who will come to you one at a time. Somebody will tell you the prices usually Ur$ 100-400, US$12-45 according to service. Service can include anything, even anal at the high end of price range.

Close to the harbor there are many night bars where you can have a drink and find company. Quality very variable and prices more. Sometimes you find a gem. After giving money to both bar and girl you can often get the girl all night.

For Escorts check the Sunday newspaper Pai look in the classified in the back of the paper. Looks for advertisements for escorts and escort agencies. Some girls are available in Punta del Este. Be careful that the sex clubs didn’t overcharge you for drinks and girls. P60 US$4 soft drinks P100 US$6.50 beer.

Some Casas
Andes 1342/604
099 122332
3 to 6 scale looks
P230 30 minutes
P400 60 minutes
P150 extra for DATY

Brujas Masajes
Uruguay 1003
Corner of J Herrera y Obes
Scale 4 to 7 looks
US$15 15 Minutes
US$20 30 Minutes
US$40 60 Minutes

Hechicerias Masajes
Paraguay 1446
Corner of Mercedes
4 Scale
P200 30 minutes
P400 60 minutes

Days Inn Avenida
Acevedo Diaz 1821/23
Tel 598 2 4004840
no problems bringing girls and clean

Montevideo is the New York City of South America. At about 8:00 PM go to Perikle on Florida Street. I had a Winona Ryder look a like named Alejandra. They charge around $40-$80 US and they will stay with you the entire night. Around the corner is “Bailares” which has a large selection too. I suggest trying the narcotic tea everyone drinks in the elaborate mugs.

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