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Milwaukee – The area around National to 16th to Greenfield Ave. to 27th street produces a lot of hookers. First there are lots of sting operations. The cops always work the main streets and ALWAYS wear sunglasses. They are usually prettier than the normal street whore and do not look street worn. SO BEWARE.

Let the girl walk a ways and come to you. If she is a real whore she will just get in your car. A cop would never get in the car. If she starts talking about money and sex in anyway without being in the car, just say you would never want to do anything like that.

Now get the hell out of there and go down to 27th and I-893 to motel on the south side of 894. Pay the towel head $20 for two hours for the room. I usually get full service for $50

on Douglas is the only place in town for a real massage. $40 gets you in the door & white ladies (mostly over 30) will pamper you & accept tips. Needs redecorating inside. Closes at 5pm.

Nancy-Rae’s Spa
$40 gets you in the door. Nancy (owner) will give a decent full-body. For more specialized treatment ask for Sandie.

Highway 41 at Highway 110 exit
7-10 girls $50 gets you 1 hour with the girl at her motel. Rates are negotiable, usually $100 for fs, get a hj at the bar for nothing when the girl tries to convince you to take her to the motel. Club hours 9pm – 4am, Monday to Saturday. Try asking the girls to give you a number to arrange meetings away from the club. This saves you the $50 charge to the bar.

I had seen a number of positive and negative reviews of Kimberly of Milwaukee/Chicago over the past several months. I had also seen her rates, which are high, especially for the Midwest ($$$$+). Unfortunately, the lure of the photographs on her web site made me finally take the plunge and arrange a meeting with her this past July while in Appleton, Wisconsin on business. My initial contact with Kimberly was by e-mail, as I did not want to give my phone number to a perfect stranger. It took 3 attempts and 5 days before she initially responded. She explained she had been out of town and couldn’t check her e-mails, which was understandable. We wrote back and forth 3 more times, but she never would divulge rates, saying the Net was not safe. Also, and this may be nit-picking, but her e-mail’s were full of misspelled words and grammatical errors, which kind of made me think that maybe I was dealing with someone who wasn’t terribly bright. Again, the lure of the photographs made me persist. I finally made voice contact with her by calling from a pay phone and arrangements were made to meet the next evening at my hotel. I called her after checking in and got her voice mail. I let her know I was there and left my room number. This was at 4:30. At 6:30, after not hearing from her, I called again and left another message. She finally called a little past 8:00 saying she would be there in a half hour but offering no explanation as to why it took her 3 1/2 hours to call back. Fine. Again, the lure of the photographs. By 9:30, I was just about ready to give up hope when she knocks on my door. She comes into the room, shakes my hand, plops down on the couch and starts complaining about the traffic driving up from Milwaukee. Evidently that was why she was late although she never really said. No apology for making me wait. She then asked for her money and made a quick phone call to someone letting them know where she was. She then covered her “ground rules.” No kissing, everything is covered. She had Saran Wrap if I wanted to perform oral on her. I had never heard of that one before but told her that would not be necessary. I’m not into oral with escorts in the first place, let alone using plastic wrap. With that out of the way, she proceeded to sit on the couch for the next half hour or so, watching television and answering her cell phone which rang not once, not twice, but four times in that period and again later while we were in bed. The television was bad enough, turned up so loud it made it impossible to carry on a conversation without me practically shouting. When she would speak it was very soft and then she mumbled half the time. I was growing more disillusioned with each passing minute and the frequent ringing of her phone only made things worse. What about the lure of the photographs? Read on. The pictures are her. I don’t know when they were taken of if they were professionally touched up, but she certainly did not look nearly as good the night I saw her. She is not a natural blonde. There were a lot of very dark roots showing and her hair was pulled back and looked like it had not been washed in several days. Her clothes appeared clean but she smelled strongly of perfume and I did detect cigarette smoke on her, although she did not smoke while in my room. She was much thinner in person than she appears in her pictures and has acne problems with her face, arms and back. Doesn’t have much of a backside but makes up for it with her chest and feet, both of which are more than ample in size. Her breasts felt all natural and are really about her only redeeming feature. Needless to say, this was the last time I gave in to the lure of the photographs. The sloppy e-mails and poor phone etiquette were warning signs I should have paid attention to but didn’t. Once in bed, she started with a little manual stimulation before moving on to a covered B.J., which was much too rushed and herky-jerky. During the B.J. was when the phone went off again. She ignored it and after several rings, it stopped. I was about ready to, but since she already had my money, I suggested we move on to the main event. She flopped over on her back, lubed the condom and herself and then proceeded to lie there like a statue while I did all the work. Evidently whatever was on the T.V. was quite interesting because she paid more attention to that than to what we were doing. When I was finished, I went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom and wash up. When I came out, she was already dressed. Hadn’t bothered to clean up, other than with a dry towel she had had by the bed. Good example of personal hygiene. She mumbled something about calling her again the next time I was in Appleton and then she was out the door. Total elapsed time: 55 minutes. She advertises for a 1 1/2 hour session, but believe me, 55 minutes was more than enough with this one. Kimberly, some words of advice: 1. Get a spell checker. 2. Turn off the phone when you’re with a client. 3. Invest in some make-up. 4. Learn how to carry on a conversation. 5. At least act like you enjoy what you’re doing. In case anyone else cares, I’m a reasonably good-looking guy. I don’t drink, don’t smoke and I’m in good physical shape. I’m not overweight. I have a Master’s degree. I like having intelligent conversations, even with escorts. I am polite and well mannered. In short, I did nothing to cause a negative influence on her behavior that evening. Maybe I just caught her on a bad day. Whatever the case, it was one of the most disappointing sessions I have ever had with an escort. YMMV, but with the cost of “gas” as high as it is, I prefer to spend my money on a brand that gives the best fuel economy, if you get my meaning. As a postscript, I have since been back to the Fox Valley area. They have a little weekly paper up there called “The Entertainer.” In it, among other things, are advertisements for escort services in that part of the state. While flipping through it, guess whose picture I saw? “Kimberly” is now working for a service called “Sweet Dreams” and is using the name “Angel.” Maybe she couldn’t keep enough regulars on her own.

After moving to the Richmond area I was in great search of a service that did provide actual full service, not just a nude dance. Well I finally found it after much searching and being ripped off by some of the other services. Exclusively Yours (800) 856-9280 does deliver. Their service is $125 for the half hour or $175 for the hour. Both rates are in call to a girl at a very nice hotel in the west end area. Personally since the visit is until you come and most girls are quick to get into it, I would recommend getting the half hour. Their price is complete with no additional tipping – Just the way I like it, no hassle on negotiating. Even though every girl I’ve had does provide full service, some are certainly better than average in the service. A few are just interested in getting you off and out the door, while a couple of them give the extra effort.

Here is a little run down on a few of he girls I’ve tried. Charmin – 19 years old, 5’5″, 125 lbs, 36D – A very pretty girl – actually a knock out, but too business like. Sidney – 28 years old, 5’9″, 120 lbs, 34D-20-34. She is into getting you off as fast as she can and out the door. There were a few others but by far the best time I had was with Summer – 27 years old, 5’3″, 120lbs, 36D. She is the only one that would let me eat her pussy (and what a great pussy to eat), she gave a great blow job (most girls only suck you till you get hard, then right into the fuck to get you off). Not Summer she gave me a great blow job, while I fingered her pussy, when I was ready to fuck, she climbed on board and rode me with 110% effort. She is worth the visit

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