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Belize city’s famous house of sin is Raul’s Rose Garden. It’s way out in the boon docks but well worth the taxi ride. Everyone in the country knows the garden, so don’t worry about trying to get directions. Located close to the Int’l airport, on the northern highway, heading west away from the city towards the ruins. The closest hotel is the Best western, nice digs. Anyhow, on to the cuajo!! (that’s creole slang for pussy). The garden has ~25 women working everynite. They all live on premise, in small, small, rooms in the back of the joint. This is where you go to git it on. Enjoy the strip show, sit back to you see your choice, and jump on it. It’s a bit sketchy outside, but there is security with machettees at the door. A good half hour of half + half is Blz$50. Everything in the country is half price for US$$. Bargain your way down. Looks range from lots of 3’s, to a couple of 8’s, but wait for the 10 who looks Mexican. Look out for the British Soldiers, and have a good time.

Baby Doll’s
A local Brothel is usually filled with many locals two good things here the language is English which helps those that don’t speak Spanish and the locals can be a great source for information. Treat the locals’ right if they come up to you and start a conversation. Be friendly to them they don’t see too many gringos. Buy them a shot of rum and you won’t have a problem and they’ll give you information about finding girls. The other great thing here is not to many sex tourists to drive up the prices

San Ignacio
Independent Girls
San Ignacio bus station has several taxi drivers who can supply you with girls usually from Guatemala, 6 to 7 range. About $25US and for a few dollars more $5-$10 you can keep them for a whole day. Try a Restaurant called Eva’s the manager is helpful and knows the local scene really well and his food is pretty good too.

Is a great deal filled with young girls ranging iup to early 20’s. It’ll cost about $35US for the girl of your choice.

San Ignacio, was a fun little town. There is a bar/brothel compound about a five minute cab ride north of the town. Three different bars filled mostly with Guatemalan women. Didn’t see any prefect 10’s here, but the girls were fun, friendly, and the prices were reasonable. I was told of a couple better places farter out of the city but didn’t have time to check them out.


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