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Executive Relaxation Station
134 North State Street Belvedere, IL 815-547-5557
$85/an hr. Hours: M-S, 10a-12; Su, 12-9p. Tips: not required but appreciated. Appts. are available, not required. Private showers are provided, as well as a sauna and Jacuzzi. Modern decor, clean and comfortable. Girls attractive and do not rush sessions, which may last an hour if they are not busy.

Cest La Vie Health Spa
401 South State Street Belvedere, IL 815/547-5290
$50/an hr Full Body Massage; Tipping: mandatory $25 at door, but not mentioned on the phone. Hours: M-S; IOa-2a; Su; 12-12. Major credit cards. Appts. not necessary. 6/7. One can meet the available girls before deciding to have a session. Lingerie modeling also offered. Rooms have private showers. A sauna, Jacuzzi available as is overall body care.

C’Est LA Vie Health Spa
Is one of the best massages I have ever had. When you get there they will tell you that the price is $50 + $35 for an up-front tip for one full hour. No additional tip required for a HJ. You may be able to work something extra as I did. It first starts out with the girl asking you to take a shower then you get on the table completely nude the model giving the massage is also nude (no extra cost). She will then massage you with you facing down using lotion. Then she asks you to flip over then more lotion. After I had that done she asked if I wanted to massage her and I did. I ended up giving her blond patch a tongue massage, and yes we negotiated a price. She dug the work that I did. I could tell by the look on her face. She then had me get back on the table where she made her way to my Johnson and gave it a good rub down until I came, and there hand stays until your done squirting. They don’t seem to mind if they get some on their hand. The models aren’t the greatest looking, but they are good enough to get the job done at an excellent price. Out of 5 stars I’ll give them a 4 1/2. I’ll be going back and will give another report. If you have had similar experiences please care to share. The world is a better place after sexual relief! Yeah Baby! BTW, be discreet I don’t want to see their doors closed. This report from Illinois from your On The Fly Massage Guy!

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