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Street Scene
By the downtown Days Inn on 7th Ave and Blanchard. At the street corner same side as the Hurricane Dinner at the bus stop, there are about 3 to 6 working girl there a night. Normal charge for a blow $20 to $40. I find the best deal is to get one for the hour. Usually around $100.00 but most will do everything. Best Time to see them is after 4pm to 11pm, They look like they are waiting for a bus, but they are looking for a good hard cock.

In call service – have seen several girls who work together and share the rent on a very nice apartment in the middle of downtown. All of them were very nice and friendly. holly gives great service, but is not a supermodel. Tiffany is a porno star beauty, but a bit quick and to the point. Amber and Lily and Jennifer are all simply amazing in all respects. These girls are honest and work for their money. 135 to 235 for an hour, depending on what you want. Absolutely no pressure for tips. you set the pace. Check em’ out!

Checked the phone book for Cosmopolitan escorts. Was extremely satisfied with Kira, a tall (5’10) blonde with B+/C- breasts. She was charming, very talented, not in a rush to leave, and was a pleasure to be with. This service is highly recommended.

I decided to look for a decent Oriental massage parlor where I could get full service. This massage parlor is just across from the new Walmart store easy to find. When I got to the door an older lady opened and ask me to pay the $40.00 fee for 30min massage . then a young girl ( Korean ) named ( Suzi ) opened my bedroom door and asked me to undress. Wow was she ever H O T , I could hardly believe my good fortune as she entered and asked me to take all my clothes off. I did and to my delight she cut to the chase by saying ” honey what do you want me to do for you tonight , I said I need it real bad , Suzi said what honey , I told here I wanted to put it inside and that I did not want a hand job. She merely held out her hand and I paid her $80.00 she then left the room and in 5 minutes returned with a condom . After a good suck with the condom she sat on top of me , please not she has wonderful muscle control so beware… I not wanting to miss the moment wanted to come in her missionary style to feel those young Oriental small breasts on my chest she complied with pleasure. There are 2 hot girls there the other one is ( Kim ) also Korean she has large breasts. They charge $100.00 for full service as a tip but if you bargain you can get away with $80.00. Happy Hunting

Ann’s Sauna
(north of Seattle) is probably the best deal. 1 hour massage and body shampoo is $60, and expect to pay $140 for full service. All Korean staff. Most of them are attractive and young. They give good massages.

Kay’s Health Spa
Federal Way is a good deal. Mostly white, attractive and young (to late 20’s) women, massages are $60, expect to pay about $200 for full service. Massages are mediocre, one girl says they don’t normally give massages.

EuroTouch Massage
full service for 140 and a BBBJ if you are persistent.

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